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De Gea: I Could Be A Bigger Legend Than VDS

David de Gea has claimed that he reckons he can be as big a legend for this club as Edwin Van der Sar, despite his early mistakes for the club.

“Hopefully, I will equal or even surpass the performance and ­contribution he made to the club,” said de Gea. “Let’s face it, all goalkeepers make mistakes once in a while and none of us like it when we do. Errors happen, but I’ve gone on to be more confident in myself and I think things are going well now. I think it is fair to say La Liga and the Premier League are the two best leagues in the world and in that sense they’re very similar, they’re at a ­similar level. But it is well known that the style of play here is rather more physical and as a goalkeeper you’ve got to be right on it, you’ve got to be attentive all through the match. The players coming at you can shoot from any ­angle and they can shoot from distance – you need to be aware that you might get a shot from distance at any time. Having said that, there’s also a lot of crosses from the sides, a lot of high balls and aerial play. You’ve got to be able to get in there and block, ­interfere and stop shots ­being taken. I knew when I was coming to United that this was the style of play I was coming into, so I was pretty much ready and I was already ­confident when I came. I knew I’d need to train a lot, which I do, I concentrate a lot on blocking shots. As a goalkeeper I try to improve in all areas of my game. It’s varied and I want to do my best.”

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  1. WillieRedNut says:

    Anyone who thinks De gea won’t come good is a clown. The points being made, are about his present form. Anders looks the more accomplished keeper currently. Liinde hasn’t had a difficult time yet. DDG is going through that now. He’s got loads of time on his hands. While he gets used to life in the premiership. Which is totally different to La Liga. We’ve got a safe pair of hands in Lindegaurdian.

  2. WillieRedNut says:

    Well, you tend to chop and change, when you’re getting injuries every game. Just a thought…..

  3. gaurav12931 says:

    i understand what you are trying to say but I just felt that the article was a bit too harsh on him,he started off blasting rooney for the most recent thing that happend(training issue and the blackburn ban) and to be fair he was probably hungover and lethargic and properly fined by sir alex and the issue was dealt with,end of, he then goes on elaborating all the mistakes he’s made in his life and condemns him.To be fair rooney has been half decent this season and the article just feels so very sensationalistic.

  4. smartalex says:

    zelh – Of course mate! I was making fun in response to your fair comment, but not of you, I’m sure you realise. I was actually making fun of me, because I’m always quick to moan when I perceive even the vaguest slight cast against Sir Alex, to the expressed dismay of some.
    Just a bit of fun at my expense!

  5. Sandeep1878 says:


    how about the odds, 33-1 ? :)

  6. wayne says:

    Don’t understand how people figure Rodwell is shit looks like a solid young player to me
    I’d have no problem selling Rooney either just continues to disrespect the club clearly has issues don’t know how many times fans are going to forgive he’s a bad act.Don’t give a fuck how much talent he has

  7. smartalex says:

    Sandy – That sounds reasonable!

    If Kuszczak doesn’t start against Newcastle, I’ll sing out loud the 12 Cantonas.
    If he does start, you must sing the 12 Cantonas out loud, 33 times.

    Do we have a deal?

  8. zelh says:

    smartalex – noticed that I’m on on the fences too, if somebody wants to do injustice to Fergie. But even the master is sometimes wrong.

    wayne – I think he didn’t develope like he could without his injuries and specially his knees seem to be very prone. no need of another hargo.
    that’s my biggest argument against rodwell and of course Tunnicliffe who’s doing exceptional at Posh.

  9. smartalex says:

    zelh – nobody’s perfect. Some are just more perfect than others.

  10. zelh says:

    smartalex – that’s right though.

    Till later RoM! :)

  11. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    TonyBee Watson
    Your porog mate. Rooney for me has taken the piss far too often and is starting to become a real thorn in the side. Its a case of he is braking down the discipline at the club and with impressionable lads like Morrison about he doesnt need that fat scouse cunt as a role model. 50 million well spent is bigger than Rooney in my book.
    Rodwell hasnt become a shit player over night but by no means has he been helped by playing in a very stale Everton team too long. The coaching network at Everton is woeful and the players for him to learn from are even worse. His role models in the middle of the park is Heitinga and Fellaini. Now Heitinga is a half decent player that internationally is surrounded by much better players whereas microphone head plays because Everton sell more silly wigs than they do shirts. Rodwell at United with scholes in a coaching role and the support of players like Carrick and Giggs he will learn all the parts of the midfield trade and be bled into a succeeding team at a comfortable unrushed way. Rodwell and Jones and Carrick in midfield would offer attacking options, defensive options galore and would be the closest thing available to the Keane, Scholes, Beckham trio that is available. (By involving Beckham Im refering to when he wandered into the midfield and Solksjaer more often than not played wide right – not the standard 4-4-2 formation).

