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CONFIRMED LINE UP: United vs West Ham

Lindegaard, Rafael, Jones, Smalling, Buttner, Valencia, Anderson, Giggs, Nani, Rooney and Chicharito.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Goat Peticoat says:

    Ash says:
    Yeah you are Right sell rooney and Buy Heskey or Crouch. ;)

    No need fella. Im glad to go with Wellbeck, Chico, RvP and Rooney for this year (dont sell him now as we are in contention for all trophies still. In the summer is another kettle of fish. We have the young Chillien lad, we have youngsters and after selling Rooney we have 50 million plus to buy who we sodding want.
    Look if Rooney was a youngster (I know hes not old) still learning his trade and IMPROVING every match like we see Chico and Wellbeck doing AND he was earning slightly north of £100000 and he wasnt a disgrace off the pitch THEN I’d say hes worth a team spot. BUT he demands north of £200000, hes late 20′s, he isnt improving with every game, he no longer puts fear in the opposition and if he comes off the bench should we be 1-0 down he is no saviour i.e. Chico or RvP. He sulks and if we lose with Rooney on the pitch it was due to poor tactics not super Roon. Hes atroubled fellah of the pitch and certainly no ambassador. His control is lacking at times, he thinks hes a wandering play maker when his tight in passing is poor and not up their with the European greats. His goal scoring record isnt the best even though to his credit he is assisting more (according to some stats nerd). I find he is too intrusive on others and demands the ball too often needing to be the diva rather than a team mate (ala Gerrard), and I very much doubt he listens to Sir Alex much any more in regards team tactics and discipline. Oh and he commands 50 million in transfer funds because of his red top shirt selling ability. Him and Coleen the new Posh and Becks.
    Personally I see Wellbeck is twice as valuable to United as Rooney, we just dont need him but 50 million is 50 million. Take th emoney and run. Life goes on. City didnt win the league with Rooney and Barcelona and Spain didnt win with him nor did Madrid or Dortmund. So Rooney doesnt mean success, he doesnt guarantee it. Hes a luxury we could do without.

  2. parryheid says:

    Arthur Two Sheds Jackson.

    Yet another educator of the posters on here Oh Wow Underwhelmed

  3. Goat Peticoat says:

    Giggs has been pretty consistant granted but whatever discussion goes on here has to have some sort of longevity about it. Giggs is 40-ish and doesnt play all that often. I would still give RvP the job. A goal keeper often trains against a right footed penalty taker in practice as essentially left footers are rare. That in itself is a kind of handicap for the keeper to work out. RRvP is a great set piece hitter of the ball whether it be free kick or corner and his miss was just 1 and the sample size to make a clear judgement of his penalty taking abilities isnt fair. What was his percentage for Arsenal.
    What is clear is Rooney as a striker and so called dead ball specialist is woefull. Bring back Steve Bruce.

  4. Marq says:

    Of course Giggs should not be the main penalty taker, he shouldn’t even be in the team most of the time! (Purely for succession purposes)

    Forwards must be able to take them in my opinion. How can you call yourself a forward if you don’t even know how to take a proper penalty!

    Maybe its my opinion, but I do feel those players who have a very high conversion rate are those who try to send the keeper the wrong way rather than trying to beat him by sheer power and direction. RvN never really blasted the ball, and Lambert, he has always mixed it up where he puts the ball. Whereas for Rooney, I’d be interested to know how many times he took a penalty by trying to hit the bottom right corner of the goalkeeper, any statistics gurus dare take up the challenge? =p

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Already read the same dull articles written by the same incompetent hopeless cunts for the same useless news outlets. “talk of zaha must worry nani”, anyone would think they haven’t magnifying glasses over the portuguese and Goat’s predictable lash out at rooney is as funny as if it is an actual analysis and not a long standing personal issue with the scouser, it’s as funny as sheeps racing each other in order to see who has the tiniest waist to fit into used tampons, It really is that funny.

    Navigate through the usual rubbish later, same old wankers writing senseless article and highlighting everything within the confines of oldtrafford, the predictable rollercoastet hits usual speed.

  6. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @goat – I remember that one goat. He walked up to the penalty spot doing keepie-uppies and he looked like a lad that could have kncoked it into the back of the net with his knob but ended up hitting it straight at the keeper. Brought back so many memories that I’ve found it here

    No point appointing him as a spot kick taker now though as he isn’t on the pitch that much.

  7. andromeda says:

    @We are united said at 21:36

    @andromeda my friend, having those two back is crucial and liek having two new signings.

    the most crucial part is that we have 3 great strikers that always when the yhave the chance scores or assists-

    just look at heir RVP rooney and chicha’s stats on scoring and assisting

    Hello my friend and sorry for the late response, I left the ROM early last night.

    I agree BTW on our strike force, the situation is pretty straight froward.all our three main strikers can score, make assist and selflessly contribute for best of the team, that is a big bonus for us.

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Thankfully, regardless of the ramblings made on blogs and the often circus that is the media, it is slightly safe to say fergie ultimately decides who stays or goes.

