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CONFIRMED: United’s Pre-Season In America, Playing Barcelona + Official Video

July 13 – New England Revolution – Boston

July 20 – Seattle Sounders – Seattle

July 23 – Chicago Fire – Chicago

July 27 – MLS Allstars – New York

July 30 – Barcelona – Washington DC

Official video

For more information or to purchase tickets visit ONEUNITEDUSA.COM/USATOUR2011, or email USATOUR2011[at]ONEUNITEDUSA.COM or follow ManUnitedUSA on Twitter.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Ghana v England for Danny,

    Double your salary at any prem club.
    Play for a team where there is comp for space and play in European Championships.
    Play most country games within 1-2 hours fly time of your club.
    Maybe stay a United player which won’t happen (IMO) if Danny with Ghana and the ACN

    Get called up for almost every unimportant match
    Play with a bunch of lads who few have heard of.
    Have to fly for an entire day for all competitions.
    Never play for home club within 3 days of a match for country (as we see for South American and Asian players with United)
    No boost in salary from any England or European based clubs
    Lost for 1-2 months every 2 years because of the ACN
    May loose United spot because of the ACN.

  2. willierednut says:

    Rai – Same here mate. If we could get Sanchez, I’d be happy. He can play two, three positions. A bit of a diver, but that would piss off rival fans, like Ronnie did for years.

  3. smartalex says:

    56 seconds, Nike Fotball- Inside The Pro – Nani Live The Dream, motivational , no football.

  4. Rai says:

    Fletchtheman –

    Ghana -> England

  5. willierednut says:

    smartalex – Henry will be having nightmares now lol. Keano!

  6. Rai says:

    Willie – Sanchez or Sneijder I’d be chuffed with. Young won’t ever be more than a good squad player at best.

  7. smartalex says:

    The Estonian Public Broadcasting have a serious report on Serbia’s game.

    In the second half, Estonia gained momentum, applying tough midfield pressure and creating one dangerous situation after another in Serbia’s end zone. On 84 minutes, Konstantin Vassiljev finally scored 1-1 on a free kick from 35 meters around the Serbian wall.
    On 93 minutes the ball crossed the score line behind Pareiko, giving Serbia premature cause to rejoice, only to be annulled by the linesman for a scrimmage violation.

  8. smartalex says:

    In another report, the only mention of Vidic was that he improved the Serbian defense.
    Serbia coach Vladimir Petrovic praised Estonia’s performance
    “Estonia can definitely create some confusion in our group. It may indeed surprise us all,”

    With scrimmage violation and premature annulments, there’s plenty of confusion already.

  9. StatesideAussie says:

    It will be interesting to see if the “targets” SAF alluded to are established players or more “promising youngsters”. I am all on board with the youth policy but with Giggs and the Ginger Ninja winding down, and plenty of very good (but very young) talent about to emerge from the academy, I would really like to see us get someone experienced in the midfield. I think we sorted for strikers, tbh. Goalie is an obvious one. I was a bit surprised about him mentioning central defense, though. I wish I had seen more of de Rossi. I’d like to understand more about what sort of player he is. I’ll keep an eye out on Fox Soccer for Roma matches, I know they show all that stuff and as I’m not traveling on business for a while, I may have time to watch it. He seems to be featuring big in all the rumors.

  10. StatesideAussie says:

    smartalex … vidic would improve any defense!

  11. willierednut says:

    StatesideAussie – Sir Alex didn’t mention any players, or positions. The guy who wrote the article said about a center half. Like you, I think we’re ok in that position.

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I think a central issue in the defense is whether Brown is staying. If Wes leaves then I feel that we could use one more. Feel that we will never see another full season from Rio and there will always be injuries. Even this year we have had to deputize Carrick into the back 4. That is just not good enough. Finding a player that will not demand a lot of first team games and is willing to take on a role like Wes Brown will be a challenge. I do think we are thin in defense.

  13. smartalex says:

    MG asks at 22:13 ” … Sir Alex is holding … Is that going to be the new away shirt?

    The picture was taken in New Jersey, if that helps.

