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CONFIRMED: Kagawa has gone

Manchester United have just confirmed the rumours which have been circulating for some time. Shinji Kagawa has returned to his former club, Borussia Dortmund, on a permanent deal which is thought to be around £6m.

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  1. EC7 says:


    If Chico and Welbeck leave on loan/permanent then that only leaves RVP (susceptible to injury), Rooney and Wilson. I can’t really see it happening though, although obviously CB’s and CM’s are more vital at this time.

  2. Tommy says:

    Jorge Mendez is Falcoas agent and Mendez has a great relationship with United, in fact he was the only agent that SAF actually liked, he detested the rest, if RVP does need an op which looks like we will need a CB (or 2), CM (or 2) and a forward and maybe another RB/RWB, LVG had better get to the United training ground bright and early

  3. EC7 says:


    Tomorrow should be interesting as United fans… I hope so anyway!

  4. red war says:

    @Nigel Macmillan

    I don’t think it’s true, but I would love this. The man who built Ronaldo and made the team win points. Him and Blind and Herrera will be the best transfers.

    Manchester United striker Robin van Persie says club’s coach is winning points for team with his training sessions

  5. Tommy says:


    Sky basically said he wasnt coming back today and they aren usually reliable

  6. red war says:

    Rojo – Shaw for Ferdinand – Vidic – Evra
    Fellaini – Blind – Herrera for Cleverley – Anderson
    Mata – Di Maria for Nani – Zaha

    Not bad, not bad at all. I think this team is ready to start the rebuilding process.

  7. Tommy says:

    Apparently city also in for Falcoa and Real Madrid only wanted him on loan so their del callapsed, I would love it if we snatched Falcoa off city like we did Berba

  8. Marko Maric says:

    Real Sociedad 4:2 Real Madrid, after 0:2 lead for RM hahaaha and our fans are not satisfy in first 3 games with completley new squad, with deadwood and new sistem of play. What shpuld RM fans say? Most of their players are 2-3 years together…

  9. red war says:

    If Falcao costs more thatn 20m, then it’s money in the trash can.
    The guy is 29y.o. and very injury prone. Diego Costa would be better business if traded with RvP plus 22m.

  10. Tommy says:

    Just heard this on twitter, it did make me laugh, “Deadline day’s gonna be a madness. Ed Woodward goes in for Falcao and we’ll end up giving Fellaini a contract extension.”

  11. ziggy says:

    By the way,those 20 m are just for a one year loan so if United is ready to spend that money in another injury prone for just one year loan ,we must be really desperate.

  12. Tommy says:


    Wrong mate, according to reports coming out of Italy tonight, United have submitted an undisclosed bid for Falcoa, City are the ones who want him on loan (Due to FFP restrictions) Typical city the cap in hand cunts, surprised their new yorkn club havnt signed him and then loaned him to city for 5 years the cunts

  13. united till i die says:

    I swear to Christ if we don’t sign another central midfielder before the deadline ill be gutted. How can justify spending 60m on Di Maria yet we continue to neglect the glaringly obvious need for a top class central midfielder to play along side Herrera. I love Di Maria but we have a gaping hole that’s been exploited for years now and will be the rest of the season if action isn’t taken. Watching all Arsenal & chelseas midfielders bombing forward making runs from deep and getting behind defenders or arriving late In The box is something we can only dream about. We don’t have a single central midfielder with athletic ability never mind 2-3 of them.

  14. Tommy says:

    united till i die

    I think Louis will be busy tomorrow, buying defenders, midfielders and another striker, no way does chico and probably welbeck leave whilst rvp rumoured to need op without bringing in another forward, so bare minimum 3 signings needed

  15. red war says:

    @united till i die

    Have you watched Sterling? LOL
    Blind will be the defensive midfielder and that’s all. I don’t think we will have more talented and FIT – ATHLETIC midfielders for now.

    I hope we don’t sell Welbeck.

  16. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Fasten your seat belts guys!
    Let’s hope for am all time epic deadline day.
    I’ll say it again …. Too bad sbout ch 14

  17. united till i die says:

    I don’t know if I can handle NBCs deadline day show tomorrow night.

  18. Marko Maric says:


  19. ziggy says:


    As long as I know,that’s why Monaco and Real Madrid made an agreement,apparently Monaco wants to loan him and Madrid was buying,who know,hopefully you’re right and tomorrow we can have a big surprise.

    We need a midfielder and at least two CB’s,I’m really anxious.

  20. ziggy says:

    Sorry,I tried to say that’s why Monaco and Madrid didn’t sign the deal .

  21. Tommy says:


    Are you sure it wasnt the other way around, I think Madrid wanted a loan, and city want him on loan but United have made an offer to Monaco, why would Monaco want to loan him out at his age and not sell him?

