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Darren Fletcher, Football Genius

It’s about time Darren Fletcher got some recognition, particularly following the unfair dismissal which has cost him his place in the European Cup final.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. TK99 says:

    Funny that we’re not hearing “Ferguson’s son ” anymore.
    He had a fantastic season this year.
    Of the note, i really hope we can cope with Bacelona without Hargo,last year he had been superb against them…

  2. Jack says:

    for everyone who hasnt seen this is from the awards 2night.

    The Jimmy Murphy Academy Player of the year award: Federico Macheda.
    Denzil Haroun Reserves Player of the Year: James Chester.
    Goal of the season: Ronaldo v Porto.
    The 2009 Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year: Nemanja Vidic.
    Players’ Player of the Year: Nemanja Vidic.

  3. Mic says:

    I’ve always thought Fletcher was a good back up player but now I rate him first 11 material alongside Carrick in midfield, I hated it when fans were on his back, he was a bit part player but now he plays often we’ve seen him develop into a fantastic player and his energy helps the team, he’s a gem of a player who doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves.

    I personally hope that’s the problem with Nani, that he needs a run in the team, I thought last season he was amazing and this season he’d actually progress but he really hasn’t, he’s got everything needed to be a top player now he just needs to learn the game better ‘cuz he gets on my tits now and then when he fucks up the basics!

  4. Gudjohnsen says:

    I used to sigh every time I saw Darren Fletcher in the starting eleven few years ago. But Fergie’s loyalty to him has paid off, again Ferguson has proofed the majority of us wrong. Sir Alex Ferguson = football genius.

  5. Doherty says:

    No Tevez at the awards.

  6. smithy99 says:

    I always used to say Fletcher was not good enough to be a Manchester United player, Fergie would see this, and get rid of him!

    Yep i was wrong……

    The lad is superb. If i see him in the starting line up, it must be a big game!

    Darren Fletcher = A lad who’s worked his arse off and proved everyone wrong. A player of undoubted ability.

    Shame he’ll miss Rome…….

  7. Tony Starks says:

    Not strange at all about Tevez.. He knows he’s not staying and he just wants his days at our club to end.. Just wait until you hear all the crap he comes out with after the season ends!

  8. Drew Vader says:

    A few years ago I used to post a lot on a sit Caught Off Side and I once posted that Fletch could walk into the Spurs midfield, and WOW, I wish I would have saved some of the abuse I got. It was hilarious, Spurs fans went insane and called me a whole raft of things.

    I wish I could get their response to that offer now after they saw his performance against the Gunners over two legs…

  9. wazza says:

    Darren has come over leaps & bounds.i never rated him 2 seasons just shows the guy needed regular football to make it.well done Dazza

  10. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    any news since i was last on here
    i know its already been talked about fot 48 hours but i only got back last night
    congrats to everybody who has anything in there life that does with manchester united
    the best weekend of football ive ever lived true
    god bless manchester
    p.s. scott i got that chant done for you this morning like i said i would

  11. King George the Switzer says:

    I’m ashamed to say I used to slag Fletch rotten in the dark days of 04-06. Once again, Sir Alex has proven that he somehow knows more about football players than me! (and I suspect the vast majority of us).

    Super Fletch Legend I salute you!

  12. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    sign tevez??
    dont sign tevez??
    look at Darren Fletcher
    remember what you taught of 3 seasons ago
    and when it comes to tevez always remember
    Sir Alex knows what he is doing

  13. Gooner77 says:

    Congratulations on the league guys and yes Fletcher is a brilliant player. I asked on here a few weeks back whether Fletch being rated by your fans was some kind of joke having not watched him that closely. However after the 3 games we played against you I can see why, he is exactly the type we miss actually and have done ever since we let Ray Parlour go.

  14. wazza says:

    @GHTT : welcome back really must have had the best trip to OT.
    btw, do u stay in N.Ireland or Rep. of Ireland ?

  15. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    wazza Im from the republic of ireland
    weekend was deadly met kiko in a night club that i cant remember the name of outside deansgate
    btw the guy is a smoker

  16. Stephen says:

    GHTT, Kiko smokes?

  17. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    yeah stephen
    the guy was outside the night club in the smokin area puffin away

  18. Stephen says:

    Bloody hell, so many players smoke, I have seen Berba smoking in Manchester, Rooney is partial to the odd snout too.

  19. wazza says:

    GHTT : did you not remove pics with him ? not good for a 17 year old to start smoking.was it the same night club Kiko was denied entry into because he was under age & not allowed to drink alcohol ?

  20. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    wazza it could of been thats why he was out side
    id no camera with me i just got back to the hotel on saturday night about 11 ordered a drink at the bar and ran acrosss the road to subway
    he was outside the club across from subway and tiger tiger
    i cant remember the name of it
    its off deansgate if anyone knows what im on about

  21. Gooner77 says:

    Apparently Emerson formerly of Boro and Deportivo used to spark up in the dressing room at half time….classic stuff. It’s been said that where British players can have a problem drinking, continental players often smoke. Gallas was pictured with a cigarette earlier in the season.
    Do you not think many players get involved in harder stuff as well? All that money and the kind of clubs they frequent, it must be a big temptation.

  22. Stephen says:

    Bedner certainly does, or supplies it to them!!

  23. denton davey says:

    Darren Fletcherinho is NOT a brilliant or superb player; but he IS a great team-player. He’s incredibly valuable for his energy, commitment, discipline, and loyalty but not because of his skill, vision, or genius. He puts in the hard graft that enables Giggs, Ronaldo, Rooney, Berbatov, and Tevez to have freedom to show off their skill, vision and genius. Accept him for what he is – and be happy that he loves to wear red.

  24. corea says:

    @ denton davey

    he is a SUPERB player. people hate Rafa Nadal but he is superb tennis player for me. he works his socks off on the tennis court. For me he is superb tennis player but for tennis critics Federer is always better. That’s life but they just don’t understand that football, tennis and sports in general is not only about talent. It is a mixture of everything and especially in tennis such things as guts and mental strength are very important.
    Is Macherano brilliant player ?

    PS. Darren’s name may be on my shirt this summer.


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