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Danny Welbeck has to stay

Rumours this morning suggest that Danny Welbeck is prepared to leave the club this summer. The lad from Longsight splits opinion amongst reds and whilst this is a concept I struggle with, given that he loves the club, has spent his life dreaming of playing for United and is still young enough to deserve patience, I too would like to see him score more goals.

It was all set up for him to be a hero against Bayern Munich a few weeks ago but instead of doing the obvious and easiest thing, playing the ball along the ground to beat Manuel Neuer, he instead tried to chip him. I wonder how many times he has played that moment back in his head since then.

Still, for all the criticism that Welbeck gets, some of it deserved, it’s important that we look at what he has achieved this season.

When looking at the strike rate of players, not including penalties, Welbeck has one of the best records of any player in the league.

Welbeck has 0.64 goals per 90 minutes, which is a rate bettered by only three players this season: Sergio Aguero (1.06), Luis Suarez (1), and Daniel Sturridge (0.87).

Welbeck is just 23-years-old. Whilst there are freaks like Rooney and Ronaldo who are world class when there are teenagers, it’s rare for strikers to be at their peak when in their early 20s. The fact that Welbeck doesn’t get a regular run in the team doesn’t help this either. But over Christmas and New Year when Van Persie was out injured and Danny started plenty of games, he scored 6 goals in 9 games.

It would be a disaster if he left the club this season and I hope whoever is making the decisions on who stays and goes is aware of this.

“I think Manchester United is the best club to be at. It has helped me a lot. If I wasn’t at United playing a few games, I don’t know where I would be or at what stage I’d be at or what level. But just getting a few games here and there for the best club in the world has helped me get to this level. It’s what every Manchester boy dreams of. Growing up, you just want to play for United but to score for them was out of this world. It’s the Man United way of winning things. There’s no better club than United.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. m09538061 says:

    If Moyes lets Welbeck leave, he then is really clueless.
    Someone knows what there doing at liverpool selling torres £50m get strurridge leaving chelsea with no striker’s thats cost chelsea the title and then we have to pay over the odds for Mata.

  2. Mark Reid says:

    Let him go he’s average.Moaning cos he got disciplined he’s not done anything spectacular be perfect at Spurs.

  3. ashtheking says:

    Selling Danny would be more crime than selling Hernandez. And I love both of them and both are good player but welbeck should and must stay. No way moyes should even think if selling him. If anyone that has to be sold then sell Ashley young. I seriously hope he doesn’t start or feature in any of the remaining games.

    On other note sterling is really a good player. What a. Talent Liverpool have signed . I like the boys temperament so far. No fuss , just raw talent and delivering the goods credit to Rodgers for that.
    It would be shocking if Powell doesn’t becom a top player for us. He has to play for us next season. Let the boy feature here more than sending him on another loan spell. Business like sterling, Powell , bale excites me more than buying young or Lennon or even Lapland. Let us find some young talents. I think janko could be a peach of. Buy.

  4. ashtheking says:

    Not 100 million bale but a 5 million bale that’s Spurs signed

  5. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    LOL why would Welbeck leave his boyhood club (also Engand’s biggest club) for TOTTENHAM? hahaha. What a joke. Has to be the funniest rumor since the Cleverly to Everton for 15 million pounds rumors. That makes no sense to me. GUARANTEED he’ll be here next season.

  6. AntiScouser says:

    I completely agree, letting Welbeck go would be a severe error, but with an error-prone individual at the helm, I’m not holding my hopes too high.

    United have been so successful because at the heart of the club, we’ve always had players who cared deeply for the badge and our legacy. Welbeck may never become Ronaldo, but he’s good enough too stick around and play a role, and a good manager would know how to utilize him.

    All this mayhem and disgruntled voices behind the scenes are a strong indicator the club is disintegrating into chaos. I fear the worst after the summer if Moyes stays.

