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Darren Fletcher On The Bench

Darren Fletcher has been named on the bench for Manchester United in tonight’s pre-season friendly against Aberdeen.

“Darren joined in for four or five days last week,” Mike Phelan said last week. “We decided that, if he felt well enough and felt good, we’d bring him into a training session. That’s developed a little bit longer than what we actually thought. I don’t know what the position is but if Scotland want to take him, it’s probably just to be part of the squad and to introduce him back into that. But there’s a long, long way yet for Darren Fletcher before we see him playing again.”

It’s great to just see Fletcher pull on his football socks and be back on the playing field, even if it is going to be a substitute appearance in a friendly game. It’s a long way back for him to play for United and he may never become a regular starting XI member again – and to see his courage and determination in the face of that is heart-warming.

Starting XI: De Gea, M. Keane, Blackett, Thorpe, Ferdinand, Powell, Anderson, Macheda, Bebe, Giggs, Scholes.

Bench: L Cole, Blackmore, Johnstone, Fletcher, Fortune, Januzaj, Yorke.

“Well, it’s been a quiet progress for the boy, he joined in the training a couple of weeks ago and it’s one of these situations you say ‘let’s see how he does’ because he has had a real difficult time in the last year and therefore I wasn’t really placing too much hope in it, and let’s see how he does,” said Ferguson. “But he’s got to the stage now where he feels he needs a game, he’s been training really well. I’ve let him join in the Scotland squad this week for their game and he wanted a bit of a game, so I said ‘well, come up to Aberdeen, and you can join up with Scotland after it’ – so we’ll give him maybe 20-25 minutes.”

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  1. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    The return of Scholes and Fletch has brought me delight….sunny delight !

    :D I hope Darren gets a boost from this health wise, mentally and physically…being ill can be draining and being told it will take a while is demoralising for an athlete like Fletch.

    Funny…in 2005 he was nothing and hated like Gibson sadly was. Now he’s in all of our hearts !
    The closest thing we’ve had to Keane aswell….he’s a monster on the field….everywhere !

  2. Zibbie says:

    What a great day to read RoM.

    RvP hum

    Christmas every day






  3. united says:

    ———-De Gea———




  4. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    Isn’t the CL final at Wembley?

    I reckon it could be our year !
    Unless Bilbao are there, I don’t think much should get in our way :D

    Zibbie….WTF is that? :lol: If your going to with an attacking line up be realistic pal !

    ———- DDG ——–
    Rafa Rio Vida Evra
    Clevs———— Kagawa
    Valencia Rooney Welbeck
    ———– RVP ————-

  5. Zibbie says:

    12 help haha
    A tree hahahaha


  6. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    “Once again Fergie gives his illegitimate child another appearance”


    I loved this criticism back in the day. It’s as great as that time we was certain we bought greatness in Jordi Cryuff.


  7. manc in aus says:

    Cedars, got your reply a couple of threads Back, been in aus on off since 85 so have great memories of games late seventies, early eighties, stand out bein the 3-0 win v Barca, & the cup runs in 83 & 85, was a regular home & away, one game I’ll never forget us the fa cup quarter v Everton at Old Traff in 83 in the stretty(when we were allowed to stand up) Stapleton scored with a superb volley right at the death in front of us, fuckin mayhem man, still get back over now & then & always go to the games,, heres for a top season good luck to all

  8. manc in aus says:

    Brilliant to see Fletch gettin back into it by the way, definately need his bite back, missed him big time second half of season

  9. CedarsDevil says:

    Morning all

    manc in aus

    Cheers pal, yeah same here…..Lived in Manchester during those years and never ever missed a home game regardless of the competition and whenever I could afford it I would go to away matches too…That night against Barca was probably one of the best of my life at OT, the atmosphere will never be repeated again. I was a Stretty as well and by God did we create some noise back then

    Like you I try and make it back every now and then just to enjoy a game, but OT is not the same any more

  10. jeet says:

    Happy Independence Day to all fellow Indians!
    And oh, get in Darren Fletcher!

  11. CedarsDevil says:

    Been catching up with some videos on this kid Angelo we’ve signed. Like someone already mentioned shades of Sparky, epic stuff.

    And to all the Indians here, happy independence day indeed

  12. mig78 says:

    Wow. Great to hear Fletcherinho is back… The gunner destroyer. Wenger will be pissed! ;)

  13. mig78 says:


    Any reliable link says that we’ve signed him?
    Can’t find one myself.

  14. CedarsDevil says:


    Its all over the news mate……….Start with the BBC website and go from there

  15. mig78 says:

    Thanks Cedars D, in that case I’ll believe it once I see an official news from

    I’ve read about his signings since June, from daily fail (link below). But no firm news.

  16. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    OMG Super fletch is back? YEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH BABY. Sooo happy for him. Our midfield is about to get a whole lot tougher and fitter and better. i know how bowel problems feel and trust me they are not a pretty sight. Here is to praying you Never get injured again this season and next season. So great to see fletcherinho on the pitch again. I will be watching his individual highlights to see how much progress he’s made. ALL THE BEST FLETCH. and on a sidenote this henriquez kid looks pretty good.


  17. Corea says:

    Glad for Fletch but a long way to go :(

    Zenit put in €25mln bid for Witsel. But Benfica want €40mln.

  18. CedarsDevil says:


    First of all its great to have you posting here again mate, I enjoy your posts…….As for politics, if you do not want them here then why make which is I am sure to be a controversial comment?

