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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: Bayern Munich vs Manchester United

De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, Carrick, Valencia, Rooney, Kagawa, Welbeck

Bench: Lindegaard, Büttner, Ferdinand, Giggs, Januzaj, Young, Hernandez

Bayern Munich: Neuer – Dante, Ribéry, Mandzukić, Robben, Boateng, Götze, Lahm (C), Müller, Alaba, Kroos

Bayern Munich bench: Raeder – van Buyten, Rafinha, Pizarro, Weiser, Hojbjerg, Weihrauch

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. evered7 says:

    It was fun while it lasted. Didn’t see the game yet and don’t know if I will. Only thing remaining to do this season is to win the rest of the games and end the season on a high.

    Vidic, Evra, Young, Anderson need to be released. Hope we get more youngsters in the squad next season.

    If we are going to transition, then we should do it the right way. Europa League is welcome. Will be useful to give some play time for the youngsters. A peek into Europe without the pressure of winning a trophy.

    Come on United!

  2. ashtheking says:

    Europa league is no bad for us, we will have a thick squad unlike a Everton or even Liverpool. If we don’t have any European football then many players won’t get the chance to play . I y let those youngsters play in Europa. Let them grow. It’s not easy to get chance in premier league. Moyes should try to finish as high as possible. The first thing he needs to do right now is beat Everton. He has to. It’s his personal mission more than united. We wont have much to gain by beating them, maybe a outside chance of going to top 4 but moyes has everything to gain. Let’s see how we play, if we show the Same passion we showed against bayern we will win. I feel sad that we lost so many so called small games,
    Loss to WBA
    Loss to Newcastle
    Draw to Southampton
    Draw to Fulha
    Loss to Stoke

    Now count the points dropped

  3. Trafford_Lord says:

    Just finished watching the match I recorded.

    5 Things I learned:

    1. Don’t blame a clearly injured Rooney for playing- The manager picks the team and does the substitutions. Had a choice to go for a fully fit resurgent Hernandez (2 in 2), who would have ran all day at Bayern high line. The manager decided to go with Rooney, and didn’t pull him off when it was clear he was struggling.

    2. What Evra giveth, Evra taketh away- After Buttner’s performance against Robben you would have thought to go with him as he has the speed and energy to keep close and deny him space for full game. Loved Evra’s goal, but he shut off almost completely after it…probably thought “I’m going to be a GOD in England after this”. He was very good before the goal, afterwards he reverted to the same slack Paddy we have been seeing this season…to Robbens and Bayern’s advantage.

    3. Our ball retention in tight spaces is quite terrible. We must make that a priority when bringing in new players next season. Regardless of their position, they should be comfortable on the ball…Smalling and Jones for example just turned it over under minimal pressure at times.

    4. Carrick plays when Carrick wants to- Must be the case, he has coasted this season on the laurels of last campaign. He has been statuesque and feeble in covering the back four. His unkept facial hair this campagin is indicative of how has carried himself this season…like he couldn’t give a toss (Keano was right).

    5. Moyes got his tactics right in the 1st leg, he got his general tactics right in the 2nd leg but made 2 major team selection decisions (keeping Rooney, bringing in Evra) that ultimately contributed to how the tie went.
    Fairplay to Moyes, we did well to reach the quarters in light of our horror show season. He did well for the 1st foray in champs league, but we did fall to the very 1st real quality team we faced which is exactly what we have done all season in the league.

    Good bye to the Champ League it was a nice run. If Moyes is at the club next season I fully expect us to miss out again. That would be 36months of no champ league, if thats what the board wants then we can only sit back and watch.

  4. ashtheking says:

    Trafford red

    As great buttners performance was every manager would have picked Evra and honestly Evra did quite well till he scored the goal so to say moyes was wrong in picking him is wrong.
    Now to rooney’s situation, last year Rooney was dropped because sir Alex had rvp , even sir Alex didn’t give Hernandez even one second to play in both the legs against Madrid. If rvp was injured sir Alex would have picked Rooney, many managers would have. The mistake that moyes made was of not subbing Rooney off, but again we lost the moment we conceded third and that was because of the defenders. The 25 mins after we scored bought back our old careless defending of the season, the discipline was gone and that blame has to go to the defenders and not managers.

