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De Gea: Grateful to fans singing my name

Whilst Robin van Persie stole all the headlines after scoring a hattrick against Olympaicos, David de Gea played his part when making some fantastic saves. Had United conceded, we would have had to score at least four goals to progress.

On several occasions, the Stretford End chanted his name, which didn’t go unnoticed by the keeper.

“The fans were great the other night against Olympiacos,” he said. “We always know that on big Champions League nights they are with us and that strength we drew from their support and that push they gave us was very, very important. We know it will be the same against Bayern Munich – they will be there for us. That support that we get is vital. When the stadium is full and you hear the crowd singing your name it’s a lovely feeling and it’s something you’re really grateful for and thankful for. We’ll be really pleased if we can repay that support. That would be great.”

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  1. united till i die says:

    Legend in the making and getting him tied down to a new long term deal should be a priority this summer.

  2. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    There is so much say about the de gea story. I Absolutely love this player

  3. m09538061 says:

    I’m surprised that this song has never took off:

    He’s big , he’s brave ,
    He’s Spanish Dave ,
    He makes great saves ,
    He never shaves He’s flying through the air !!!
    Come and have a shot if you dare !

  4. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    We are always a worse side when Antonio Valencia doesn’t play.

  5. Martin Thomas says:

    He reminds of Gary Bailey: Gary was also a young keeper, and many doubted his ability and commitment. But he was brave and he put himself on the line for United many times. Just like David does now. All I can say is well done, son!

  6. Fletch™ says:

    With van Persie out for 6+games
    Who should take spot kicks?
    A. Wayne Rooney
    B. Ryan Giggs
    C. Nani
    D. Juan Mata

    Penalties need to be considered for the CL ties as well.

  7. Martin Thomas says:

    Giggs should take pens (if he’s playing).

  8. Jorge Curioso II says:

    If Olympiakos and United had swapped goalkeepers, United would have lost the tie.

  9. Martin Thomas says:

    How about this, to the tune of the old ‘Rupert Bear’ TV theme?


    David De Gea

    Everyone sing his name


    David De Gea

    He has saved us again…

  10. The_red_devils says:

    Great news
    nani is in squad for the match against west ham, hope he gets some game time

  11. Gazzer says:

    Well I’m not surprised that first song never took off :-)
    He’s definitely come a long way though.
    Super shot stopper. Once he commands the area he’ll be top notch

  12. WeAreUnitedd says:

    I hope for the next game we end up with this line-up, BTW now that some players stepped up for the olympiakos game, it’s harder to decide the line-up, which is a good problem.
    Mata and Rooney are for certain, so other options are divide between Nani Kagawa Januzaj and Valencia

    I prefer option 1
    Kagawa Mata Nani

    Or Option 2
    Januzaj Kagawa Mata

    Other potentials.

    Nani Mata Valencia

    Januzaj Welbeck Mata

    Nani Mata Valencia

    Kagawa Mata Welbeck

    Welbeck Mata Valencia

    Januzaj Mata Nani


  13. NBI Red 21 says:

    De Gea is on the way to becoming a legend or at least very loved.

    But I don’t think it will be long before RM or Barca are in for him and then we will see if he can resist the lure of going home. RM will be in the market after Cassilas leaves and Barca after Valdes.

    If United were in the CL and competing for titles then we have a chance to keep him but I doubt he will stay if we are out of the CL for a couple of years as looks likely. I think he will leave with good feeling from the fans like Pique and Ronnie because of the way he has conducted himself but much as I would love for him to end his career with United for Spanish players the chance to play for RM or Barca is a hard one to turn down. Also I think his girlfriend is a Spanish celebrity. I was surprised Reina was lured by the possibility of Barca though they never went for him in the end, after so long at Liverpool but that is his home.

    One thing we should all respect De Gea for is the way he tried to lure Thiago and made huge effort to help lure Mata to United. That was very classy from the lad and shows he is a loyal person who tries to do his bit for the Club. He can be the worlds best keeper, United have to compete and win to keep him and players of his ilk. He shone against Olypiakos and it is a shame he will not be on the CL stage next season, he deserves the biggest stage because he is just pure class and some of his saves are unbelievable.

