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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: United vs Spurs

De Gea; Smalling, Evans, Vidic, Evra; Valencia, Carrick, Cleverley, Januzaj; Rooney, Welbeck.

Subs: Lindegaard. Butter. Ferdinand. Fletcher. Hernandez. Young. Kagawa

Spurs: Lloris; Walker, Chiriches, Dawson, Rose; Lennon, Capoue, Dembele, Eriksen; Adebayor, Soldado.

Subs: Friedel, Fryers, Naughton, Bentaleb, Chadli, Lamela, Kane.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. WilliamAR says:


    oh yes of course I forgot about that lol

  2. 20LEgend says:

    People comparing Moyes taking over at United to Pellegrini’s at city and Mourinho at Chelsea are absolutely clueless. Those clubs have systems and people in place that make a change in manager much less disastrous. Chelsea’s continual challenge for the title despite the change in managers is a result of that. United’s system is such that the manager has absolute and near complete authority over most matters of the club, and that hasnt worked too badly has it?

    Martinez at Everton will be found out. He’s actually being found out gradually now itself. To be completely honest, I do not admire the man’s work. Yes, he’s got Everton playing attractive football. Yes, he’s making them challenge for the top four. But at what cost? Why doesnt anybody see that?

    The coming season, Martinez will have to watch his best striker go back to chelsea, his best defensive midfielder go back to city, and his brightest prospect go back to Barcelona. And his entire defence (apart from Coleman) are already feeling the effects of age. His squad will have diminished tremendously and he doesnt have the funds to fix it unless he finishes in the top four (which is highly unlikely) or if he goes for loan moves again. Im pretty sure they will fade as the current season goes on.

    I state it quite openly. Im one of those who jumped up with joy on hearing that Manchester United have appointed David Moyes. In my mind, there couldve been few better. Sure there are better tacticians and motivators around but that is not all what a manager has to do. All Moyes needs is time, maybe a season or two. Hell, if Liverpool fans could support Rodgers after their disastrous last season, why cant we? Just keep calm and trust in David Moyes.

  3. Mark Reid says:

    Until our debts on the interest are paid we are going to be tight arsed.

  4. slim says:


    please enlighten. what has it cost them.
    Lukaku goes back? so what, he scores for them but they don’t depend on his goals. more likely his physical presence.
    Barry most likely will stay on at Everton . The barcelona starlet is a wild card. hasn’t racked up 10 games. Again good to have but not dependent.. Contrast that with some of our posers expecting a miracle from 18 yr old adnan

  5. WilliamAR says:


    We played a team that were demolished by city and killed 5-0 by liverpool and we were hopeless when we had players who have league titles to their names. sorry i don’t agree with you and all the other big clubs of the world expect results. brendan rogers was at a team who won nothing for quite a while and has some pretty ordinary players in it, no wonder he was given time.

  6. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ william: I luv this club, I don’t fuckin care about mercnaries or whatever u call them up as long as they can perform..the so-called mercenaries keep thumping our team 6-1 and 4-1..ain’t u tired of such humiliating scoreline? The truth is that we need to strenghten our midfield with Quality players like madrid, mancity, chelsea and other big teams did and are now progressing. I can’t stand the sight of Cleverly. He’s so mediocre, he’s terrible…he should be washing dishes in some restaurant, cos he doesn’t look or act like a professional footballer. He’s the worst English talent I’ve ever seen. He’s not our standard, should be playing in clubs like Leceister city, Blackpool etc

  7. WilliamAR says:

    @paschal Agwunobi

    I was being sarcastic. I’m not calling them mercinaries and trust me I would rather we had a high wage bill and won than us getting humiliated by other teams. trust me I agree with you.

