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Danny Signs Extension With Club He’s Supported All His Life

Manchester United have today confirmed that Danny Welbeck has signed a four-year extension at the club to keep him with us until at least 2016.

“Playing for United is all I’ve ever wanted to do – it’s the club I’ve supported all my life,” he told the official site. “I can’t wait for the challenge of the new season to play my part in helping the team compete for trophies. I’m learning all the time from the best manager in the game and I’m keen for that to continue alongside the world class players in the squad.”

Sir Alex Ferguson reflected on Danny’s career so far but reckons we have plenty more to look forward to.

“Danny has been with the club since he was eight years old and has made fantastic progress in the last couple of years – first out on loan and last year as a regular in the first team,” the manager said. “He has become an important player at international level as well, as the maturity of his performances at the European Championships showed. This year is another important one for him. He has a bright future ahead of him.”

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  1. parryheid says:



  2. DreadedRed says:

    ‘parryheid’ means ‘nope’?

  3. wayne says:

    parry Sir Alex is saying no more signings not going to get the midfielder you wanted mate

  4. parryheid says:


    We’ll see,but if that’s the case mighty rough season ahead ,mo.


    nowhere close mate.

  5. UNITED4Life says:

    This midfield can’t win us the title then.

  6. parryheid says:


    Imo no but they can lose us it.

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    DreadedRed. Stewart Gardner tweeted that Angelo Henriquez will wear the #32.

    So, Angelo Henriquez will be the last signing according to Sir Alex
    That leaves Berbatov as the 5th? choice striker? and 4th choice Center back :lol:

    no seriously.

    Also, news from Pachuca that Herrera will remain their player but will eventually come to United (bit strange that?)

  8. UNITED4Life says:

    We have seen what a proper midfielder can do (against everton’s Feilani 2x). If we have him in the team i would be confident we will bring the title back to OT. i would say he could be out Toure, a goal scoring powerfull midfielder.

  9. parryheid says:

    Sahin is still available lol.

  10. United Till I Die says:

    Sure hope nobody reckons im a Rooney hater for saying he’s got no business turning up on day one overweight and unfit? Half you lot probably don’t understand the slang meaning anyway as its been gentrified beyond recognition. Just to be sure – criticising a player for smoking and drinking to excess isn’t considered “hate” to most normal supporters (ffs).

    Perhaps some of you have forgotten that Fergie was the first to throw out the deep fried menus and put a stop to the daily piss ups at OT? Fergie has also spoken more recently about modern players smoking and from what I recall he basically called them something equivalent to “twats”. Needless to say he’s SPOT ON.

    As for the blind acceptance of all things Wazza, the idea he works harder than most is a myth, probably perpetuated by him huffing and puffing every 5 minutes. The whole squad runs 10K meters per game on average and Carrick and Giggs cover more ground than Rooney. Those two are 31 and 38 and personify professionalism, so is it “hate” to question why a 26 year old lad is less fit than his much older team mates?

    Look, after 8 years I too hope Rooney has a third season of scoring more than 20 EPL goals but the quality of the EPL isn’t decreasing fellas. On average the modern defender is a young strapping 6ft lad with zero body fat who eats and trains right and doesn’t smoke. Rooney reckons he’s got 10 years left to play at the top but if he doesn’t pack in the booze and fags he won’t be good enough for a top four Club within 5 years (imo).

    Pointing all this out isn’t “hate” ffs its showing concern for a United player on a United blog. Big difference.

  11. Adam says:

    Question. What do you guys think will happen and what will it mean to you if we see a repeat of last year this season.

  12. utd_fc says:

    United Till I Die

    Are you seriously telling me that Giggs and Carrick have a higher work rate than Rooney? I’d like some stats to back that up because i have a hard ass time believing that. he’s drops into the midfield because we get outplayed there so we need numbers to help things turn our way, and then he runs all the way up to the end of the pitch to try and score or create a goal scoring opportunity.

    He looks huskier than before i’ll give you that, but to say he gives anything less than a 100% effort is total BULLSHIT. His goal scoring record speaks for itself, now i dont give a fuck if that includes penalties or tap ins, because those in themselves aren’t just handed to you those are goals earned. He starts moves and more often than not finishes them.

