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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: West Ham vs United

De Gea, Smalling, Evans, Vidic, Buttner, Rafael, Scholes, Cleverley, Kagawa, Welbeck, Hernandez

Bench: Lindegaard, Ferdinand, Valencia, Giggs, Young, Van Persie, Macheda

West Ham: Jaaskelainen, Nolan, Tomkins, Carlton Cole, Collison, Vaz Te, Collins, Demel, Diarra, Joe Cole, Potts.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. IndoRed says:

    I’m sorry valencia, take that #7 off and give it to RVP. Great great performance after the equalizer.

  2. Dela says:

    @belfast red. —> Were you expecting impartial commentating with Andy Townsend involved? :-) Andy always shouts for smaller teams vs. United, and always talks up any England international player like they are Gods :-)

  3. Costas says:

    United were unlucky to be behind. Good thing RVP was around. The main worry is how we defend headers. That was dreadful defending out there and proof that Vidic won’t magically solve everything.

  4. knightsmith says:

    RVP, what a player! I just cannot believe in with wildest stretch of the imagination what Arsenal were thinking of when they let him go, their supporters must be pig sick !

  5. ak47 says:

    I guess Collins’ handball is insignificant for ITV to cover….

    If that was Evans or Vidic with the handball, i’m sure they’d have covered it with chocolate and sprinkles to make it look like refs favour us.

  6. matt says:

    @ WeAreUnited

    Well don’t I look like quite the fool.

  7. Hans says:

    We were very lucky not to go out, yet should have scored another one in injury time.

    Apart from the bright start we were again pretty poor today. Disappointed with Kagawa in particular! Valencia is out of sorts, what was he thinking blasting that ball like that when he could have squared it and possibly create the winner.

    It hurts how cheaply we conceded both goals today. How crazy are we to allow Collins two free headers, and twice not close down Joe fucking Cole quickly enough? We made them look a decent side, when in fact they are rubbish!

    Anyway, we should now go through at OT!

  8. Sunny says:

    There is no words that can describe RVP. He must be the best striker in the world right now. What a touch, what a finish.

  9. parryheid says:

    Oh man it’s raining screeners.Absolutely Superb,no Reacher yet though but it’s coming,brilliant.

  10. RedBorneo says:

    Robin Van Savior.. !
    And one question in my head, whats wrong with Tony V..?

  11. Dan-young says:

    And yet again our players celebrate a goal and have bits of chairs thrown at them, yet no one mentions it.

    If i ever meet andy townsend im actually going to kick him in the balls and sucker punch him in the head. Look out for it on the front page of the daily mail… It will happen someday!

  12. andromeda says:

    An extra fixture is the last thing we needed at this busy period, nonetheless we are still in touch with FA cup and that is a bonus, should sort things out in the replay.Meanwhile bring on Liverpool and take some pride out of this great comeback.

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Valencia, the only positive thing for him is he actually used his left foot once or twice but crossing wise, i’m speechless as to what has happened to his all round game.

  14. NYDUDE says:

    Fcuk me- I am not sure I can handle overtime goals anymore……

    Thankfully we at least got a draw

  15. Tourist says:

    United didn’t create much in the second half but created more than west ham and even tho the away team we had much more of the ball…and still those itv ‘experts’ just want to talk about how well west ham did!

  16. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    THAT’S IT. I have decided to get VP’s shirt in home and away colours. What a MONSTER. But Valencia though. FUCKING HELL. just put your foot thru it and stop playing like a mug. FUCK. we could have won the game there. Now we have to play yet ANOTHER 90 flipping mins of football. No matter we’ll do the fuckers at OT hopefully. PHEW relieved to be still in it.

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Dan young – you have to wonder how that cunt townsend is allowed to co-commentate, he orchestrates and cajoles teams to beat united.

  18. diablored says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wenger, Arsenal’s chairman and every Gunner for this wonderful gift of life hehehe

  19. matt says:

    @ ohiored

    Ease up mate, WH had a gameplan and executed it very well. They put all their men behind the ball and stocked the middle of the pitch, which made it difficult for us with no natural wingers to spread the play. Shinji, Danny, Tom, Scholes, they all tried to play the ball through the middle but it wasn’t gonna work cause it was too packed. Different personnel on the field may have made it a bit easier for us too, I thought Rafa looked a bit out of place. Also, WH are a fucken tall team, it was inevitable they were going to continually pump in crosses. Collins second header was pretty fucken good too I must say. The team didn’t play that poorly, WH just made it really difficult.

