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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: United vs Fulham

De Gea, Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Evra; Mata, Carrick, Fletcher, Young; Rooney, van Persie.

Bench: Lindegaard, Ferdinand, Giggs, Valencia, Kagawa, Januzaj, Hernandez.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. tallestreD says:

    Oh well naïve defending really. Sidwell allowed to ghost in unnoticed. The croSses where as wasteful as they come. And who is saying Rooney isn’t up to it as a playmaker should please tell me who has the most assist in our team? VP misses a sitter but no one notices. Moyes subs were the right ones for me. I think the approach could have been varied though.

    And who saw Balotelli cry yesterday?

  2. sir matt martin says:

    slim says:
    Man good grief. i know you’re not
    happy with the current direction of the club and i respect that. i know how it feels. Under SAF i was critical and didn’t agree with

    It just goes to show you are realy a fool, Even if Sir Alex lost a match today atlist we would knw that the next 4 or 5 matches was going to be a win in all 5, sir Alex hold the Record of 12 straight win in the EPL, but United under your Dad David Moyes is clearly the Opposite.and you clealy dont knw anytin about football.. get out of this Blogg you are just fooling your self by supporting Moyes.

  3. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Man utd is dead, and will continue to be dead untill the right thing is done…’SACK. MOYES’. He never merited that job, it was gifted to him by fergie! He must be removed if this beloved club is to progress. Moyes is a mediocre mid-table coach, he never should have been hired by a top club like man utd. His tactics are so obsolete and horrible to watch. PLs, sack that imbecile, Fergie knocked LFC of their perch, all moyes has done is to restore them back. Pls what will it take to Sack Moyes, cos i still don’t know.

  4. edcunited1878 says:

    @Justin – That’s a good comparison, but college sports is very cyclical and the blue bloods will always rise again. They have the money to chop and change and it’s much more easier to be good again.

    But United being sentimental and being a “proper”, family oriented club is both a blessing and a curse. Sir Bobby didn’t rate Mourinho because he, in his eyes, was a disrespectful twat.

    But Sir Alex and Jose are good friends, respected friends. However, with United always trying to be the best Club in England and all the British entitlement bullshit, it was always going to be Moyes. He’s Scottish. You can look at Brendan Rodgers, but he’s only British by blood. He coaches and thinks like a continental coach. It’s there to see.

    Tim Sherwood is playing his cards right at Tottenham, but AVB drafted in many of the players, if not all. Sherwood is getting the best out of them, especially Adebayor, but only time will tell if Sherwood is a quality manager. He’s shown it so far, credit to him.

  5. RedOne says:

    Freaking awful….when i saw 5 min stoppage i sensed trouble. And here we go again…

    Was not that bad performance from us, but freaking persistence to push the ball on wings and deliver crosses is just freaking wrong. I wonder how much IQ does Moyes have??? How can you play crosses with their 10 men inside a box??

    Also too slow transition play in the first half. We let them all return in their box. Freaking awful….Maybe Moyes should consider talking Beckham out of retirement if he is going to persist on cross play.

    Considering how many players were in Fulham`s box, we should definitely try shots on goal from long range from all angles. Even if the ball bounces back, there are more chances someone will get another chance to put it behind a net than from crosses. Rafa, although a true quality, is poor at crosses and he wasnt helping our team today. Wont even mention Evra….

    Both goals that we concede were just unbelievable, but expected this season. So sitting back after the “winning” goal, trying to keep the ball till the end was just wrong, considering how attacking team we had on the pitch. But those were clearly orders from Moyes, who pulled Carrick and Rooney near the sidelines to give them additional orders after our second goal. And once 90 min approached, all of our players were exhausted because of freaking barbaric training methods. They probably did triple session yesterday. So concentration fell and mistakes happened. And freaking Moyesy blew it once again.

    This is getting embarrassing and even Fergie, who probably signed Moyes to show his might how good he was expecting Moyes to be worse than him, didn`t in his worst nightmare expected that Moyes is this bad. Did he stop chewng or did I just imagined it?? I bet the gum lost flavour due to this pain of football by Moyes.

    And what was Moyes showing off with his rage when we took the lead 2-1, just like we were leading City with 5-0. Maybe he should show this anger at himself instead of people trying to prove them wrong. Only then, maybe he would know that it is he who is doing it wrong, not blindly believing that things are against him

    Im losing patience here with Moyes….nothing more to say….sad and angry at the same time….

    On the positive, have to praise the fans today, amazing and more of the same please. Also praise the effort from players who gave everything today. Maybe we took the lead too early as once we scored our players looked dead on the pitch just like playing 120 min high tempo match. (Just another proof of barbaric trainings)

  6. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Fergie destroyed his Legacy by putiing a Nobody there.

