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CONFIRMED: Rooney signs new deal

Manchester United have confirmed that Wayne Rooney has extended his contract with the club.

“I am made up to be staying at United,” he said. “In August I will have been at the club for 10 years and during that time I have played with some fantastic players and won everything that I hoped I would when I first signed. I now have the chance as one of the club’s senior players to help the younger players coming through and to be a part of another great United team. The fans have always been a huge part of this club and the support they have given me since my debut against Fenerbahce has been amazing. I am very grateful to all United fans around the world for their continued support. I am really excited to be a part of the club’s future and want to thank David Moyes and Ed Woodward for their belief and support in me. I am convinced that this is the start of another successful chapter in Manchester United’s history.”

David Moyes is delighted that the striker has extended his deal, with Rooney also agreeing an ambassadorial role after he leaves the club.

“Wayne has been the best player in England since I put him into the Everton first team in 2003,” he said. “Since becoming United manager in July last year, I have enjoyed working with him and seeing just how he has developed his incredible talent. With his ability, his experience and his desire to succeed, he is a vital part of my plans for the future and I’m absolutely thrilled he has accepted the challenge. I said last July that Wayne has an outstanding chance to be a true legend of this club’s long and rich history. He is just 42 goals away from overtaking Sir Bobby as our record goalscorer and becoming the first United player to hit 250 goals for the club. These opportunities only come to special players and I’m confident Wayne will set a new record that will take decades to reach. These are really exciting times for everyone connected with the club.”

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  1. tallestreD says:


    Going by your deduction and the insane theory, SAF also performed poorly re Rooney contract extension. I don’t see why Moyes wouldn’t be proud of keeping hold of Rooney, buying Mata and Fellaini and also Januzaj then extending Nani’s contract. Or would you have preferred we did a Dortmund re Lewandowski?

  2. NairobiRed says:

    @Fletch Re: cutting Moyes some slack for signing Roo, mata and januzaj
    He may have got some bery big names to commit to united, but he did so by offering more money than anyone else, and promising an unproven 18yr old playing time. He basically did what city do to attract players only difference being, city have shedloads of cash and united don’t.
    I also don’t think you understand why Moyes is getting a lot of stick, it’s not because of his signings, it’s because he has united playing badly and getting mediocre results considering the squad he has. It’s not about who he has at his disposal, it’s about what h can get from who he has. A lot of people believe that even if we had Messi or Ronaldo, we’d still be a bit pants under Moyes, and that’s why he is getting abuse.

  3. VolatileKid says:

    @ the red devils

    He was younger, he had resale value then. And he wasn’t diminishing prospects of the team then. Now, Moyes wants to play him as a playmaker, that doesn’t work. He is a good striker, period. He is not a playmaker. He holds the team back when he is played as the playmaker, especially when we have players like Mata and Kagawa.

    Giving someone like Rooney special treatment, doesn’t bode well for the club in the future

  4. tallestreD says:

    He’s been here 10 years, and the club knows what they
    have in him. For that reason I consider it a wiser
    investment than spending that cash on a new
    signing that you have to hope slots into the club and
    meets their lofty expectations.

  5. VolatileKid says:


    He could become lazy and uninterested after getting that last big contract. Just imagine his touches get worse….

    Maybe a younger player with hunger for success would have been better. Also, announcing him as a future club ambassador could seem like a slap to many fans and players

  6. tallestreD says:

    Would you have we preferred we let him go? Whether or not he gets lazy is subjective. Right now, this very moment, he plays with more drive than anyone in the team.

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    300k a week = wild imaginations conjured up.. Rooney’s deal is likely packed with incentives, the club are probably paying a,fraction of his wages whilst the rest comes from sponsorships, commercial and image rights.. Besides united cannot afford to lose grip of power and a drop out of the top four and losing your top players is exactly what would have happened. People talk about earnings.. This is nothing compared to what’s to come, there will be a lot more over the odds,transfer fees and wages, only way the club will lure top players without champions league football. Consequences for lack of adeququate investment and the poor showing in the league. United are paying for failure and perhaps that forced investment can help the club make up the grounds if the manager can somehow get a grip.

    Fact is, rooney could easily earn more than he is getting, play champions league football and progress.. He didn’t need to sign the deal.

  8. VolatileKid says:

    I am all for keeping him, if Moyes stops sucking up to him. Its about long term future of the club, mate. I would want the manager to be the ultimate authority, but it seems to me Moyes lacks something in this department

  9. VolatileKid says:

    Simply put, i would want Moyes to have the balls to drop rooney or rvp, if necessary.

  10. The_red_devils says:

    @volatile kid, u said its unlike sir alex era, but my point is its happened in sir alex era, no matter he was young, he was better etc, the fact is sir alex gave him pay rise and kept him…. sir alex needed rooney that time, so he kept him, same goes for moyes now..also moyes hasn’t played him as a playmaker, we have played crossing game and in that system there is no playmaker. We will know next season what position rooney will play, whether a striker, playmaker etc..

  11. VolatileKid says:

    @ the red devils

    Good points, and u seem very hopeful about next season. I am not that confident with moyes though. I dont think he and his backroom staff are good enough to implement a good fluent style of football.