  14. dannysoya says:

    Video was fucking epic. Good job to the makers of that video. Also i am very happy that Fergie has said that he thinks we can get at least THREE of our transfer targets. COME ON UNITED!!! LET’S BRING 19 HOME!!!! can’t wait for the summer.

  15. dannysoya says:

    sorry not fergie… SIR ALEX :)

  16. smartalex says:

    dannysoya, I think that Fergie is a great name for Sir Alex, meant with affection.

  17. smartalex says:

    I wonder, when we meet Barcelona in DC, if we will beat them for the second time in a row.

  18. smartalex says:

    28 minute video highlights, and brief match report: U18s beat Newcastle.

  19. Always Be Closing says:

    How much are tickets likely to be and how difficult to get hold of decent seats? I’m half tempted to jet over and get to them all.

  20. newtown_red says:

    Great to see some of the injured players get the game time before our match.Hopefully Park isn’t to rusty when he plays.And on the Ashley Young rumors,while talented, don’t think he will add much to the first team other than proper a set-piece.Hopefully we sign a CM with excellent free-kick deliveries.About time we start to punish sides for constant infringements that, at the moment they think they can get away with.Have a feeling it is Adler for the GK position.Don’t know why.And De Rossie, if Fergie is that sure of signing players in the summer.

  21. dannysoya says:

    i think this is an excellent article showing the fickleness of the british media and the Engeerland “supporters”.

  22. newtown_red says:

    Shit didn’t read the part where he emphasis young players.There goes my prediction.Will still stick with Adler though.Maybe Defour if has recovered from his injury.

  23. ancha says:

    surprised to see that SAF is going for 2 or 3 players then these must be either very young players with potential or experienced ones, if it is later then there will be some exits/retirement this summer from our current squad
    on sneijder rumour, here is a quote I picked up from some website its already old news I guess

    “The interest from Manchester United in Sneijder is real ,” Moratti was quoted as
    saying . ” But I didn ‘t look into it . My only interest is seeing Sneijder play here for
    many more years to come. “

  24. ancha says:

    adding to fletchTheman post, these are quotes of SAF on hernandez

    “I remember Paul Scholes saying ‘boss , he ‘ll score 25 goals ‘,” said Ferguson. ” I
    said, ‘do you think so ‘. He said ‘yeah, he ‘s got the touch ‘. So we had an
    expectation that he would score .”

    “When he first came in I think it was like every other young player coming from
    another continent to English football , it ‘s not easy . So there was a settling – in
    period allowing him to develop physically . Bit- by- bit , when we were bringing him
    on and he started to perform and score these important goals , you said ‘well, his
    rest period is over , his breaking – in period is over ‘ and he has been more regular
    and his performances have improved by it and he ‘s just done absolutely
    fantastic .”

    regarding his work ethic:
    “The boy comes in every morning at nine o ‘clock , does his gym work on his own ,
    joins in with the players at ten and then , after training , he practices with some of
    the other players. He has got the determination to succeed . He ‘s got the fire
    needed to be a top player”

    I feel that in next few years he will be natural heir to the line of players at OT who got idolized by the manunited folk not just for their onfield performance but for reasons beyond that

  25. ancha says:

    Hernandez played only the first half of their match vs Venezuela which ended as 1-1, both the goals scored in second half

  26. Devil310 says:

    Ferguson talks to ESPN about the treble, EPL, Smalling, Injuries, Chelsea, Strikers, etc…


  27. RED SAM says:

    Danny Welbeck became the 85th player to graduate from Man United youth team to international football since World War 2

  28. CedarsDevil says:


    Very impressive stat there mate. Any idea how it compares with other English clubs?

  29. newtown_red says:
    Can the media get more pathetic than this.For fucks sake, is true sports journalism dead.Fucking Wilshire in front of Nani.Terry?.He was part of the defense that was leaking goals left right and center.

  30. newtown_red says:

    The media are really trying to get to Nani.I say to them fuck off cunts.Keep licking the arse of the likes of Nasri, Bale and Wilshire.United players don’t need the hype.They win trophies.Doesn’t matter how good or how shit they are, they will always be above everyone else.