  7. Justin10RvN says:

    @edcunited1878- good point about how its easier to get quality in at a college level, but i feel the overall point still holds, sometimes you just gotta set your personal preferences aside for the betterment of the club. I fucking HATE Mourinho he’s a cunt imo, but I guarantee we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in now if he was here. It was always going to be hard replacing the best British manager ever, but doing it with a man who’s biggest achievement was getting knocked out of the CL before the group stages is suicide. We (fans with the same view as mine and the great Sir Bobby) should’ve just dealt with Mou’s bullshit, its far easier to replace him than Sir Alex, or if we weren’t so dedicated to remaining ‘English” we should’ve been talking to Pep as soon as he stepped away from Barca. I personally wanted Klopp, but understand why he wouldn’t be everyone’s choice (didn’t impress much before Dortmund) but still it was a major let down when Moyes was announced just like when Tubby Smith was, Im hoping Moyes reinvents himself in the summer but being a pessimist im prepared to take abuse from other clubs fans for the long haul. United’s self inflicted ‘needs to be British’ shit is the biggest problem at the club, Im not sure if they’ve noticed up in Manchester but most British players are shit, almost all British managers are shit. (Brendan Rodgers has a chance) Its time to look to the continent for our managers/coaches and in the most important positions, players.

    Don’t put the blame on Moyes for this game tho, he was very 1 dimensional but until the final minute it was enough for 3pts, the players let themselves down, they sprinted forward at every chance (which is usually awesome) and left Smalling and Vidic 2 v 3. Evra caught ball watching again, maybe his head is in Monaco?

  8. TopRed123 says:

    AGAIN, he says he has no idea how we didn’t win the game. He’s fucking clueless. Maybe, just maybe, we would’ve won if someone had got that 81st cross in. Even my commentator was taking the piss out of Moyes for most of the 90 minutes. Said he was probably breaking a record for saying the word “cross” the most times during a football match.

    When you play against the worst team in the league, and they clearly come to defend with their two basketball players for CBs, then what the fuck is your game plan? Crossing the ball of course.

    He should be crucified tomorrow, at least he would bow out with a nice cross.

  9. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    All british players are wack and shite except Rooney,Lampard and Gerard! Man utd should get rid of its british players and british coaches… They are like faeces.
    take a look at arsenal, man city, chelsea, and you will see what I mean.

  10. WeAreUnitedd says:


    Not saying that Rooney is the main problem, because he’s been betetr this season BUT

    Wayne Rooney is not a playmaker, Messi Iniesta Isco Özil Mata SIlva etc are playmakers
    Wayne Rooney’s 9 assists this season have come from corner-kicks and free-kicks, not directly in play, probably a couple of them but not all, and this is nto a bad thing, cause Becks did this too, but Rooney is more of a second striker than a playmaker.

    he does not dictate the play interchange or play quick 1-2 football and he is not the type of one who would suit in a 3 mans midfield, because he has nto dicipline to do it 90 minutesd when he’s always been a striker.

    I see it like this, this is my opinion, when you have Rooney, you have to play him because he’s paid a lot, but I have never seen him as a playmaker, at once he had a better touch, but after spending
    2 seasons as the top striker where he noticably scored 30 + goals (a coincidence?) I thought he should play there, but when you have rooney and rvp, it’s hard to leave one out, so you either play them both or sell one of them and the way we are playing and with no guarantee for the future, you have to play both or be bold and make decisions (moyes)


  11. tallestreD says:

    @paschal what are you about now?

  12. Justin10RvN says:

    @Paschal- not sure Fat Frank and Gerard are in Rooney’s bracket anymore. Also most title winning sides in the PL have a british core, its only when the club develops an unhealthy self imposed NEED to play as many british players for the sole purpose of being able to gloat does the amount british players become a problem. British midfielders are usually good squad players, strikers (minus Roo) they are garbage, England especially used to produce great CB’s nowadays, eh? Jones maybe? Dier over at Sporting in Portugal is supposed to be a great prospect. United needs to stop its fascination with fielding as much Brits as possible at least until the FA reconfigure their youth setup to this decade. Also I feel Wilshire should get an honorable mention in good English players.

  13. tallestreD says:

    @WeareUnited how is he expected to play more than he is doing? What else do you want him to do? Agreed though there are better players who can do the job and the responsibility lies with Moyes. But looking solely at today’s game Rooney didn’t do badly. And you don’t play 1-2 without movement. There isn’t enough in the team currently. Today Carrick came forward and he got a goal. More of that please.

    Rooney needs players around him and most of our players either stay far apart or isolated. I could recall many a times today when Adnan had the ball and no red shirt was close.

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I think rene even summed it up here. He is a tactically aware coach and he knew basically what united were doing.. Get it out wide, cross.. Get it out wide… Cross. That’s enough to send the players instructed to do so into a trance.. We could use it as a theme tune.

