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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: United vs Everton

De Gea, Rafael, Vidic, Evans, Evra, Valencia, Cleverley, Jones, Giggs, Rooney and Van Persie.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. parryheid says:

    Wouldn’t worry in the slightest this Wednesday were in the Two legged knockout stages and that is meat and drink to United fear not we will have five over the middle and control the pitch.Once we break on Madrids back line they are fucked,no way will they cope with our Lethal attack it will be a repeat of the City game.

  2. medumtum says:

    Tremendous performance. Used the depth of the squad, kept a clean sheet and saw Giggsy tear em apart yet again. Most impressive was the concentration the team managed to show throughout. Thats what we’ll need against Madrid. As someone mentioned Jonesy only lost Fellaini once and then too the defenders were back covering. Hope he isn’t injured cause it looked like he stalked off straight into the tunnel and had taken a hard knock towards the end of the half. Clearly we had a plan and it was doggedly executed. The team actually seems to be peaking with our defense coming together as a unit. Now onto Europe.

  3. andromeda says:

    According to ( Jones has picked a muscular injury, hope he is OK.

    Apart from the collective brilliant team performance I would love to give my vote for Rafa to be the man of the match.12 points ahead, 7 goal difference.12 games to go.I can say we are in a very comfortable position to regain the title, but we shouldn’t lose the degree of concentration.

    Regarding our Wed game, I fancy Carrick, Anderson, Kagawa, Nani/Young and Welbeck to start.its kinds strange and many of you would disagree with me but I have a feeling that Fergie could not start with either RVP or Rooney, instead he might go with Chica as a sole striker in 4-5-1 formation.

  4. Red Devil Canuck says:

    Good result. The team worked really hard for the 3 points today.

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Vida, absolute collossus of a defender, he was ideal for this everton team which utilises the aerial strenghts to the best but he was nullified today. Vidic, he heads abd kicks and smashes oppositions into the fucking stands and then walks up into the stands and smashes the attacker out of the fucking stadium. Gradually back to his best and hopefully united will benefit.

    Rafael, oh rafa rafa.. I’ve ran out of superlatives for my favourite brazilian. United have seen him blossomed from a talented but brash and naive into gradually moving towards the complete player. If you want a footballing battle, rafael will roll that out, if you want to use technique, he will match you. Developing into a complete fullback, still not there yet but hopefully he will get there.

  6. Andromeda says:

    Or we might start with RVP and Chica and Rooney on the bench.
    Stopping Ronaldo would be very difficult particular after Rafa played a full 90 minutes today, but the lad have an incredible energy so hopefully he will recover in time.

  7. wayne says:

    WeAreUnited thought he had a solid game both ends of the field today mate.Kept Baines to a couple of runs late in the game and gave him plenty of problems in Everton’s end.Tony V gets doubled teamed all the the time even when Utd are breaking out of defense he gets players crowding him out because teams know he’s our big outlay.
    Dela I’d even take 1-0 mate everything else would be a bonus

  8. muchio says:

    Im 1000% sure rafa has not hit his peak yet. Just imagine when he has become a finish article. IMO, Rafa edges Vidic for MOTM.

  9. Andromeda says:

    This result should further destroy city’s spirit, I would even fancy rent boys to knock them out for the second spot in case we have won the title which is most likely.

  10. In David We Trust says:

    WeAreUnited – I was searching for someone who highlighted this game-changer, carrick defiantly made the difference, we started to move the ball, interchange, and we never let everton get hold of the ball. My view has been made stronger, that it should be players who are great at holding onto the ball and passing it well, like carrick cleverly kagwa, they will suit Europe, and with valencia rooney and RVP getting forward, with perhaps kagwa and cleverly sometimes joining suit. the team I said is tailermade for Madrid. Jones I doubt will make it. So the lineup for Madrid

    rafeal ferdinand vidic evra
    carrick cleverly
    valencia rooney kagwa

  11. wayne says:

    If Jones is fit i’ll think he’ll start to do a marking job on Ronnie.Utd have now used him against Bale and today Fellani. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Kawaga come in for Giggs and Jones will be the shadow whether Ronnie plays right or left wing.

