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LIVE BLOG: Wigan 0-4 United FT

Van der Sar, O’Shea, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, Carrick, Scholes, Nani, Chichartio, Rooney.

Bench: Kuszczak, Brown, Fabio, Rafael, Gibson, Berbatov and King.



  1. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    It’s really funny how war seems be on the verge on RoM when we win and put in a good performance. We’ve been collectively poor as a team away from home many times this season, and when we finally put in a good shift away from home, there are people saying Berba was terrible all this while away from home, and Gibbo is rubbish? Get a life.

  2. King Eric says:

    nani4ever – Fuck off you are annoying me now. And many others with your childish remarks. You werent even born in 99 I bet . Get over fucking judas Tevez as well. Like someone said its beacuse of Berbatov we are top.

  3. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Enjoying performances like today’s means that they have to admit they were wrong. ;) I don’t care. I allowed the Gibson and Carrick hysteria twice get to me. To each their own. In the end, and thank fuck for that, Fergie knows best.

  4. mattbw7 says:

    thats your perogative nana4eva but tell me did gibbo or berba play badly today and didnt your initial comment pre-judge them you knob

  5. King Eric says:

    Costas – Yeah mate but some of us are man enough to admit when we are wrong. I did with Nani.

    Anyway thats it for me. Our lass in Manchester all weekend and don’t have her blackberry and leaving work now.

    See you later.

  6. nani4ever says:

    costas@ what games were you watching gibson played well against Marseille, if that’s what you think then I’m spot on about mediocrity, this is not about glory hunting this is about continued excellence and playing at an high for which the greatest club in the world has always aspired to be

  7. YorYor says:

    Carrick, very very good game, as good as he was in THAT game against Roma. Could’ve got a free pass into goal had Fletcher spotted him just inside the box when the keeper spilled Nani’s shot.

    Nani might have been frustrating at times, but definitely a far cry from what Rooney was doing for the first 60 minutes.

    Those worrying about the midfield… worry about the GK spot first. Had Wigan put those 2 chances away first, the end result might have been very very different.

  8. willierednut says:

    Nani4eva = Micheal?

  9. Utd4life says: expect every Utd team to play like the 99 or 07 team is a bit too much..That 99 team is one of a kind..It will take time for us to reach that level but I’m happy with the way we are playing..Even with the fixtures and injuries fucking us up we are still top of the league, through to the FA cup Q/F and if our home form continues the way it has been we should be through to the CL Q/F..So chill and just enjoy the ride..

  10. willierednut says:

    Nani4eva = manunitedchampions08?

  11. King Eric says:

    willie – Yes mate. and manunitedchampions2008! I must admit I thought fergie is the boss was him but he actually talks sense. Oh those were the days.

  12. nani4ever says:

    they played ok and great unselfishness by berbatov i don’t hate the guy but he dosn’ t fit our system, in order to accommodate him we have to play a three man midfield because we cant play a two man midfield against a strong opposition, but he as improved vastly this season, but as for gibson i see nothing to look forward to no upside but a bit part squad player taking of space for the youngster.

  13. willierednut says:

    Nani4ever – You need to chill mate. What do expect, when the team has won 4 0 away from home and you’re complaining about certain players? A pat on the back? We all know the midfield needs strengthening mate. Be happy with result, for today at least.

  14. YorYor says:

    Oh, and those wondering what’s wrong with the boss for starting JOS and Chicharito, there’s a term called squad rotation. And he has just shown you why he is the one on the helms and not just another armchair manager. If you haven’t realised, it’s a tough 10 days ahead. We need all the freshness and squad depth we can.

  15. Xyth says:

    Yet another reassuring display from Smalling. Pretty son, Vidic-Smalling will be our first choice centre back pairing.

    It is ashame he did not play against the Wolves few weeks ago from the beginning of the match. I have no doubt that we would have not lost that match!

