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Dalglish: Fergie On The Phone Straight After Hillsborough

Kenny Dalglish has revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson was one of the first people to offer his help to Liverpool after the Hillsborough disaster.

“When the Hillsborough disaster happened back in 1989, Sir Alex Ferguson was straight on the phone to offer his help in any way he could,” Dalglish said. “People out there have different opinions about him. Some love him, some hate him, but when something terrible happens, like Hillsborough, Alex is one of the first asking what he can do. So although there is an intense rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool, it would never prevent Alex from offering his assistance, which is exactly what he did back then.”

Dalglish has also reflect on the chants that go back and forth between United and Liverpool fans about Munich and Hillsborough.

“These chants, on both sides, are absolutely scandalous,” he added. “Unless they’ve actually been through something like that, they can have no comprehension of how difficult it is for the people involved and the families affected by these kind of tragedies. Although there is no love lost between United and Liverpool, there is an underlying respect for each other, even though at times it might be through gritted teeth. That’s why I don’t think there will be a problem at Anfield tomorrow.”

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  1. Zibbie says:


  2. King Eric says:

    Scousers were calling Talksport yesterday in their droves to praise Fergie. Funnily enough saying this exact thing. They may dislike him but they respect him, even moreso now.

  3. Chanter says:

    Let’s make Sunday yet another special day !

  4. Doghouse says:

    I hope that Sunday will be a good day to really if not bring Liverpool and United together, at least raise the level of respect to a better level. The atmosphere in recent games has been properly toxic and nobody wants to see that.

    The United fans at Anfield are representing the football club and their conduct will be judged. They have to deliver nearly as much as the players do. If they come out acting like a bunch of tools it will reflect badly on us.

  5. goatinaunitedshirt says:

    It was also Liverpool first on the phone to Jimmy Murphy asking if we needed players to make up a squad, they offered anyone from their reserves.
    So we are all nice people really even if we do make the odd tasteless joke or act. The important thing is, those with a brain and influence who run things do so, and the idiots stand on the terraces. Dont be surprised what comes out an idiots mouth.

  6. Mahesh says:

    Well done SAF! Well done Kenny Dalglish! and well done the scores of United and Liverpool supporters I see all over doing their bit to cut out the fruitless hatred. All the haters, suck on a lollipop…its football, its fun, there are more important things in life…grow up, develop some perspective…

  7. ak47 says:

    that cunt Rodgers saying that Liverpool fans have been exceptionally well behaved over the years! – yeah! tell that to Tom Adeyemi!

  8. utd will never die says:

    @utd till I die if you want to pass comments on what other posters have said maybe understand what’s being said before putting words in their mouth and then going off on your own tangent,I did respond on the Fergie thread.thanks

  9. Birty1987 says:

    I am a big man united fan and go to all home home games and away champs league. If any united fan makes a scandalous chant then they should be banned from every game and be fined 20k

    Same applies to Liverpool fans

  10. singo says:

    Tom Adeyemi..? This is about the two sets of supporters drawing a line under things, why bring him up..?

    Unless you want them to stop calling us mancs ffs..

    No cahrge was ever brought against anyone and Tom looked a tad sillty tbh.

    Up the North..!!

  11. Birty1987 says:

    Let tomorrow be bout football and not about the hatred. Lets be united together in memory of all those that lost their lives on a tragic semi final. They will always be remembered. I just hope there is no more scandalous chanting as we will never hear the last of it. We’re man united and the whole world will be watching

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fergie might seem a ruthless dictator and whatever else he gets accused of but as a man, he is an epitome of class.

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fergie might seem a ruthless dictator and whatever else he gets accused of but as a man, he is an epitome of class….

  14. Costas says:

    And Liverpool fans have showed their appreciation for dear old “whiskey nose” ever since…

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    These are the things we need to do at anfield. 1. Don’t get caught up in the emotional match, keep a good temprament. 2. minimise sloppy mistakes, let’s not aid them on the pitch 3. Have to defend resolutely and form a huge resistance as a defence 4. Have to control the tempo in midfield, work harder and match their intensity 5. united need to be clinical in front goal, no time to fuck about and finally, we require a lot of fortune in this game and united have to fucking turn up.

  16. Yes I'm a Scouser says:

    This came up in my news feed and I have to say all of you who post the respectful comments and want to have a competitive but somewhat friendly rivalry are the true fans. Of course we don’t like each others club and some of each others players but that doesn’t mean we have to hate each other as people.
    I’m pretty sure a lot of you are bound to be nice people and I don’t see why, when the match has finished we, as fans, can’t be able to be friendly, have nice banter and and actually treat everyone as a human being as opposed to being hostile, spiteful and vindicate purely because of the badge on ones shirt.

