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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: Stoke vs United

De Gea; Jones, Smalling, Evans, Evra; Carrick, Cleverley; Young, Rooney, Mata; van Persie.

Bench: Lindegaard, Rafael, Valencia, Fletcher, Januzaj, Hernandez, Welbeck.

Stoke: Begovic; Cameron, Shawcross (c), Wilson, Pieters; Odemwingie, Whelan, Adam, Arnautovic, Walters; Crouch

Bench: Sorensen, Muniesa, Palacios, Guidetti, Assaidi, Shotton, Ireland.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gary Mitrovic says:

    NBI, that is fair enough. I can understand why some people don’t like Mourinho’s antics. I didn’t like him when he first came on the scene at Chelsea but he grew on me over time and I actually like the guy. I would have had him all day long as Manchester United manager. I can understand why some wouldn’t though. It’s just the fact that poking someone in the eye seemed to rule him out off the job because we’re whiter than white obviously and no one at the club has ever acted like a prick ever.

  2. sir matt martin says:

    Lol.. u right mate
    The team is not about the players’ capabilities alone. Good teamwork, tactics, motivation, commitment, respect for the manager and backroom staff, among others are crucial for regular victories. In Moyes I see nothing positive except negative talks. It is not surprising to see good players leaving. See his management shortcomings
    compared to solkjaer in the way
    how Zaha is being motivated.

  3. Redfrog says:

    @sir martin. Add to that that Ferguson is a really good pal of Moyes father. He knows the nice lad since childhood. Is that not a nice story ?
    I want to cry and still don’t believe it to the fact that Ferguson went for clueless Moyes. Why did he do that to us ? To his club ?

  4. Fletch™ says:

    Oil over at the Empiad.

    Chelski parked the bus and got the points.
    Shiekty loose at home for the first time this year.

    Could have gone for a draw but fair enough.

    Oil Firm Derby, pretty dull to be honest.!

  5. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Mourinho shoulder barging his players at the end there and throwing a fist pump like you believe it. Small details but that’s the fighter in the man. He loves the challenge and installs that belief in his players. Fantastic result for them. They’ll be believing they can win the title now. Only Guardiola holds a better record in the vs category with Mourinho. The guy is a winner no one can deny it.

  6. WeAreUnitedd says:


    I think you and me watched a TITALLY different game? THE match was exellent, full of speed, tactics and beautiful football, was it at its best? no, but it was a great match

    NEVER a dull match, full of action, chances and one goal. Hazard was amazing.

    Chelski did not park the bus, they played intellegently, they defended for sure, but they countered veeeery nicely, so I don’t know which match did yo uwatch to mine. no disrespect mate!

  7. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Fletch, they parked the bus? What game was you watching? Sure City had the majority of the possession but Chelsea had the beating of them all game. They counter attacked brilliantly and created numerous chances. Could have been 3 or 4-0.

  8. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Redfrog – sometimes the best players don’t make great coaches, clearly past managers don’t make good manager selections. I think for SAF he just overestimated what Moyes could do and saw him being alright working with the same United backroom staff. Moyes even fucked off Albert the beloved United kitman. I think SAF got it wrong with Moyes, I am sure he gets that now but its out of his hands. SAF was a great manager and motivator and when things come easier for you you sometimes don’t get how hard it may be for others, I don’t think he really understood Moyes character or limitations, had he had a crystal ball and seen where we are now I doubt Moyes would ever have got near OT.

  9. Jay Herbert says:

    what a fucking disgrace, after seeing CFC tonight, how has this happened to UTD…
    You think if Moyes was at CFC they would be playing like they are now?

  10. NBI Red 21 says:

    I thought it was a really good match, Chelsea parked bus for the last 15 minutes of the game but otherwise great contest they could have won by more and to beat City at home like that is no mean feat. Arsenal stay top, City level on points with Chelsea but ahead on a ridiculous CD of 41 to 24, we have a GD of 10.

  11. sir matt martin says:

    @ Redfrog
    Moyes father and sir Alex was best of frend when moyeses move in to Abadeen, close to sir Alex home. So you are right mate, Jose Mourinho a report in spain said he cryd when the job was giving to moyes. Jose would have done wuderfully well at united.

