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CONFIRMED LINE-UP: West Ham vs United

De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Jones, Kagawa, Rooney, Van Persie

Subs: Amos, Evans, Giggs, Cleverley, Nani, Welbeck, Hernandez

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. suhay says:

    I did say Andy Carroll Jackson the chavvy scumbag would put in his best game of the season as well as that beast Diame.

    Another disjointed showing from our midfield and another turgid totally uninspiring performance, But tell us something that is new. Now is not the time for dissecting this non midfield we have and round pegs in square holes and how we are not utd ‘of old’ and how stagnant and static and all the adjectives we have become.

    Now is the time to figure out, HOW THE FUCK we are going to see this job out. I couldnt give a shit how we do it, JUST FUCKIN DO IT. Limp our arses through the finishing line, so fuckin be it. Cant have what happened you know when and you know how happening again. So its 2 wins needed, 6 points, NOT 11 points and 4 wins Toms. Bloody ell, its a good job we dont bloody need 4 wins.

    Our fixtures are much much tougher than those bitter cunts. They got bankers against norwich, wbrom, west ham all at home and Reading away. We still have wbrom Away and a small matter of Chelski and Arsenal. NOT easy. Hence it comes down to the Villa and Swansea home games for me. Villa fighting for there lives or not. WE HAVE TO WIN BY HOOK OR CROOK.

    Obviously what we really need, what we really bloody well need is Spuds doing us a massive favour. But they re most probs without Bale, Lennon, Defoe and Gallas this weekend. And they ve started doing there usual end of season top 4 choking job. And anyway would you trust that pile of shite Adebayor??!!

    Really need them to get something. Would really help us. Not holding my breath though and it feels we will have to do the job ourselves.

    Just please god, last year doesnt happen again. Was seconds/ millimetres away from painting my face on the rocks off that cliff last year. Dont think ill be able to stop myself god forbid if…………….

    Sorry for the morbidity lads.

    C’mon UTD, just do the job, however, whatever it takes. Like i said, now is not the time for recriminations. Lets recriminate until the cows come home in the summer, we ve got the whole summer for that. What we need now is the 12th man. OT a cauldron ala the Madrid game, an absolute intimidating cauldron and urge, push and inspire our lads, our team across that line.

    C’MON UTD!!!!

  2. suhayl says:


  3. suhayl says:

    Knew that Andy Caroll Jackson would have his best game of the season. Knew and said that Diame would be a beast. Knew those arseholes would reserve our game as there World Cup final.

    Yes we were uninspiring again. Yes our midfield bollocks. Yes we re static and turgid. Yes we ve got more square pegs in round holes than you can throw a stick at. Yes we are lightyears away from the free fluid flowing ‘utd of old’. All true YES. BUT lets leave all those post mortems and recriminations for the summer. We ve got plenty time then to spew and stew over it all. We can all have a biscuit and a brew and discuss and debate it all then.

    FOR NOW, its the job in hand. And a job far from over. I know we are limping and limping badly, i know the position and tactics are mind boggling esp this midfield hole. But whoever is playing, wherever, lets get behind the lads and lets fuckin get this job done. We cant change all those things. What we can do is get the job done by getting behind the lads. I COULDNT GIVE A MONKEYS TOSS how we do it and whether we limp like we ve never limped before. Lets just get it done. Ugly, beyond ugly, downright Tevez’s face ugly is fine by me. Just GET IT DONE.

    Those bitter bastards have some piss easy games coming up. Wbrom, West ham, Norwich at home and Reading away. And to be honest with you i wouldnt put anything on those Spuds doing anything, no matter how much i want them to do us a favour. Possibly no Bale, Lennon, Defoe or Gallas this weekend if still not fit, plus theyve started doing what they always do, there usual top 4 choking job come the end of the season. And anyway would you trust that pile of fuckin shite Adebayor??!!

    So to me, its about us. We HAVE to see this job out and see it out OURSELVES. And we aint got easy fixtures. Chelsea, Arsenal and Wbrom away. Hence Villa ( even if theyre fighting for there lives ) and if come to that Swansea at home are our imperative games.

    Like i said, it doesnt matter who, however, whatever. Lets just get it FUCKIN DONE. 6 POINTS. Not 11 points and 4 wins as you state Toms. Blimey Thank God we dont need 4 wins!!!

    Last year my face was seconds and millimetres away from painting those rocks a 100ft down that cliff. This year there wont be any seconds or millimetres god forbid if……………………

    SO, lets make the 12th man. its something we can do. Like me old mucker Giles always says, whoever is going to OT for the remaining games. Make it a sea of noise, make it an intense, hostile, intimidating CAULDRON. Ala the MADRID GAME. And lets push our lads, our boys, our team, our manager, our club over that fuckin line.

    C’mon UTD!!!!

  4. Rotegzy says:

    @ Suhayl. Thank you very much for such positivity. That was quite inspiring. Despite the fact that there is little to cheer about despite our huge advantage, you managed to squeeze out some positivity, thank you.

  5. denton davey says:

    Another distressingly feeble performance by some of UTD’s main-men.

    What were TheWayneBoy, Vidic and, especially, Rio on about for that first goal ?

    How easily was TheWayneBoy bamboozled by Mohamed Diame for the second goal ?

    How many long punts from defence from Rio ? How many hopeful long-balls from MC16 ? How many give-aways by TheWayneBoy ?

    AND, with all regrets, I don’t know how anyone could taken anything positive from AV7 – yes, he scored an open-goal, tap-in for his first goal of the season (his first goal of the season !) but he was mostly just not good enough – not completely useless like Ashley Young but NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    UTD are at a curious juncture – with all the moaning, it’s important to not forget that the lead is still double-digits. And that’s just amazing considering how lacklustre the quality of play has been. As well, SAF’s “loyalty” to TheLegend is equally amazing – especially when he brings on Giggs and takes off KagawaBunga who was directly responsible for both goals.

    The remnants of the really-great 2008 team (Rooney, Rio, Vidic, Giggs, Scholes, Evra, and Carrick) are now in various stages of decline.

    The NextUTD (DDG, Welbeck, Rafael, Jones, Smalling, Chicharito, Kagawa, and Cleverley (?) ) are in various stages of ascent.

    What makes this transition so troubling is that the “middle-aged” players which was supposed to be led by Rooney (Evans, Valencia, Nani, DarrenFletcherinho, and Anderson) have not exactly covered themselves in glory.

    SAF has a big, big job ahead of him in getting “the transition” back on track. This really is a situation in which you can argue about a half-full glass as convincingly as a half-empty one.

  6. giggs11 says:

    Any idea how many games each player has played this year, get the feeling SAF is rotating so that as many players as poss get a winners gong.

    What’s the minimum, 10 games. How many are the fringe players on like Jones, Nani, Young?


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