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Corry: Big Bro Is A Big Help

Corry Evans, the younger brother of Jonny, has saluted the effect his brother’s career has had on his own.

Aged just 22, Jonny has over 70 United appearances to his name, as well as 19 International caps.

Corry, who is 2 years younger, has yet to make his debut for United, although has 5 appearances and 1 goal for his country.

“Jonny has been a big influence,” said Corry. “He made his international debut before he played for the United first-team and I am the same. Jonny was at Royal Antwerp when he made his Northern Ireland debut and since then he has grown and grown. It’s great having Jonny involved as well. We room together on away trips as well so he’s helped me settle in.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Dave Malaysia says:

    The Browns,Evans,Da Silvas,Keanes. The Barnes twins were on trial ,dun know whether they made it.

    8 guys = 6 defenders,1 midfielder, 1 stiker.

    Unless the Da Silvas become our wingers,as they were when we signed them.

    Wonder if anyone else has brothers like we do?

  2. LORD GAGA says:

    The only other club with Brothers is the Bitters – Their brothers are called Oasis and they are SHIT !

  3. Giles Oakley says:

    That was a cracker, Lord Gaga! Not only are they shit, they’re not on speaking terms – which is how it feels to be City….

  4. willierednut says:

    Brothers in arms.

  5. Drew Vader says:

    Nit picking but I think Corry is only 18 so 4 years younger….

    And Oasis had some great f’ing music. They might be city fans and half retarded, but Don’t Look Back in Anger is fantastic

  6. Scott the Red says:

    Drew Vader – Corry is 20.

  7. willierednut says:

    Na drew, definitely maybe is their finest album.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Hats off to the Mr and Mrs Evans for producing such fine boys and overall to United for having a system that nurtures family talents. It may only last for the youth team years, but I am sure the family support at United makes many parents proud and comfortable sending their boys off at such an outstandingly young age. Jonny since he was 16, Champions league squad since 17, senior debut at 19. Corry since he was 15.
    Jonny also has about 4 inches on Corry. Don’t know what that is about! Must have been proper mayhem at their dinner table. Seems like Jonny got the best of those tussles!

  9. King Eric says:

    Definately maybe was decent. Rest are shite. Ian Brown fucking wannabe’s.

  10. willierednut says:

    King Eric – Surely you jest? Definitely maybe was more than decent mate. Liaim styled himself on Ian Brown, but Noel’s idol was Johnny Marr.

  11. Thabsheer says:

    @ Dave Malaysia dont 4get we had the nevilles!!!!

  12. King Eric says:

    willierednut – Yes mate perhaps I did do it a dis service. Probably one of the finest debut albums of all time. It was fresh on the back of the dance scene in 93 which I DO miss! Out of interest mate how old are you?

  13. willierednut says:

    King Eric – 33, but I feel a lot older lol.

  14. King Eric says:

    Willierednut – Cheers mate. similar to me. I am 35 nearly 36! By the way I AM a married man and not chatting you up!

  15. willierednut says:

    King Eric – LOL.

  16. Drew Vader says:

    Scott — my apologies. I stand corrected. Thats the last time I rely on something i read in a tribalfootball article.


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