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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: United vs Real Sociedad

De Gea; Rafael, Jones, Evans, Evra; Carrick, Giggs; Valencia, Rooney, Kagawa and Chicharito.

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  1. Sushi says:

    What exactly is the purpose of Anderson? Like I’m not even fucking joking he’s been a fucking ugly statue for 6 years now. United have paid him upwards of 20m in that span. Why the fuk did we not
    Replace him. Fucking piss take he must be laughing all the way to the bank

  2. Justin10RvN says:

    ……Giggs……starting……why not just put Jones in there and Smalling in the back, much better than Giggs, who if he’s starting it needs to be in the 10 role. Hopefully Giggs has an amazing game and makes me look a fool, but no balance in this team on paper, need to switch Roo’s and Kags positions, Roo is the shittiest 10 in the team, maybe the best forward but god awful 10.

  3. Dan-young says:

    Paul scholes jr.. I like herrera too. I’m still not saying fabregas is a no. There has to be a bigggg reason why we waited so long to buy fellaini. That tells me we could have got a hugeeee alternative. Also with iniesta taking so long to sign a new contract that tells me someone is unsettled. Either iniesta wants out or fabregas wants out and he’s getting more game time cause of it. The thing is herrera will just get scape goated by the shitty fans above our comments when he dosnt gel straight away. I say we take the £30 million it would cost to buy herrera and invest it into a project to build a cloning machine and get 3 scholes’!!!

  4. edcunited1878 says:

    Against this opposition, I’d rather have Giggs than Jones. Jones has the strength and pace, but Giggsy has the technique, touch, passing, experience and footballing IQ.

    Plus it’s Giggs and Carrick working together in the middle, not on their own.

  5. TraffordLord says:

    Anderson recently played an U-21 game for United as one of the permitted overaged players. So he has seen some action, probably not at the required level, but some action nonetheless.

    So it is very possible he is also being rested at this point, however….I love Ando, and love the joviality and enthusiasm he brings. He thrusts from the middle more than any of our midfielders, it just that he is not that accurate and has fitness problems…the bell might have rung on his time at United.

  6. The Truth says:

    @Fibes and Dela

    What games were you watching? Welbeck was our best player against Madrid and Giggs was shit against Liverpool in the cup.


    City won tonight, as anyone could see they would. So much for your claim that their CL campaign was on a knife edge whereas ours is a mere formality.

  7. Paul says:

    No Nani = Its going to be a win! Yipppee

  8. BSteele says:

    Have to think Moyes will bring on Januzaj later in the second half and give him 20 min to press. He looked beat at the end of the game Saturday, but hopefully the adrenaline from playing in is first CL game will give him a boost. I’m sure Moyes will find a way to blame Kagawa when Giggs falls apart early.

  9. lecho says:

    Why no Adnan starting :( Best United player in last two games, benched in a must-win for us…

  10. Sushi says:

    In the other post there is a video of Anderson panting after 6 corners in a row saying after time for sleep….thing is I don’t even think he’s fucking joking. fucking piss take

  11. The Truth says:


    Great, two traffic cones instead of one.

  12. edcunited1878 says:

    Januazj is 18 years old. He looked knackered and lost possession more than usual once Soton was increasing the pressure past the hour mark. As talented as he is, he’s a teenager and must be looked after and put in places to succeed more than other.

  13. Justin10RvN says:


    exactly Giggs AND Carrick, both are slow, our midfield needs that athleticism to close down Sociedad are competent passers and there is a real danger of them passing around Giggs and Carrick

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Fellaini was crap in the last CL outing. He will settle, but as Moyes said, We went for Giggs b/c of the CL experience.

    You need some senior players in these games because of incidents like Cakir.

    Rooney up top
    Giggs in Mid
    Carrick martialling the CBs
    and Evra at the back,
    These lads give you that experience right through the spine of the team.

    Fellaini (2 CL apps) v Giggs (135)? You having a laugh.

    Glad to see Danny and Kagawa getting a game.

    Always tops to see Peter Schmeichel and Halley McQueen on Sky. United family!

  15. kunal says:

    Not sure about the line up. 4-5-1 .. ? or 4-4-2 and Kagawa on the left.

    Must be said, Rooney has totally overpowered Moyes in making him play through center only and that’s the reason we are not playing 4-4-3 or 4-5-1 any more. … 4-4-2 in Europe is a suicide..

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Sorry Chicharito and Kagawa. Not Welbz

  17. Fibes says:


    Welbeck worked really fucking hard against Madrid, but it was Giggs making everyone tick in that game. As for Liverpool in the league cup, Giggs did a really good job alongside Jones.

    You really are a glass half-empty man, aren’t you?

  18. Fibes says:


    Whoa there, the crown has fallen ;)

    Top info, cheers chief

  19. Justin10RvN says:

    ah the ol’ experience nonsense, how is anyone to gain experience if you only want people with experience? the younger/newer players have to get experience at some point and swapping a single player for someone with little to no experience is not a big deal. Its not like Rooney, Carrick are new to the CL. Slow midfield is slow, having experience isn’t going to quicken Carrick/Giggs legs, but hopefully they still kill it and i’ll be fine looking stupid and a cunt.

  20. Fibes says:

    Here’s the thing – if we’re all guessing the formation, what about Sociedad? Top work Moyesy.

  21. rvp is god says:

    get in goal

  22. edcunited1878 says:

    If the only thing Jones will do is close down players, then fuck it, have me out there and I’ll chase shadows for the cause.

    Jones is playing where he belongs and that’s as a center defenseman. Carrick is slow, but he’s quicker in space and reads the game better than Fellani or Jones. Notice how fast and quick are different. Giggsy knows how to use someone’s aggresiveness and speed against them by getting them of balance.

    Whatever, we’ll see what happens. But Giggs and Carrick will have to operate collectively as a midfield pair and the team will defend as a unit for once. Valencia will pinch in the middle for defensive support.

  23. Andromeda says:

    Would have been a lovely goal if went straight from Rooney’s solo effort.

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Owen Goal making a comeback under David Moyes. Top Player!
    Rooney with the assist.

    United 1 up with only 1 min gone.


  25. Sushi says:

    Stunning stuff, Kagawa and Rooney are always a good combination. I don’t really see why they shouldn’t start more games together. I know Kagawa prefers number 10 role but still.

  26. Justin10RvN says:

    great start from Rooney

  27. Justin10RvN says:


    no need to be patronizing, im am aware of the difference of quickness to sprint speed, but Jones is a hell of a lot quicker than either player in our midfield, i agree he is a CB but Giggs sure the hell aint a CM. We’ve started well and i hope my fears are me being pessimistic, but our lack of athleticism in the middle has gotten us in trouble millions of times since Hargreaves fell to pieces.

  28. BigDunc says:

    We are looking well up for it!! So much for Moyes’ boring defensive tactics…good team selection, good attacking gameplay so far.

  29. mav says:

    Does anyone have a link to a radio stream? I need to hear the game, at work here

  30. TraffordLord says:

    Can we start making a distinction between the No. 10 position and the hole right behind the main striker?

    I have always heard (myself included) Kagawa prefers the No. 10 position….surely we all mean he prefers playing behind the striker?

    And not the true No. 10 position.

  31. BigDunc says:

    Jones playing like a commanding beast today! Valencia ripping the right wing apart too

  32. FletchTHEMAN says:

    New live thread up. See you lads over there.


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