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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: United vs Liverpool

De Gea; Rafael, Jones, Vidic, Evra; Mata, Fellaini, Carrick, Januzaj; Rooney, van Persie

Bench: Lindegaard, Ferdinand, Cleverley, Kagawa, Valencia, Young, Welbeck

Liverpool: Mignolet, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Flanagan, Gerrard, Allen, Henderson, Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge

Liverpool bench: Jones, Sakho, Cissokho, Lucas, Coutinho, Moses, Aspas

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. TywinnLannister says:

    But what do you expect from a manager who already raised a white flag to the media a day before the kick off?

    New players under a manager whose tactic is so predictable will not do us any good, mark my word.

    This is someone who deployed Cleverly ahead of Kagawa when we desperately need to score. Moyes is a mess and as long as he’s our manager DO NOT expect us to return to top 4 anytime soon.

  2. TywinnLannister says:


    Do you guys remember a few seasons ago when SAF had to pull Fletcher and Carrick as a defender because of the horrible injuries we suffered?
    We did not with the league that season but on par with City on the points.

    I don’t care what excuses you proMoyes people have. We have top players in the club and yet we were behind a stinking Everton. This IS NOT acceptable.

    He should be sacked by the end of the season and should not be near our transfer funds. It should be reserved for a more competent manager.

  3. Dan Young says:

    degeawetrust – i want moyes out. but saying people dont want to play for manchester united is very different to players not wanting to play for david moyes.

    martin thomas – city win a league cup an fa cup and 1 premier league and suddenly they win things and every manchester kid wants to play for them? yeah were shit but fucking hell calm down on the doom and gloom. its been 1 season in decades that we have been shit. get moyes out of the equation and bring klopp in and we are top of the tree again. also do you even live in manchester? cause i really dont think you are in a position to make a statement as bold as that, even if you do live there. we still sell old trafford out and we always will. and there are decades of people that bleed united even through the shit times when liverpool were top so not everyone is a glory hunter when it comes to united

  4. WeAreUnitedd says:

    I think SAF is thinking, all this work I have done and they are close to our perch?
    how in the hell Rodgers have such a shitty team and manages to win so comfortably, oh he reminds of me.


    cmon, players wil lwant to come to ManUtd, trust me, the main thing is that we start going with this manager and if not this, then another one who can handle good tactics.

    when Mata looks average then there’s some issues.


  5. Mike Garvin says:

    i have waited a while and thought about it. doesnt matter whether Felliani played better or worse than normal or than Carrick. he is poor, his control and mobility is lacking. He needs more time on the ball than opponents are willing to give him.

    More worrying – he tries hard and wears his heart on his sleeve but Untd have sold their soul to Rooney. It was Moyes big play and now we are stuck with a rooney who only agrees to play No.10 (i know he drops deep when the game is lost) it means that Kagawa (previously) and now Mata have to accommodate a man who does not have the control or quickness of mind / feet to fulfill the role. Fergie saw this and the annoying thing is, when he does drop back into MF, he is the nearest thing we have to a Scholes reincarnation (well not exactly but……y`know)

    Moyes therefore is stuck with building a team round a Rooney who is not going to be the player he thought he would be. Not Rhis fault………. ….but a manager must see the bigger picture.

    so this the DM strategy and now he cannot change it. Rooney will not allow it………so RVP becomes a shadow, we cannot bring in a new and proven No.10 cos they will have to play on the wing. does anyone think Rooney is going to get better ?? he aint. DM staked his fortune on Rooney cos he knows him and it felt safe………….. and he doesnt know any players out in Europe / world who he could bring in who would play for HIM . This will be our problem for years to come. SAF and Bobby Charlton looked away from JM hink D cos they thought he might ruin the club. the guy just wins……..that is what he does……….. and now………..tell me ………might the club not be ruined………….does anyone really think DM will persuade top players to come to OT. cos that is what it
    is gonna take……….top players……… a lot of them…………but how many are gonna play second fiddle to a guy on the club is now way down ?? well they will have to cos that is the way the club is set up. DM has seen to that

  6. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    There is a saying, ironic from tywinlannister of game of thrones says this, the house that puts the family name before they’er kids, will be the stronger house, the house name will live on longer after they are gone, the name lives people die. That is the same thing with united, the club will live on after we all die, do you put the club first ahead of the employers? of course you do. The clubs name comes first, and has soon as you put your employers first like the managers ahead of the club, that makes the clubs name weaker if the manager is doing a bad job, any employer losing they’er business money has to go.

    United always pride themselves by saying no player or manager is bigger than the club, now these outdated principles we never sack managers quickly, will haunt united and will do because of the contract. But if the manager is dragging the team further down the abyss, why keep him? But fact is, the club that puts themselves before the employers, will come out the stronger club. The club lives on after moyes dies, fergie dies, we die, the club lives on.

  7. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Dan Young and WeAreUnitedd – well we could not attract players last summer, we will see this summer, in my eyes it does not look good. I do not see any change this summer

  8. Dan Young says:

    dgwt – wheres the proof we could not attract them? we got linked to alot of players, most of which we never even spoke to. we publicly admired fabregas and he publicly expressed how he was flattered. other then that it was all down to moyes deciding he didnt know the targets well enough so wanted to wait till he has scouted them – hence the nickname dithering dave.

    your point is immediately proved wrong by the fact last summer we were champions of england, by january we were a laughing stock and had barely any chance at top 4 – mata still joined and rooney signed a contract.