    On the topic of Alex Ferguson, I do dislike him, as he has been portrayed in the media and not having actually met him, but I have an unending amount of respect for what he has done and who he is as a person.

    I apologise for intruding on a fan site but I feel that we are all as fans finally starting to leave issues on the pitch and it is welcoming.

  17. unitedunitedunitedunited says:

    We stopped hating them when we got pass 18.

  18. Fuck the rat eating cunts says:

    1 min silence, then let hell commence……..evra evra evra evra

  19. BrightonCynic says:

    I don’t think you can call yourself a football fan if you hate your rivals more than you love your own club, which is what makes singing about Liverpool during a home game to Wigan in the week of the Independent Panel Report so open to opprobrium.

  20. OHH AHH Cantona says:

    There won’t be any trouble at the match tomorrow. I have the utmost faith.

    But more importantly I don’t have as much faith in the result

  21. yustaq says:

    We’re not in position to hate liverpool, cos we’ve got what we wanted. CHAMPI9NS!!!
    Hopefully hernandez A̶̲̥̅̊nd̶̲̥̅̊ anderso start
    Looking forward to the match…
    After all It’ll be the same hold story” UNITED WON”

  22. AP 43 says:

    @ak 47

    Tom Adeyemi!

    He’s the Oldham player who accused a fan of racially abusing him wasn’t he. No one was charged because nothing of the sort happened. He’s lucky the bloke that got ejected, arrested and had his name dragged through the mud didn’t bloody sue him.

  23. yustaq says:

    @AP 43

    Liverpool official confirmed the incident and was investigated, but nobody got punished i think
    i could remember verily liverpool won 5-1.

  24. Doghouse says:

    The reason to sing about Liverpool during games against other teams is that Liverpool are the opposition in the grand scheme of things. We’re beating Wigan so we can get further ahead of Liverpool in the league title wins, so we can get into Europe so we can get more European Cups, so we can consolidate the perch. Liverpool are the only other English club even close to us. You look at who has won what, it’s them and us.

    We look at Liverpool now and we can laugh, because they’re shit. But they are not some no mark outfit like City or Chelsea or Leeds. They don’t owe their success and fortune to some foreign cunt who struck oil. They are a proper football club and they won’t stay down, and you know what? We’ll not be on top forever. We’re enjoying a golden age, but that’ll end one day. We’ll be battling over that perch for as long as there’s a perch to battle over. Liverpool won’t vanish into obscurity like Forest or Leeds, they’ll always be big, they’ll always have that history of greatness.

    Frankly I think it’s important to respect opponents, if only because if you don’t have respect for the opposition pretty soon you realise there’s no reason to respect yourself. Do we really want to be some sort of Harlem Globetrotter outfit, travelling around the country hammering a bunch of no-marks every week? No. We should want a real challenge, and not the sort of challenge that comes when an oil billionaire decides he wants a new hobby, the sort of challenge that started a hundred years ago and that won’t ever end.

    We Will Never Die. And neither will they.

  25. Mclovin7 says:

    Guys I am from the Shetland Island and I am a big Man Utd fan. If you hear any chumps shouting hillsborough chants i hope u tell them to shut the fuck up. Tey have to think of it the other way how many of them would like to konow there brother/mother/dad/grandad could have been saved. We have had our own tragedy and the scousers will entice the utd fans to sing hillsborough songs but don’t get sucked in. They are born and bred retards. Anyway guys wish i could be there but it’s a rip off trying to get to this sort of match and always is for any match because i cant get tickets. Have a good time and spur the guys on to ram it right up the scousers!!!!!!!! Manchester United forever

  26. Capitano says:

    I don’t trust Liverpool fans even one bit, think this a setup, and might provoke us to see how we react. But whatever may, we should remain calm !

  27. Redharry4life says:

    Doghouse during Liverpool’s golden period they were bankrolled by the Moores family of Littelwoods Pools fortune, so they did have their sugar daddy as well. We on the other hand have only had a bunch of parasites going back to the Edwards family, the “shareholders” and now the Glaziers. All using United as the Golden Goose to line their own pockets.

    Football fans, including the Liverpool fans have been singing about Munich for decades before 1989, and nothing was ever mentioned about it. And they will continue to sing about Munich!

    The 96 that died at Hillsborough were victims, it was never their fault.