    If it was me I would have subbed Rooney and carrick after we had conceded the second and brought januzaj and Hernandez . If you look at the benc these were the only two game changers we had so moyes did bring these two , so he did well on that.

    Look I accept for all the criticism of moyes but to say if we had any other manager we would have gone through with this midfield then I don’t think so, moyes did what any other manager would have, park the bus and wait for opportunity iTunes, if not for our poor finishing and some defensive lapses the mission would have successful.

    Even in the first leg we defended like lions for 90 mins but just lapse by Fellaini cost us the goal, and Sam happened yesterday, I do t know what. Were our defenders doing forward when the game restarted now that showed how childish they were . You expect much more from the Gus like vidic and Evra. To assemble the troops and not celebrate like we have won the match. This was repeat of Real Madrid last season, Nani goes and every player just goes into shock and sir Alex refused to bring Hernandez and Rooney earlier cost us the game.

    One thing I have to say neither sir Alex or moyes is tactically great, sir Alex survived because he was the best motivator and he played mind games brilliantly so he was the best manager but moyes is not a good motivator and never he is like a pep or Jose In Tactics so can’t do much about that.

    But I will say our boys did us proud, manager did pick the perfectXI that he had got. You can all defend carrick and EVra but be truth is we need quality match winners. Look at robben, look at Ribery , bayern have match winners. Real Madrid have Ronaldo, bale, even di Maria , Barcelona have messi. I expected a lot from Rooney but he shared the worst performer with carrick.

  5. Trafford_Lord says:

    I think I am actually now settling in with Moyes as the gaffer. I am now very used to:

    1. The players are hurting

    2. I have a job to get on doing

    3. We are not favorites in derbies

    4. We set about to stop them

    5. We will focus on the ‘next’ game

    6. This squad is a championship team with full internationals

    7. This squad is old, and even the best manager in the world can’t win with them

    8. We won’t be in Champions League next season

    What else are you guys now used to hearing lol. Keep the list going…Moyes is not going anywhere for 6 years so we might as well have some fun with it :)

  6. Trafford_Lord says:


    I agree with your analysis on Rooney and Carrick performance. However you got it wrong on Rooney starting. Even Barcelona benches Messi when he struggles with injury, even Real Madrid benches Ronaldo when he is injured. Yes they leave them on the bench just incase, but they bench them.

    A competent manager and a manager used to managing elite players would have benched Rooney at least. Rooney’s hesistation for the first chance already told you something was wrong, we was shuffling and trying to pick out the best foot to strike the ball…same with the fluffed first chance. And even after that moyes left him on…Sorry there is no excuse there, especially when Hernandez is fully fit. This isn’t new, Moyes would start RVP when injured or underperforming. He can’t drop anybody except Kagawa and Adnan.

    Moyes got his tactics right…well done there! Yes, we don’t match up to Bayern in midfield especially considering our best midfielder is Carrick. Maybe we would have still lost, but don’t say that was the ‘perfect’ starting IX…it wasn’t. Buttner on Robben, that’s was the way to go. How do we know, because of there was his small matter of a 1st leg where Robben scored and assisted a total of 0 goals.

  7. lecho says:


    Yeah, Pep is the master tactician:

    1. Take over a team with world’s top players in their prime or in making.
    2. Play.

    There were soooo many cases of his former players admitting that he is actually shit motivator and when it comes to tactics well dont take it as an insult fellow Reds but imagine us having a Yaya yesterday instead of past-his-prime Carrick and/or recently-recovered Fletch. No contest.

    It is the thing that hurts me the most, that once again he probably will be prompted world’s best manager while the truth is that hes so lesser level that the ones of Mou, Klopp or even Simeone.