    Just because he exploded onto the scene as an 18 year old people think oh he’s losing his initial flash or he’s getting fat. He hasn’t lost anything, he’s grown into whatever kind of body type he has, and defenders show him much more respect in terms of when they’re marking him and defending against him ie they don’t allow him the same kind of space because they know what he’s capable of.

    You may be showing concern or voicing an opinion but my opinion is that I’m honestly all too tired of hearing everyone just pile on their team concerns on the shoulders of one man. People here saying he thinks he is the team, well where do you think that attitude came from? Fans all over have piled all their ambitions and hopes on him, and i commend him for taking on the responsibility like a man. Woulda been captain after Vida too if he hadn’t pulled that ambition-gate stunt, but hey, everyone makes mistakes. I might have forgiven him for it, but i haven’t forgotten it.

    Regardless of all above, i’ve always seen a top player in Rooney, a top player who is always dependable and steps up for the big occasions when his team needs him. He pulled that BEAST of a winner against City, he started and finished the goal-scoring move against Barca. He’s wrecked Chelsea, Poo, Arsenal etc etc etc over and over again.

    And people call for him to be sold. FFS, one poster here actually was suggesting that we sell rooney for 60-80 million so we can buy Neymar. God, I swear the dumbassery of people never fails to astound me.

  13. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    United till i die

    Your post makes no sense, Fergie picked him if he was unfit and over weight why was he picked?

    We have strength, conditioning, fitness coaches galore so if thats the case why was he selected?

    No one is saying the hate mob disputes it, when people say sell him he is done is a hate mob. KNow the difference for fucks sake

  14. Capitano says:

    off topic abit,, Mankini now claim Liverfools can win the title?? “has he been dancing naked or what? thats must have been the sounds of his balls„

  15. utd_fc says:

    And PLEASe, people calling on us splurging to buy Fellaini? You know how expensive that deal is gonna be for us? Buying from a premier league rival? He might have played well against us, but both times it was against weak defenses and midfields. Not every fuckin player can make the jump from mid-table club to a top club.

    What if we get beat by Norwich or someother team like that next? Should we start buying players like Pilkington too?

  16. utd_fc says:


    Finally someone who speaks sense.

    Cheers to you mate.

  17. TheCANTONA says:

    Sell Rooney buy Andy Carroll! Come on Ferg Do the right thing at least this once time!

  18. slim says:


    I do. He’ll trap a ball no problem. We’ll see that after he’s got 2 games under his belt but you’ll hardly see him use it to beat a man- the last man.
    I’ve argued hes more than a CF but that argument is shot down to.e and time again. Fair enough. Now compared to other CF who make their name in banging goals, he has so.e work ahead of him.
    Don’t like calling names butook at the likes of RVP,Aguero,hell our former strikers. Rudd,Ole,Cole.
    They all used it to their advantage aplenty.
    All the I’m stressing is the boy could and should be so much more and if he doesn’t buck up someone else will take his place. With regards to selling him like some have touted on here,I wouldn’t go that far,unless he’s unhappy in which case they’d be no point keeping an unhappy player. Looks happy enough to me though

  19. United Till I Die says:

    @ utd_fc –

    Calm down, and cut out the insults. You sound naff. If you want stats go look them up, but im telling you Giggs and Carrick last season did more running on average than Rooney, and all our outfield players averaged 10K meters a game.

    @Giggs12 –

    My post makes sense, you just disagree with it. See the difference? Also mate I’d like to respond to your post but im not 100% sure what your point is? Re-read your own words and you’ll see its not the clearest opinion in the world mate, and im not being funny. Theres no point answering your question if im not 100% sure what your on about. Also, use a different term to “hate”, theres nothing worse than words being appropriated AND THEN used inappropriately. In any case I ain’t a “hater” fella, trust me.

  20. United Till I Die says:

    @Adam – a lot of things happened last year, be specific. Or do you just mean City retaining the title?