  12. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Jay – Moyes brigade will day Chelsea just got lucky.

  13. WeAreUnitedd says:


    I notcied one thing, If we want to develope our tactics and change them into the 433 to this generation football, then Moyes needs to make a decision for next season or this one

    Rooney for me is not the best solution for the 3 man midfield so

    a) solve his situation
    b) drop either Rooney or RVP when we go with 1 striker and play Mata or Kagawa on that 3 man midfield, which then leaves Januzaj and Mata on the flanks or Januzaj and Kagawa/Nani on the flanks and Rooney or RVP leading the line. This will mean that Rooney ro RVP will not accept this so one probably could leave.

    I know Rooney knows how to play behind the main striker but I think he’s not the best solution for that if we want to evolve into the fast football

    In best/worst scenario, sell Rooney or RVP to sacrifice for the sake of the evolution of the team


  14. Redfrog says:

    @NBI. It was not a dig at our great man. Anyone can make a mistake. It is his biggest one. I think it was a sentimental choice as he went sentimental at the end at times. When I see SAF face at matches from time to times he looks very gutted. He even go on take a nape sometimes. Who can blame him? We are so boring to watch.

  15. Fletch™ says:

    City just had holes. But required 10 behind the ball defending from Chavs. Therefore, park the bus. True they had chances and took one of them.

    Chelsea would be a different proposition all together if they had a forward like Drogba. Still think they have what it takes to overhaul City and hope they do.

    Was hoping for a draw as it would give us a bit more chance, but that was always a long shot.

    Let the Mourine greatest manager chants start. I won’t be tasting from that bitter cup.

  16. Marko Maric says:

    @ Gary 22:48 totally agree. Sometimes I ask myself how is possible that grown, “mature” man can be so blind and think that we are whiter than white? Our players are angels and all others are chaseing money jerks.
    Mou won CL title with f… Porto, Inter (loosepool but in Italy), titles over Barca (and people said he plays defensive and they scored more than 100 goals)…and he dont care about youth, he is pokeing people, he dont have manners…bla bla…

    We will see about our manners when we lose two times in a roll spot in CL, then i will ask you. That guy is genious, and we even should pray him to come, he wanted that, and we said: “Who the f… is Mo, we have got Moyes!” You can just laugh to human stupidity. SAF was the biggest, but it doesnt mean that he can choose a good manager. What if that in the end will be wrong desicion? What then?
    I should save all your comments and serve it when you change your opinion like politicians.

  17. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Fletch, you was hoping for a draw as it would give us more of a chance??? A chance to what exactly? We’ve got a tough enough job trying to catch up with Spurs, Everton and Liverpool! City, Chelsea and Arsenal are over the horizon and away. They’re gone mate. Give it up. The gap will only increase this season.

  18. sir matt martin says:

    Ahaha.. person here just make me laugh, play rooney in a 3 man mid field, or maybe not why dont u tell that to Moyez, that has no brain for tecnicality.

  19. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Fletch – get what you mean, all Maureen players defend well from front and back, which is why he got rid of Mata, Hazard did some great tracking back today and it clearly disrupted City who at times did not know if they were going or coming the organisation level at Chelsea was fantastic, they had their CD’s up trying to get a goal but other players automaticaly in place to cover. That said I will admit I prefer the way Pelligrini has City playing to Chelsea, City are (puke) admittedly best team in EPL to watch, I feel ill having admitted that.

  20. WeAreUnitedd says:

    @marko Maric

    ” I should save all your comments and serve it when you change your opinion like politicians.”

    It’s not about this, it’s not about I HOPE MOYES FAILS AND UNITED TOO, so I can prove you al lwrong and that SAF got it wrong

    ITS NOT ABOUT THAT. ITS ABOUT SUPPORT, not saying that you are not supporting United, but for fucks sake, we have Moyes now, hopefully he gets it right next season with the transfers and the overhaul, otherwise he will get the sack, because owners will not look past it if we finish outside the top4 again.