  7. Mark Reid says:

    Seriously how the fuck are Liverpool winning the league they are ok on the break otherwise not overly impressive.

  8. The_red_devils says:

    This rumor is just a joke, why even bother to write about it.
    Hernandez is most likely to leave and may be rvp.

  9. trevor knightsmith says:


    The last time Liverpool won the league, Jon Flanagan’s mum & dad were still just brother and sister.

  10. ashtheking says:


    Yes the news is a bit funny,,considering the fact that welbeck has been one player who moyes has really developed from last season.

  11. ashtheking says:

    Liverpool tactics has been simple, attact at the start of the game and finish the game then and there but when the opponents start giving them a fight they scare and start sitting back. This happened against city also. I don’t think next season will be so simple for Liverpool.

  12. ashtheking says:

    Mark my word next season will be real fun. Big boys will be back baby.

  13. ziggy says:

    I don’t understand the hype around Welbeck,of course, he is from Manchester and the local fans love him to death but he is not my cup of tea,however if Moyes is letting Hernandez go (the kid deserves to leave and have a fair chance in another team) selling Danny will be a big mistake and a huge insult to the academy.

    If Moyes stays (big sigh) he needs to show some faith in our younger ones,otherwise we will end like Chelsea or Shitty,spending big money every year to survive.

  14. ziggy says:

    By the way,Sport is saying that Aguero is going to Madrid and Shitty is very close to get a deal with Cavani…not good news huh?

  15. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:


    I agree with you. They’re nothing special. The starts just aligned for them this year in a way we will never know. Fergie retired, we hired Moyes, Chelsea refused to buy a proper striker, Aguero got injured at the wrong time, Arsenal had their three best players get injured when they were flying high, So many controversial penalties, missed calls and lucky deflection. I still maintain that we have a better squad than them but they found a way to play as a team and that’s what is going to get them the title. Highly unlikely that the stars will align again for them next year either.

  16. m09538061 says:

    Have to write this:
    Which Ship has never docked in Liverpool ?
    Answer..The Premiership.
    Looks like we wont be able to say that soon.
    I’ll still keep my T-Shirt.

  17. Mark Reid says:

    Trevor Knightsman ouch

  18. trevor knightsmith says:


    I can’t help it , I despise the dippers so much it’s unhealthy, even a scouse accent makes me feel ill .

    The last time the dippers won the league, Blackberry, Apple, and Orange were something you found in a fruit and veg shop, and not a phone shop.

  19. WilliamAR says:


    Aguero is a better player than Cavani in my opinion so that’s a bonus for us. If you want to know what i base that on well that’s simple. Aguero is a goal scoring machine in the premiership whilst Cavani is yet to prove that he is capable of what Aguero is. Italy and then going further down in standard to France doesn’t show much to me.

  20. ziggy says:


    I agree with you,my point was that apparently we were trying to get Cavani and if this is true,we will need to look elsewhere.

  21. OpikBidin says:

    IDK what United have done to Moyes if Welb was let go. He fits everything that the “everton” Moyes loves and wants on his strikers

  22. NairobiRed says:

    really powerful crystal ball you have there. the big boys will be back, will they? so Mr. incompetent is about to start showing the tactical nous that he has kept well hidden forthe last 10 years.i can’t wait.

  23. ziggy says:

    Liverpool won…

  24. trevor knightsmith says:


    I took it for granted Ash wasn’t referring to us .

  25. ziggy says:

    Suarez got his 30th goal,I don’t know how Liverpool will keep him next season.

  26. trevor knightsmith says:


    Bollocks to Liverpool

  27. trevor knightsmith says:


    Didn’t mean to be rude

  28. ziggy says:

    @trevor knightsmith


  29. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    I do agree, if we let guys like welbeck go, then he truly is clueless, especially since Moyes seems to like guys like ashley young allot who has been perhaps our worst player for the past few seasons, now I said Moyes deserves time, but if he is moving on guys like welbeck and kagwa, guys who would actually improve us going forward, why give him time? if he is moving on quality who are playing well

  30. ziggy says:

    who knows what will happen with Liverpool next summer,Suarez will start a new drama and some of the players will try to get a raise and they don’t have money to build a team to fight champions,the cup and the EPL.

