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Dalglish Stirs More Suarez Trouble

Ahead of United’s game against Liverpool at the weekend, Kenny Dalglish has created even more ill-feeling by claiming that Luis Suarez, who was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra, shouldn’t have been banned.

“We don’t think he should ever have been away but we are delighted to get him back,” he said. “For me, Luis Suarez doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone at Liverpool FC.”

Ahead of the game at Anfield, Dalglish called for the players and fans to act in a “responsible” way. Evra was booed for 90 minutes by the home crowd and Dalglish incredibly referred to this as “friendly banter” after the full time whistle. Just like Suarez had used some friendly racism a few weeks before, I suppose.

It seems Dalglish’s fleeting moment of responsibility is well and truly out of the window though, with him now ludicrously claiming that the FA were wrong to ban Suarez.

There’s no denying that Dalglish heavily contributed to the rise of Liverpool Football Club. It is brilliant to watch him now contribute to their demise, dragging their name through the mud whenever a camera is put in front of him. I wonder what Shankly would think of them now…

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  1. JB says:

    Utd fans seem happy to take the overall verdict on face value, but not the FA and Evra’s assertation that Suarez isn’t a racist. How selective is that?

  2. Cadelin says:

    If he has served the sentence what the hell is to be gained by banging on about it so close to the first fixture when they will be face to face again, given that supposedly both clubs appealed for calm ahead of the fixture at the field.

    Its like arguing that “that was never a penalty last weekend”. If you can’t see that it is equally pointless and won’t change what has happened and that everyone should just move on, people like you are exactly why Liverpool FC and its fans have been shamed by not just the actions of Buggs Bunny but also the clubs reaction since.

    Playing the “Scousers are always victims” card just makes you more of a laughing stock.
    Nothing to do with “selective”.
    Just grow up and move on, like your manager seems incapable of doing.

  3. JB says:

    “Just grow up and move on, like your manager seems incapable of doing.”

    Haha. Coming from someone supporting the most childish 70 year old in the world, thats actually quite funny.

  4. WillieRedNut says:

    At least he’s not excusing a scumbag like Suarez JB.

  5. Cadelin says:

    So what exactly do you hope to gain from continuing on your soapbox over what has been and gone then JB ?
    What do you possibly hope to achieve ?
    Acknowledgement that everyone is against you and your kind ?
    If your manager and people like you “supporting” him keep up the whining, pretty soon everyone will be so good luck in the pursuit of your self full filling prophecy.

  6. Keanosdaman says:

    Most childish 70 year old??? fuck off you thick prick…we`re supporting the greatest manager the game has ever seen….and talking about childish managers,just look at kkkenny every time he is asked a question by a journo….what a twat he is,he has to try and come up with a stupid smarmy reply every time.

  7. Redbeard says:

    @ JB

    ‘Utd fans seem happy to take the overall verdict on face value, but not the FA and Evra’s assertation that Suarez isn’t a racist. How selective is that?’ – No more selective than accepting the FA and Evra’s assertion that Suarez isn’t racist at face value but rejecting the actual verdict of the hearings. See what I did there? There are 115 pages of evidence that your man used racially aggravated language and you only accept one line of it.

    ‘the most childish 70 year old in the world’? Why, exactly? Because he has abided by the FA’s request not to speak publicly about the enquiry? Or perhaps because he said that, in his mind the issue was done and he wanted to move on from it? Maybe because he wrote a letter to all the United fans attending the recent FA Cup match in the cauldron of sanctimony your club calls a home ground and asked them not to take part in any offensive songs or chants? Yes the man is an utter child isn’t he?

    Just out of interest, what evidence do you have that Suarez isn’t racist? Do you know him personally? Have you had a lengthy conversation with him about his views on race relations? Oh, I know, because his granddad was black, right? All that proves is that his grandmother wasn’t racist! What you seem incapable of understanding is that racism is not a cut and dry issue. Just because someone doesn’t wake up ever morning wanting to beat-up black people doesn’t mean he isn’t racist. He has played with black people throughout his career? If you follow that logic through to its ultimate conclusion then white plantation owners were not racist because they let black people in their house and let them cook their food. At the very least, we know that Suarez thinks it’s okay to tell somebody ‘I kicked you because you’re black’ and ‘I don’t speak to blacks’. These are racist statements. Anybody who thinks that its okay to use racist language, even in the heat of an argument, and that the other party has no right to be offended (which he obviously does, given his continued refusal to apologise) clearly has some rather unsavoury views on race, views that most normal human beings find disturbing. Kenny, who I’m sure is well aware of what has been said, also seems to think that Evra has no right to be offended by racist language suggesting that he too holds views that are way out of step with almost anyone doesn’t hold a cultish allegiance to LFC and, as such, deserves to be criticised.