  8. lecho says:

    BTW I know many of You admire Buttners lionheart and all he left on the pitch in the 1st leg, but let that not overshadow the fact that Robben was whipping him left or right as he pleased.. What actually stopped Robben. was the cover that was given to Buttner from the wingers and also Fellaini so he was pretty never on 1v1 situation. We missed it tonight and here you have it, Robben was tormenting us for the whole night.

    Currently the only United defender capable of solely coping with the likes of Ribery or Robben is Phil Jones and that was proven yesterday. Placed against Jones, Ribery was virtually not present on the pitch, wonder if it could be better if we would let him go free roam and cover Robben instead.

  9. ashtheking says:

    Trafford lord ( got ur name right ;) )

    Ronaldo was dropped as Madrid had won 3-0 In First leg. And god damn didn’t they miss him. Messi even when 70% fit plays , best example last season against bayern he was not 100% he played! see top players play no matter what. I get your point but no manager would have dropped Rooney. As much as I love Hernandez , he is not a Rooney or rvp. Even sir Alex didn’t pick him against Madrid , he’ll he didn’t even get a chance when we were down. And honestly never saw Rooney limping, it was just that he never delivers in big games when it matters. Yes he is a great player but he is not a world class player or a player who can dribble past opposition defenders and score or change the game. We missed a robben like player, welbeck will all his limitation gave bayern a. Tough time, imagine if we have a pacy fast winger who can dribble then we would have done better . Felt Nani should have been in the bench, but it’s sure that moyes and Nani have made their minds up to part ways. And you know just before such a. Important game when your agent comes and say he will leave is disgraceful. He could have waited for this game. Even sir Alex wouldn’t have picked Nani, hell sir Alex did that with Rooney so what was Nani.

    As far as buttner goes, yes he could have taken a gamble but then again how could you drop Evra and play buttner. Again not many would have done that. The 3-1 score line is bit harsh if you ask me , we just lost our concentration for 25 mins after we scored our goal and we gave the game away. I still say carrick was our worst performer, I never saw him dominating the midfield or even passing some good balls forward and he still gets a free run just because of his reputation. Time to rebuild our squad.

  10. ashtheking says:


    I get your point and yes pep has to prove that he can rebuild a squad but the point is he out foxed our great sir Alex in two finals. The man is tactically good. Even yesterday he did what only a few will do , replace Goetze and bring rafinha a rb. It was a. Smart move which gave bayern the second goal. I never saw sir Alex do these kind of tactical changes, but yes pep is not a motivator and sir Alex was the best any day.

  11. vicndech says:

    I thot moyes had his tactics right. If only wazza was more clinical infront of goal. our mf of carrick and fletcher was non existent a reason why moyes should make the midfield his top priority in the summer.Kagawa was decent and him and mata should compete to play the No10 role. jones had ribbery in his pocket unlike evra wth roben but a cracking goal though. welbz did wat the manager asked him to do. basically we were not good enough against the champs but we aren’t that far either…ggmu…redkenyan

  12. united till i die says:

    Rooney was clearly injured from late in the first half. He couldn’t strike the ball at all with his right foot which is why he fluffed those couple of chances. He wasn’t taken off because Moyes believed even on a injured leg he still had the potential to produce a moment of magic. He probably should have been pulled instead of wellbeck but that’s been the story of this season. It just goes to show we lack quality depth in the midfield area when we are forced to play a struggling player for the full 90 minutes when injured. It would be easy to point fingers at certain players but at the end if the day we win as a team and lose as a team.

  13. Trafford_Lord says:


    Yeah Carrick has been crap. We know he is much better than he has been showing, so its just laziness or complacency. His stand on the spot and pass approach even when we are behind is just difficult to watch. He needs competition, if we get Kroos we plays as cover but comes up to take shots, the it would be a breadth of fresh air.

  14. Trafford_Lord says:

    United till i die

    Clearly injured…Rooney was clearly injured. I noticed he was very uncomfortable trying to strike the ball, he ran ok but overcompensated every time he was about to take a shot.