  15. Gordon Lynch says:

    I always believed that it was going to be a very tough season. What we are witnessing here is the perfect storm. Firstly we have a very mediocre Man Utd side winning the 2013 league by over achieving with the best manager in the business retiring. Then you factor in the street wise David Gill departing you are left a massive vacuum of expectation.
    The fact SAF “employs” his predecessor by nepotism and without consideration to David Moyes track record has signed us up to 2-3 uncertain years within the premiership pecking order. The lack of investment in not replacing our ageing players such as Evra, Ferdinand, and Vidic has come home to roost. So it’s a major rebuild here folks
    Our dilemma is that we are the reigning English champions with 76,000 fans every week. We have become conditioned to success on a regular yearly basis. Therefore a previous mid table tight budget manager was not the solution for a club of our historical pedigree. It’s now decision time for the Glazers to dip into their tight pockets and re invests in the Man Utd team. But it will be 2 years from now before we see any results.
    It’s possible the Glazers may not have the patience of falling revenues next season. Therefore we could get a Middle East sugar daddy like Man City…………let us pray.

  16. WeAreUnitedd says:


    mate, I did not say it was Rooney’s fault, I just am saying how I see us if we want to develope, and I don’t see us developing when Rooney’s our second striker when we should not go with 2 strikers, although Rooney floats more, but that’s the problem, he’s not that good going around and picking players.

    I agree mate with you 100% that we have no movement, but that’s down to tactics also and players of course, the yseem stalling in everything and waiting to put it wide.

    I also noticed that when Adnan had the ball, it was him against 2 . But this is what I am saying, when we have the proper tactics and a proper 10# in a 3 man midfield, you will have those triangles, but at the moment , it’s pass to wing an hope they make it.

    QUOTE: What else do you want him to do? well of course be the first to make those movements and start picking goals, but I do understand where you are coming from and the point you’re making, BTW I was so happy seeing him celebrate or second goal like it was a CL final, so don’t get me wrong my perspective about Rooney

    I just don’t rate him as a playmaker, I rate him as a striker who’s capable of scoring 30+ goals, but that’s it, RVP vs Rooney and of course you want both on the squad sheet, so you have to stick to the tactics where they both play

    I don’t know, as you might see, I am trying to make you understand my statement about Rooney but you probably see from my comments that I want rvp and rooney to both play, but then I would better let them fight for the top spot, but then you want both to play, but then you also want to evolve

    confusinf, I know mate. anyway, if Moyes wakes up from his day-dream maybe he’ll figure a system where rooney mata januzaj and rvp can stand-out together, but if we want to evolve we need to play 433 and that means that Rooney has to be in that 3 man midfield, is he good enough to be there? maybe..

    we’ll see


  17. slim says:

    Spot on that post @ 20:52


    What else is he going to say, he was here for a number of years perfecting the very same game plan we so loathe and blame for all our misfortune today.
    Disappointed in Rene, we’re clearly down and he just had to go and kick.

  18. slim says:

    For what its worth i also think Rooney is best deployed as the main striker. He can play some good football with others around him. Also too late to see him make anything of himself as a CM but we’ve seen him and acquit himself in CM for us a couple of times we’ve attempted to go all out by bringing on attacking players

  19. Mark Reid says:

    The fans were great today singing their hearts out God bless their cotton socks.We have to reinvent ourselves it’s too obvious everyone can see that.Its the same thing over and over and over with the same outcome.Moyes does himself no favours with his daft statements after games as in “we should have won” no shit Sherlock.

  20. TywinnLannister says:

    Calm down guys, I think Moyes can deliver consistency… as a mid table team that is.

  21. slim says:

    Never thought i’d say this but if we opened up a director of football spot, we’d have a long queue. Think we could do with one. We’re swimming in murky waters and could do with some “outside the box” input. Sir Alex and Sir Bobby have enough good will and contact to make it happen and not let it become a hindrance. Its worked for some clubs and been a total farce for others

  22. TywinnLannister says:

    Another questionable decision, he shouldn’t have replaced Raphael with Valencia, he only needed to bring in Januzaj. And why do we need another striker (Hernandez) when he could do was to block Januzaj on-goal strike. Not blaming Hernandez but man why going with Young in the first place is beyond me.

  23. Gordon Lynch says:

    When we can’t score 3 or 4 goals against the poorest defensive team in the league at home….there is a problem.
    When every loser like Sidwell, Bent, Adam etc seems to have their best day of the year against us…. there is a problem.
    When we have 76% possession of the ball and still allow 2 goals against…. we have a problem.
    When we have 31 goal attempts to the opponents 6 as well as ten corners to their 1 and settle for a draw….. we have a problem.
    When we have an idiot with a history of driving jalopies get behind the wheel of a fast car….. we have a problem.
    When we have an attack of RVP, Rooney, Januzaj and Mata settle for 2 goals against one of the worst teams in the league….. we have a problem.
    When it becomes a laborious task to get a win vs a minnow at Old Trafford…. you have a problem.
    When you have a supposedly great goal keeper who never seems to make a big save anymore to bail us out…. you have a problem.
    Houston……. we have a problem -

  24. tallestreD says:

    @WeAreUnited I see your point but I still think they both can play together. Its the setup and tempo that matters. There is Athletico Madrid who play both Costa and Villa and they do very well. The thing is our midfield. For Ath.Madrid they have Turan and Koke joining the attack, even Tiago. Sometimes you see moments of magic or invention from those players which we’ve lacked all through the season.

