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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: United vs Aston Villa

De Gea; Rafael, Jones, Vidic, Buttner; Young, Fellaini, Fletcher, Kagawa; Mata, Rooney.

Bench: Amos, Giggs, Chicharito, Carrick, Nani, Welbeck, Januzaj.

Villa: Guzan, Bacuna, Vlaar, Clark, Bertrand, Westwood, Delph, Albrighton, Weimann, Benteke, Agbonlahor.

Bench: Steer, Sylla, Holt, Tonev, Bennett, Robinson, Lowton.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. GingerPrince18 says:

    Would have preferred Nani over Young. Strong enough for a comfortable win against Villa.

  2. Only 1 Utd says:

    Januzaj,Welbeck or Nani could have all started but he goes for Young.
    If he wanted someone to help Buttner defensively Welbeck is surely a better option.

  3. The_red_devils says:

    I would like to see Nani in second half.
    And Against bayern,
    januzaj kagawa nani

  4. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    When will we get Nani some fucking game time FFS? This pretty much a dead rubber game and we still can’t give Nani a run out?

    Anyways, I think this is a game that we SHOULD be able to win. However, this season there is a difference between what we SHOULD do and what we are actually doing. Hopefully we do just that. WIN THE FUCKING GAME PLEASE.

  5. WeAreUnitedd says:

    Nani instead of Young, but lets go with this, I like this.

    It’s funny how Nani has now become the player we need, who could have guessed? …me.

    @the red devils

    mate I would go against bayern with this

    Nani Kagawa Valencia

    You have speed with Valencia, composure with Kagawa and Nani, Also whoever says Nani can’t defend, can watch the RMAdrid game last season. OR even better if Moyes does not trust Kagawa then

    Nani Welbeck Valencia


    lets make it 7 wins in a run!


  6. Mav19 says:

    So will you again bask in David Moyes’s glory when we win against Aston fucking Villa. I can’t believe we will be back to talking about the future once we beat Villa. Its a conundrum really. I want to support the team but Moyes still thinks he has the majority of support.

  7. The_red_devils says:

    We are united
    nani is the type of player we need against bayern in my opinion.
    Kagawa has rarely got back to back games, so i fear he might not play.
    welbeck and nani will give us more balance in my opinion and they both got great pace which will be helpful for counter.
    But I got a feeling that he will go with welbeck and valencia.

  8. wayne barker says:

    Tony V not even being on the bench pretty well means he’ll start against Bayern,with Nani not playing in months and if Moyes does intend to use him on Tuesday playing him for 90 mins then bringing him back so quickly is not a good idea.if he has any chance of playing Tuesday will need at least a half hour run out or he won’t be playing

  9. Martin Thomas says:

    Not sure about Nani (I never have been)…
    What we need now is fighters and passion on the pitch. Not someone who goes down like a sniper has shot him, and sulks if things aren’t going his way. At least Wellbeck and Tony V show the right attiude…

  10. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Nah No way Nani plays against Bayern. Just returning from injury and has literally ZERO minutes since his return and we know Moyes and his love for caution. Even though Nani is an ideal player against Bayern, he won’t play. It will most likely be Valencia and welbeck on either wings with hopefully Kagawa behind Rooney.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    What proof have you got that nani lacks fight? Have you analysed his upbringing, career and how he got to where he is?.. Maybe that’s the issue, players scraping and huffing but with no end product or quality, this is the system and mentality moyes has endorsed through out managerial career.

    Nani is a match winner, more so than most in the squad, united need quality not headless chickens..

  12. Zana says:

    Nani will get some minutes I am sure of it.

  13. wayne barker says:

    I’ve been saying this for a couple of weeks but the domestic season really doesn’t mean fuck all that’s the reason I couldn’t understand the overreaction to the City loss,mind you out of the 500 comments pretty sure NBI had 300 of them.My point is top 4 has been out of reach for a while and no one wants Europa league.There’s only one thing left for me so Bayern is the true test

  14. Mark Reid says:

    Come on U Reds not a bad line up.

  15. Mark Reid says:

    Apart from the older players.

  16. mjcRED says:

    A draw today would probably be the best we can hope for. Let’s get a bit of passing and inject anything upwards of second gear to the speed with which the ball and players move in preparation for Tuesday. Combine this with coming out of the game without injuries to key player who will be needed for Bayern, Kagawa and Rooney, and I’ll be fairly satisfied all things considered.

  17. Zana says:

    Samuel, absolutely spot on.Nani is a match winner, perhaps the third player after Wayne Rooney and RVP.defintely needs time on the pitch to warm up for Bayern.

  18. Martin Thomas says:

    When I say fighters I don’t mean scrappers with no skill or Moyes negativity. I mean players like Buchan, Macari, Robson, Whiteside, Hughes, Ince, Keane. Players like that are now sadly lacking in our team, but we need some of the spirit and guts those lads play with. No I haven’t analysed Nani’s upbringing (Why would I? I’m not Garth Crooks!). But in the past no one argue with the fact that he goes to ground too easy (like Young), or that he can drift out of games if he doesn’t fancy it…

  19. wayne barker says:

    Nani isn’t a fighter and is easily taken out by anyone getting physical with him in all my years of watching football can’t remember any other player who started crying after getting tackled

  20. RepeatOf99 says:


    The reason that the premier league no longer matters, is cause he fucked it up beyond repair already!

