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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: United vs Everton

De Gea, Rafael,Smalling,Vidic,Evra, Valencia, Giggs, Fellaini, Welbeck, Kagawa and Rooney.

Subs: Lindegaard, Evans, Cleverley, Nani, Young, Hernandez, Januzaj.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. edcunited1878 says:

    *Sorry, one goal per twenty minutes over 180.

  2. John says:

    Re Moyes, he will get 2 seasons atleast no matter what coz surely he won’t get us below top 6 tbh with that team anyway and the recent statement of woodward backs this. Unfortunately, fact is trophies don’t matter to Glazers as long as we are out there just competing, and to get to that level moyes will be given 2 seasons even outside top 4 imo..they must have thought about both worst and best probabilities before giving 6 years contract. Glazers and woody are no mug. Ok guys, any RVP news??..Is he available for Newcastle match??..Injury updates??

  3. xyz says:

    @Tommy – agreed, onwards. I don’t think anyone’s happy with our position at the moment and the vast majority of posters here today (matchday is when the low-life come out to post) are accepting of Moyes for now at least. We’ve got 6 “easy” league matches in a row coming up. Ordinarily you’d be hoping for as much as 16-18 points from them, obviously it’s not going to be so straightforward with our current form and injuries. But I do wish we’d stop trying to predict our season finish and concentrate on our next couple of matches. Let’s get back to winning, build some confidence and we’ll see where we are at the business end of the season.

    Assuming RVP still isn’t fit by sat, I’m thinking something like:

    De Gea
    Raphael Evans Vidic Evra
    Tony Jones Anderson Nani
    Pea Kags

    Time to give Anderson a chance to shine, time for Pea to make himself undropable.

  4. Chris says:

    @NBI: I admire your staunch defence of Fergie but he did leave the squad with more than a few holes in it. Midfield has been done to death but if you think the players we have for the CM positions are of the required quality for a team like United you are having a laugh. We are so light there its ridiculous, for us to fall to pieces because Carrick is out for a few weeks just shows what a vacuum of talent there is there. What has happened to Cleverley? At the beginning of last season and on loan at Wigan he looked the dogs but he is a shadow of himself now, his confidence looks shot but he is 24 now so not really a ‘young’ player in this day and age, he needs to find his groove again and fast because he DOES have talent, we just aren’t seeing it. Anderson is a busted flush and should go in January for the sake of his career and our collective sanity ;-) Fellani? Lets not even go there.

    At CB we don’t have anybody to bridge the gap between Rio/Vida and the youngsters, Evans I guess but I wouldn’t want to rely on a CB pairing made up of Evans/Jones/Smalling over a prolonged period of time. Who do we have to cover or replace Paddy at LB? Nobody. Much like Kags neither Fabio or Buttner have shown enough to be considered as heir apparent. Shame because Fabio does seem like a good player but IMO he hasn’t done near enough at United or when out on loan. Buttner? No thanks though maybe he should be tried down the left wing as you suggested because he is decent going forward and can’t be any worse than Young…

    RB we have Rafael who can be covered by any one of Fabio, Jones, Smalling or Valencia but again would you want to have them out there for a prolonged period of time?

    The point I’m badly making is that while Moyes should take some stick and desperately needs to up his ideas he is not entirely to blame for the situation we are in now because replacing Fergie was always going to be an impossible job; I think it shows just how great the man truly was that he won the title last season with this squad given its obvious weaknesses.

    People talk about us being a team in transition but I disagree; we are a CLUB in transition having just witnessed the biggest, hardest hitting changes since Sir Matt retired and the club isn’t handling it at all well. Moyes was never in my top 10 of Fergie replacements, I’ve made no secret of that, but we need to support the team and give Moyes a chance, unless something completely catastrophic happens he will be here for the next season or two so we need to get over it and get behind the lads.

  5. John says:

    I actually think moyes will be given 4 years. Surely the board members have analysed everything, thats common woody have got the deals with as many sponsors as possible in the last 4 years of fergie era and it is well known had we not lost title on goal difference to city, moyes would be our manager from last season itself..having said that he too should get the bashing when he deserves and be flexible to adapt to new ideas…so time to move on now!..Newcastle game is the must win now. c’mn united!!

  6. Tommy says:

    So Come on David Moyes
    Stop playing like your Everton boys
    We are gonna win, win, win
    Win win win

    Come on reds beat the wee club from the north east, and then start playing exciting, attrctive football!

  7. John says:

    @Tommy…Bang on! is getting suffocating here now.

  8. xyz says:

    @Blacksocks 16:24 – ha ha yes, the bad old days. Funny thing is I always remember us playing good football even back then but we just never seemed to get consistent results – maybe that’s just rose tinted glasses though. Incredible how the club and industry has changed so much since then. Wonder how long a 45 year old SAF would be given nowdays to prove himself…..