    You seem keen on moral equivalence so let me ask you this; if you think that it is okay to use racist language to wind somebody up, why is it not okay to sing songs about Hillsborough just to wind some one up? Both are repulsive, in my mind, but surely the casual use of racist language has a far more pernicious effect on society, no?

  8. Cadelin says:

    O/T but Scott, can you tweak things again so the background isn’t red, its a bugger to read through the posts Chief.
    A white background for what has been posted is much more retina friendly.

  9. knightsmith says:


    I thought that was just me with the red thing, but I found if you refresh the page it goes back to the white background.

  10. Red Keighley says:

    JB on here as another Liverpool apologist trying to defend the indefensible. As much as I hate the scousers I would have respected them if they had excepted the FA verdict and then reaffirmed their supposed stance against racism and said that Suarez would receive guidance on racist language and insults within a British context. He has already spent 4 years in Europe so how the fuck was he not aware that using the term negro to a black person would not be seen as racist language.
    Which brings me to Saturday and the news that the FA will not drop the “hand shake” between the 2 teams at the start of the game. SAF is quoted in todays papers as saying Evra can rise above the issue and shake hands wirh Suarez. Personally I think this is putting Evra under too much personal pressure as Loserpool will use this to suggest that there was no validity to Evra’s claim because he has shaken hands with someone who supposedly racially abused him.
    In light of KKK’s total rejection of the FA’s conclusions and his unwillingness to accept that Suarez did anything wrong I would want the UTD players to show their complete support for Evra and their total opposition to racism by everyone to a man refusing to shake Suarez’s hand on Saturday. This would be an expression of solidarity with a team mate who has been racially abused and make absolutely clear that UTD players are taking an anti-racist stance.
    Remember the Specials song “If you have a racist friend now is the time for that friendship to end” as true now as it was 30 years ago!

  11. Pebblesmeller says:

    Redbeard, you articulate exactly what I want to say but so much more eloquent and concise. I, sadly, would descend into a haze of anger and end up calling kkkenny and his minions cunts. Repeatedly.

  12. Cadelin says:

    Thanks for the tip Keighley but sadly its all still red viewing (literally).

  13. Pebblesmeller says:

    Red Keighley, I agree totally with your view that our lads should, to a man, reject Suarez’ hand if the situation arises. I can see Sir Alex’s argument that for Evra to offer his hand would show him as the bigger man in the situation, however, given that Suarez has refused to apologise to Evra for racially insulting him, if Evra was to shake his hand it could present the image that it didn’t matter all that much to Evra after all. Utd and Evra have done nothing wrong, why should either party be put in an uncomfortable situation.
    Remember Highbury and the Viera tunnel incident? Remember how half the side refused to shake Vieras hand? Remember the signal that sent out and remember the destructive performance of that night? Same again please boys, same again.

  14. Pebblesmeller says:

    Also, I would love to see a massive banner flowing throughout the ground with a picture of our captain plastered on it. It would show our support for Evra, it would show the watching world of our, and the clubs, stance on racism and ultimately it would should the world that the real victim here is Evra, not Suarez. It would make Evra the headline event, not that rat faced scumbag.

  15. Redbeard says:


    You’re too kind! I understand the urge to use of the word ‘cunt’, though!

  16. redbilly says:

    he knows exactly what hes’s doing. Dont play into his hands by reacting the way KKK predicted., be you a fan manager or player. Fergie is the master of mindgames , so I suggest clown kenny shut the fuck up.

  17. redbilly says:

    Talking to a scouse loserpool fan today. He admitted him and many he knows will always support hi,m publicly but admitted , if he didnt play for Liverpool, we would call him a cunt too.

  18. Robbo says:


    Go back to Wankfield, we know there You Never Wank Alone.


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