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CONFIRMED: Fellaini signed

Manchester United have signed Fellaini for £27.5m, which is £4.5m more than the buy it clause which expired earlier this summer.

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  1. Corzair says:

    I think Fellaini was excellent last year and is one of the types of Players United needed since Fletcher is out a while yet and Carrick is doing well with the distribution role so we needed someone super tough and something different in the middle.
    I like Ando and Clev but they just seam to get bypassed in the middle.
    Actuall think Clev is more like Kagawa needed mor advanced positions.

    United still have an awesome squad thou so lets see how they do.

  2. StretfordEnder says:

    You are all forgeting that manchester united won the league without this mysterious CM we need.
    I agree we need a cm but you forget we still won the league. Fellaini is just another addition hes a good player not really the creative midfielder we WANT NOT NEED! but he a good player and can hold up the ball well., and hopefully get on the end of one of valencias 1000 crosses per game ha.

  3. bRed says:

    @ eltb99, thanks for the link. Been waiting for some comments from Moyes. Great stuff.

  4. SuperBrat says:

    @CC: I think Dave Mack summed it up perfectly for you earlier in this thread:

    “CC …. times have indeed changed …. and its time you recognized that City is more the type of club for you these days. Lots of big signings and flash managers. Thats what its all about.

    If you can’t support your new manager as SAF asked after a mere 3 games its time you moved on.”

    I’m afraid I’m gonna have to agree with Dave’s response.

    And season ticket holder for 24 years? Is that the best you can make up? Kindly do not disrespect the great fans who actually put in a portion of their hard earned wages in this great club by posing as one of them. Season ticket holders and proper United fans can never find it “depressing” to support United like you’ve earlier stated.

  5. CC says:


    Listen mate – if you think there is nothing to worry about then that`s fine.
    The club is declining and I see that watching some pretty shit football these days.
    “Disrespect the great fans” get off your fucking meds mate – they are making you delusional.
    Its all the cunts like you that allow the Glazers to get away with the current lack of investment and cynical treatment of the fans.
    The fact is we are getting short changed every fucking year and the club is being systematically turned into a Glazer ATM that just spits out money without them ever having to put anything in.
    The TV money this year is fucking massive and we have more fucking sponsors than I could name and yet we didnt buy a single fucking great player, We bought a midfielder from Everton and that is that.

    Moyes was hand picked by Fergie – so what ? He also personally recommended Alec McLeish to brum and that was a fucking disaster so lets see how it works out.
    After three games it has got steadily worse and then he came out with the utter shite that was “You could see why we`re champions” after getting bossed by Liverpool and losing 1-0.

    Its not disloyal or disrespectful to have an opinion so maybe you should try and form one of your own one day and have the courage to voice it.

  6. brenna says:

    bucnh of idiots,Edwood must jus f**ck off.What were these idiots doing the whole transfer period?

  7. Dave Mack says:

    “You could see why we`re champions” after getting bossed by Liverpool and losing 1-0.

    OK case closed …. your a City fan!

  8. keanoisdaman says:

    CC….does that stand for city cunt??

  9. CC says:

    Great – the abuse starts soon as someone says anything other than
    “United is perfect, will always be perfect and we only ever play perfect football”
    “If you just wish hard enough and REALLY BELIEVE then we will win the Champions League easy”

    None so blind as those that cannot see.
    So Dave Mack , did I miss something against Liverpool, did we actually win that game 5-0 or something ? I dont think we looked like Champions but you obviously do so there is not point talking to you as you are clearly such a massive totally dedicated fan that it has actually crossed over into mental illness.

    All the Blind Faithful can fuck off – you are all mindless slaves to the Glazer Machine.

  10. The One says:

    SuperBrat @14:06, spot-on. The majority on here moaning are genuine plastics. How on earth can they call themselves fans when at the slightest obstacle/downturn in fortune, they’re looking for scapegoats and baying for blood. Mind you, I’ve supported United through our relegation to the old 2nd division in 1974 and then through really lean years when we were always in shadow of liverpool. I wonder how these people would have reacted in the same circumstances. We may have the biggest ground in the EPL but I don’t think we generate nearly as much noise as some of the smaller grounds. Supporters of those teams back their team to the hilt but our plastics are merely fair-weathered fans and that’s the sad truth. :(

  11. Marcoon says:

    This is getting beyond a joke. Some United ‘fans’ are clueless. Fellaini is the EXACT sort of player you have all been crying for since Keane left. Now you get him you don’t want him all of a sudden. Our squad is as good as any in the Prem but our ‘fans’ scaremongering is leaving us in danger of having a terrible season. Shut up. Back the boys. More importantly. BACK MOYES!