  12. WillieRedNut says:

    Is that why you’ve got splinters on your backside zelh? :)

  13. BRIGADIER19 says:

    Good afternoon all on ROM, some good points on the Goalkeeping position. I believe that De Gea has great promise at such a young age he can become truly great, look towards Ronaldo when he came. He was wirey to say the least got pushed of the ball very easily. As time moved on he bulked up significantly and we all know he didn’t get pushed away too easily during his latter time with us.
    I feel the same transition will apply to Mr De Gea. Who knows a couple of nights out with Cedars and Costas with a few Kebabs may beef him up in the right way.
    Anders is such a character at United and I feel that his vocality between the sticks stands out as he seems to be a natural commander. I feel he really loves United by the way he presents himself, on twitter he speaks like a passionate fan.
    Now here is the dilemma – Splitting the 2 keepers, both have unique qualities none are complete. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that in an ideal world it would be nice to merge the 2 together. The next best thing to this is balancing out the 2 keepers and this is where Sir Alex is above and beyond the best man for the job. The way he rotates these keepers is essential and besides all the bullshit via the media, Sir Alex, Rene and the team see everything others don’t. If one isn’t right then he doesn’t play which may upset some people who think they know whats best. Sir Alex will always protect his players from the spotlight but by no means do I believe that he his soft with them behind closed doors. Extending out from the goalkeepers if a player is suffering from a loss of confidence, he will get their mindsets right and if he believes in a player then thats all good for me.

    I personally think that it is good to have 2 competing goalkeepers who can both improve each others skills etc, and if the balance can be found and if the 2 of them can be kept happy then I’m sure that we will be in good stead for the future.

    Mistakes will be made, adulation will be received, but we Win as a Team and we Lose as a Team.

  14. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Goat, Although there isn’t a lot to disagree with in your assessment of Rodwell, I am not going to address that. In simple terms though, Rodwell is more “potential”. We’ve got enough of that right now with Morrison, Pogba, Tunnicliffe, Cleverley and Jones. With a young setup like that being trained by Paul Scholes, there will be no need for us to be worried about our mid-field for a long time if that potential is fulfilled. There isn’t any need to add more “potential” to that in the form of another unproven youngster who needs to be moulded in the United way.

    If we are going to go for a mid-fielder, I would much rather it be a proven player around 26-30 who can go for a couple of years and provide the calm head needed for the aforementioned lot to mature. Granted we already have that in Carrick and Fletcher provided the latter can get his health back but if we are going to invest in the middle of the park it should be for an experienced head and not for more young blood who is just going to get in the way of the already developing young set we have.

  15. xol says:

    It was an interesting comment from the boss the other day asking, “Who’d want to sell their best player at this part of the season?” Not heard that before from him. It’s come at the very start of January transfer proceedings. He did mention about the end of the month being a time we might do business though. I got the impression he’d be happy to stick with what we’ve got if enough return from Injury by February. I’d be surprised if we signed anyone over 20m. This number has been used regarding Rodwell and it puts me off. I’d rather the money and squad players stay where they are. 30m or more on a significant player would be better. I remember Rodwell stepping over a pass when Everton scored against us and I’ve seen him come on and make a difference. He’s got abilities going forwards as well as defending, strong and fast. There are just too many players around like that, that aren’t mentioned in transfer rumour stories for seasons on end. I know he’s young but there are promising youngsters getting just as much experience at other clubs in the league. Watching Cleverley at Wigan last season I saw some great performances from some of his young midfield team mates. Not as good this season though. I didn’t see the Jones signing coming, nor Hernandez, so I can’t see it happening after being in the papers so long.

  16. RedFury says:

    imo the de Gea seems smaller in size compared to Anders, and other goalies in the league. So maybe that’s why players are more willing to take him head on. He’s just 21y.o, so he’s got lots of time to improve. Personally, i prefer Anders in #1, because age wise, he deserves to get a bit more game time.