    NO ONE, and I MEAN NO ONE is glad about or position because that will be madness, but the thing is, some are happy we are not doing right because they “KNEW” this would happen with Moyes, INSTEAD of stay positive, which is hard, but WE WILL NEVER DIE, if we don’t come back next year, WE WILL bounce after that

    BELIEVE, have you people forgotten this word? BELIEVE.


  21. WeAreUnitedd says:

    @sir mat RACIST

    did you even read my comment you troll? I said the contrast of playing Roonet in 3 man midfield piss of garbage

    are you sad that City lost? are you changing your colours back to chelskis?

    piss off

  22. sir matt martin says:

    You right its just pure sentiments from the great sir Alex, i think if he had a time marchine he would have reverse his decision on bringin David moyes to United. Cheers bro.

  23. NBI Red 21 says:

    Come on guys, a manager of a Club like United is expected to have higher standards than a young hot headed player in their 20′s or so. If we are comparing then lets compare conduct of managers for me:

    - worst conduct as manager:

    - Paulo Di Canio
    - Maureen at RM – a bit too talky first time at Chelsea but that could have been brushed off, it was not just the eye poking a cancer victim there was a lot more shit he said and his behaviour there when chips were down and love did not flow was awful, even RM felt he disgraced them and that is saying something
    - Who was that manager who had fisticuffs?
    - Benitez with his stupid list re SAF and United

    The problem was with Maureen no one knew if you would get angry nasty provocative divisive Maureen from RM or nice charming witty Maureen that he is now.

  24. Fletch™ says:

    New thread lads. You can abuse the manager over there.

  25. Gary Mitrovic says:

    WeAreUnited, the team will get the support while on they’re on the pitch. They always do. No one is getting on Moyes back at games because it doesn’t do any good on match day. I will not blindly support a man I have no faith in though. If he proves me wrong you can shoot me down in flames and I’ll tattoo my criticism of him on my forehead! We always support the team, but Moyes has to show something different to earn my support. He doesn’t just get it because it’s hush right and my duty to do so.

  26. Marko Maric says:

    If Moyes takeing care of youth, why he didnt give a chance to Zaha? He plays great under Ola, wich means it is not problem about player, bit manager.

    Chelski parked a bus. They have no world class striker, but have world class midfield. So what should they do? Go up front like bear in strawberrys? Even with SAF we defended in some games, and then it easok, but when Mo play that than it is not ok. Have some of you ever heard about tactics? What s wrong with defending if you win the game? We fighting for points, titles…we had Arsenal with great play and no titles and then we laughed…fans mean fanatics, people who think with heart, not what to expect?

  27. sir matt martin says:

    Ahahaha.. what laff, BELIEVE. when ur father moyez clearly dosnt BELIEVE., on him self. I mean are u fuckin stupid. Did u not heard what he said after the game against Lowly Stoke on Satuday.
    Moyes: I tryd my best, i dont knw what i will do to win. BELIEVE, that you fool.@ WeareUnited

  28. WeAreUnitedd says:

    @liek I said in my previous comment I am not doubting you, because It’s not like I am ver ypleasant with Moyes either, don’t get me wrong mate

    I am not hush and puff and this is a blog, but if you go over some posters here, they are so happy they got it “right” even though we got Mata and Januzaj is the birghtes prospect since Ronaldo

    I have high hopes, and if its with Moyes YES, if not then with someone else, but I will not be happy that Moyes is not doing something right and brag about it and just throw names around here about who could have been better. and glow about it

    I WISH, no I PRAY that this turns around and that Mata and Januzaj with Rooney and RVP clicks, we buy a couple of mdifielders and take otu the deadwood, establish this new possession football and bang on next season, because I want those who are glowing now to get out of this blog.

    no pun to you, like I said, I am not happy either trust me, I am not blind, but I see the positives also and I hope players take note and if not they will get shipped LIKE ANDO the cunt who after 7 years goes and speaks his mind about people wanting to leave, when the lad did nothing but play 1 game in 3 months and eat burgers. and I supportetd that lad.

    that kind of attitude needs to get rid of here and United locker-room.


  29. WeAreUnitedd says:


    Zaha is 21, Januzaj is 18

    Zaha came fro mthe championship and Januzaj from the cademy

    Januzaj is playing and being our best player by miles, Zaha gets loaned



    @sir matt YOU RACIST CUNT PISS OFF, you dont believe the word itself or the history behind United, piss off to you local City PISS OFF.