  9. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    Ok I know I don’t post often but just some thoughts…

    In my opinion the only difference between moyes and fergie at these early stages in the season is mostly luck. The lacklustre attitude, the tendency to have to employ defensive tactics to “close out” games even against less than formidable opposition is something we’ve seen before. Under moyes united have been unlucky in coming unstuck in the final stages whereas under fergie they saw games through. Add to that the fact that this is a NEW manager taking over from the longest standing manager we’ve ever had and moyes really isn’t that bad.

    How many people here would struggle to name 5teams with a better midfield than united in the EPL? How many would struggle to name 10teams globally with a better mid? Is this acceptable for a club of our stature? More importantly, how managers would do a considerably better job than moyes has? Up untill a few games ago god himself(mourinho) wasn’t too far ahead of us on points managing a team with the most profound depth in midfield the league has to offer.

    Ed woodward has done an immeasurable job multiplying our clubs commercial standing but he should be explicitly excluded from making any football related decisions. Its an old song but in my opinion our troubles should have him under a microscope. Results haven’t gone our way but there is no doubt the all round quality of the football we’re playing is improving. Untill we become stagnant or regress I have no reason to believe its moyes that’s failing united.

    As an athlete I view the midfield to be comparable to a strong core.allowing for The transference of strength between the lower and upper body. Imagine a gymnast with a weak core? We cannot make a case for players like cleverly and anderson. A united midfielder cannot be labelled as EFFECTIVE. Even an average striker will give u 20goals/season if afforded 3-4 chances a game. The kind of chances that a good mid would easily provide over 90minutes. A united midfielder in my mind is someone I view to be an unspoken captain. In other words even if he isn’t given the armband his team mates should recognise his work ethic AND technical ability. His overall contribution to the team should instill confidence in his team mates and fear in their opposition. Players like cleverly do nothing more than pick out safe passes in hopes that some one else will make things happen. Then “close down” opposition as if in the modern game that’s a noteworthy “skill”. The entire barca+bayern+dortmund teams do that instinctively. Ultimately its woodwards inability to secure anything above an “effective” player.

    I’m not saying we should buy him but look at a player like ross barkley compared to cleverly? A younger player with pace, guts and the sheer audacity to run at united without reservation. Januzaj shows the same traits… This attitude is one I believe we need to look for in a midfielder.

  10. UnitedFaithful says:

    To but all the blame on Moyes’s shoulders is criminal imo.Last season we were not much better than this season all over the park,and the teams inadequacies were papered over because of Fergie’s managerial abilities,lets be honest if it wasn’t for carrick and rvp we would have found it much more difficult to win no 20.

  11. Tommy says:

    @karatejesus82 on Twitter has nailed it: “It’s taken United fans six months to turn into Chelsea fans and for Everton fans to forget a decades worth of work. Well done all.”

  12. UnitedFaithful says:

    And after witnessing perhaps the most significant change in the club’s history somehow we think those frailties will suddenly go away?

  13. John says:

    @UnitedFaithful…yeah it is and yesterday we could have won as well..but the thing is we are far inconsistent this season..and lot will depend in jan window imo..the thing is we must not lose the games till we get into the jan window esp if we expect to buy good players.

  14. Tommy says:

    Hopefully a couple of Everton fans have sobered up and remembered that it was Davey Moyes who assembled the team that beat ‘his’ United.

  15. John says:

    @Tommy…I think Everton fans are more happy that they have now got Martinez who moulded and executed the same players and won against us after 21 years at OT..

  16. UnitedFaithful says:


    Last season we were not much better mate,but with Carrick and RVP carrying the team,we could care less.I could even argue if you take aside the amount of goals RVP scored and Chicha poached our performances were very poor,their goals papered over the fact that the squad is not up to United standards yet.

  17. UnitedFaithful says:


    I won’t call it consistency mate,we were more efficient than consistent,we scored more than our opponents,but you cannot deny the fact that our overall performance last season were poor.

  18. UnitedFaithful says:

    Moyes will need time to get things right,and by time I do not mean 1/3 rd of a season.

  19. Tommy says:

    Anyone know what Fellani did to Everton to deserve getting booed? Or is it just Everton fans are total twats, He even give up his loyalty bonus and they got 27mill for him, baffling those scouse twats!

  20. UnitedFaithful says:

    Don’t know John United have never done major business in Jan,as things stand we need someone to make an immediate impact on the team,the same impact that RVP and Carrick had last season,but the best you can get in Jan is players with potential,i.e players who may not be an immediate solution but can come good in the long run.