  8. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Pls, Cleverly should be discarded.he’s so useless and should be loaned to clubs like Leceister city, blackburn etc.if at all these clubs will not reject him..its so sad seeing moyes starting him 24/7..he’s terrible, so scared of havin ball @ his feet. Pls Moyes ,sTop plating Cleverly, give Fabio a chance at the left back..Evra is getting old, u can’t play him in all games,he’s burnt -out

  9. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @william: am happy you saw my point

  10. TopRed123 says:

    Eh, because Liverpool weren’t champions by 10+ points the year before? Liverpool figured out by Christmas that Roy Hodgson wasn’t the answer and acted accordingly. All of a sudden their results improved. Rodgers at least had a playing style and something that resembled a plan and has taken Liverpool a long way from the Luftwaffe tactics of Hodgson and KKK. Moyes might be a good football manager but I really don’t think he is the man for United, nowhere near. The players certainly haven’t adapted to his style of play and ideas, which one could argue aren’t even that clear. Time won’t make everything better. On the contrary, time might just expose what a big mistake was made. I guess time will tell, hopefully just not at the expense of a long and turgid dive into mid table mediocrity à la Liverpool.

  11. Mark Reid says:

    Moyes keeps talking about rebuilding whats he rebuilding?We didn’t need any rebuilding till this year?

  12. murssheed says:

    The fact that Moyes kept playing and Right Winger and A Centre-back at RB, when he has fit fullback (Fabio) just proved that the guy is Clueless and a Clown.

  13. Tommy says:

    People keep blaming the manager, why dont you blame the fucking players, The amount their on their performances should be a lot better, Fact, only De Gea has earned his money, sure Rooneys been good but has he been 250k good? No way same goes for everyone in the squad, I dont even think most of the players care about the results as long as they get paid!

  14. Mark Reid says:

    @Tommy you’re right they too must shoulder the blame it’s endemic.

  15. Tommy says:


    Sorry mate I guess I jinked it, The same type of fans fans would of wanted fergie out in the late 80s, fans dont have much patience these days

  16. Sparkz says:

    Posted this on the other thread – first 20 minutes we were decent, and last 20 we did well – good intensity and should have had a penalty. Everything in between was utter shite.

    Who still thinks we don’t need a left back ASAP? Any and every team target that side, and we’re basically playing with a 3 man backline, coz Evra unfortunately is washed up.

    Carrick is rusty, Cleverley had just played 4 90 minutes in 10 days – the moment I saw that midfield I thought we would be in trouble. The fact we finished with Rooney and Kagawa in midfield said it all. New midfielders needed as well…and in all honesty, if we don’t sign players in this window we’ll most probably miss out on the top 4. Especially as we still have to face most of the top half of the table, and our record against them has been pathetic.

    Rooney was blatantly not fit either, and Moyes’ comments after the game confirmed that. Adnan I thought was quite poor but it says a lot when we’re relying on an 18 year old to carry our attacking burden…

    Valencia at RB is a good option when we’re 2 goals down or if there’s 10 minutes to go. Maybe we did that a bit too early today, coz once again he cost us a goal. Not his fault, he aint a right back, but that was a gamble that backfired a bit

    On a positive note – Welbeck looked good, as did Kagawa when he came on. Other than that……..

  17. RepeatOf99 says:


    We might not agree on all those players, but I think even you will admit that there were options open to us to improve our sorely poor midfield; and rather than doing this, we fumbled around and ended up being held to ransom for a last-minute panic purchase who is not top-4 quality.

    But transfer dealings aside; I don’t agree with you on our current team. We are essentially the same team that walked this league last season. Of course Ferguson was a HUGE part of that. There is no doubt that he got more out of these players than the sum of their parts. But let’s not pretend that we are a team of donkeys.

    De Gea is one of the best keepers in the word. Vidic and Rafael are top defenders. Evra and Carrick are not world class, and are past their best form, but are not bad players and would compete with anyone on their day. Rooney and RVP are two of the best forwards in world football, and Hernandez and Welbeck are as good a no.3 and no.4 choice as our club have ever had.

    It’s true, City and Chelsea have thrown a ton more money at their problems than we have. And it’s also true that we were punching above our weight with Fergie in charge and getting the most out of us. But let’s not pretend that our players are below the standard of Everton or Liverpool’s. And heck, let’s be honest, even when we have won games this season, it has more often than not, not been pretty, and made teams like Hull and Crystal Palace seem like our genuine equals.