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Are united even playing system to utilise attacking playmakers?..To do so, the width has to be provided by fullbacks which is mainly what happens in modern football.. Secondly, rooney has played 10years at the club and has never once been pro-claimed as an attacking playmaker, he is an all round attacker and can easily blend with these players. United have far bigger issues than who plays at number 10.. An irrelevant matter at the top level. I’ve been watching games this season and bayern have every attacker and central midfielder all picking the ball up, taking responsibility, they all shared the creative and scoring goals. This showcases unpredictability, a priceless tactical method.. Only small teams grapple over who plays in the hole, top teams have various and in mata, januzaj, rooney and van persie.. You do have players, if played in the right system, can all share the duties.

  13. VolatileKid says:

    @ samuel

    Yes, that should be the system for a top team in Europe. But the question is, what system are we playing in under Moyes? Does this system reminds you of Bayern, or Stoke?

  14. sir liam matt says:

    Moyez should be sack as soon as possible, we all knw United under moyes and his pupets from Everton can not challenge the top clubs both in Europe and in England technically. So why dont the Glazers get both Louis van Gaal and Rene to United. Louis van Gaal has said he wants to coach in the Epl. I say will get him.

  15. The_red_devils says:

    @volatile kid, not too hopeful, haven’t seen much progress from moyes to be hopeful. But with the likes of De gea, jones, januzaj, mata, rooney as the core, we have got players to built a good team around under right management………
    @samuel, i am of the same opinion, some people think all the creative work of a team depends on no.10, although Rooney has played as withdrawn forward most of the time not playmaker, but i think he can do good job if played in right system. bayern’s 4-1-4-1, barca’s 4-3-3, in these system all forward players act as primary playmakers, i don’t know why peoples make it such a big issue.

  16. keanoisdaman says:

    usual mix of trolls,halfwits and know nothings I see……nobred what a bore you are…

  17. yugo44 says:

    Rooney is overrated

  18. tallestreD says:

    yes re the non reliance on a supposed playmaker and it should be a shared responsibility. But in all that a team has to have one particular they can count on in certain moments. One also has more of a responsibility in that regard. Players like Mkitaryan, Silva, Messi, Ozil, Mata, even Kagawa but to name a few.

  19. VolatileKid says:

    @ the red devils
    Even in teams with 3/4 floating/creative players, there is usually one player who spends more time in the middle and knit the play together. Mata can be that player, but it seems now that rooney is playing more centrally than mata. Moyes is trying hard to keep rvp-rooney striker-second striker partnership. Maybe that would work better with better centre midfielders, at the moment it doesn’t work. Bayern plays with 4 floating players infront of one holding mid, that gives them the option to play down the middle or use width. Moyes seems reluctant to give players such freedom, or use such system, even though we have creative players perfectly suited for that

  20. unitedyankee says:

    All this arguing about whether he is worth 300K a week isn’t the main point. The Glazers have taken so much from the day to day operating budget that we could have possibly kept Ronnie and bought newer players with the reported 600 mil they’ve paid in interest and such. The increasing salaries have followed oil rich owners AND increasing TV revenue. Champs league is critical to United’s business model for the glazers. Right now its 30 mil a year min, soon it jumps to 50-60 mil. So united absolutely need to be in champs league every year.(excluding ’14-15 ) The glazers are considering Rooney an investment towards that goal and worldwide he is well known. In the US he is probably the only player the non-footie american will know for united or EPL. So he helps for marketing.
    The big question is will Moyes be able to get modern football going with success as per @samuel and @volatile kid are discussing and get us back in top four and fighting for titles. I have my opinion and some may disagree. But how can united United be languishing btw 7-10th with the squad we have? I rewatch last years Villa game occaisionally when we are crap and Rooney was like a little kid when Robin scored that wonder goal to seal the title!! United need to get back to playing well as a team. Watching Moyes coach us the only thing I can’t wrap my head around is how the hell did he score 4 at OT to essentially cost us the title? It bogles the mind

  21. NairobiRed says:

    If Moyes has the balls and a bit of brains, once. Rooney signs, make him fall back and play in midfield. He has no option, he can’t leave, because no one would be willing to pay what it’d take to prise him out of uniteed, and if he does a tevez, the club can simply penalize him.

  22. Ian Nichol says:

    I have mixed feelings about this contract extension. The cynic in me says it is a very expensive way of taking the heat off Moyes by saying how well he has done to retain Rooney at the club. I don’t think there would have been a long queue of top CL clubs wanting to sign Rooney anyway with the exclusion of Chelsea. Nevertheless Rooney and his agent actually had all the bargaining power to extract £300k a week from the club as it would have been a PR disaster for Moyes, Woodentop and the Glazers if Rooney had left – the share price would have dived as the club was seen to be going into a period of decline without the ability to retain its leading players. Now Rooney has to show in EVERY game that he is worth the £300k a week not least if he is going to be club captain. Also he has to be a great role model for the younger players as well!

  23. wayne barker says:

    Just read Utd are going to offer Evra a one year extension be interesting to see if he accepts


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