  21. John says:

    @UnitedFaithful…I agree our central midfield have been our weakness even in Fergie later years bar Carrick..and it was exposed brutally by Barcelona..however, we have good enough players to win trophies and compete till the end atleast in other positions even right now..and the fixtures ahead before spurs game are winable even with the players available which i think you agree as well…also there will always be injuries and suspensions and some players missing within a season and thus the importance of spuad depth and role of manager to “manage” are factors that makes the difference..Moyes was handed 30 millions maximum back in summer imo, no matter how arrogant woody with that amount he bought Felliani and addressed that position or atleast he thought so..he tried to get fabregas to the level of obssession but somehow it didn’t happen so Felliani…there is where Moyes has to take some sticks in my book because he went for names instead of TYPE of players which would have definetly given him more options in market..for example, we could have bought 2 players (strootman and Thiago) with just little more or less amount we paid for his option was either big name proven midfielder or else a robust type midfielder..we got the later in the he tried to play safe instead of looking for other options as well who had attributes we were lacking in also shows he doesn’t have clear idea of the football philosophy he wants to see from his team on that football pitch…jan window will reveal a lot in the sense what type of players he goes for and thus style of football we can expect from him..hopefully Jan window will be positive.

  22. John says:

    @UnitedFaithful…there is William Carvalho of sporting lisbon and I am sure there are lot of not much heard midfielders but better than what we have got and can improve further in coming seasons…I mean, central midfielders good enough to do the job (top 4) this season with potential to raise their game in future..I think those are the sort of players we have to go for in jan or else be ready to break the bank for big name..because we just can’t let things happen if we want to turn our season around esp when there are 4 or 5 teams competing for that 4th place this season.

  23. UnitedFaithful says:

    Fergie’s ability to grind out that extra from players made some players punch above their weight.Moyes has not reached that level where he can get these players to perform like Fergie did,but it will come with time.what we are seeing is opponents exploiting our weaknesses which Fergie covered up so well.

  24. UnitedFaithful says:

    Fergie’s ability to grind out that extra from players made some players punch above their weight.Moyes has not reached that level where he can get these players to perform like Fergie did,but it will come with time.what we are seeing is opponents exploiting our weaknesses which Fergie covered up so well.

  25. UnitedFaithful says:


    Don’t want to go down this summer transfer mate,but one thing was pretty evident that our valuation of those players we bid was pretty low than those of the selling clubs.So what I would like to know is who determines what should be the valuation of a player at United,nonetheless think that was one off,expect Woody to wise up come Jan although I won’t get my hopes up.

  26. xyz says:

    @Tommy 19:00 – exactly right….

  27. John says:

    @UnitedFaithful…mate, I think this season with new manager and new chief executive, the best thing we can do is judge them both phase by phase…after Arsenal win I thought we could challenge for title this seasom with much needed reinforcements in jan, but things changed a bit…I was taking cardiff, Spurs and Everton as a phase and I expected 7 points out of 9 there but we managed just 2…however, if we win the games which are winable until upcoming game against spurs in jan then I am sure we will have something to get optimistic again..but the thing is we have to convert those draws into wins, when we do so things change pretty fast in football..Other teams ahead of us in the table will drop points which is almost certain, we must get that good run of wins till spurs game in league and take care of ourselves which is a must and we can do as well. For woody, jan is the time to show what he learnt from summer but the way he is opening his mouth recently makes him doubtful.

  28. adaeze suzy says:

    You all keep defending moyes blindly, going to t’he point of blaming fergie for t’he squad moyes inherited. Thats a load of bull, lets take out t’he excuse of t’he transition phase and midfield deficiencies and actually look at things from t’he other side of t’he coin. Most of you even so astonishingly credited moyes with everton’s success this year, claiming he built t’he squad and all that. Then i ask how come that squad was sheet for 80% of last year, reminiscent of united this year. I would never begrudge everton fans for their behaviour towards moyes, cos i actually know a few of them and trust m’he their attitude was born more from relief than hatred. They all said they didnt know how limited and mediocre moyes was till he left and someone else came in. They wonder what they could have achieved if kenwright had develped t’he guts to go for a more continental manager like 8months ago. Truth is moyes was never and will never be t’he right man to build on SAF’s work or take us forward, he always represented t’he steady t’he ship, te no té rocking t’he boat type of manager. He is more suited to a team in t’he relegation, or a midtable still searching for identity type of club and not a title challenging club like united. He’s limitations has further been hilighted by martinez success with t’he same everton team he was so contempted with in midtable. Everton play like fudging barcelona when compared with t’he tactics moyes is implementing in t’he team.

  29. Tommy says:

    @adaeze suzy

    First 10 years of the premier league Everton only finished top 10 once, 2nd 10 years under Moyes they were regulars in the top 10, Everton fans are a fuckimg disgrace with no respect, they were heading for the championship until Moyes took over them!


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