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DDG: I Heard United Were Comeback Kings Before I Signed

David de Gea has today revealed how he much he has enjoyed being part of a team that doesn’t seem to give up and so regularly scores late goals to pick up the points.

“I have been surprised,” he told United Review. “Certainly, when I was in Spain I’d heard about this aspect and seen for myself on TV the way the team always seemed to conjure up a late goal to either draw or win matches. So it’s great to be a part of it myself. I think dramatic comebacks are part of the heart and soul of this club and it’s almost written in the history of Manchester United that these sorts of things happen so often. I love being a part of it and experiencing it for myself.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. YorYor says:

    Ever since 1999 I bet!

  2. Bulletproof says:

    Zat’s united history keep on winning more matches

  3. Xyth says:

    Please don’t let any one in tonight.
    We’ve had enough comebacks for this season. Still hoping for that purple patch Rio was talking a about.

  4. Andromeda says:

    @ De Gea, I knew you will be a top keeper before you sign to us.

  5. Dibils says:

    Can we have 1 comfortable win please :| just get an early goal for once and maybe be 2-0 up at HT in a home game??

  6. Van Da Man says:

    A comfortable win and a clean sheet please… Is that a lot to ask in a home game against a recently promoted side.

  7. Sunday says:

    So will be most of the time but now we are dull in spirit.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Clean sheets are for wimps! Couldn’t give a damn abt them (well maybe a titch)…… so long as we win.
    As with last time, I’ll be hoping we run up a cricket score,
    but won’t be too upset if its after we give em a sporting shot at the bow!

    Seems to be our want this year. So be it.
    Just so long as all our new lads, De Gea, Robin and Alex Buttner etc can all go home next summer showing off winners medals to their countryman

    Come on the Reds! :twisted:

    Rumor going about that Kagawa might be on the bench. Think it is just a lame ITK source. Just askin.

  9. Proverb says:

    That dickhead carrol will have a field day if you keep on flapping around believe me you..
    Do whatever you can but please don’t let that donkey scores, I swear I cannot take it for one bit

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Top 30 paychecks for managers. from the Daily Fail.

    Good on the boss!

    1. Jose Mourinho – Real Madrid (£12.3m)
    2. Carlo Ancelotti – Paris St. Germain (£10.9m)
    3. Marcelo Lippi – Guangzhou (£8.7m)
    4. Sir Alex Ferguson – Manchester United (£7.6m)
    5. Arsene Wenger – Arsenal (£7.5m, pictured right)
    6. Guus Hiddink – Anzhi (£6.7m)
    7. Fabio Capello – Russia (£6.3m)
    8. Tito Vilanova – Barcelona (£5.6m)
    9. Jose Camacho – China (£4.8m)
    10. Roberto Mancini – Manchester City (£4.8m)
    11. Frank Rijkaard – Saudi Arabia (£4.3m)
    12. Jupp Heynckes – Bayern Munich (£4.2m)
    13. Andre Villas-Boas – Tottenham (£3.6m)
    14. Harry Redknapp – QPR (£3.2m)

  11. Cadelin says:

    Looking at the managers pay list, please let QPR get relegated this season.
    Dont think I could stand another round of “They were in the relegation zone when I took over and look what I achieved” from the Spiv Rednapp.

    Bent as a £3 note … just ask his tax advisor dog !

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Could do with tightening up, westham will not roll over that’s for certain. Carroll will be a handful. The diagonal balls and crosses are going to be flying in. Rio and evans will have to be strong and alert. in fact, the entire has to put in a shift for this game.

  13. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    3.2m for harry – he won’t keep them up, they won’t be able to afford to keep him in the championship and he’ll be let go and have his contract paid up or get serious compensation.

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Who needs defense when our attack is on a roll? La! :roll:

    Rooney v West ham 8 goals in 8 starts, last year got a hat trick. 6 goals in last 4 games.
    Chicharito v West ham scored last year
    RvP ( w Arsenal) 4 goals in last 4 games.

    So our main Forwards have 11 in last 4 games v the Hammers.

    Come on you Reds.

  15. King Eric says:

    Only yesterday I said I would love to hear or see an interview from De Gea so here it is. I have a lot of time for De Gea.

  16. King Eric says:

    Spot on Cadelin. That Beetroot cunt Harry is alreadty tapping up Joe Cole, Bent and Dawson. Crook bastard. They said on Talksport this morning if he keeps them up he should be manager of the year. Oh fuck off. There are 75 points to play for, QPR are well capable of turning it round. They fucking love Redknapp in the media.

  17. King Eric says:

    “Clean sheets are for wimps” . Ha nice one Fletch!

  18. Proverb says:

    My ideal line – up for tonight would be:


    Rafael ———–rio ferdy——-evans————buttner




    But I’m afraid fletcher might not play 2 games inside a space of five days soo carrick slot in his place
    Going by the rumours circulating of kagawa being ahead of the schedule, I would give him danny welbs place in the second half
    Ando should be a definite starter along side tom clevz both compliment eachother well, this would be the perfect opportunity for nick to get some considerable amount of minutes under his belt since we are at home against an west ham team that can be hot playing nick could prove fatal hence that could be a very big risk, but he has done enough to warrant some game time at the top of itall

    Come on you reds!!!!!!
    As the lads go marching, on on on!!!!