  21. slim says:


    Yeah that’s right. Label me as one of the haters.
    I may be overly critical of the lad but it’d because I followed his career since his Everton days and I for one am slightly disappointed with the way he’s turning out.
    Think back to the debut against Fernabache. Now that was the Wayne we know and love. Don’t see much of that these days.

  22. slim says:

    Fair one. We’ll see how he performs now we have a striker in RVP and a number 10 in the shape of kagawa. Early days yet but I reckon Danny got a better understanding with Shinji.
    SAF’s the manager. He says everything goes through Roo. No problem. Doesn’t mean I agree with him or think we’re doomed if he’s not playing. On the contrary I think we’d do just fine. Lost Becks ,we came up with the goods,lost Rudd and we got Ronaldo raping defenders. IF we lose roo, we’ll be ready.
    More than anything its the psychological blow that I’d be more worried about if he chose to leave. But like I said above I don’t see that happenings.
    What I would like to see is more options being shown by the gaffer. I mean we all realize we have 5 senior strikers who in their own right could have a team like ours built around them

  23. UNITED4Life says:

    utd_fc says

    well we lost against wigan and no body wants us to sign one of their MF but htis guy has been consistetly delivering for his team and am sure will even get better if he come to United. imo he is better that what we have puls at the right age (25/26?). btw everton is not our rival and won’t be as hard as buying a player say from chelsea, city or arse…

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Can you let the felliani thing go? FERGIE isn’t interested for fuck sake. Anyone would think he’s comparable to rivaldo. The belgian is a big lanky pole, that’s his main asset. His touch isn’t bad and overall a decent but everton use him well by lumping long balls to him.

  25. Devil310 says:

    I can see where United Till I Die is coming from…

    I can agree that Wazza’s work rate has decreased compared to his younger years when he would go chase after the ball, would be making runs all game, and he would be actively attacking and defending throughout the 90mins. Yes, he has tone down this part of his game that most of us felt in love with, and that’s probably what United Till I Die is trying to say.

    On the other hand, today’s Rooney still covers more ground that most strikers. Whether this is due to cigarets or alcohol….maybe. Those that saw George Best on a week to week basis might want jump in and confirm how these thing can fuck up a footballer’s energy.

  26. parryheid says:

    I wouldn’t like Fellaini or his type of player at Old Trafford,but I would like someone who can stop him an his type getting at our back line as is frequently happening.And it’s not happening because of his sublime skills.

  27. slim says:

    Felliani ain’t gonna happen. I think moyes would kill if he was sold,then again if the big buck comes Fuck all he can do.
    Defenders getting back sharpish should be the priority. Seems SAF has his mind set on the midfield issue. I just hope we don’t go trying to turn players into something they’re not. Saw a post about slotting kagawa I. MF with clevs or Carrick. Fucking suicide that. Goi g forward,with the players we’ve got. It’s gotta be a 3 man midfield. With Carrick being the first name in that area

  28. fergie is the boss says:

    samuel – united WE stand – I also think the boss needs to get rid of the outdated wingplay system, which has not served us well since 2011. Like I say, if the boss really wants to try and do what barca are doing, then no more wing play. Start using a diamond midfield 4 and front 2 of

    scholes cleverly
    rooney RVP

    I think that is the way to go, 3 very good footballers, with kagwa playing off rooney and RVP

  29. fergie is the boss says:

    slim – Like I have said, to get the best out of both kagwa and RVP, we need to ditch wingplay system, and get fullbacks to add to the wingplay. Barca and spain do not play with wingers, its all central players, it may make us narrow, but I do not see how wingers can fit into today’s system. Nani is not pulling down any trees, young is in and out, valencia has been the only one worthy of playing. If we want to truly solve the midfield problem, and continue to play rooney and RVP upfront, I say go with the diamond formation

  30. United Till I Die says:

    @GIggs – I may as well take a guess at what you’re saying as I won’t be back on here till after the match mate. Alex has said time and time again Rooney is a player he’d select even when he’s not 100%… but time doesn’t stand still so I doubt an unfit Rooney will get the nod ahead of Welbeck forever pal, let alone a fully fit RVP. All im saying is time (and fags) will catch up to him if he doesn’t take his health and fitness far more seriously (like Valencia or Carrick for example) and if you think otherwise thats your opinion.