  16. mattbw7 says:

    nana4eva how the fuck you work out that the sole reason Tevez left is and for 30 pieces of silver is beyond me and is just you attempting to re write history, fact is Tevez didnt like being part of a squad whereas the berbs has been dropped for a couple of important games of late to suit Fergies tactical approach and he’s just go on with it and if you want to see fluid counter attacking play just look at berbas goal against Blackburn where he won a tackle as blackburn attacked played the ball to evra took it back passed to nani who crossed for errrrrmm oh yes berbatov to score, fuck you twonk

  17. Utd4life says: on about squad rotation mate..With the fixtures coming so thick and fast you need to use every member of your squad..If you constantly keep playing your best starting 11 then you are eventually going to get fucked..Just like Chelsea found out this season..

  18. willierednut says:

    Who the fucks complaining about Hernandez starting? lol. He’s given the boss a big problem, now. His two goals were top class.

  19. BerbaGod says:

    Costas – classic!

    You are entitled to your opinion, but its just the way you are putting them forward:
    “Chicharitoooo, yes! No more Berba for the rest of the season.. horaay!”
    Thats childish and when you consider how Berba has helped us this season, it leaves me dumbfounded.

  20. smartalex says:

    mattbw7 says: at 17:11
    nani4eva I think your name illustrates just how big a cunt you are, while he has been extremely good this year (and he’s still been bad on occasion) for the last two or three years he’s been as frustrating as anyone, yet you name yourself after him os one might think you might give a player a few breaks here and there but no you cant give berbs any slack at all, what a tool you are!!!

    Mattbw7 has really identified a core flaw in nani4eva.

    nani4eva has chosen a name that implies undying love and an unquestioning acceptance,
    and yet he doesn’t afford Manchester United that quality.

    Therefore, he is an imposter, pretending to love Nani, when it is really acceptance he seeks.
    But he hates having to admit that he’s needy, so he claims ‘ever-loving’ qualities while expecting us to earn his respect before he will be respectful.

  21. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    I can’t believe there’s an entire post game show dedicated to the Rooney incident. The dumb host asks for United fans to call in and tell honestly that it should be a red. Tell honestly that it was a red? How is that an opinion when your forcing your views on people?

    I need townsend off the tv now.

  22. nani4ever says:

    nani4ever is just nani4ever no one else he is just an over passionate supporter of the greatest club in the world, we are a club that is so illustrious and so rich in history, with probably the greatest manager of all time and we shouldn’t be settling for mediocrity, i know pogba and tunnicliffe are only seventeen but age is just a number and that’s around the same age giggsy and the great generation made there debut, i rather see the youngster blood and tried rather than a player with no upside.

  23. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Yeah mate. I admitted the same for Smalling after my initial fears. I am actually glad everytime a United lad proves me wrong.


    I think you might be on to something there. He has to be one of those two.

  24. Saad says:


    Allow me to rewrite the last part of your summary:

    Van der Sar reminds of us what we’re going to miss BAAAAAAAAAAAAADLY come next season!!!

  25. Raizzen says:

    Whats with the players bashing ? Sell him. Sell them. Carrick sucks. JOS sucks bla bla bla it gets tiring. At the end of the day Fergie retain those players and in return they repay his faith. Seen too much of the tragedy that you plastic fans are.

    I’ve said it far too many times and am not ashamed to say it again – If Fergie were to listen to the likes of you – we would’ve missed Nani’s creativity and Berba’s brilliance this season.

    So fuck off you. Whoever you are.

  26. Raizzen says:

    And whats with the medias ? Pointing Arsenal to ‘greater glories’ when we’re top of the League ?

    Fuck you ABU media cunts

  27. Costas says:


    Not to mention that he has as many assists as Bale and Nasri this season. :) Just awesome.


    Well said.

  28. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    @saad and Ryandunny

    Tell me about it fellas. VDS is gonna be a mega miss, and I can’t come to terms with it. The fact that he’s retiring hasn’t even sunk in, and here he goes making these fantastic saves, and it makes my situation even worse.