  19. MUFCJord says:

    I doubt Kagawa will be back on the bench, however I will be a very happy man if true!

  20. WeAreUnited says:


    I think that’s a good line-up. Like you said, don’t know about fletcher also and Clevs also regarding that SAF isn’t playing him. I HOPE, he does in this one.

    I would pick Chicha in that line-up, cause it’s different playing at old-trafford from the starting than in somewhere else. And Evra will feature also. Maybe this.


    Rafael ———–Rio——-JohnnyBoy————Evra

    ———Carrick (I hope Fletcher)——— -Cleverley


    —————————-RVP ————-Wazza
    —————– ——————- Chicha

  21. WeAreUnited says:

    Well if Kagawa is on the bench, it would be awesome!!!

    We have missed him in the sense that we haven’t seen him that much and he has already produced 2 goals and an assist. Not bad,

    He will be our “new” New transfer :P

  22. Andromeda says:

    My line up for tonight
    De Gea.
    Raf, Ferd, Evans, Evra
    Ando, Clev, carrick
    Rooney, Chica, Rvp.

  23. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @Kin Eric – I was reading De Gea’s comments when I remembered that someone had said they’d love to see an interview with him. Now while you’re on a roll, wish for sticking 6 or 7 past the ‘appy ‘ammers.

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    King Eric
    Cheers mate. Bring on the Red Diamond put 5 past em! Won’t be to worried of the manner of it. Those Londoners won’t know what hit em eh? Run back to the lockers to warm up and back on the bus then! ;)
    Not a ‘Awry fan is it? Same. God help us all if he ever gets the nat’l team. Will never hear the end of it. Don’t see what Sir Alex sees in him at all. Sure he is entertaining, probably has a charmin wine cellar on that money, but I honestly don’t have any time for him. Court Jester him? Not even.

  25. Proverb says:

    Agreed @WeAreUnited

    I picked welbeck over chicharito only because of his strength, he offers more defensively than chicha who imo is more of a prolific striker but lacks defensively.
    we should have enough fire power in rooney and robin van persie if we were to play a midfield 3 of either carrick or fletcher and tom and jerry,
    Welbeck will occupy a more defensive role, I’ve quite been impressed with his work rate I’m sure that’s what keeps him in the side a lot more, and the boss prefers him more due to those aspects

  26. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    I hope we go out and grab the game by the scruff of it’s mickey for once. Sick of seeing it take half the game to find any sort of rhythm or else waiting until we’re one or two behind.
    If Rooney and Ando are on their game we’ll really take it to the hammers.

  27. Proverb says:

    Got this odd feeling
    The line – up tonight will surprise, not only remarkable return of kags but expect more surprises it it, I can go as far as saying a youthful side will be up tonight
    Anyways, that’s what I love about this club surprises, excitements and unpredictability

    And Staying on topic: the never say die attitude has been installed into my life, BELIEVE!!!!

  28. WeAreUnited says:


    Yeah I get it for Welbz, but for me Chicharito deserves it again to start the game. Again he came from the subz and scored after what 5 minutes,?

    anyway, whoever it is, I hope that today we put a shift like against wigan and win 5-0, it’s a bti biased cause westham is an ok team, but still. Nothign less than 5-0 is a disappointment for me :P

    I have guessed the 3-2 win and the 3 chicha goals against astonvilla, at the weekend I predicted the 3-1 win, so let’s hope this 5-0 prediction goes right!!!

    RVP 1 goal, Rooney 2, Chicha to nick 1 and Rio 1 :) )

  29. WeAreUnited says:

    And Staying on topic: the never say die attitude has been installed into my life, BELIEVE!!!!

    YEAH buddy, that’s the spirit mate!

  30. parryheid says:

    If possible play like we did against Newcastle.

  31. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Once again no fucking around today. Go in and SCORE FIRST for once. Then take complete control of this game and finish off west ham. West ham should not have ANY CHANCE to take a single point out of this game. COME ON THE LADS!!!!

  32. c.megalodon says:

    At first I questioned his mentality to be at United. It was so much of his ability but his commitment and attitude. He seemed quite detached at times. But after seeing his reactions when he was on the bench at the QPR game confirmed he deserves to be in the team. He was benched but he was cheering the team on every time United scored, not to mention he looked the happiest. That should be the mentality to have here, so welcome once again DDG and enjoy your stay. Hopefully we will too :)

  33. uabdullah16 says:

    yeah yes yes man utd ilove manchester up up united more goals pls. Roo rvp n chcrto

  34. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    so is that why he let in so many goals? just to comeback? LOL

  35. Simon says:

    I wish that we were not comeback kings and just tightened the defence up. It may come back to haunt us. Why are we leaking so many goals?


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