    Laters mate.

  31. DreadedRed says:

    The first Fulham thread is up.

  32. United Till I Die says:

    @Devil310 – mate I just wanna see him take his football as seriously as Ronnie does. Even with all the goals he scored last season no United supporter can hand on heart say Rooney was in the shape of his life because he wasn’t. His touch was off and he’d lost a yard of pace, and these things don’t tend to improve with age. Like many supporters I guess im just anxious Wazza is happily pissing his talent up the wall, so I sincerely hope im wrong. And your right, none of this is “hate”.


    Tell me about it. When you say “the Wayne we know and love” I know exactly what you mean mate. AND SPOT ON at 17:18 that is the point I’ve been trying to make to no avail. That post sums things up perfectly. Lets be real, unless you keep a small dog in a handbag since when is constructive criticism “hate” ffs this is a FOOTBALL BLOG ??? You gotta laugh!

  33. iced earth says:

    i think we are short in midfield,if carrick is injured then we will be in trouble
    maybe sir alex have plans,anderson will not progress i am not convinced with his attitude,hope fletcher can return to his best
    Felliani will not happen but i think he is exellent and can devlope into one of the best he is still young (24years)
    i think dembele or herrera will join us in january window

  34. Adam says:

    United Till I Die
    I mean having a similar outcome in all competitions we’ve entered.

  35. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    United till I die

    I think my post makes perfect sense so need to add anymore. If I feel I want to use a word I will pal.

  36. United Till I Die says:


    Its all well and good having a precocious talent who can pull off moments of magic even when lacking fitness but Rooney isn’t a youngster any more, and his constant “evolution” every season isn’t necessarily a good sign. Tbh I find it hard to say he’s “improving” each year just because he’s scoring more, and thats NOT ignoring his goals as I do appreciate his contribution to the Squad. Im just not burying my head.

    Last season and 2009/10 he scored more goals than ever, but its no coincident Valencia joined at that time and Nani started leading the EPL assists table. No player in the league assists more goals than Nani full stop, and between him and Tony no other players have assisted more goals since 2009.

    That basically means those two could join any Club in the land and bring their combined 20 plus assists with them. So when you look at the reality of it I guess you can either say Rooney is improving every season as a striker OR our delivery from the wings has improved and Rooney is merely benefiting as our main striker.

    Tbh Its probably a mixture of the two, but if I had to choose there is no way I can bury my head and ignore the fact Tony V and Nani assist more goals in the league than anybody else. Imo ANY half decent striker could convert the constant stream of crosses from our wingers. But thats just my opinion, and it certainly doesn’t make me a “hater” unless you’re Tim Westwood.


  37. DreadedRed says:


  38. United Till I Die says:

    @Adam – I’ll come back to that later

    @Giggs – come off it that post made no bloody sense grammatically. But no worries enjoy your evening.

  39. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    United till I die

    I think my post makes perfect sense so need to add anymore. If I feel I want to use a word I will pal. My point was clear I stated posts who question him are not the hate mob, its the ones who want him to leave re read it mate.

    Fergie can say all he wants if he picks an unfit that’s his fault. Rooney has never had the physiological make up of Giggs, Valencia and likes.

    Blogs is all about opinions my debate was your inability to separate people who question and the people who do hate.

  40. fergie is the boss says:

    United Till I Die – you bash rooney’s performance, nani was not exactly putting everton to the sword was he, and he was equally has bad as rooney. I have seen loads of united players have complete stinkers on the first game of the season, come october rooney will once again be one of the key players of the squad

  41. United Till I Die says:

    @Giggs – feel free mate but im still none the wiser as to what your saying tbh? But I do agree that blogs are all about opinions, so if people say they want Rooney gone they are entitled to say so. I don’t consider that hate, even tho I’d personally prefer him to stay and prove he can play for 10 more years like he reckons. Other than that our wires have been crossed somewhere mate – look at your last paragraph – when was I unable to separate people who question from people who hate? I dunno what you’re on about, but no worries as none of this really matters does it? Enjoy the game tomorrow, as thats something we agree on without any confusion.