  30. Marko Maric says:

    @Fletch believe me, in every game i hope that he gonna finally stop being blind, because it would ruined my day, or lets say every day. So i believe, but cant help myself and dont comment after i hear his loosers mentality and bad tactics. I have to say that. But i want him to succeed, like i said that manny times before. In my head i dont care who is the manager as long as we are winning titles, it can be gipsy. I m just scared that he dont get us too deep down and that we get Liverpool loosers mentallity. When car start to sink, then is hard to get him back. When you lose winning mentality, it s hard to get it back

  31. Redfrog says:

    @Weareunited. I really hoped for Moyes to do well as it means us doing well. But realistically I didn’t want moyes from day one because he is unproved and defensive. It is not hoping United to fail to prove us right about Moyes. It is that I cannot believe in him because all this fucking season. I will support United no matter what and that support makes me feel sick about Moyes. But I understand people supporting Moyes because supporting United and I have no problems with that even if I think it won’t help us. Each supporters are human beings with will react to the situation of our club differently like they react to life differently. Some are optimistic and have more belief. Some are pessimistic and see the thing in what they call the realistic way ; and from that want to change immediately instead stick with what they think to be a failure.
    The worst thing to do as supporters is to fight between each other because we have different view about Moyes. it will means we are divided. We should understand each others way. And I am happy that you are understanding the anti Moyes even if your opinion differ. Ultimately it doesn’t mean that some are better fans then other.

  32. Marko Maric says:

    @ WeAreUnited, you will see who is Zaha…we have plenty of time this year…

  33. WeAreUnitedd says:


    there will be people who will make sure the small-time mentality does not creep

    Giggsy, Scholesy, Butt, ACole, Schmeichel, GNeville, PNeville, Rio etc maybe Ole too?

    trust me, small-time mentality will not creep when those guys are there and have experienced everything.


  34. WeAreUnitedd says:


    mate, do you understamd that Zaha is on loan, and it will do very GOOD to him that he plays there? he will come back you know tht right?

    so YES, I WIL LSEE WHO Zaha is, to be honest , when he came I compared him to Bale and how direct Zaha is and with the trickery on Ronaldo, so no I am not underestimating Zaha, but he would not have been our saviour this season, no matter what, YES he should have played more, but Januzaj has got that spot and the other goes for experience.

    is this wise? yes and not , but what can you do

    I AM with you mate, I HOPE I will see who Zaha is.


  35. Redfrog says:

    Mourinho didn’t parked the bus but played counter-attacking football. In the first half Chelsea tears them apart wich resulted in a goal and two (or3) shoot hitting the post and a 4 against one for Chelsea that has been fucked up.
    Some have short memories. Last year Ferguson won at the ethiad by playing this kind of football. And we would have been 3 up if Young goal was not disallowed. Now in this match we hardly touch the ball before scoring the first goal but we were very compact at the back and had a good match. Personally I have no problem with that at it is a play with a plan : being very direct and fast and not pass the ball without purpose like this year.

  36. iamMatty says:


    Mate do you know the difference I see in your posts and in other posters I rate higher, like say @samuel?
    I read your posts and all I see is “I hope”, “I pray”, “I believe” you have no factual evidence or reason to back up your claim or assertions about the likeliness of moyes turning it around. All you do is hope, and with no offence meant that is downright passive and lazy. You think you are doing the club a favour by hoping and praying that giggs, rio et al will help us when the inevitable happens if we persist with moyes. Let me ask you sir, didn’t dalglish, keegan, ian rush etc exist when liverpool took the swim?
    You keep banging on about an overhaul, and that sir with no offence meant again looks idiotic.
    2yrs ago we all boasted about our young up and coming squad of future world beaters, even last year we all knew our problem was central midfield and a competent back up for evra.
    You say an overhaul, and I remember jones, smalling, cleverly, anderson etc all doing a rescue job in the community shield 2years ago against an almost identical city side.
    You think I should be ashamed of myself in bailing out of 7months worth of regression, then I say surely you should feel more shame in bailing out on our entire team, just so that one man could get the chance to play window shopping on the greatest empire ever.
    Let me ask you sir, what evidence do you have that moyes’ new team will get top4? Or infact be even better than the one you so readily want him to disintegrate?
    What if its worse, how then do we build on from 6-7 fellainis?
    How has the 70mil spent on fella and mata improved our current team now?.
    So an overhaul helps us play better 4-4-2? Or get down the by-line faster?
    So its somehow economically wiser to hand 250mil to a man who has never in his life proven he can win?