  20. parryheid says:

    Dont worry about it ,So clear we have no interest whatever in the F.A.Cup imo

  21. Diego says:

    West Ham had a game plan? Well fuck me, who would have thought? Calling it hoofball doesn’t do it justice, the Luftwaffe would have been proud of that shit. We should have been doing one thing on the training ground all week long: defend crosses. When James fucking Collins is made to look good it is time to have a lie down. One thing that bugs me as fuck is seeing Scholes on the edge of our box not trying to block crosses (instead just lifting the leg à la Nasri), that is where his age and lack of mobility is brutally exposed.

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    ohiored says:

    the result masks a shockingingly awful performance by United. These players on 80k+ a week in wages, being beaten by a team at the bottom of league who are probably all average around 30k in wages. God help us when we play Real Madrid.”

    Granted the performance was below par but annoys me when people continue to bring up this dull cliche about players getting paid an X amount, what does have to do with what happens on the pitch? Get out of the box and live in the real world. Westham are competitive and was never going to be easy at upton park. Long balls, diagonal balls, consttant launch of crosses. Never going to be an easy walk to victory.

  23. zigoo says:

    tbh wouldnt of mind gettin knocked out of this mickey mouse cup (what it has become anyway nowadays)

    even when we were losing i didnt wnt RVP to come on as i wouldve preferred losing and not risking him a rest aswell

    anyway,all turned out well,but kagawa doesnt seem to be adjusting to english football at all…hope am wrong,valencia has turned in to a shocking player..nani come back…

    the less said about welbecks finishing the better…he couldve and shouldve squared it to chicho first half,but decided to go alone..

  24. belfast red. says:

    @ Dela. Yeah i guess i shouldn’t expect anything less frm those Abu tramps! I guess it makes it all the more sweeter when we shut them up and score in injury time!! :) Get in! :) :)

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Sam allardyce and his associates claim his doesn’t knock long balls into the box but my goodness, reality paints a different picture. Westham make it extremely difficult.

  26. andromeda says:

    The beauty about Robin Van persie is his flexibility and adaptability, he doesn’t care which players are on the pitch playing beside him, whether its Rooney, Chica or Welbz, Tony or Young or Kagawa…the guy is scoring from a quarter of a chance, and not complaining, he is just true goal scorer.

  27. matt says:

    @ belfast red

    Did you see Richard Keys face after the match? Fuck it was good.

  28. Dela says:

    @parryheid –> It’s oscar season ;-)

  29. jay4manutd says:

    I seem to remember vividly some people here saying we don’t need RvP when we were unto him,i defended fergie’s decision then,but i guess there is no need to now.

    GIGGS,the day i criticise his selection or perfomance is the day i stop been ungrateful,nope i never will.and for those who do(many on here),goodluck.

    Did someone say Buttner wasn’t good? Well he was class,running up and down that left back.Evra still ahead,no argument there.

    Valencia please get back to your normal self soon,super player he is.Welbzz shhould have squared ball for chica in the first half,but had a decent game

    Last Word for Tonight…There is Only One Giggsy,Best ever United player(for me)

  30. Dela says:

    @samuel – united WE stand –> Well said mate!!

    Teams like West Ham play for cup glory, they are always going to be difficult, especially when we have to face them on their turf, and I too am getting annoyed with the money aspect always being brought up or the typical “god help us when we play XXX” because more often than not, we face that XXX, and WIN.

  31. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Ziggo – squared what? Did welbeck not hit the target? A couple of inches sideways and that goal would have had people salivating. He’s a striker desperate for goals and for me, he put in another good performance which hasn’t yielded goals but that’s not his fault, he didn’t really get a clear cut chances. He has a lot to improve on and he’ll get there. Kagawa has just returned from injury, he didn’t have his best game but he tried to make an impact. Demanding the ball and trying to link up. I think he will hopefully come good, he has the quality.

  32. Dela says:

    @zigoo –> don’t worry about Shinji, his adaption time has been limited so far due to injury, but even at that, I have no idea why we played him on the left today with Giggsy on the bench. I guess Sir Alex just saw it as a way to help him gain match fitness or something, probably didn’t expect us to concede two goals of that nature.

  33. parryheid says:

    Dela I know and I have them all bar Reacher my last two The Impossible and Django Unchained great.