  29. mattbw7 says:

    can we all rename him NANA4eva a bit childish yes but he deserves it

  30. Paul Parker says:

    Very pleasing to see the Lads TURN UP today now I can swan off this weekend in peace. Hernandez looked the part again today, seems a good lad but tbh he’d be justified in wondering why the fuck he doesn’t start more. Proven Goalscorer. Good to see Gibson contribute to another goal as well. Based on current form alone he’s as entitled to a place in our midfield as Fletcher or Carrick. With the biggest games coming up its a shame theres a distinctly Anderson shaped hole in our midfield. But overall the whole team did well after midweek’s exploits, just hope Rooney shows more gumption at the Bridge… cos Gibs/Berb tap in aside, I wasn’t really convinced. And smile a bit more ffs your at United where would you rather be Son?

    As for Nani, funny thing is… how many games has he TURNED in our favour by cutting onto his left and scoring outside or just inside the box? You all love when it beats the Kepper no? Nani is justified to ‘take the ball on himself’ he’s our biggest threat after Berbatov ffs – and you can’t score if you dont shoot – so the popular chorus of ‘Nani pass more’ is getting a tad bit redundant fellas. Better sing him a fucking song first aye? Lol. He’s assisted more goals than anyone in the EPL and already has more goals than most strikers, so in my book he can shoot till he clicks fucking empty. Top player still getting better. For the skeptics, be patient, sit back, and enjoy the Nani show, cos half of you lot wanted him sold anyway. More to the point im sure Alec is telling him to shoot more hence his goal tally this season, so be grateful, I doubt we would be top without him this year. Having said that…


  31. nani4ever says:

    mattbw7@ every utd supported an even those who hate us knows that with the tevez/rooney/ronaldo combination we would have probably won 3 champions league, and for tevez to be in the most potent trio combination one season, and then all of a sudden to become a squad player the next season when he was part of a premier league and champions league squad winning team. but i admit there is more than one side to a story Sir Alex had the whole season to sign him but it was clear to every one that Sir Alex favored berbatov over him, all of that is past history now so i still support our players but it is just frustrating to see how we are playing this season especially away from home.

  32. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Can you believe it? “Chicharito looks like he enjoys himself but look at Berbatov, shrugs and looks like he wants to go home to his wife”-townsend. They call these idiots professionals? I’m gonna burst a blood vessel this way.

  33. smartalex says:

    nani4ever – greatly improved post at 18:11, thanks.

  34. smartalex says:

    Paul Parker – Excellent post, as always.

  35. Saad says:

    I can’t seem to make up my mind on whom United should get to replace VDS (I really dont like that nick, sounds like an unfortunate disease!).

    Neuer…got the rep (Germany No. 1, not too old, not too young)
    De Gea…got the talent but a bit too young
    Stekelenberg…got the experience (Holland No. 1 and from the same academy as VDS)
    Reina…..ooooooooohhh (dare i say anything about that!)
    Lloris…sorry, i’m not a fan of this guy
    Akinfeev…diamond in the rough???
    Buffon…I must be smoking something!
    Gordon…not big enough profile but another diamond in the rough?
    Mandanda…I like what I saw
    Enyeama…great in the WC but a BIG question mark

  36. Paul Parker says:

    nani4ever says:
    nani4ever is just nani4ever no one else he is just an over passionate supporter of the greatest club in the world, we are a club that is so illustrious and so rich in history, with probably the greatest manager of all time and we shouldn’t be settling for mediocrity, i know pogba and tunnicliffe are only seventeen but age is just a number and that’s around the same age giggsy and the great generation made there debut, i rather see the youngster blood and tried rather than a player with no upside.


    not sure who you are Lad, but from the responses you’ve received on here anyone would think you was Stalin.

