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De Gea: Big Step In My Career

David de Gea has been called up to the Spain national team for their World Cup qualifying games against Finland and France, following the injury of Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas.

“I am very pleased and happy,” he told As. “This is a special moment for me and a big step in my career. I will try to do my best to impress the boss [del Bosque]. I want to enjoy this and learn from my team-mates, who are my and many other people’s idols. It’s a pity Iker Casillas is out. We all know he is our captain and a legend but I’m happy to be here, even if it’s because of his injury.”

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  1. United till I die says:

    Well done David you deserve the call up son.

  2. Heedowu says:

    It was a gr8 4 de gea,& i bliev veri soon he ‘ll becom spain no1

  3. meatnpotato says:

    hes at the right age at the right time to become spains number 1 eventually. With reina and valdes etc they were always in the shadow of casillas. But with de gea being a good 10 years younger he will walk into the spain team when hes mid twenties just you watch

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Hope he continues to get call ups but feel he has a couple more years. Principally called up because Casillas is injured.
    Expect he will not go to the WC as he will be selected for the U23 European Championships, and with DeGea, Spain will be favorites to win that.

    The world cup is a different matter. Casillas will be back from his injury and spain has 3-4 top pros ahead of De Gea on the national team.

    But the lad is a phenomenon and is still developing his have. The senior call ups will help him immensely, but no need to rush. Let him win things at all levels of the game. Slow and steady progress. That’s the ticket!

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    **still developing his game***

  6. denton davey says:

    He’s a very agile shot-stopper BUT he needs to become more assertive and “command” the penalty area; it’s very common for the central defenders to express dissatisfaction with his trepidation at coming out for the ball. His unstable communication is getting rectified but it is clearly something that has to improve. If he can “man-up” in his command of the penalty area then he has a great chance to be the best-ever UTD keeper – right now, though, he’s behind both Edwin and PeterTheGreat. That said, his astonishing reflexes have saved UTD’s bacon on a number of occasions.

  7. Red4ever says:

    In david we trust ,,he is improving day by day comanding his box a bit more I am sure after 2,3 years he will be the best in the world way to go lad hope he gets a game for spain too coz by form he is the best spanish keeper by far

    And OFF TOPIC :-

    we have given 16 yr old Danish youngster Jacob Rasmussen center back a trial good too see we are looking at young talents to replace our star cb’s hopefully we soon will get the next big thing at united its been a long time since a talented youngster break through ,,we need a ronaldo ,,rooney,,rio,,hopefully zaha does that for us more to come

  8. roadkill4u says:

    Good for him but I think that it will be very difficult for him to be the Spain #1 when he does not play in Spain. Pepe has been good all of these years but always seemed to be 3rd fiddle behind the Real GK and the Barcelona GK. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that he plays outside of Spain.

    By the same token though, those GKs are aging and DDG is only just starting his career and should only get better as time goes on. Let’s remember, GKs do not usually come into their prime until late 20′s early 30′s and can continue for years after that (see Brad Freidel).

    We can only hope that he will be that successful and over take the two that denton davey mentions. (hate to mention any GKs in the same breath as those two legends!!!!)

  9. The Left Bank says:

    Great news for David. The lad deserves it. United has been shaping the boy into the man.

  10. King Eric says:

    Of course he is behind Pete and Edwin Denton, he is still a kid. I rate Dave alot. Top keeper.

  11. WeAreUnited says:

    In david we trust!!!

    to play for Spain or only be a part of it, no matter that Casillas is injured, is a big thing!

    I hope this “DeGea doesn’t command” thing doesn’t become another myth for our supporters, like “Nani is inconsistent” or “Chicha’s all around game” , yes DDG is not that commanding, but which keeper is coming all the time from their goal, if he keeps the sheet clean and saves those crazy shots that should be going in, I will stay away from that badwagon.

    bravo David!

  12. knightsmith says:

    I think David is going to turn into one of the best signings Sir Alex has ever made .

  13. lordrt says:

    go for it ddg, it’s high time you turn into a world class keeper


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