    That second chance, even if he got more space and time (which he had plenty) he wouldn’t have been able to connect properly. So that versus Hernandez, he might not be a world beater but he was fully fit, could run, and I don’t have to tout his striking ability here…anyway hindsight right.

  15. Trafford_Lord says:


    Kagawa wasn’t decent…he was very good. One of the only players (with Welbeck also) that played with the ball in tight spaces, could evade players, and didn’t needlessly give possession away.

    I thought Kagawa was brilliant. I have no earthly idea why he was benched all season for Young or Cleverly. I guess we have to wait for Moyes memiors to find out.

  16. ashtheking says:

    At least. Moyes didn’t bring young instead of januzaj. I feel moyes is learning but how fast is the question, whether he can really learn fast and spot who are good player and wh are great players, if he does that yes he can improve. Let’s see what players he buys in summer market, if he buys an Kroos or reus class of players then yes he is doing a right job but if he buys a Lennon or Townsend then he is not the right man. Start of the next season will be the key for him. He can’t make excuses next season. We need central midfielders so he must have plan a , b,c,d,e,f etc etc if one plan fails. Just going after one player won’t be right. I say go all out for Kroos , if he comes great if he doesn’t immediately go for plan B.

  17. ashtheking says:

    I was just looking at the stats of athletico-barca game and I saw athletico just had 36% so they also adopted safety measure! it was just that they had right personnel and better players they did well. See for playing safety method you need to have top midfielders who can retain possession but we don’t have that luxury. Imagine if we had a midfield of Yaya toure and Kroos, there’s no way we would have been so poor.

  18. Marko Maric says:

    I am asking myself if we give Moyes one more year and 200 millions for players, and he dont catch top 4, ehat then? For a club this size, that is a huge gamble. Revenue, players, sponsors, image…all going down.I think that only club that can rise and when he dont winning trophys is Real Madrid. Guess, that why they call them Kings club.

  19. Marko Maric says:

    And i dont understand one thing. How is possible that Robben score on the same way he always do, when you have top defenders in the world. I mean, he was little bit lucky. But 3 players running for him from right to the middle and no one cant stop him. Is he a Messi? When i see that guy and that he always play the same role, i would brake his legs how much he look stupid with same tricks. I would fly to stop him if i was defender, i would prepare all year to beat him, and not let him score.

  20. m09538061 says:

    Moyes thinks there are signs of improvements, only thinks does he not know? Be positive, always looks worried. He said smalling and jones were both outstanding last night so that tells me there may not be no new signings for centre halfs, he’s starting to sound like saf with the glazer’s. Watched evra again this morning just before his goal he was struggling to get the back into his position and doing his job faded badly after his celebration.

  21. Marko Maric says:

    That kind of attitide hs Diego Simeone. And that is why he can win Barca. That kind of manager we need

  22. vicndech says:

    I agree with you. Cleverly and young should never be ahead of kagawa.His first touch is brilliant to watch and his ball handling too. I still think wazza should have done better though.A player of his qualities should atleast test the goalkeeper and the reason he insisted to play meant he was feeling averagely good, why he fluffed his chances? i dnt know.
    moyes should also learn to read the game fast. At this level, you need a manager that’s tactically alert. mayb introducing giggs in place of fletcher would have given kagawa and welbz more space coz of his ability to drill a pass…

    All in all i will not join the bandwagon of “moyes out”, but i still doubt if he’s the right man to keep the reds flag flying high…

  23. ashtheking says:

    Mario maric

    It doesn’t matter who the manager the point is we have to buy top. Midfielders. If we buy a Kroos under moyes then it won’t become a waste, like if tomorrow moyes is sacked, 37 million for mata will not go waste. I know being 7th is not right but this could be blessing in disguise for us in long term. I doubt we would have bought a mata or would spend 100 millions if we were in 3rd. We would have continued with this poor squad and would have made a false image of our squad. Yes we won the league by 11 points, yes all that is true and yes this squad doesn’t deserve to be in 7th but whenever we faced a top football club like Barcelona, Real Madrid or bayern we have struggled. Our midfield was detoriating from 2009 Rome. Final. So spending 100 million on right players will never go waste.