  14. ashtheking says:

    De gea has been our best player this season. He has shown passion in each game he played. Great bloke. It’s stupidity that he doesn’t get picked in Spain squad. I bet if he was in la liga he would have been picked. Stupid league

  15. NBI Red 21 says:

    I have to say its funny how Moyes wth zero CL experience came in and mouthed off that the team was 6 or 7 players short to win the CL and now he is saying we can win it. The same guy who called the players mentally soft and blamed them for everything was so ready to take the plaudits after Oly,mpiakos when the genius of De Gea, Giggs and RVP just about saw us through. So this is his game, blame the players, computers, ref, luck when you might or do lose, take the full credit when the team wins. Well done though De Gea, we know it was you who kept us in it.

  16. ashtheking says:

    The agent of Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic has revealed that the Serbian cannot wait to embark on his “adventure” with Inter Milan.

    The 32-year-old is set to join the Italian giants in the summer on a bosman after eight years at Old Trafford.

    “Nemanja has signed now and we are all happy for him,” Martina told Fc Inter News. “He’s joining Inter with great enthusiasm and is looking forward to the start of a new adventure.

    “He’s been watching a lot of Italian games on television and is doing so with great interest.”

    Vidic shouldn’t be our captain. I respect. Vidic and he has been a great servant but he and his agent are acting stupid. You need to be professional and think about this season. I remember drogba, he never talked about his next season. If he had then Chelsea would not have won the champions league. Vidic should act like a captain and send some positivity in the squad. It’s a shame that he still has the captain band. The moment he signed the contract with inter he should have been removed as captain. I really doubt if he would be really motivated even to win the champions league and do well.

  17. NBI Red 21 says:

    I haven’t seen any lack of commitment from Vidic, he has done well last few games and was a beast in a few. His agent is asked a question by the press and is obviously going to be positive. It does not mean Vidic does not care about United, United never offered him a contract, so what if he is looking forward to Italy, Rooney was looking forward to City and Chelsea yet no one slates him off. Ronnie wanted to go to RM for years and is a legend. As long as Vida gives his best why shouldnt he be captain, United did not want him, but he IS a United legend and no one should dishonour what he has done for this Club.

  18. ashtheking says:

    No one is dishonouring for what he has done for the club. He will always be remembered fondly but he is our captain and he has not acted like one. I remember the season before vidic used to give some inspiring thoughts and motivate his fans and players but this season when the club needs hi the most he hasn’t done anything captain stuff. And as far as his agent being asked, you know to come and say he regularly watches Italian games is a stupid comment. He could have easily said Vidic is concentrating in the remaining season so ny question about Italy could be asked after mAy. It is not that tough to say this. And remember agent say what players tell them to. If vidic had specifically told to his agent that don’t tAlk about inter Milan as my focus is here then his agent won’t have said a thing about Italy. To say he regularly watches Italian football just shows how much you are. Committed to your clubs cause.

  19. ashtheking says:

    Exactly what I said. Vidic and his agent have acted in unprofessional way.

  20. The_red_devils says:

    We are united
    Among those line ups, i would like to see that last one
    januzaj mata nani
    i think that would be an exciting front 4.

    Welbeck mata januzaj
    my line up for tonight’s game with nani coming on for januzaj in second half.

  21. Xyth X says:

    DeGea one bright star in a dismal season! Already a legend!

    RvP injury now gives Moyes a chance to play Mata at his natural position with Rooney up front.

    I would play today Kagawa on the left and give Adnan further rest as against the dippers he looked tired and today’s match will be very physical. If Nani is fully fit I would play him as well. Hopefully he is hungry and he still has a lot to prove!

    Against Bayer we will need pace up front. They will probably have the lions share of possession, so when we get the ball we will need to hit them quickly. I thought Arsenal did well at the beginning of their home match and had they scored that penalty it would have been a different match. we need to be careful of the great cheat that Robben is!


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