    That sort of drop in form and standards of play can not fall on the shoulders of our players alone. At the end of the day, the manager is the be it and end all at our club, unlike others. He has complete control, but with that also comes responsibility. It is his job to get the most out of our squad. No one should have expected that to be the same as Ferguson, but similarly no-one should accept that it be as bad a fall from grace as this.

    And to add insult to injury, there were other managers who were available, who while they may not have been Fergie’s equal, were definitely of a more proven pedigree than Moyes; and did not require the on-the-job training that he clearly needs. He is out of his depths, and while I hope that he learns fast and eventually comes good; I sincerely doubt it.

  18. murssheed says:

    @Sparkz We already have a left-back in the form of Fabio, but Moyes was just too blind to see it. Buttner has been given chances but he failed to take them. Fabio in the other hand was constantly being overlooked.

  19. Tommy says:

    I must say Howard Webbs performance was a disgrace, if hes the best English ref then we have some serious problems in this country. How he even got this game when just on sunday he was looking right at Eto bump Suarez off the ball and gave nothing when the scousers had a clear pen, He should of been demoted to ref in the championship today, always been an embaressment has Howard, remember in WC final De Jongs kung fu kick on Alsondo dont even think he got a yellow for it, Awful ref only decisions he give United today were when the lino flagged. Adeabayor was down for about 5 mins cheating yet only 5 mins added on fucking disgrace, no wonder the cheating prick got booed when he was stretchered off,(He was ok to come running back on tho at the end to celebrate), Fucking hate Adabayor spent his life stealing a living, still getting paid 120k by city. PRICK!!

  20. Izham Ikram says:

    is it just me or Moyes do look older and sick compare to SAF?

  21. Marq says:


    That is difference between our believes. You believe that the manager is the be all end all, I don’t. Maybe with Sir Alex it is, but not now. But since it is done, I believe in giving the man the right amount of time to do his work, which I have stated is one half to two seasons. I am not saying Moyes is without fault, in fact, I was hoping Mourinho get the job, but as it is now, the players have to shoulder the blame equally, if not more, because the only thing that has changed from last season is the manager, no excuse for the players to drop their standard so much.

    Like I said, are we to blame Moyes for Valencia not be able to cross a simple ball? If so, that is the only blame I lay on Moyes and the coaching staff. That why is nobody is shouting into Valencia’s ears that a cross is suppose to carry some height. Even if it is over hit slightly, there is a chance the left winger can get to the end of it, whereas his stupid low kicks into the box are nothing more than a simple hit and hope, pure and utter irresponsible attitude from Valencia. Might as well sign Usain Bolt for that.

    Ok, rant over. As you can see, I am more annoyed at our players. I’m not holding out for any players to be signed in Jan, have always been hard to get good players during this period and not to mention it is WC year. But Mata is one that is available and willing to leave, so can we please at least try…..?

  22. 20LEgend says:

    @ WilliamAR , Topred

    My point is not what kind of a team Liverpool are, my point is that liverpool had a disappointing last season even by their standards and yet they stuck with the manager. And its paying dividends. I’m just saying we need to as well.

    @ slim

    Again, you missed my point. I was just saying that martinez is not building a team at everton. He’s just using stop gap replacements. And you have no idea how important lukaku is to them, he holds up play, brings the others in and always occupies the two central defenders by himself. And he definitely scores. Anyway that’s just my idea that everton will fade as the season goes on, lets just wait and see.

  23. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Mata to united? You must be having a laugh… No chance of that ever happening added with the fact mata is not the type of midfielder really needed.

  24. sir matt martin says:

    @ Tommy
    somtimes you just talk as if u dont knw that 80s and 21st century manager are not the same. sir Alex was a proven winer when he came to United and he stik with the tradition of united. that explain why he was givin time. He had a plan. i use to think that scotish managers are the best tacticians of football but David moyes is proven otherwise no plan no tecnical ability no wining mentality no prophy on his cv. if not for the fuiled relationship Rafa benitez had with united i wud have prefel him than this Clules wimp called moyes.