    And as for moyes staying or not depends on where we stand come November , if we are drawing and losing to mid table clubs then his time would be over. But I will never say buying a quality player will go waste. Mata will also be successful if he plays under klopp.

  24. m09538061 says:

    What makes Tony Kroos so good? I didn’t see anything special in the two games against UNITED. He’s only scored 1 more goal than Cleverly this season in a team thats dominated and scored bundles of goals.

  25. Jose says:

    @lecho i guess you didnt get a chance to watch city play bayern at the etihad.bayerns midfield made him look ordinary.
    What i like most about pep’s barca and now bayern is how they work without the ball.always have two or three players pressing the opponent on the ball forcing him to make mistakes.even the most technically brilliant players struggle when playing bayern/barca.ive seen it with silva at city,cazorla and ozil at arsenal,rooney yesterday.players who on normal days are so confident on the ball but crumble when they come against bayerns high pressing game.
    Yesterday the only two players who werent affected by bayerns vigorous pressing were kagawa ,welbeck and valencia in thesecond half.
    Others like fletcher,smalling,jones and vidic couldnt wait to hoof theball forward at the sight of a bayern player approaching.
    For next season,we really need to empasize on the need to keep possesion and even start playing from the back.@mcjred has said enouhh on this topic.
    Smalling and jones areterrific defenders but lack evans composure and ball playing abilities.improvement needed there.
    Rooney aint a number ten,mata rvp n rooney should not be automatic starters regardless of form and valencia should not be starting all our games.
    Build the team around the mata kagawa axis supported bytechnical players such as nani,januzaj,welbeck,lingard and maybe even perreira.
    Let rvp and rooney compete for the lone spot for chicha it makes me sad to say but he needs to leave for his own good.
    As long as moyes is manager,he wont ever play ahead of even half fit rvp or rooney.

  26. vicndech says:

    I keep asking myself this questions.
    1. should moyes play rvp, wazza, and mata at the same time?
    2. who should play as the lead striker. a fit rvp or a fit rooney?
    3. Is it time for wazza to give up the No10 role to mata or kagawa?
    4. Has age finally caught up with carrick? (too pedestrian for me ).

    All this questions linger in my mind. But wat i do know is that time’s up for a bunch of united playera. Rio, Evra, Clevs, fletcher, young, vidic(ofcos), Nani(mayb), and mayb i would include carrick too.

    We have to brace ourselves for hard times as we look to rebuild a team that can challenge europes best. For those who are keen enough, you will realise that all top teams, madrid,bayern,barca, atletico, have build their teams around top midfielders who don’t crack under preassure and not fazed by the occassion.
    TBH, fletcher,fellaini, carrick, are not world beaters.Not the kind of guys that will produce that magical moment to unlock a tight game eg. koke was brilliant, xavi has done it, bastian has done it, kroos can do it, etc…
    moyes must not only splash cash like a kid on a candy shop, he must ensure that his signings are quality, hungry and understand wat it means to wear the adored RED SHIRT. with that he stands a chance to succeed…ggmu…redkenyan

  27. mjcRED says:

    Wading through all the comments of how Moyes and United got their tactics spot on was like watching Rooney play as if wading through treacle. Mr 300k failing to show again when it mattered most.

    Moyes’ success in turning us into grateful minnows with the sole ambition of playing cautious, stifling football is complete. We can no longer say Moyes plays without a plan.

    It is now clear to all that the club got it monumentally wrong with the appointment of Moyes. His over caution, in combination with his negative mentality has wreaked havoc and instilled an attitude to big games whereby the club is content to just turn up in these big games and play the kind of football that aspires to nothing greater than trying to stop the opposition from Running away with it.