  22. Moseley Scholes says:

    @red war

    Falcao is 28.

    It probably won’t happen… but I for one wouldn’t say no. Fatboy is on the wain (no pun intended) and RVP is too unreliable in the fitness stakes. Falcao did have a serious knee injury in Jan if I remember rightly. It’s been suggested that he’d gone off the boil at Monaco prior to the injury but I don’t remember him being injury prone… his record goes against that anyway. On his day, he’s a better #9 than both our boys. I can’t see anyone taking him for less than €50 odd mill to be honest.

  23. Nigel Macmillan says:

    If falcaos 28 and costs 50 M€ forget it. Let’s go with young Wilson!

  24. Tommy says:

    @Moseley Scholes

    City are trying to get him on loan mate, but we have apparently made n offer to buy him

  25. Moseley Scholes says:

    I can’t see City getting him on loan bud… he cost Monaco €60 million. Monaco will need to recoup the majority of that outlay.

  26. Moseley Scholes says:

    Whether we’re willing to stump up the cash is another matter entirely…

  27. Mav says:

    Re: Falcao

    City apprantly are in for him on a loan basis but they have FFP to sort out.

    They are trying to get rid of Negredo on loan to Valencia to make room for Falcao.


  28. ziggy says:


    Why Real Madrid would offer 20 m for a year loan?,to be honest,I’m not sure even if Ancelotti wants another diva in the dressing room,I think that’s why they choose Chicha,he will never complain and will work hard to get his chance.

    That’s why I’m not so shure if Falcao is the solution,his wages are really high and if we want to buy,apparently his price is ridiculous for a 29 year old striker and for sure he is looking for a long deal (5 years maybe? )

    Anyway,he could be a great addition right now but in the long term,we’ll have the same situation we have now with Rooney wages.

  29. Marko Maric says:

    Shouldn t we looking for young, promising striker instead of 28,29 yo striker who was injuried last season? At least coz we alread have strikers with same ages?

  30. ziggy says:

    @Marko Maric

    The problem is that we have big sponsors money behind us and I would guess that some of them could be pushing the board for more big names,I would bet that if United has the money,tomorrow we will wake up with Falcao signing a deal.

    Meanwhile LVG could give Wilson and Welbeck more minutes and start to find another team for his good friend RVP

  31. Marko Maric says:

    If I understood right, LVG s job is to make new foundation with YOUNG players with perspective. I mean, isnt it better to buy young world class for 50 miliions and we will still sell shirts and have young striker?
    This club is a mess….

    Iteresting how same fans say that Kagawa is bought for selling shirts, and when we said that, they were jumping and saying that it is not truth and compareing him with Hazard saying that he is better.

    I think Kagawa is great example, and Mata soon, how to destroy talented player that was already showing his talent for a few years ago. Kagawa “didnt fit”, Mata also.

    And then we ask why players dont come here, and why we have to overpay them? All big names playing well in their clubs, only in United they dont. “Maybe” it is out mistake, but that is ofcourse imossible

  32. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Well it’s early Monday morning in uk now.
    Powers that be better pull an all nighter
    About 20 hrs left….
    Anyone wanna bet Anderson still our player at end of day?
    In fact I’ll go out on a limb and say he gets significant minutes over the coming months.
    Not saying he deserves those minutes but who’s gonna take him?
    How much money will the club be paying in wages for our players to play for other teams? Hahahahaha
    R we a laughing stock at corporate level or what!
    Can’t wait to see how this shakes out over the next hours….

  33. Nigel Macmillan says:

    According to MEN and Mirror we r done with signings….
    Only outgoing loans and transfers left…
    A little buzz about Vlaar from Villa, dumb story about Ricardo Carvalho (he’s like 36),
    There is the falcao thing, DeJong looks unlikely,
    Vidal never was (Sigh!)

  34. ziggy says:

    Yeah,that’s it…I think Blind was the last one for us,now we’ll need to brace ourselves and wait for the winter window,unfortunately,if we don’t improve,I can’t see any top calss player interested to come to United…as I said,this is going to be a tough season.

  35. hngani says:

    I am saddened by Shinji’s departure, but he was not fitting in and it would probably be the best for the club and Shinji himself to go their separate ways.

    That apart, I hope we sign at least one more young quality defensive midfielder before the transfer window closes as Cleverly and Anderson are being auctioned off too and it seems that we will be running thin in the middle. Herrera, Carrick, Fletcher, Di Maria, Januzad and Fellaini going for the three position in the middle of the park. I don’t think Januzad is ready yet, Carrick and Fletch are getting old and I’m still not convinced with Fellaini.

  36. Big Vex says:

    Bye Shinji, shame it never worked out.


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