  25. Marq says:


    Of course it is highly unlikely for it to happen, but I believe Mata can do a job for us. He will be taking Valencia’s spot, and it can signal a move away from traditional wingers. And of course we still need 1 more to partner and eventually replace Carrick.

    Rafael Vidic Evans Evra
    Januzaj Jones Carrick Mata
    Rooney Rvp

    Looks decent to me. After this, it will be about that spot Jones is holding, someone to take over so that Jones can replace Vidic.

  26. Mark Reid says:

    The future is a little worrisome.Vidic ,Rio,Evra,Carrick,RVP,Giggs all set to retire sooner rather than later.I’m not sure how much coverage we have on staff for these positions and we aren’t inclined to splash out the cash.So I do think we will be in for some lean times until we get something like a class of 92 again Which is why I think Moyes was the chosen one.He”s used to a small budget and probably won’t moan much when he doesn’t get the cash he needs to spend on much needed players.

  27. Sparkz says:

    Not a cat in hell’s chance Chelsea would sell Mata (not unless we gave them Rooney anyway lol) you can put that idea out of your head right away.

  28. Chris says:

    Moyes wasn’t even in my top 10 to replace Fergie but to blame him for all of our failings this season is a tad harsh IMO. We are seeing the consequence of bargain basement shopping for too long with a squad that is bloated with mediocre players, we are strong in numbers but almost devoid of real class apart from a few players (RVP, Rooney (spit), Rafael and De Gea).

    The acceptance of such mediocrity is quite sad really, we have gone from having four of the best midfielders in European football (Keane, Scholes, Becks and Giggs) with decent backup to not even having four of the best midfielders in England. Everybody seems to know this but Fergie with his no value in the transfer market nonsense seriously fucked up, nowadays you have to pay premium prices for top players but the club since the takeover has obviously been hamstrung by the debt and we are suffering for it. Yes we have spent big a couple of times under the Glazers but that has been the exception to the rule, look at the shit we signed when we had just sold Ronaldo for £80m, that money should have been spent on a couple of top players rather than those with potential.

    For Moyes to get this side playing as he wants its going to take a massive rebuild, there are seven or eight players who should be moved on and then maybe Moyes will have the side that reflects his identity and play the way he wants (which is another huge topic of debate in itself!).

    I have absolutely no expectations for this season, I just don’t want us to be humiliated, because it was always going to be impossible to replace Fergie. IMO we should forget about players being cup tied because a strong finish in the Prem is a necessity and we should try and get players in now so they have 5 months to gel with the squad.

  29. Mark Reid says:

    There’s no value in the market where’s the value in going to Old Trafford paying hard earned wages watching mediocre players.

  30. TopRed123 says:

    John has got it right… Why would anyone want to stick with Moyes and his total lack of footballing identity besides having a massive hard on for British hoofball from the 80s? During the last years of SAF’s reign the football wasn’t exiting anymore, but we won and you really can’t complain when the man get’s us to titles. His retirement opened up a door for Manchester United to modernize our footballing approach (which was required as a result of the absolute slaughters by Barca), yet instead we hired a boring Scottish manager who blatantly isn’t up to the task of managing a big club and wants us to play like a midtable club. Ridiculous decision only bettered by giving him a 6 year contract as a sort of sign that the club is deluded enough to give a manager blind trust and an indication that results really won’t matter. Give me a manager that plays expansive and exiting football over the shit served up right now any day of the week. Sadly, now we have made our bed and we have to wait at least to the summer until any big changes will be made.