  12. wayne says:

    Rio being rested means he’ll start just a matter if Vidic is fit enough to go 2 in a row or if Evans is now establishing himself as one of Utd’s starting c/h.

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Great result. Hope Jones is OK. Had to be subbed off but did a great job.

    De Gea got his 5th Clean sheet as well. Lad has only one loss in the EPL. Did well when needed.

    Sky Post match
    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted he changed his mind over the make-up of his starting XI for Sunday’s game with Everton following Manchester City’s loss at Southampton.

    Good on the boss!

    12 points clear with 12 games to go. Paddy Power already paying out. A long way to go be looking very good indeed.

    Of to Madrid then! Bring on the Virus!

  14. alfREDo says:

    Wow, still buzzing!
    Big, big performance today that really sent out the message to Citeh that
    ‘we want our trophy back’!
    Looking forward to Scott’s reactions thread now and the build up to Weds night!

  15. Gaffer says:

    Well deserved praise on Vida and Rafa. Lets not forget Rooney who was all over the pitch for 90 mins.

  16. reDalerT says:

    what a great performance. a huge difference when vidic is back. none of that nerve_wrecking goalmouth scramble that we keep on landing in.. and against everton too.. on to wednesday!

  17. WeAreUnited says:

    @In David We Trust

    G0lad you noticed also, cause I really thought Carrick made our team different, and this has nothign to do with Jones, just that Carrick brought that experience into it :) and long Cleverley the ycomplete each other, somehow Cleverley completes players and let them use their strenghts.

    haha, so you put Rafael there :=) you changed your mind? or was it due Jonesys injury? You saw Rafaels effect today :) otherwise I agree 1000% with you, we need player who can hold the ball, it’s a shame that Nani is not in form and that good defensive wise, cause he would be ideal for that game, keeping the ball and bursting into attack, btu don’t be surprises of SAF, he could change his mind and use him :) I surely hope so.


    Valencia had one of his betetr games and he isolated Baines very well, hats off, but maybe I expect from him so much and when we have a certain talented Nani o nthe side and how I rate him more, mayeb sometimes doesn’t let me see through the mistakes. But yes, he was good, not great, but did his job :) let’s hope he sorts his attacking head also, so we get the complete player.
    Nothing spectacular today, but did his job.

    PS. We are talking about Ronaldo, but not let’s forget that Di Maria is dangerous also, so we have to keep an eye on him also.


  18. In David We Trust says:

    wayne – I do feel playing jones does fuck up our formation, which takes away on what united are trying to do, I always say use the same tactics that beat shitty and chelsea, play carrick cleverly deep, with rooney playing off RVP, and plenty of width

  19. wayne says:

    WeAreUnited i was surprised Nani didn’t start on the left today don’t see anyway he starts Weds.We’ll just agree to disagree on Tony V,think you have tunnel vision on Nani and overrate him also think that clouds your judgement in what Tony V brings to the team.

  20. WeAreUnited says:


    I think you overrate Valencia so we are in a tie :) and I am not trying to be funny or sarcastic or to prove my point, just saying.

    but again I support our players and realise the importance of Valencia, but I know that Nani is the better one, talent and attacking wise and take him anyday over Valencia But that’s a matter of an opinion.

    Our best option woudl be both being on form and Nani on the left and Valencia on the right :)

    @IDWT aka FITB

    I also think liek I have many times said, use those same tactics, change it only if some are out of form or injured. I really hope we go with the partnership of Clevs and Carrick and don’t mess our formations for the sake of it.