  9. TywinnLannister says:


    I kid you not. I was referring the same thing too a month or so ago, people think I was joking. A lot can be learnt from Tywin ruthlessness. The club should be ruthless, sack someone who is not competent and get someone how can lead us forward.

  10. silkyslim11 says:

    When was the last time a United team where underdogs at home!!
    When was the last time a United produced Clueless performance after Clueless Performance?
    When was the last time a United team couldn’t get near their opposition?
    When was the last time a United team conceded 3 penalties at home?
    When was the last time a United team was Lacking?

    I ask these questions because for me Man United have not looked liked Man United once this season. We are going through a Transitional Period!!! Ok. We had Sir Alex at the helm, a man who could inspire from the touch line with a snarl or a piercing stare, who is the best manager ever to grace football. SAF never had star studded teams by that I mean he had good players, decent players and 2or3 top players. Compared to that of Chelski, Man Sheiki, Real, Bayern etc.. And he got the best out of them as a unit. As a team. He had them playing with style and swagger and with a winning mentality, It didn’t matter who played because we knew United would play well and not lose, generally winning ffs!
    He picked a team that was always capable of beating the opposition.
    The players are the same who the league by 11 pts same team beaten by a sucker punch in 2012!! Remember?? So what has changed? The coaching staff the morall and the attitude and lack of aura about United. As much as I trusted SAF about moyes, if you cannot inspire as a new manager (which is usually the case) then something is not right. I thought moyes was going in alone change nothing and keep our Gravy Train A Running, is that not what we all expected?? Even SAF.
    My prognosis; Our decent players are under performing, along with the good and our Top Men ! Our luck has run out along with Fergie Time (nowadays I’m praying for final whistles) our style has changed to sluggish and hopeless with no direction or intent. And in my opinion any manager can spend money to build a team it’s what a manager can do with what he’s got that counts and Moyes has done Diddly Squat. The Glaziers must be losing money and I think that’s gonna be the deciding factor in Moyes future. For me his time is up we are now Everton in Manchester Red. Rock bottom

  11. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Dan Young – is it down to Moyes? or cesc never wanting to join, thiago did not want to join united, and mata was not getting any game time, and for some bizarre reason the club give rooney a 50K pay rise, as he was not going to get that any where else. I just do not see rooney getting 300K a week at another club, and I think he must have been in heaven, he wanted to leave united in the summer, come jan the club offers him 50K more to stay

  12. Dan Young says:

    degeawetrust – again you are listening to papers. david gill came out and said he is not on 300k a week. hes still on 250k but the club now is in charge of his image rights which would work out at 50k a week if he gets the same amount of image rights income as last year. but the club profit from his image rights too.

    yes it is moyes, he chooses who comes in. he pulled out of the thiago deal so an offer wasnt even made. as for mata you really think he didnt have any other offers?!

    your listening to so many newspapers headlines that you are very doom and gloom. dont get me wrong i agree with most you are saying but you seem to think we are on some downhill spiral that we will never get out of. we have ridiculous income to bring in players capable of winning championships and we can still get the pick of basically any manager on the planet!

  13. WeAreUnitedd says:


    if the rumours are true

    we went for Fabregas FFS who plays for his boyhood club and just went there, we went allegebly for Bale FFS who was Madrid bound, DeRossi a Roma-legend, Herrera who’s buyingclause we did not meet.

    These players were never to come to United and I base these “facts” on rumours, also the Thiago saga if true another rumours, then there’s where Moyes dropped the ball BUT then again Pep had him in his pocket so why go for these players who never were close on coming here.

    the real question lies elsewhere, cause ManUtd will always attract players and if not then the paychecks will, if it starts looking bad. Just ask City or Monaco.

  14. Dougie says:

    The 300k Rooney contract was a mistake IMO with Rvp in the team and you still have Danny n Hernandez!Someone put it with that amount of money he should score with every kick..Rooney tbh is a major cause of the crisis as he HAS to play -coz of the wages,alongside Rvp in a 442 which cant work atm.

  15. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    Sorry can’t see any big buy happening this summer; you’re having a laugh if someone like reus is on your target list. There is so much talk about building a team but Moyes does really care about building a system different from where he came from? Don’t think so. FYI Martino is up for the sack with barca not fully out of the title race but I guess there are a different kind of ‘big club’ compared to us.

  16. iamMatty says:

    When do we finally admit that
    1) The rooney-rvp partnership aint working?
    2) Rooney is not a playmaker or a trequista?
    3) Moyes has to go

  17. The_red_devils says:

    De gea we trust
    I don’t think united couldn’t attract players last summer. It was bacause of not going for right players and moyes not having a plan B. Moyes had 4 target-fabregas, herrera, fellaini and baines. We got fellaini, Cesc was mission impossible. In the case of herrera and baines, it was money issue with united not meeting release clause of herrera and not offering the money everton wanted for baines.
    We didn’t approached thaigo, it was all media rumors.

  18. Mark Reid says:

    Happy Saint Pats me fellow Fans ?We were awful yesterday awful all year oh well back to the drawing board.

  19. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Love United, hate Moyes..? If you think that the club deserve better management and better coaching staff to get us out of the mess Moyes has put us in then please SIGN this petition and SHARE IT with everyone you can


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