    And no matter where we are in the table…..even if it is on the last day and we have won the league by 20 points, or bottom and already relegated……It always matters when we play Liverpool and City. and getting embarrassed at home, with no fight for most of the games, is just not good enough.

    But I am curious, what is Bayern the test of? If we lose, even badly, to the current best team in the world, surely you wouldn’t judge him negatively for that?

  21. Zana says:

    Nani is not a fighter is a ridiculous statement when you have a winning mentality.Nani is that type of player that can change a game with his talents and vision, he was just unlucky with injuries and referee howlers.anyway, I am surprised how people are slating Nani.its normal for some players not handling tackles as long as they are not diving like Mr.Young do.

  22. mjcRED says:

    I would agree that Nani’s time at United can be defined by frustration as much as anything else. The way he always chooses to overcomplicate things and shoot on site anytime within the same postcode as the opposition goal often drives me to despair. However on his day,
    there is no denying his match winning ability and confidence to at least have a go, a very
    rare attribute within this squad. Furthermore, he stands out in stark contrast amongst the over conservative ‘scared of making a mistake’ shortcomings of so many around him. For this reason alone he has to feature against at some point today and definitely across the two legs vs München.

  23. Martin Thomas says:

    I remember that too (Nani blubbing after one challenge). George Best took more stick on the pitch in just a few games from brutal enforcers like Norman Hunter and Chopper Harris than Nani will get in his entire career: and Bestie never batted an eyelid (and he always tried to stay on his feet!). And since when was he a match winner? How many dazzling, Ronaldo-like displays have we seen from Nani? How many games have his skills personally (like Ronnie, Robbo, Ruud, RVP or Cantona) actually won for us?!!

  24. wayne barker says:

    Bestie was a tough cunt,when Carragher did Nani started roaring

  25. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    The tackle in question was a horrendous tackle that left a deep gash on Nani’s shin. How Carragher was not sent off for that challenge remains a mystery till this day. And THAT is what we are using to judge an extremely talented player? WOW.

  26. Martin Thomas says:

    There is no doubting that Nani has skill. But mjcRED is right about Nani trying too hard to impress, and when it doesn’t come off he tends to lose interest and drift out of games (Jesper Olsen was similar). Although Jesper never cried when he got a hard tackle…

  27. wayne barker says:

    RepeatOF99, that’s the 3rd time on the bounce City have beaten Utd at OT so the writings been on the wall long before Moyes showed up.No one is giving Utd a chance against Bayern and Pep is considered the best.It’s the only thing left so even the players who know their leaving should be up for it how Utd fare against Bayern is the defining moment in a shit season,just my opinion

  28. wayne barker says:

    nothing to do with judging talent just pointing out Nani is not a fighter and i don’t personally remember any other player crying after a tackle.So if you want to comment stick to the context

  29. Martin Thomas says:

    I have seen far nastier fouls and injuries than the Carragher one: Robson many times (like when his entire shoulder popped out of its socket! Twice!), Sealey at Wembley in 91, Keane’s cruciate (and that cunt Haaland!). Rooney has had gashes, Vidic’s knees etc… But did they start blubbing like Nani did? Wow indeed….

  30. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Nani is the man for big occassions, he’s our best winger and must start in bayern match. Fuck valencia’s speed, he always runs in one direction, alaba will pocket him the whole 90minutes.he better not start such a predictable player

  31. wayne barker says:

    just out of curiosity how many times has Nani delivered on the big occasion?/Nani had a career year in 2010 4 yrs ago.

  32. wayne barker says:

    i’ll bet any money you want Tony V will start against Bayern

  33. Zana says:

    Some people are really so argumentative to a point they are acting like a sophist.the truth is not all players are soldiers as some of you wishing for, Nani is not Vida but he is not Ashley Young as well.Nani is a winner it’s as simple as that, if you are arguing against this and compare him with Bestie in who he was the best of his generation then you are shooting your gun in the dark and your argument is nothing but a straw-man, furthermore the definition of fighters on the pitch has clearly changed in the modern day football.because the rules has changed, players are more clever to bypass the referee and the games are becoming softer than it used to be in the past, I addition that the referees are more aware of aggressiveness.if you are looking for fighters in modern days then you should watch boxing not football.fights in football is in the spirit of the team and the winning mentality.

  34. GingerPrince18 says:

    This would be the right game for Nani. Not Bayern though. I would prefer Tony V and Welbz to provide width and Kagawa behind Ronney.