    You opinion is valid, but think the reason Alec is sticking with what he’s got rather than blooding in new players… is due to his shrewdness. Why commit to change NOW when the season is just getting warmed up? For all we know, in the next couple of games Carrick could rediscover his defence splitting form of a few seasons ago, while Fletcher could return to last seasons best. Rooney rediscovered his form to win us 3 vital points, for example. Also, how can Alec fairly decide who stays, who goes, and who moves into the first team…. if he makes a premature decision in February? He needs as long as possible to judge his team. Playing for time and not being forced to make poor judgements is all part and parcel of team selection.

    Wait till Summer you’ll see what I mean – basically we shouldn’t be throwing in teenagers to win our 19th, that could fuck up their future development if we didn’t regain the title. Look at Rafa last season, he could have played more but Alec managed his development beautifully. He looks first team this year. So yeah mate, I agree young players should be brought in but only when the time is right. If we win anything this year, it has to be with the first team, Alec has to show that faith to the Established players first and foremost. But your entitled to your opinion to want more young players in the team, Obviously.

  37. mattbw7 says:

    Well we didnt have tevez last year you twat and our away performances where good, admittedly the injury to Rooney fucked our season cos Berbs didnt take the bull by the horns (and if you mention the blackburn game dont forget he put a chance on a plate for Tony V and he missed it, win as a team, lose as a team), this year berbs has played out of his skin at times so you cant mix our away form with just berbatov not playing well or tevez leaving. Fact is SAF wanted Tevez to stay but the greedy little cunt wanted to much coin than we where prepared to pay him and his fucking knuckle dragging entourage pissed off everyone around OT and by the way his contribution wasnt as great as you suggest, sure he ran round a fucking lot and won the hearts of a lot of fans but his end product didnt deserve it, he just couldnt handle being a squad player, we took the fat little twat from West Ham and gave him a platform and he fooked off to city (not to liverpool cos he didnt want to upset the UTD fans lol). And if City do finish in the top four they will cast their net over the top talent of world football and he will be a fucking squad player again, even mancini’s said he doesnt expect him to be there next season and you can bet your bottom dollar he wont be going back to argentina to be near his daughters.

    So fuck off nana4eva and come back when you know summat

  38. parryheid says:

    Wouldn’t bother my arse about action on Rooney knock it’s different this year to last when Rio copped it this year we are not coming under official scrutiny as our manager is biting his lip this season so were their pets.

  39. willierednut says:

    Paul Parker – Spot on about Nani. Just think if he was to get injured? Top player and growing with every performance. Just have a gander at his stats.

  40. Paul Parker says:

    …and who exactly did Andy Townsend suck off to get on television? Of all the retired players and ex-managers in the world of football smh.

    @smartalex – easy mate. Was cracking up at your posts the other day.

    Take it easy fellas! On to the Bridge!

  41. Paul Parker says:

    @willieredut. Your right, it literally wouldn’t bear thinking about if Nani was out, he’s been immense this year that shows good character. Cannot wait for Tuesday, then its Anfield, this is what its all about! Take it easy mate.

  42. mattbw7 says:

    Yeah him and southgate, what a pair of twats I almost dont want to watch United on ITV when these two clowns are on

  43. Saad says:



    (about Nani getting *******)

    P.S. Nani…PFA POTY

  44. mattbw7 says:

    mattbw7 says:
    Yeah him and southgate, what a pair of twats I almost dont want to watch United on ITV when these two clowns are on

    OOPS wrong thread!

  45. pmcelevey1 says:

    is Paul Parker a bit aggrieved hes not on mutv anymore, that he feels the need to come out with this shit??

  46. DAVE RED says:

    The best thing to do is treat everything said about United as a pile of shit,
    the ABU’s in the written and spoken media are a joke.

    I just dont bother anymore, talksport and ITV are the worst – both pathetic.

    The London press are all over Spurs and Arsenal, nobody mentions we have
    had a 25 point turnover with Chelsea in 4 months.

    We are the top goal scorers in the Prenier league, 4 more that the Arse and 20 odd
    more than the ‘great entertainers’ Spurs !!!!!!

  47. Limbu says:

    I bet he is a fan of barcelona also.


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