    Mourinho’s relationship with some of his players is getting nasty,I’m not sure if Wenger will stay if he get out of Champions and apparently shitty will lose Aguero.

    My point is that we have a good chance to get back our toys next season if Moyes and Woodward do the right thing.

  31. Dwayne O Linn says:

    Just listening to them gooner fans singing, I’ve counted 3 rip off’s of united chants, what a bunch of tossers. Wish I could go to sleep and wake up next August, this is painful. Haha

  32. The_red_devils says:

    liverpool will be playing champions league, so i can see suarez staying unless madrid come with some ridiculous offer.

  33. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Welbeck might be average in front of goal but he has heart and we need his type around United. Plus he GENUINELY loves this club. He grew up supporting United. Selling him right now would mean letting a boyhood fan down and that is not right. No matter what we say about Welbeck one thing that can NEVER be said of him is that “he did not give it his best”. Welbeck will run till his lungs are on fire and will never stop trying. That’s what I like the most about him. He just never gives up on anything. Fair enough he can be very frustrating some times but that heart is not something you see everyday. Fantastic squad player and extremely unselfish.

  34. trevor knightsmith says:


    I agree, really like the bloke, would have him any day of the week over Rooney and RVP as a person , it’s just a shame he doesn’t score more goals .

    But as you said, you can’t fault his effort and commitment, which has to be admired

  35. united till i die says:

    Every player has a price and just because he’s a local lad and came through the ranks doesn’t mean he gets a free pass. He’s done well this season and has done nothing to deserve being sold on in the summer. More chance of RVP and Hernandez being shipped out with Rooney and Wellbeck being the two main strikers next year. If we are switching to a 4-2-3-1 then there is no real need for 4 top strikers. I’d be happy with Rooney and wellbeck providing the experience then bringing through a reserve team striker and possibly picking up another unknown striker who’s willing to be patient and wait fir his chance. What I don’t want is to sell RVP & Hernandez then replace them with another big name striker as its only creating the same problem we have now with regards to playing time.

  36. ziggy says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    Not only that,if Moyes sell Welbeck he will send the wrong message to the young ones in the other divisions,who will want to come to start a career in United if there is no chance to play for the first team?.

    Are we going to start wasting money in mercenaries instead to develop new players?,I understand that United need great players but to kick one of the kids from the team to make space for some standard player is not the answer.

  37. ashtheking says:

    Trevor and Nairobi

    Yes was referring to us. Come on guys, every season is new. Who would have thought Liverpool would even be in top 4 let alone win it. We will always be the big guys and now some oil club.

  38. trevor knightsmith says:


    I know you were, but people mentioning the “L” word makes my blood boil and I lose all sense of reason

  39. ashtheking says:

    Not some oil clubs I meany

  40. ashtheking says:


    Can understand that buddy. Hate gerrard. Ohh that would be painful to see those scouse bastards lifting the cup. If this can’t motivate our boys next season then nothing can. Sir Alex must have broken his TV set .

  41. trevor knightsmith says:


    I hate Gerrard also , but he will get footballer of the year mark my words, the dipper loving media will make sure of that.

    There is nothing worse than a crowing scouser!

    I despise everything to do with Liverpool .

  42. NairobiRed says:

    if its true that welbeck is throwing a hissyfit due to.getting fined for clubbing after the bayern loss,.then id say get rid, however if he is just being welbecj and Moyes just feels he can move him on then that judt adds to the hatred i have for the man.
    So if its welbeck pushing for the move then fuck him, if it’s moyes, fuck him twice over.

  43. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Ugh looks like Arsenal might just hold on to that fourth spot. Hope we at least try to win today.


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