  19. Sara says:

    Hi Cedars
    I see you had a pop at me whilst i was away.Let me make this clear,by virtue of you being a respected poster on here,i wount start name calling as that is not in my repertoire.Associating me with 911 is at best preposterous.Im i not welcomed here?I believe im entitled to post my POV without being harrassed and abuse hurled at me.
    As Giggs12 said,if you do not like a poster just skip their contributions rather than reverting to obscenities.Not sure if you have an axe to grind with ladies but please refrain from gagging others on here.
    Before you get hot under the collar(again)I’m not lecturing you,just pointing out the glaring mistakes.
    Cheers mate.

  20. YorYor says:

    Nobody recalls Anderson’s long shot which stinged the Aberdeen keeper’s hands? Hopefully that’s not a fluke and is a sign he has worked on his shooting.

  21. Sara says:

    Me too mate I’ve learnt it the hard way and as they say,a burnt child dreads fire.It’s tiresome when we are linked with every man and his dog and we end up not addressing the main areas where we are short.Anyway glad that the games start this weekend.At least they will spare us the agonising TSO.

  22. CedarsDevil says:

    Sara aka 911

    Do you have any idea how pathetic you are? Capiche you say? something only I have used on this site………..You need help and fast

  23. CedarsDevil says:


    No worries at all mate, being Lebanese I lost more friends and family members during the war than you can imagine. No point bringing it here though………Still, sorry for your loss

  24. Sara says:

    My commiserations for the loss of your loved ones.I’ll be humble even in being ridiculed and abused.Having said that,one fact remains,im by no means 911.

  25. Sara says:

    Pissing off to work.Got some training to do today with the girls.Peace folks.One love,

  26. mancdub says:

    A psychologist would be intrigued with this shit. I wonder if there is actually cross dressing involved.

  27. jeet says:

    NBI, sorry to hear of your loss, but i must say that was a horrible post. The issues you have raised are never one sided, nor simple, so to put across a simplistic viewpoint on a football blog, when all people are doing is celebrating a national holiday, is frankly pretty damn irresponsible and immature. Like you, I don’t want to debate politics on here, but I had to register my dismay at your post, lest people think that yours is a commonly held sentiment.

  28. Costas says:

    Another day, another dose of Van Persie crap on the way.

  29. Vivek says:

    Great news on Fletcher. Can’t believe that it is just three days more for the new season. We have some payback reserved for Everton. Wish we give it with interest and make a statement to the rest of the league.

    Off topic: I second Jeet’s comment, posted above mine.

  30. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    jeet, Mine would’ve been a more inflamed response which wouldn’t have in any way been good for this blog, especially on this day. Your level-headed but still angry post was the perfect response to what was a completely immature, inflammatory, and irresponsible post.

  31. Utsava Sharma says:


    Honestly I dont know what you are driving at? You make an incredibly offensive statement fully knowing that this blog is visited by lods of indians and on the Independence day? You have your opinion keep them but please dont even for a moment take everyone else for fools but spouting your opinion and then expecting no one to react to that.
    That being said I hope and and am glad you have nothing to do with deciding the Policies of my Nation.

    Oh and Happy Independence Day India . You have flaws like everyone but there would no place on earth I’d be than here

  32. Costas says:

    Excuse my ignorance. Just realized it was a day of celebration in India. Happy Independence Day.

  33. eric keane says:

    RVP fails united medical. doctor says it’s a back problem. a stress fracture caused by carrying arsenal for so long

  34. keano99 says:

    @eric keane
    Great one

  35. 50 Shades of WillieRedNut says:

    That jokes been done to death.

  36. kk says:

    From a bloke called @MarioBaloltelli on Twitter
    Heskeys been wearing a t-shirt under his kit since his last goal & is going to reveal it when he scores next. It says ‘Free Nelson Mandela’


  37. 50 Shades of WillieRedNut says:

    Have to agree with Cedars. Keep politics off this blog. Not sure why NBI would bring something like that up on a United blog. Just ask people not to respond to it. There’s been enough heated discussions on here in the last year. I’m not clued up on the Indian independence, so excuse my ignorance too. Happy holidays, anyway! Keep it Red. ;) 19

  38. CedarsDevil says:


    You know that at some level you always agree with me mate, I am never wrong!

  39. 50 Shades of WillieRedNut says:

    Cedars – I presented the point better, though? ;)

  40. Sufi says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Your post was totally immature and iresponsible. I am a muslim and i have many hindu friends and some are my best friends.
    Happy independence day to all Indians
    along live our country
    long live our happiness
    long live our freedom

  41. CedarsDevil says:


    You always do mate, you’re Irish, i.e. beautiful and eloquent as fuck

  42. OHH AHH Cantona says:

    Excellent news
    We have two new signings in Vidic and Fletcher. Isn’t that right Fergie ;)

  43. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Sharma – Go fuck yourself you Hindu-Nazi and @Sufi – seriously, go fuck yourself too, you don’t get to tell me what to think. You are from communities that always justify human rights abuses against others, that’s what gives you a bad name. If people use this blog to pass on congrats, I can use it to inform people that India and Pakistan are shit for human rights – including mass killings of Christians. Wake up fools, not everyone lives in your pretend world and looks the other way. Keep politics off this blog, then no congrats to India for Hindu upper class independence.


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