  34. Robbo's red army says:

    So to all those that have slagged giggsy relentlessly this season?? Is he now sir Ryan until next week? He has showed he still has a place….at the right time ! I thought west ham wanted it more… Simple as that!

  35. ohiored says:

    @samuel – united WE stand

    the reason wages is important is that if players are being paid “big money” they should perform like big name players. In any job, the amount of money you are paid is tied to the amount of value you bring to your company. Liverpool away, Man City away those should be difficult fixtures, but West Ham away should not be a hard fought result for a United team that supposedly has big name players.

  36. Costas says:

    Wasn’t a great performance and it showed how valuable the likes of Carrick and Ferdinand are to the side. Hopefully they will stay fit for the remainder of the season.

  37. zigoo says:


    yeah he went alone,which is fair,but the better option was to square it…am not knocking him on his performance today,i thought he did well,his link up play was good and kept the ball well for the most part,however,his finishing is just so so poor,even that header that he got at the end,was a sitter for a man of his height…not the first time hes been so wasteful

  38. jay4manutd says:

    Meant stop been grateful there* and buttner running up and down that left flank….the performance was nowhere near woeful,infact it was a good perfomance.

  39. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Dela – an example – you could see that cunt joe cole huffing and puffing, putting every bollocks in to give westham a cheer for his “come back”. I bet he won’t repeat that all season. Play like it’s a cup final when united turn up.

  40. zigoo says:


    yeah i hope he comes along because he has that elegance of a number 10 player,in the kaka mould,lets hope he can fit in and find his feet,this season he will be given the benefit of the doubt i guess…

  41. Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson says:

    Kagawa was spent after 60 minutes. He should’ve come off instead of Chico.

  42. samuel - united WE stand says:

    ohiored says:

    @samuel – united WE stand

    the reason wages is important is that if players are being paid “big money” they should perform like big name players. In any job, the amount of money you are paid is tied to the amount of value you bring to your company. Liverpool away, Man City away those should be difficult fixtures, but West Ham away should not be a hard fought result for a United team that supposedly has big name players.”

    No offence but This is not hockey, the supposed “best” do not always win every game, football is one game that embodies unpredictability, regardless of how better your resources are, things may or may not go your way. You do not underestimate teams in this league or you will fall flat on your faces, westham have a manager that gets them fighting for every ball. What you earn does not apply on the pitch, football is an entirely different industry to the things you compare it with, results aren’t guaranteed. Get realistic.

  43. Murt73 says:


    It’s the FA Cup!! Where giant slaying has always been commomplace and the stuff dreams are made off for lesser teams.. And it can be hard to go to a championship side away never mind a prem one
    Really if you dont understand that well it’s obvious you are from Ohio and not in touch at all with reality

  44. belfast red. says:

    @samuelUnitedwestand. Totally agree with you about the unpredictablity of football. Thats what makes it the greatest sport in the world. For ex chelski against qpr. Also its what makes the f.a cup the best cup in the world imo. The minnows get a shot at the giants and 99% of the time the giant’s win, but there is always that 1% chance it can go to the under dog. For me we played abit underpar 2nite and we missd Carrick “the engine” in midfield. But we get another crack at them at home and it will be a totally different game. Wh had there chance and they blew it!

  45. andromeda says:

    @We are united
    It reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo.

  46. Mick says:

    Not here for a fight or to gob off but fuck me how awesome is RVP??? Am really worried some twat is gonna nail him and do some damage. For me it just seemed one of those nights. Joe Cole on a return to West Ham for me he was the MOTM but as soon as he went of I thought we would pull it back. Really not sure about Kagawa he struggled a bit may just lack match fitness? Anyway just still basking in the post RVP glow!! Just one thing though I fuckin hate ITV!!!

  47. WeAreUnited says:

    exaclty Andromeda, and we know what happened in those seasons, it also remids of cantona, but Cantona never did his lips like that :P

    It was writtem Ronald oall over it, by an oustanding a proven one of the best in the world player RVP. Who I think now playing for us, will be recognised as one of the bests in the wWORLD

    ou wenger ou wenger what did you let go.

  48. Mr C says:

    I’m not too unhappy it’s gone to a replay. It’s best not to have extra fixtures but we’ve got a big squad and players coming back from injury . On yesterday’s performance the likes of Kagawa and Valencia need game time to get back into the swing of things. Rather have them have a run out in the FA cup when we’re top of the league with a cushion than in a must win Premier match. I’ve no doubt that we’ll kill West Ham at OT – they’ve just had their Cup Final …


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