  42. United Till I Die says:

    FITB – just quickly mate, I agree Nani had a bad match but im not criticising Rooney based on one match ffs! Im saying Wayne’s FITNESS isn’t up to scratch and hasn’t been for some time. You mention Nani, but for starters Nani is the player responsible for providing the majority of Rooney’s goals since 2009 when he first scored more than 20 EPL, so don’t forget that. Secondly, even when Nani doesn’t perform to his best abilities nobody can say he’s lost a yard of pace, or that his touch is getting worst each season. Nani is improving each season as a player but I can’t say the same for Wazza, he’s getting slower and he’s lost his previously world class first touch.

    Opinions mate, and we disagree on this on I guess? No worries / Enjoy the match.

  43. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    United till I die

    Don’t be a nob mate its a fucking blog i don’t feel the need to proof read or justify myself to you.

  44. fergie is the boss says:

    United Till I Die – nani is just not that good, he will do it when he feels like it, and when the going gets tough he folds like a pack of cards, he has overall one decent half season, he starts off well, is a meh in the middle of the season, and has a strong end to the season, which adds up to half a season. I think united should be moving on from natural wide players, and build the side more central and narrow. To get the best out of a far better players in kagwa, who will show nani how its done week in week out. Everyone is bashing rooney, yet I can name players like scholes and nani who both had stinkers, not just rooney. Valencia is the only wide player who justify’s his claim in the starting lineup

  45. Zibbie says:

    Great stuff guys, I had to go to work ,

    Wayne as per, you help take my rose color glasses off. Thanks.
    Costas as well mate.

    Now hello I have more to read and see yo dudes for kick off.

    I want to point out. 3-5 years ago they were saying Rooney relax, you waste to much energy to be an effective striker? He is in a constant metamorphosis state in his style of play & how SAF plays him. He can frustrate the fuck out of me as well guys. Until he rolled his ankle in th CL simi he was getting in some circles talked with Messi and CR, if not hurt maybe 40 goals and a CL title?? IF”S!!!! Since CR has risen his game Messi wow might be the best ever when he is done. He can still win a world cup. And a lost Rooney looking to fit in with the new players. Triggered our disrepair from last year, Rooney 2 hat tricks an 8-2 demolition then he play MF for 6-7 games, left back once. and Messi brakes the European record for goals and CR maybe had a better year. No PL title after dumping out of the CL. Yes this is all true. Still 35 goals, tied for the PL lost on goal difference. He played MF for the team. If not maybe 43 goals, still we all might want Angelina Jollie, or
    Hot babe 2. If you go home with the top Victoria secret model not bad. I know he disrespected SAF a few times, not bad for a scouser cunt. He trys, works hard and does what the gaffer asks.
    I get it he should drop a stone and smoking.

  46. United Till I Die says:

    @Giggs12 – Bit hung over and I’ve just seen your post.

    Too right you don’t have to justify yourself to me! But if your gonna come out of no where and address me (16:22) then expect me to reply. Thats normally what happens on a blog init? Unless the topic takes a back seat to ego’s and then everything becomes personal… not my cup of tea tbh.

    Back on topic, if you criticise what im saying about United, but you can’t have a debate without throwing your toys out, my advice is just to stay schtum. But thats not an order! So do feel free to do whatever you want. Im really not sure how telling you to enjoy your evening made me a “knob” but whatever mate. Might never happen aye?


    @FITB – I get your point but I disagree mate. David 200k a week Silva assisted the most EPL goals last season (15) and he scored 6. Valencia assisted 12 EPL and scored 4, and fan-favorite Nani assisted 11 EPL and scored 8. They were the top 3 on assists, so im not sure how Nani doesn’t deserve his place at United? Over the last 3 seasons nobody in the league has provided more EPL assists than Nani, and nobody at United has provided more goals for Rooney during that time. Might not look like it from where you’re sitting but thats the situation mate.

    I understand he’s not consistent over an entire season just yet, but for the last 3 years Nani has still assisted and scored an average of 18 goals every season and he’s getting better every year, so I don’t see a problem myself? Swings and roundabouts mate – enjoy the match.


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