  9. Goat Peticoat says:

    For all those on here that think I have a personal vendetor against Rooney Id just like to confirm your suspisions. I do. I think hes massively overated and basically a sack of old footballs. I dont hate Rooney the person as he is an arsehole just like the rest of us, Im indifferent to the celebrity or the person that is the footballer and couldnt give a shit. I see them as employees. I have no real love for RvP, Chico, Wellbeck etc as they would turn coat as soon as they sat on the bench for 6 months or didnt get the money they wanted. Im not blinded by pre match interviews of undying love for Manchester United or badge kissing. They are proffessionals. They got where they are through being ruthless, maybe even sometimes stabbing a friend in the back or injuring someone intentionally so they get seen by the scout rather than someone else. Its a dog eat dog world. My dislike for Rooney is solely playing ability and what he brings to the TEAM. What happens outside does reflect on Manchester United so it does form my opinion or have a part of it but I look at the whole picture. Best was a boozer and I had I been around would have forgiven him that because when it came time to play he was phenomenal, strong, good passer, team player, proffessionally agressive. Rooney has lost my respect as a player not only the damage he does to the clubs name which some on here believe is my motive.
    Again time without Rooney since the signing of RvP has shown we play better football and are a better team without him. But he is our Gerrard so we must endure the twonk untill he decides to retire, and no doubt at £200000+ a week thats not for another 12 years.

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    ManUtd on form to poorest penalty conversion rate since the 2003-04 season.

    2012-13 . . . 2/5 (40%).
    2003-04 . . . 1/4 (25%).

    EPL stats only.

    Anyone want to hazard a guess at what the forwards will be practicing this week?

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    He’s massively overrated but yet he continues to do the business for the club in the biggest of games, that’s a fact. I don’t know what people count as overrated, because he hasn’t fullfilled the frankly strange expectations of winning a major tournament for a nation that’s been abysmal at the sport it invented for decades, i don’t get it but i accept everyone can form their view on how good or bad a player is, his record as a footballler stands more ground than the ideology that he’s “crap” though, open to debate and all.

    Rooney, for all the reasons to hate the man (which again deflects from football for most) has been the engine and force behind the attack since he arrived, he has dragged the team by the collar and has been a talisman on the pitch. RVP this and that, rooney has out-performed him in this league for several years, fact is, he’s having a great season (long may that hopefully continue) but to discard and deny rooney hasn’t got just as much of an important role as the dutchman is laughable in itself. Like i said, what wayne does off the pitch is irrelevant and i couldn’t give less of a fuck but i’m an observer and will base my judgement on footballing contributions and as long as he makes a difference, which he often does, i won’t have a reason to doubt his productivity on the pitch.

  12. Goat Peticoat says:

    samuel – united WE stand
    Respect your opinion. But theres a wider picture. Did Rooney drag this team as you mention or was the team the platform on which Rooney performed. Would he have been as prolific playing for West Brom or Stoke. No of course not. RvP has been out performed as you say by Rooney all these years but surely you recognise hes in a better team now and his performances clearly show that. HHow would Rooney fair at Arsenal. Not as well I guess.
    Im not saying Rooney is crap, or if I do write that its a relative thing. He is no 50 million pound player, yet he commands that transfer figure. You could say hes Englands Ji Sung Park. He is the shirt seller of the English and to be honest I believe thats why hes still with us.

  13. Voice of Reason says:

    Interesting how Giggs become good at pens – between that Southampton shoot out in 91-92 and 2008 shoot out where he was our 7th taker remember ahead only of VDS, Rio, Evra, and Carrick if I remember he never took another competitive penalty for us. Since then he has probably notched 4 or 5 in match time (inc 2 against Spurs I remember) and a couple in shoot outs

  14. Goat Peticoat says:

    Voice of Reason
    Maybe he just doesnt fancy it. Maybe he thinks the praise of scoring one is far outweighed by the humiliation and vilification of missing one.
    You would hav ethought Sir Alex has no problems with him taking them as he has been given corner taking duties for years. I believe it has more to do with bigger and stronger personalities talking control at the spot rather than his unwillingness to score.

  15. Voice of Reason says:

    Goat something in that -Bruce was the taker at that time then Eric arrived later that year, then in the treble team Denis Irwin took over, then Ruud, then Ronaldo, only since Ronaldo left this problem arisen.Was a period where we got fuck all pens as well over a number of years

  16. WeAreUnited says:


    no problem mate :)

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Goat – “shirt seller like park” – even for you goat, i wasn’t expecting that. You’ve brought up a lot of hypotheticals, IFs and Buts but the main point is, his “overrated” talent has brought him to this club and his impact has meant he’s revered all around the world. Van persie has played with great players throughout his time at arsenal and he had the platform to more than match rooney as arsenal do play great attacking football yet rooney still out performed him most of the time. I think rooney would easily fit into arsenal, he’d be the fulcrum of their attack and only a naive person would think the arrival of wayne for arsenal won’t give them the lift and renewed hope for a challenge, you are basically underestimating rooney and he has that knack of proving people wrong and may well do so again. I don’t think he’s worth 50mill but with the way players are bought these days, i would argue the glazers can demand more but he’s not for sale.

  18. LonestarRed says:

    One question: Does Lindegard have ANY idea how to distribute the ball from the back? I grew tired of counting his turnovers.


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