  21. Andromeda says:

    Our probable secret weapons at Bernabeu:kagawa, Young, welbeck.
    I am still in dilemma whether we should start with Anderson or not, but considering that Cleverly played a full 90 minutes then it should make sense that Fergie would prefer to pack the midfield”no further prediction”

  22. wayne says:

    In David We Trust have to disagree mate imo Jones has played very well floating around staying close to the oppositions danger man he’s neutralized very well.Today he completely took Fellani out of the game to a point were Fellani was drifting back to the half way line to try and make space,also Jones was getting forward well.Ronnie has a tendency to switch wings i think you’ll see Jones have the same kind of role stay close to Ronnie wherever he plays and try and frustrate him,doesn’t take much for Ronnie to start throwing tantrums.

  23. In David We Trust says:

    wayne – If united play jones on the left of a 442, but much narrow, but making sure carrick and cleverly are the heartbeat of the midfield, I still feel valencia is crucial to the set up of this united team, but I would not sacrifice the united firepower and counter attack, to try and contain Madrid, when united are just has good as them

  24. wayne says:

    In David We Trust for years now in CL away games Utd have always played it cautious away
    regardless of opposition there’s no doubt Sir Alex will pack the midfield and hope to contain and grab a goal on the breakaway.If Jones plays he’ll be Ronnie’s shadow he’ll move around depending on Ronnie.
    It will be Carrick with either Clevs/Ando,i see Tony V with maybe Kawaga,Jones having the floating role marking Ronnie with Rooney dropping back a little deeper to be part of the midfield and RVP as the lone man upfront
    Think it’s significant Rio and Kawaga were fully rested and Kawaga’s skill set is going to be suited to CL

  25. Bill Hick's Ghost says:

    Made a decent Everton side look very ordinary. Played within ourselves. 12 clear is great, but it’s not over yet! Now, for Ron and Madrid!

  26. parryheid says:

    Nani is too slight and flaky and can’t be allowed to jeapordise our chances in Madrid.imo.

  27. rohan_19 says:

    i would say this might be the team that starts

    rafael rio evans evra
    jones cleverly
    valencia rooney

  28. NBI Red Onion says:

    Started well, had period where Everton had all the possession and we could not get the ball. then a solid second half made easier by Evertons high defensive line and square at the back. We could have been more clinical but still a great result 12 points ahead, 12 games to go. Defence looked rock solid. Evra clearly tired a bit, it is a shame we could not rest him. Rafael is now surely world class, Evans his a few beautiful passes. Giggs scored! Rooney was excellent defensively, he could see Evra was tiring second half and went back to help out on the LW. Good for De Gea confidence to make a save, catch, good punch and clean sheet, good to see him also being more vocal.

    This was a good warm up game for Madrid, Everton were fast skilled and physical, but they were poor in the final third and rarely threatened, whereas Ronnie is on fire right now. Neville says one player alone cannot mark him we will need numbers on him with pace and accuracy, Rio on form will be key at the back, Carrick will not have to pace to take on Ronnie but will reply on positioning.

    I think Rafael and Jones together are the two players who can take on Ronnie for pace. It looks doubtful that Jones will be fit. I would expect that when he is in our half the WB will pick him up sharpish with one of the MF players designated to track him but not just him.

    Unlike Everton for whom Fellani is the main man, Madrid while pretty much a one man team this season, have other players who can hurt us if Ronnie draws too many, Benzema, Ozil Alonzo, Higuan and Pepe is back. Therefore I don’t think marking Ronnie the way we marked Fellani is necessarily what SAF will do. I was however, pleasantly surprised that SAF did that and it worked well.

    RM will be a very tough game, we have to really close down Alonzo well to stop his distribution and i expect the forwards paticularly Rooney will be designated to hassle and close him down, stopping service to Ronnie and their forwards will be key and that with the right team we can made a dent in.

  29. Red4ever says:

    Great performance today guys I think our team vs madrid

    David de gea

    Rafa rio vidic evra

    Jones carrick cleverly kagawa


    Robin van persie

  30. MansionOfTheReds says:

    Who plays for Madrid at right back these days? Ramos has become a centre back right?


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