  31. Marq says:

    For the last time, I am not suggesting it will happen, I am saying, there is a good player out there, proven and young, and if we don’t even bloody ask, nothing will happen of course. Remember Rvp? Chelsea told the world they wanted Rooney, why can’t we do so? Considering we are out of the league race, it might make sense for Chelsea to strengthen us so that we can take points off City/Arsenal/Liverpool

  32. iamMatty says:

    Dear english moyes fanboys please do tell me mr moyes philosophy and plans for our club and I swear to join you all in your blind optimism. With mourinho we already knows what he’s trying to do, same with guardiola, wenger, pelegrini, ancelloti, brendan rogers 2games into his liverpool managerial career, fudge! even ole gunnar, those of us who follow the norwegian league already know he would most likely play a 4-3-3 with keep-ball tactics and a floating playmaker that knits everything together. Now I ask again, WHAT IS MOYES’ PHILOSOPHY on a football pitch.

  33. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Chris – I do not care who you are, you do not go from winning the premiership, to possible midtable without something deeply wrong, on a physiques level its just impossible, its impossible on a physiques level for a midtable side to win the premiership at such ease. And if it was truly all down to fergie and carrying an average squad over the line, then we must look at fergie for leaving a squad in such dire straights. United did spend the money on some really good to great players, DDG, smallen, jones, could have been kagwa, RVP, hernandez, we just never bought enough quality since 2009 and always leaving the CM so short of quality

  34. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Also one of the strengths of supposed bringing in Moyes, is his ability to get the best of an average bunch of players, that clearly is not working out at the highest level

  35. iamMatty says:

    Just to keep moyes away from any form of criticism they label players who have given blood sweat and everything they can in seasons past as average!, bunch of uncommited nobodies. Players who have won more than mr moyes would ever win in his lifetime. Players who walked the league without even having to get past second gear last year. I’d rather stand behind the tested and trusted components of a succesful structure than a midtable misfit who has done nothing but dragged us to the levels and positions he has always aspired to perch on in years past.
    Skysports Epl tactics statistics show that the tactics we’ve adopted can be only mirrored in the league’s worse playing and bottom clubs. We have crossed the ball more than anybody else in the league and the only teams that have come close to those numbers are the hulls,stokes and sunderlands of this world.
    I repeat I’d rather stick with a player who has proven to be a winner or developed from the academy rather than a clueless scottish mug with no atom of the united dna or winning mentality who’s doing his best impression of a graeme souness crash and burn the champions from within. Dear moyes english fan boys keep enjoying the 80′s hoofball tactics moyes is serving you right now, I know it must really feel like bread and butter to you.

  36. Sathya Sundaram says:

    I am surprised by all the comments saying that we have mediocre players. I would like to remind everybody,the same players won us the championship last year! some players form might NOT be the best this season, but to think we have mediocre players is BS! Also, we are unlucky with injuries this season. I still think the current squad of players are more than good enough to finish in the top 4!.
    As for our manager, David Moyes, let me say that I’m still fully support and stand behind him and his coaching staff. However, Its frustrating to see the same mistakes being made again and again at home. e.g. The goal Everton scored against us, and the spurs second goal against us – Valencia was playing in the right back position – which should NOT have happened. When we need goals at home, it looks like we bring forwards and ask Valencia to do too much – attack and defend. I’m NOT blaming Valencia, but that approach will only work if we have 2 center-backs that are dominant and able to cover the full backs. IMO, the main issue with us conceding goals is due to lack of stability at center-back and I think that is because of the manager. I think Moyes was WRONG in downplaying Vidic and Rio. Even though their form may NOT be the best this season, they are leaders for your club and their experience will only help Evans/Smalling/Jones. Instead of saying they need to fight for their place, Moyes should have instilled confidence in them and ask them to help the younger players w/ their positioning and better reading game situations. The other main issue is when we get the ball in midfield, we don’t have any player who can pick out a 30-40 yard pass out to our wing players (Basically, we are missing Scholes). The visiting teams knows that, so their full backs are attacking more and we don’t spread the field like we used to. That is a big set back for us in our attacking play! Thats why we don’t create as many chances this season. I am sure Moyes, Steve and Phil know that!
    All I am hoping for is Moyes should learn from his mistakes in his press conferences and instill confidence in our current squad of players – because I have full confidence in our current squad and hope we can carry on and finish the season strong and be in the top 4! #GGMU #MUTID


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