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Danny Welbeck interviews Jonny Evans

Following on from Jonny Evans interviewing Danny Welbeck, our young striker has returned to the favour and asked Evans a few questions.

Danny Welbeck: What has been the main reason behind your good goalscoring record this season?

Jonny Evans: I’ve tried to get myself in to the box, right in front of the goalkeeper, waiting for any spillages. That’s been my technique really.

DW: Was it a vote of confidence from the manager to be selected in the team to face Real Madrid at the Bernabeu?

JE: I think I’d been playing in a couple of games before that so it was just all about keeping momentum going. Nemanja was coming back from injury at the time. It was nice to get picked. I’ve played in quite a number of the Champions League quarter-finals and semi-finals so I was just carrying that on really.

DW: Not a bad CV. So, what did you think of the goal United scored in that game?

JE: It was alright. I thought the guy who scored was going to miss. I thought it was going to hit the post and rebound to me, so I was actually on my toes, waiting for any spillages. But obviously it creeped in to the back of the net so I was a bit gutted really.

DW: Who’s the most difficult striker to play against in training?

JE: I’d have to say Danny Welbeck’s up there.

DW: Really?

JE: Yehh. He’s got a lot of good movement, he’s quite quick and strong, so I’d say Welbeck. Hernandez is another one who doesn’t give you an easy day.

DW: Nice to know. So, getting married, how will that change you as a person?

JE: I think it’s already changed me. I’m whipped [laughs]. I’m under the thumb.

DW: Is that lock down?

JE: I don’t really get to spend any time with the lads any more so the only time they get to see me is at the training ground.

DW: Well it’s a pleasure to see you at the training ground every single day. Thank you.

The footage of this interview is on the official site.

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  1. akanemo says:

    “I’ve tried to get myself in to the box, right in front of the goalkeeper, waiting for any spillages. That’s been my technique really.” —– Thats basically my technique too.

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