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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: United vs Sunderland

De Gea, Jones, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Carrick, Fletcher, Young, Mata, Hernandez.

Bench: @ManUtd: Amos, Smalling, Valencia, Fellaini, Januzaj, Welbeck, Van Persie.

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  1. Tai Gin says:

    Giggs is keeping Mata and Kagawa apart. And the way they’re like a starcrossed couple with an awesome understanding of each other… In this analogy Giggs is like a parent opposed to the union and determined that their kid doesn’t get married to that other scum. I realise the analogy breaks down when you realise that it implies a marriage between siblings. But still…

  2. BenjieTee says:

    this is why giggs should not be manager just yet.manutd need a stable defensive partnership and he still wants us to give new contracts to rio and evra when its obvious we have to think of the future..he also will this affection for senior players and most of british players..thereby seeing players like cleverley and young getting more play time..and lastly..can giggs be able to attract top class players?..some players are waitin to see if we get a top manager before they make a decision and giggs i doubt will b able to attract the players we need the most.

  3. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    By God’s grace…he won’t be our manager. Am tired of seeing ferdinand , evra,young and carrick. But he keeps giving these deadwoods playtime. Pls, Van gaal should be appointed immediately. No kagawa,kagawa and mata are so perfect playing together.

  4. Tommy says:


    Giggs would have no problems attracting new players, but it wont come to that because hes atleast 1 managerial appointment too soon, LVG will be announced on wedensday I think

  5. trevor knightsmith says:


    I think you are right about LVG’s appointment being announced on Wednesday, I heard they are waiting to get the last home game out of the way first ( I don’t know why, but they must have their reasons)

  6. Tommy says:

    @trevor knightsmith

    I think its so the class of 92 can have their moment, final home game and all that and then LVG will be announced, he is due to start working on wedensday for the world cup so thats when it will be announced I would assume


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