    Playing out of position isn’t really the matter. Mascherano has played as CB more at Barca. Even now Di Maria is in CM for Madrid. So I don’t see the fuss

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Slim – rene was the coach, not in the position to really consistently make changes like the manager but let’s be fair, united did not purely stick it out wide and launch vast amount of crosses in.. Most of the crosses under fergie were the end product of attacking moves, he didn’t get evra and rafael constantly pumping them in and with the two spankings off barca, fergie knew united had to change….yes, he persisted with valencia and that perhaps may be decisions of a man not really looking onwards to stay and make those long term tactical changes to the way united play.. Fergie would have needed to ship some players out, he was ruthless. Moyes on the other hand has come in trying to continue the so called “traditional” wing-play but he is no fergie, he needed to understand that attacking purely through the by-line needed to be a plan B, moyes is the manager in a new age competing against stronger and improving teams, he needed to adapt to the modern style just as fergie took it all on board and appointed quality and intelligent back-room staffs, moyes hasn’t done that, he isn’t learning or making progress with whathe has, that’s the truth.

    Rene is only being honest and probably giving moyes a hint at what he has been doing wrong for the last 7months, he works for fulham now and he’ll give united no special treatment. All top teams cross but it isn’t aimless and it isn’t their sole method to break organised teams down. These days, top teams have to be more sharp and clever on the ball, be intricate and exhibit variety to win games. Moyes is the managee and they are carrying out his methods out.

  26. nosferatu says:

    Just to point out, yes – only 18 out of 81 crosses were successful. Whose fault is this? I’m sure it probably stands further analysis – it takes two to complete a cross, afterall. I was confused with the positioning of RVP today, he kept getting in the way of the far post target (eg Young) and not doing his 6-yard-box job. I think the commenter who mentioned that our Plan B should have been to let Fulham have the ball and attack us was absolutely right, they had nowhere near enough fitness to sustain an open game today, we should have opened them up. That said, we should also have completed more of the crosses.

  27. Gary Mitrovic says:

    If I hear that Moyes has to adapt again I’m going to explode. The man can not adapt! It’s bloody obvious him and his coaching staff are out of their depth. The players are shot to pieces and look scared on the bloody field. A top manager would have got hold of the situation far sooner and got the best out of the players available to him. Hearing shit like “Fulham put eleven men behind the ball so what do you expect Moyes to do” yea fucking hell good excuse! If it was that simple they’d put eleven behind the ball every game and never lose again. He is going to get sacked at some point and it will only be when it gets worse than it already is. Shocking appointment to begin with.

  28. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Going round in round about’s saying the same shit after every game. There is absolutely no excuse for the position the club find themselves in with the players available no matter how you try to paint it. No fucking excuse. That’s the end of it.

  29. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Gary – that’s the issue isn’t it? Most are all tired with watching the same dross and with moyes in charge and his job seemingly more stable and being in the position to either fuck things up or do good, you are willing to see if he would change but the drum has been beaten to its maximum. Same issues everytime and 95% chance we will all be witnessing the same problems against arsenal.. As predictable as united game play.

  30. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Samuel, I’ve ran out of patience now. The last two results accompanied with the performances when you consider the opposition were just not acceptable with the attacking talent we have available. Players being played out of position and Ashley Young starting both games ahead of Januzaj. Basically averaging a cross a minute today. It was actually laughable that we swung it in from every angle when ever there was an opportunity. Attacked in straight lines the entire game.

  31. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    nosferatu – you were not impressed by RVP’s position in the box? Do you know the Fulham CBs are not only there to clear the useless punts but to prevent our FWDs from occupying threatening positions? Some of you guys should take to other sports for a little perspective.
    It’s funny how people are bashing Rafael. The poor lad was almost playing the full length of the right-side alone. You expect him to put in quality crosses when he’s so winded toiling up there.
    Moyes is the only thing wrong with this team.

  32. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    pls, sack this scottish mid-table cunt…he’s good for nothing, so shite with no class. I still wonder how he got the united job. Cos he’s a mediocre mid-table coach, he has neither class nor tactics and should be shown the door.maybe he will do well in the championship division..pls, relieve him of this job

  33. The_red_devils says:

    de gea rafael vidic smalling evra


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