    This talk of of giving another season or two, or even a full summer is a collective burying of heads of huge proportions. Happy with Dave’s tactics and united’s performance and ambition last night? Well fuck off and cheer on Yeovil or Kiddiminster.

    Some clear eyed observers that haven’t been mesmerised by his myopic, hold on at all costs football, with no room for even adequate technique, high tempo or willingness to gamble has taken a wrecking ball to the bedrock of core footballing principles set in place and implemented by Sir Matt. That he’s done it in record time dispels the perception of dithering Dave well and truly. This guy has had a plan from the start. Well congratulations Dave, we are now playing with the ‘also ran’ mentality that has defined your previous teams and the paucity of their achievements.

    Our attitude and unwillingness or inabilty to string more than two or three passes together last night and all fucking season in every game that mattered suggests a naïvety of epic levels if we think this guy has made anything resembling progress during his tenure of utter boredom and incompetence.

    But hey ho. Let’s stick with him, we do things differently at United. Pride and sentimentality, the two biggest architects of our fall from greatness to mediocrity.

    However, there is room for optimism for the next manager who has the skill set and bravery to really be a good and true fit for this club. In Mata, Kagawa, Januzaj, De Gea, Jones and possibly Rafael and Welbeck, there is a great deal of hope. The opportunity to work with players like these would be a huge pull for a top, young forward think and innovative manager. Jurgen Klopp please step forward…

    embraced his inferiority complex and cynical, negative bereft of technical competence football methods on here have recognised that above everything that has gone so spectacularly wrong this season.

  28. slim says:


    The bed as already been made. Speaking of last night, the only game plan we could have pulled off was exactly the way we set out. You don’t wake up one day and decide you’re going to play expansive football and it actually happens. I get your point of view and where you’re coming from. Ideally i’d like us to play a better brand of football but it takes time. ANYONE you see today playing exciting football went through a lot to make that happen. Ironically it seems Everton have been gearing up to play the way they are now. What with the defensive stability they base their game on. Same with Liverpool. Sorry but they were average at best last year, You could see the potential but it just wasn’t happening. Same thing with City.
    I asked the question last night. Where to from here? We’ve got a solid core group of players but need some magic dust from a manager to g et them playing in a way keeps opposition guessing and on the back foot. Its a real shame really how poor our ball retention and use of the ball over the season has been. Its not a DM porblem, we had the same issues last year and the season before. How many times did we have teams come to OT and dominate only for us to dig our heels in and come up with the goals to win or draw a game. Gone on for too long and something needs to done. We feel and look ages

  29. slim says:


    The bed as already been made. Speaking of last night, the only game plan we could have pulled off was exactly the way we set out. You don’t wake up one day and decide you’re going to play expansive football and it actually happens. I get your point of view and where you’re coming from. Ideally i’d like us to play a better brand of football but it takes time. ANYONE you see today playing exciting football went through a lot to make that happen. Ironically it seems Everton have been gearing up to play the way they are now. What with the defensive stability they base their game on. Same with Liverpool. Sorry but they were average at best last year, You could see the potential but it just wasn’t happening. Same thing with City.
    I asked the question last night. Where to from here? We’ve got a solid core group of players but need some magic dust from a manager to g et them playing in a way keeps opposition guessing and on the back foot. Its a real shame really how poor our ball retention and use of the ball over the season has been. Its not a DM porblem, we had the same issues last year and the season before. How many times did we have teams come to OT and dominate only for us to dig our heels in and come up with the goals to win or draw a game.
    Gone on for too long and something needs to done. We feel and look ages from our competitors. Something needs to be done about this. I always hated Director of Football but in our case a well know player in those circles just could help with the re branding we need. DM himself is an old school manager and needs to expose himself more to the methods employed on the continent. Its not all about how many world class players are in the team

  30. slim says:

    shit, sorry for the double post

  31. slim says:

    Can’t help it but the shits bugged me all through th night and today. Rooney you monkey.
    Can’t believe he missed that sitter. Can’t fucking believe it


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