  31. newtown_red says:

    Not in the top 20.For fucks sake.Can’t even admit that he is among the best, if not the best.As United supporters we have to learn to accept that credit will never be given credit i guess.

  32. ancha says:


    that guy, Oliver holt is a.cunt of highest order, he is so immature and childish ABU, I have already used all of my abuse vocabulary on him and still I’m not satisfied with that, I think this is the same guy who did a very bitter piece on SAF and ManUtd few days back

  33. newtown_red says:

    Sorry, Ignore the last credit in my last post.Getting sleepy.

  34. CedarsDevil says:


    Well said mate, the media and pundits drool and have orgasms about every player who does not play for United… They can take Nasri, Bale VDV and Wilshere and shove them up their butts ….

    What the fuck have those achieved anyway? Bale & VDV have been missing since Dec, Wilshere is just a young over hyped twat and Nasri…. Do not get me started, hailed as the next best thing since Maradona or even Pele, give me a fucking break

  35. CedarsDevil says:

    Sorry forget to say morning all true REDS………….The rest? well you know, you can go and fuck yourselves

  36. newtown_red says:


    Mate, i understand that editors try to court controversy to sell papers, but do they have no limit.How can such a childish piece be published.Oliver Holt.Have to remember to ignore this guys articles in the future. Fucking want to shove a pen into my eyes.

  37. CedarsDevil says:

    People label us as the Red half of Manchester, I am sorry but that is completely inaccurate. For if there to be a ‘half’ then of course there needs to be another ‘half’
    When it comes to Manchester there are no halves, there is United and there is an insect, hardly a half I say or even worthy of any size to mention.

  38. newtown_red says:

    CedarsDevil says:

    Absolutely spot on. All they are operating on is the hype from the start of the season( i do appreciate that VDV and Bale are talented players who have helped their team achieve whatever the fuck they have achieved), but to be rated above Nani, taking into account the whole season, is just plain mental. And Wilshire, seriously.Talented sure.Bigger impact than Nani.Fuck no.And apart from a few individual highlights for the YouTube videos, what the fuck has he done for his team to even be considered on par with Nani.

  39. CedarsDevil says:


    Nani will NEVER get his recognition from the media mate simply because he is at United. Should we really care? NO

  40. redrider says:

    Nasri,Wilshere,Bale,VdV,the dog,the cat,my neighbour’s parrot,the goat in the farm,the beef in my refrigerator,the rat in the sewers,and last but not the least, the maggot living in Holt’s ass.

  41. King Eric says:


    newtown red – Hello mate. That Oluver Holt article is absolutely disgusting. What a snidey horrible little cunt. You only have to watch the long haired bastard on Sunday Supp to see his hatred for United. Who does he even support? Is it Stockport? What the fuck has Terry done? Nasri? How about the fact Nasri is a cheating little cunt who pulls hair. Hows about the disgraceful tackle by Carragher that he just glossys over? Pathetic journalism.

    I see the Sun once again referring to Fergie again as “Alex Ferguson”. Disrespectful tossers.

  42. smartalex says:

    newtown_red, good day. I think that we should not post links that direct traffic to ABU articles, as that is why they exist. The less people that attend such pages, the less there will be.

  43. newtown_red says:

    King Eric

    I totally agree with you mate.The lack of respect shown towards United is just petrifying.Its like we are just mid-table club trying to play with the big boys and have won fuck all.We are the biggest fucker there is.Fuck it.We will have the last laugh when we shove the 19th so far down their throat, so that when ever
    they open their god damed holes all that comes out is 19th, like the fucking puppets that they are.

  44. newtown_red says:


    Sorry bro.I know i shouldn’t be giving them the hits that they so clearly base their pathetic lives on.Just was overwhelmed with the garbage that they call fucking unbiased journalism.
    Probably will also ruin some of the contributors day.Again sorry about that to all those who may have visited the linked and vomited your breakfast outs.Good night.

  45. newtown_red says:

    From the South Pacific so a huge time difference.In case some of you wonder this weirdo is doing sleeping at 11 in the morning for.hehe.


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