  12. Kings says:

    Welcome to Manchester United Fellaini.

  13. Maltamanc says:

    Guys remember the 4 4 draw at OT when Everton screwed our title bid…. Fellaini along with Pienaar orchestrated that…. I remember fucking him off and nearly throwing the remote at my TV every time he appeared on screen…. Glad I will now be cheering for him and watch him do it to our rivals…. Go Marouane we’re all behind you…. PS. We should call him the Boogieman.

  14. HafizRahim says:

    A lot of u guys here call urself a united fan? LOL..yes the way woodward deals for this transfer window may suck big time..but u guys are sounding like u wanted United to be just like our frigging good-for-nothing neihbours(city)..whom spend tons of money to get the club moving..its bullshit as the originality or the class in football is grateful that United is nvr like these rich money spending bastards..who think they can create magics with money..just an addition or two is more like a classy club..

    With Fellaini in now,i personally think hes the right target and the right man..he can create sparks in our midfield-just as what we needed more than anything right now. Even when united meet everton in the previous seasons, Fellaini was always the man to look out for..with him joining in with Rvp in the box,it would be fantastic..looking forward for his debut..and i think hes the perfect guy to replace our legendary Scholes..In United We Trust..


  15. The One says:

    So, this shows how determined Fellaini was to join us, augers well for a successful career with us.

  16. jack says:

    you are all idiots, fellaini is one of the best in his position. remember how he played against us last season. stop moaning and support the team you bunch of glory hunters.

  17. Jorge Curioso says:

    LOLOLOL…. *sigh* The Evertonization of the once great Manchester United continues apace. What a wretched 24 hours. Moyes loses at Anfield (as always) and then signs that ill-tempered cart horse. To think that United could have had Mourinho.

    The watch phrase for the (hopefully mercifully short) Moyes era: “Managing the decline”.

  18. Jorge Curioso says:

    So, Moyes paid more for Fellaini than Fergie did for Van Persie.

    No more really need be said.


  19. Jorge Curioso says:

    “We may have the biggest ground in the EPL but I don’t think we generate nearly as much noise as some of the smaller grounds. Supporters of those teams back their team to the hilt but our plastics are merely fair-weathered fans and that’s the sad truth.”

    B*llsh*t. You’re the “plastic” for trying to big up yourself by slandering supporters who don’t agree with you. Tw*t.

  20. scholes says:

    negativity here is appaling

    fellaini has not even started yet and bunch of retards have pounced on him. i know it is hard to be satisfied with our transfer business but fellaini is the guy we need.

    in the swashbuckling times of ronaldos, messis, neymars etc we forget that defense is part of football as well. no team can play attacking football for 90 mins. dirty workers (mostly DM or defensive minded players) are rarely highlighted.

    moyes has very good team at his disposal but i dare say he is continuing where SAF left. he should bring in his own new ideas. there is no need to play jones at RB or welbeck at left (when he has valencia, fabio, nani, kagawa, zaha, januzaj etc). bidding for superstar players and then invariably starting giggs is comical to say the least. ghost of ‘pogba saga’ is ready to revisit if he does not mend.

  21. Jorge Curioso says:

    Yeah right. He makes the Bébé signing look brilliant.

  22. StretfordEnder says:

    Its amazing how most United fans are clueless.

  23. busby says:

    It is crazy to be angry at getting fellaini. Yes we should have gotten someone else in addition to him but that’s hardly his fault. We have kept a title winning squad together whilst adding one of the finest players in the league. Is this really something to be so upset about? The boy was desperate to play for us and offers just what we need and he is being mocked for not being ozil- a player who would not have solved our issues. The herrera deal was too complex for the timeline but we can go back for him in jan. I am so excited for fellaini who is a player who causes fear and panic in the opposition.

  24. gerry says:

    great – pack of fucking b graders for our champion club

  25. The One says:

    StretfordEnder @09:06, Absolutely, most are just plastics who have their brains in their arse!! Anyway, Fellaini should be a valuable addition to the squad; he will add a to our midfield variation and his presence in the middle of the park will be invaluable, watch this:

  26. abhishek says:

    i dont know whats the big pessimism abt united signing fellaini!he will play and contribute more than the KAGAWA

  27. StretfordEnder says:

    @the one
    I agree mate half of united fans dont have a clue, they are not realistic enough, eg why have we not signed bale…… his dream was to play for madrid with ronaldo.

  28. idoghor christopher says:

    Fellani is a good signing plus one

  29. The One says:

    StretfordEnder, Cheers mate!!

  30. Simlmx says:

    Fellaini has cantona like skills. He’ll be a good signing for utd, and will win over the pathetic whiners on’s forum.


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