    I read this illustration on a blog and it best describes our situation right now

  37. WeAreUnitedd says:

    @i IamMatty

    firstly, if you follow my comments from time, it’s this time I have said I pray and hope and believe that it will turn over. why? because I have also lost little faith, but that does not mean that I want to get rid of the manager quickly.

    if you check my post at 23.06 you can see how I see our football and how I believe our football should be

    Mata has played 2 games, fellaini 11 and maybe 7 as a starter. So you tell me how they have improved us, impossible if you don’t see the impact Mata will bring then good luck for you. btw 2 games 2 assists from Mata.

    you understad that we will no play next season a 442? because we have players who will play narrowly, which will mean young will be cut off and maybe valencia too. Is this sure? well my only evidence is the purchase of Mata and playing januzaj.

    overhaul means getting the deadwood off, players who can’t play the new evolving football, the likes of young valencia buttner and getting rid of the older ones. ALSO Giggsy will operate as a coach, Scholesy too, Butt is already, you have cole schmeichel etc also LIVERPOOl is a piece of garbage, the dalglisesh and rushes (score 7 goals for juve, tells it all probably were overated players of their time)

    Let me ask you SIR, what evidence do you have that moyes’ new team will not get top2?
    NOTHING, you have an evidence that these current players can’t play new evolving football, and YES it’s Moyes’s fault also, but you make it that it’s 100% his, you sir are wrong. Sometims it seems that we are going 1 up 2 back, but I also see the positives, if you don’t see them, well I don’t wanna be in your shoes.


    I better support this squad the way I am by analyzing, critisising, praying wishing etc and if Moyes will not pay off, you know what? the next manager will come in, so if we buy qualit yplayers in Summer, and Moyes is still managing like this, well then the next one will do a good job, that’s 100% sure.

    so don’t tell me that I am passive or lazy for not jumping on the bandwagon, and don’t try to make me a Moyes fanboy, I never was a SAF fanboy, but supported him cause e was great with many flaws, but he was Manchester United manager.

    anyway, support how you like, but the way you do it, that is idiotic.

  38. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    Nearly a thousand comments.


    A loser has dragged a winning team down to his level.

  39. tamoormir1 says:

    A lot of fans dare not say the S word ( by which i mean sack) for moyes because sir alex had asked in his final statement to the fans to support the new manager. We know you are all thinking it and in any other top club in the world, these kind of results would simply be unacceptable. Not winning the league would have been an acceptable slump. This goes so far beyond this and its time that the fans spoke out not out of spite but out of a sense of duty. A sense of duty to rescue our club from the clutches of mediocrity. When I see United fans resigned to defeat this hurts me more than their anger, because anger means they haven’t accepted the lowered standards of football that have invaded our football club in the last 1 year. We need to start speaking out and making our voice heard not because we hate David Moyes but because we love our club too much to let it sink this low and not raise our voice. The owners, the manager and players need to hear our voice. That we will not accept this level of mediocrity, for too long have we sat on the sidelines biting our tongue out of respect for Sir Alex and it is out of respect for the club that he has created that we choose to speak out. The standards he set with his sweat and blood over the last 20 years need to be saved from this reign of soporific incompetence. Speak up now or forever hold your peace while your club goes the way of Liverpool

  40. Marko Maric says:

    @WeAreUnited i m just sayin that if we belive in youth then we should give them a chance. Of course, it is better go on loan and play then sit on the bench. But we talk about giving youth a chance, and our only good winger is Nani.
    We talk few years about Petrucci that he is great, then about Lindegard…i mean how old are these guys? They must be 30 yo now…how long they need to improve their skills? If they are not good, sell them, if they are, give them a chance.


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