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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: Fulham vs United

De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra, Nani, Carrick, Cleverley, Valencia, Rooney, Van Persie

Subs: Amos, Anderson, Giggs, Smalling, Hernandez, Welbeck, Kagawa.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. zigoo says:

    made extremely hard work of this

    tony v is a liability and as i said earlier switching rooney on left and bringin on chicha will sort it and it duly delivered…

    rvp was anonymous,his decision making was poor (what was he trying to do when carrick passed the ball to him,it was easier to shoot),and his runs were even worse,but can be forgiven altho he had a stinker vs saints too..

    clevz,rafa were poor…especially rafa,so poor on the ball n clumsy n sloppy…

    anyway,a wins a win,however ugly it is…we shdve been up 5-0 at the break,and complacency was creepin in


  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    ROONEY, maybe second in the goals, but tops in guts! Now in double figures for 9th season in a row.

  3. Pratyush says:

    That was a good match to win. Fulham brought on their entire strikeforce, but United, through some excellent defending, ensured that nothing happened.

  4. Dela says:

    Nice one! :-) Great finish from Rooney, that really was a scrappy bloody game! Absorbed a hell of a lot of pressure again today, that’ll toughen up the lads big time, they’ll walk away from there knowing Fulham gave 110% but couldn’t even get a point off us.

  5. wayne says:

    Good result thing is with Everton and Rent Boys dropping points Dippers still have a chance of top 4.Those fuckers have a lot to play for tomorrow

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    RVP 22 goals and 6 assists

    Chicharito 14 goals 5 assists

    Rooney 13goals and 9 assists

    Welbeck 1 goals and 3 assists

    13 comebacks already.

    LOOKING GOOD GUYS and reminding the 99 treble stats.
    Not going ahead, but CMON UNITED!

  7. Longsight Red says:

    Bloody ell…. Wow.. I fell dirty and please God forgive me, but I hope Looserfool win tomorrow. Sorry

  8. Andromeda says:

    Phew!what a relief, it seems that we can’t take our breath for a moment there days, City will be chasing us all the way!from Fergie’s face you will realize how important winning the title this season.

  9. DohaRed says:

    Great defence. De Gea incredible fingertip save on to the post. Evans, Ferdinand, Rafael superb. And Rooney a brilliant finish.

    Great performance by the lads. Fans at the ground were brilliant too.

    Out of Shitty and Scumerpool tomorrow who do you choose? Pity they can’t both lose. But who cares – Sir Alex has total concentration on winning the league.

  10. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    These three points have been fucking IMMENSE. But I want to re echo Costas’ sentiments. We are tailing off big time in the second half of games. We CANNOT afford to play like this against Madrid in two weeks time. We’ve got to get our act together and FINISH GAMES. We have dodged a huge bullet. COME ON YOU FUCKING DIPPERS!!! If there’s one game I want Suarez to play well in, it’s tomorrow.

  11. DohaRed says:

    Zigoo – Rafa poor? What fucking game were you watching?

  12. Longsight Red says:

    Steve, a season ticket holder from Warrington not missed a home game in about 20 years . Was at the Fulham game last week and had a heart attack Sat night, he’s OK now but games like that aren’t gonna do him any good!! We are all being made to suffer!! But don’t you just love being a United fan!

  13. Red4ever says:

    Really had to work hard for three points we got today ,,,, actually evans was impressive today he gives us the pace at back to push up ,, he got back to block really fast he is becoming great player if he stays focused he will ne great ,,,,

    rooney the man he is our tallisman no mater what people say he is our legend most under rated player in the world ,, he is just terriffic he has now sccored 8 in his last 7 games and all of them were important ones 2 against shitty , 2 against soton , and now the winning goal ,,plzzz start backing him he is our legend already 194-195 goals for man utd he will go past 300 really hope he does ,,,, GGMU !!!!!!!

  14. Andromeda says:

    Next is Everton and we are up to a vengence!I can’t see us losing many points at this time but watch out ladies and gentlemen!the most insane league in the whole universe!thats premier league.

  15. zigoo says:


    what fucking game were u watching?

    it was like fire was on his feet and he had to get rid of it,his passy was sloppy and lost the ball on so many occasions IN OUR OWN HALF!
    get ur fuckin blinds off u ignorant twat…

  16. Costas says:


    Yeah it wasn’t as bad as Southampton, but we still dropped our performance levels by a bit. Don’t know why that happened when we should be the ones chasing the game. Plus, why bring on Welbeck at 1-0 instead of Anderson? Made a similar mistake at Spurs. Thankfully it wasn’t costly here.

  17. Longsight Red says:

    They looking tired to anyone else?

  18. wayne says:

    City are vulnerable with Toure and Kompany missing,ever the Dippers have a chance of turning them over its tomorrow

  19. DohaRed says:

    Zigoo – what a stupid name. Sure you weren’t watching subbuteo or something. You are the ignorant twat. Can’t even spell properly, you tosser. His “passy” was sloppy was it, faglord.

  20. Andromeda says:

    With the internatiob break on the edge, the lads should take care of themselves.

    Our healthy squad could well be struck with needless letlags and stupid injuries.anyway well done, as I said this result is so important that we need to memorize it in case we win the title!

    Despite the floodlight power failure, referee’s poor form and Fulham’s immense defensive tactic, the lads has come in great form.of course our second half was a kick in butt, nevertheless overall we were fantastic.