  35. wayne barker says:

    and some people just write comments to hear themselves speak without understanding the context of the debate,the only way Best and Nani was compared was in toughness not skill.It doesn’t matter how you want to break down fighter past or present Nani doesn’t fit the bill,which has nothing to do with judging his ability.Nani has won with with Utd so in that respect he’s a winner just like a lot of other players
    I’ve noticed more and more people don’t read comments properly and just want to talk although it has nothing to do with the context of the conversation
    For all of you who think Nani is a battler and Fighter we’ll just agree to disagree

  36. Zana says:

    I welcome any debate and I truly understood what you said about fighting, but fighters in football in absolutely two different generations of different eras, that should be mentioned as are comparing George Best with Luis Nani, that is not a good argument. A better argument is to compare Luis Nani with Asley Young or Tony Valencia or’s always important when you make comparison, be aware of the timing and the era.Players in the past were tough and the tackles were hard and harsh, but the spirit of the shirt and the passion for the game was much more different than the modern players.hence we can’t talk about a player being a fighter without mentioning the changes within the last 5 decades.

  37. wayne barker says:

    Nani has tons of ability but would be put in the category of floater not fighter,Tony V is Nani’s polar opposite he’s a warrior,very few players would’ve stayed on the pitch let alone battle as hard as he did with one eye closed.Nani just doesn’t have that in him,he’s very skillful but effeminate,he simply is not a fighter in anyway

  38. Zana says:

    Ok, now if I correctly understand what you say, then you are answering yourself in some can have both in the same player, Nani is skillful, trickery, a match winner but not a fighter.while Valencia is more predictable but an ant and a hardworking player.Robben is magical but diver, Young is awesome diver but hardly pass a defender.Cristiano Ronaldo was perfect playerbut he used to get down so easily but he was still a marvelous winger.the point is George Best was all of that, he was a winger, a fighter of his generation, a winner.he was a rare breed of his generation while at our modern day you can then all, you are either a hardworking player or a talented player with or without diving and thankfully Nani is not the duvet type.anyway you don’t need wingers to be fighters, you need someone who pass defenders and score, that is what Nani can do and in the respect he is much more better than general you need more fighters in defense in the back line and the middle of the pitch than the flank, that is what I wanted to say.

  39. Zana says:

    Sorry for typos

  40. wayne barker says:

    Not being funny here but i’ve no idea wtf your trying to say.George Best was a fighter,i consider Ronnie a fighter he get’s pissed off and battles,Tony V is a fighter,dont really consider Young a fighter but don’t see him crying after being tackled
    Just don’t get what you’re trying to say,Nani has talent but doesn’t enjoy the physical side of Football,if he gets kicked doesn’t get pissed off and battles harder, normally disappears
    Being honest here I just don’t get what you’re going on about

  41. wayne barker says:

    it has nothing to do with ability it’s what’s inside someone,the will to battle and win.Prime example when it mattered Ronnie carried Portugal into the World Cup he has that willpower and drive

  42. GingerPrince18 says:

    We are lucky that we managed to keep Januzaj. He was a joy to be hold. Brimming with confidence beyond his age.

  43. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @zana, thank you. You’re spot on with your last comment, Tony V can’t beat an ant talkless of his man. He runs in one direction, always to his right, he can easily be marked. If I was a full back, valencia will always look useless on the pitch cos I’ll alwas know where he runs to. And his crosses are low and terrible, he has no flair..too manual and rigid to be a winger.

  44. wayne barker says:

    mate if you’ve no idea of Tony V’s importance to the side you no nothing about football

  45. Zana says:

    Let me clear things up once again

    You Said George Best was a fighter because he was handling and withstanding tackles while Nani has been crying whenever been tackled he couldn’t carry he just shout and cry.that was basically what you said.

    What I said was the fact that Nani’s winning mentality can outweigh this part of his game, since he is not a diver like the rest of other modern wingers, examples are many.on the top of the list is Ashely Young, Robben…etc.I also said you can’t have everything at one time, for instance Tony is a good fighter and can run well but he is not skillful, also you approved me in this by saying he is the other pole of Nani.
    So basically my argument is you just can’t compare George Best and Nani because the game and the intensity of the game has changed.technically players of nowadays are more lobule and soft for tackling, they use trick and dive to bypass the referee and deceive him while in the past it was different.

    Accordingly the definition of the fighter should change over these long time, you say Ronnie is a fighter because he a strong will power, So you are refuting yourself here by changing the necessity factor of being a fighter.Cristiano was a great player and a winner but he was also crying all the time, does that make him a fighter according to your definition?!because Nani has had a strong will power in the first three years of his career with us.

    Moreover, wingers are not concerned by people and pundits for not being a good fighters, rather they are on demanded for being lazy and not skilled or diver.

    So the end of my argument is as follow, Nani is a winner and that is enough yo be among the elite wingers.fighters in the modern day are those who can make clear chance for scoring in a glimpse of second, Nani is a modern day winger and his winning mentality will outweigh the fighting spirit of Tony Valencia when it counts.while Ashley Young is an absolute waste of time.

  46. wayne barker says:

    not sure were your getting this assessment of Nani’s winning mentality from though,he shows flashes of brilliance but for most part puts in one good game out of 5 and has had one truly outstanding year,no disrespect here but my concept of toughness Nani has never shown,he’s actually the complete opposite to what i’d consider a mentally tough player
    Why don’t we just agree to disagree

  47. Zana says:

    Alright then, I do love both Tony and Nani though.was very nice talking Wayne, thanks.let us translate this important win against Villa and beat Bayern.


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