    So come Sunday lets show them the respect they deserve. I know our travelling support will show that respect and do us pround.

  28. ak47 says:

    Re: Tom Adeyemi, if memory serves me correct the fan was not convicted in the court of law as there wasn’t enough “evidence”. Liverpool fans at the time said to have heard him and pointed him out to the stewards straight away.

    If we go by your logic – this must mean that JT is innocent. I don’t have any faith in our justice system.

  29. Eric L'edieu says:

    You say its about drawing a line under things.
    After reading all the threads omitted here today i popped omitted a Liverpool one earlier, out of interest to gauge their views on this.
    In fairness to the bloke who wrote the article, he was a little concerned suarez hadn’t directly confirmed to rodgers he would shake evras hand, despite being confident he would.
    Well dear old kenny thought that.
    Anyway, being just an emotional day for them, moving on etc, feel free to read their responses on the link below.
    I would say it them being the victim yet again, but apparently that classes me as somebody who mocks the dead & sings about Hillsborough, something I’ve never done, nor ever would.

  30. AP 43 says:

    It never got to a court of law because there was no evidence. Liverpool fans pointed out the person who had shouted something out and he was ejected and then spoken to by the police. He wasn’t charged because when the people who were standing next to him were questioned they said he hadn’t said anything of a racist nature.

    The bloke who got chucked out of the Liverpool v Man u cup game last year was convicted as was the Man U fan who shouted racist abuse at the Stoke game. The bloke in the Liverpool/ Oldham game wasn’t charged because there was no evidence that he said anything and to be honest it’s pretty desperate to try and make out there was.

  31. lethal says:

    @Doghouse you hit the nail right on the head there mate

  32. Mahesh says:

    @Eric L’edieu: I visited your link, and I seek the exact thing going on there that has happened on this site the last few days. nothing more nothing less. I see a lot of Liverpool supporters making a reasonable case for a Suarez-Evra handshake, and a fair few having a go at Suarez. Some have taken a moronic stand, but that is as true here as it is there. I just don’t see your point!

  33. Fuck the rat eating cunts says:

    Am sorry ppl died truly….but let not forget this is fucking Liverpool….al be fucking waiting for em…..let’s war commence

  34. Sarge says:

    Dedicated to my Mancunian/Salfordian friends. We are all the same, even though we deny it. Enjoy the game tomorrow, we hate you, you hate us, but lets move on. We have enough ammunition to aim at each other without true hate.

  35. Kagawa The Shirt-seller says:

    This is Anfield!!!
    You’ll Never Lose Alone!!!
    Whatever happened. I still hate them scousers shit. low class king kunt-ny.
    Can someone break the irritating buck-tooth of that piece of shit LS ???
    That will make my day.
    Giggsy to score to keep his record running.

  36. Utd4life says:

    I am not gonna preach on how our fans should behave tomorrow. It’s upto them to sort it out but I hope the match will be remembered for the right reasons. As a fan and as a player, these are the kind of matches you live for. We have not turned up at Anfield for the past 5 years. It’s time to turn over a new leaf.

  37. Miles says:

    Yup. The Munich and Hillsborough chants are absolutely scandalous… as scandalous as the wasteful amounts spent by Queen Kenny on acquiring a donkey (Carroll), a pair of mules (Downing and Adam) and a meek lamb (Henderson.

  38. Eric L'edieu says:

    Agreed, some of them are saying he should be decent, however there’s the majority still maintaining he’s done sod all wrong.
    As one said, he should shake evra, by the throat.
    All this despite the glaring facts of that case, and the fact that this, at the end of it, is THEIR day & occasion, not ours.
    The main theme, as played through the media, of all this build up this week has been about us singing Hillsborough songs & marring the occassion.
    However i do take your point.

  39. Eric L'edieu says:

    Though as i also wanted to point out, while you say it’s no different on here, while i hold my hands up to not reading every single post on here, i haven’t seen a single post from a utd fan saying cause deliberate bad blood early on in that Evra, who has now been shit on TWICE by Suarez, should not shake his hand. As i say though, i could be wrong on that.

  40. Kagawa The Shirt-seller says:

    The Script for the Handshake. Evra stretches out his hand to Shitrez. Lo and behold, he trips on his shoelaces and accidentally headbutts Shitrez. Those Trademark Bucktooth breaks and falls off onto the field. Ferdy picks them up and put them up for Auction on his Twitter.

    You’ll Never Lose Alone !!! YEAH !!!

    There’s only 1 RED TEAM. THE RED DEVILS….


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