  21. zigoo says:

    go fuck urself doha

    my spelling is perfect,it was just a typo,am a masters student in petroleum engineering,i dont need a clown like you to tell me if i can spell or not..

    zigoo is an abbreviation for my surname u tosser…

    anyway,the future is bright the future is red fellow rom’ers

  22. DohaRed says:

    Haha – hope you get your Masters Igloo.

  23. parryheid says:

    Had a bit of the arse gravy for a while there,but sorted now great win.

  24. Andromeda says:

    I should agree with you Costas, normally when you bring Giggsy in, you should take his age into account and since the wingers were also among the substitute list, why don’t you bring Anderson instead of Danny?!I was really worry about this, the balance shift could in against us and could have been costy.
    Playing with Wayne, RVP, Chica, Danny, and Giggs with Carrick as the only holding midfielder in the last 10-15mins in a game where you are ahead with one goal is a plain suicide.repeating there kinda mistakes will be a thorn in our road toward the title.perhaps Fergie brought welbeck for his height and his ability to press the ball up in the pitch but thats still not a justification, it was a pure mistake IMO.

  25. Daniel88 says:

    Yet another pathetic performance. To win the title you do need games where you scrape the win but fucking hell. The best United team in the Premier League my fucking anus. The laundry list of problems is long so I wont bother just the main two.

    1 – The partnership of Rooney and Van Persie lacks movement. When Hernandez entered the game or any game his running of the channels makes the opposition defense far more uncomfortable.

    2 – The lack of pressure on the opposition central midfield is fucking ridiculous. Today we had the game taken to us by a Xaviesque performance by CHRIS FUCKING BAIRD. Any player can play without pressure. The Fulham central midfielders were given five, ten, fifteen and in extra time twenty yards of space. If we give Xabi Alonso that we are going to have a few very bad days.

    … but its a win the scum dare not lose tomorrow.

    I think Liverpool might do us a favour with Suarez and Sturridge, their possession football and Vincent Kompany being out.

  26. Dela says:

    Guys, the main reason Fulham got so intense at the end of the game is they had NOTHING to lose. Losing 1-0 or 2-0 doesn’t mean that much for a team in their current position, so as soon as Rooney scored I knew they would pile on the pressure big time, and they didn’t disappoint. They took the risk, and Hernandez really should have punished them for it, but in the end we walk away with 3 points, sitting 10 points clear and with a City side that are looking far more worse for wear than us about to face a Liverpool who simply need to win tomorrow.

    But ye, I’d rather not be on the verge of cardiac arrest toward the end of the game, but at the same time if you told me at kick off it’d be 1-0 with a lot of pressure and a lot of bad luck against us, I’d be delighted.

  27. Andromeda says:

    And if Liverpool have enough dignity, they should try their best against City.the defeat of both Chelsea and Everton means they have a clear but chance to step up the laddr and test their luck to be amongst the top 4.a club with such history and fame shouldn’t give their ass to the opponents just because united will be advantageous.we all remember what Gerrard done against Chelsea few years ago when we lost the title.

  28. Andromeda says:

    Speaking about the my opinion Evans was our best player on the pitch, his performance reminded me of the Italian legend Maldini, he was a best and behind every interception, and what is interesting about Evans is his ability to dribble the ball and go forward fearlessly, he was simply magnificent.
    Rooney was also amazing and he was second best player, he is simply born to play, a team soldier, playing wholeheartedly to win, a winner by nature, moreover a mature player.

    Carrick, as always a fully focused calm player with accurate passing quality both vertically and diagonally.a tactical player in the highest class.

    RvP, he didn’t score but his clever movement and his ball controll are second to none, a fantastic footballer and a true selfless striker, he have Nani a golden pass in the box but the latter couldn’t translate it well.himself couldn’t covert a brilliant short cross from Nani but overall was always there.

    Nani & valencia were both good at first half and totally disappeared in the second.the season is long so they can still prove their worth, I am sure they will.

    Cleverly was a good comrade for Carrick and Rooney, but I don’t know he was just out of pace in the second period.may be he was tired!

  29. WeAreUnited says:


    yeah that’s true also

    I was wondering also why ando didn’t get in, but I though bringing Nani off was a good choice cause he got tired. That’s why I think our performance dropped cause Nani was one of the main man who contributed today, though he wasn’t at his best yet (his 3rd game after injury)

    but I understand what your saying, tactically it was a strange option.

    BTW our strikers are on fire. for example

    if RVP is underperforming -> rooney to the rescue -> if rooney is underperforming -> chicha to the rescue -> if chicha is underperforming -> RVP to the rescue


    @dela mate yeah exaclty ! they had to take te risk, they lose nothing by going all in. But we fought!

  30. denton davey says:

    wayne @ 21:00: “City are vulnerable with Toure and Kompany missing”

    They were relatively lucky with injuries last season – now the worm is turning. Since LiverPoo AND Shitty can’t BOTH lose tomorrow, a draw would be a reasonable result ‘cos it would burst two bubbles.

  31. MansionOfTheReds says:


    rooney’s goal was a solo effort with chicha having no role in it at all. He’s a phenomenal player in a poacher’s role but can he create and score a goal like the other two ? I doubt it. Yesterday was not the first time he was one on one with the keeper and he lost it

  32. Daniel88 says:


    Never said Hernandez had a role in the goal.

    Hernandez’s constant movement and running the channels makes massive spaces for his strike partner and our midfield.


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