  17. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Balaji Sivaraman
    Valid points mate
    i did put in my original post that got Rodwell mentioned that Rooney was worth selling for 50 million and get Schneider and Rodwell to replace him. (giving more time for Cleverley and Berbatov to play) and that would all be better than a disinterested fat dipper amongst the ranks.
    Rodwell in terms of match awareness and experience is 2 years ahead of Morrison and Tunicliffe and could fill in should Sneider get injured. Its all very well saying a signing could make the difference but not if that 1 signing gets knocked up in the first match. Rodwell I also feel would be not too dissimilar to Young in the fact he would sit more often and except it as he realises he has stepped up to a higher level and is getting to train with the worlds best coach and team. I recognise Rodwell as a very valuable piece in a jigsaw rather than the superstar super saviour. With Rodwell advancement in years over Tunicliffe and Morrison it allows for an insurance policy should 1. Fletcher never recovers and 2. Carrick goes out long term towards the end of his career. Say in three years time it would be a massive gamble to have two midfielders Tunicliffe and Morrison be the senior paring should the worst happen. (of course other things have to be taken into account but you get my drift).

  18. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    On the DeGea front again.
    I said right at the beginning that Spanish keepers are not good enough for the top British teams because they are of generally smaller frame and lack the tougher colder upbringing of their north european counterparts. There is alot to be said for bullying and a more agressive outlook to life than the easy laid back 50% unemployment sleep through the day lifestile of the southern europeans. It stands to reason that the general upbringing of an individual will reflect on his make up. I have no doubt he will toughen up should he care to stay long enough but I wouldnt be surprised if he fails for a couple of years and then go home cut price and succeed. I have always said Germanic keepers are heads and shoulders above latinos and even a mediocre germanic keeper will in the long term give you more consistant play (which you can work with).

  19. James21 says:

    When are some going to leave Rooney alone. Yes he held the club to Ransome but so did Kanchelskis and Keane. Gone are the days when the likes of Giggs, G Neville, Butt, P Neville, Beckham and Scholes would play for less than they could earn at other clubs. Granted some of these did leave but it wasn’t money orientated. Rooney is a superb footballer and we need him more than he needs us. FFS I watch him live week in week out and I can’t see where Utd would be without him. He has a bad game and Fans say his heart aint in it. How many on here would leave their jobs tomorrow if some other company offered you a more or a double your money deal?
    Gerrard did the same with Liverpool yet their fans idolise him. Give WR 10 a break he’s a footballing genius.

  20. Gee says:

    DDG has been a bloody liability at times but he is a young lad, his time will come, maybe as early as next season BUT Lindegaard has been looking really good this season and confident and I love how he celebrates our goals even when he’s on the bench, SAF should give him his chance and tell DDG it’s up to him to oust Lindegaard and become no. 1!!

  21. Gee says:

    @ Goat, I think you’ve lost it pal, sell Rooney and buy sneijder and Rodwell?? Thank fook your not the manager!! Keep Rooney and buy Javi Martinez and watch the goals go in for the fat dipper as you call him!!

  22. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    So your saying that Hernandez, Nani and Young are not good enough alongside Rooney for the goals to go in? I never even discussed Rooneys output for the team. On the countary I think Rooney is possibly in the top 10 of all world players. HOWEVER I also believe in team ethos, I believe in discipline. I believe in players being ambasadors. I believe in players being of moral guidance for young fans and young players. I believe in a Player doing as hes fucking told when payed one of the highest wages of world football.
    Real Madrid do not have Rooney. Bayern Munich do not have Rooney. Barcelona do not have Rooney. Manchester City do not have Rooney. Champions league teams Chelsea and Arsenal do not have Rooney, yet they are succeeding in their own special way. Im under no illusion as I hope you arent that should United sell then they too can be one of those teams to succeed without Rooney. Manchester United is as important to Rooneys future success as Rooney is to Manchester Uniteds future success. Rooney has acted the cunt for too long now and its time some other player got to be made a success of and relegate that degenerate fucking pig faced dipper to the list of also ran players who have been shown the door for their indiscressions. Far better have left OT for alot less. I wont be upset. Wellbeck and Hernandez would be just as effective as Rooney Hernandez. and the money could come in useful whether its to bolster the squad or pay off the Glazers debts.

  23. wayne says:

    James21 nothing to do with him having a bad game it’s all about getting shitfaced inbetween games.Every year is the year Rooney is finally going to grow up but it never happens,always has runs of games were he looks world class then goes into slumps,seems year in year out has personel issues to deal with.
    This is nothing to do with Rooney the footballer and everything to do with Rooney the person,just think the lad’s a bad act simple as that and wouldn’t shed tears if Rooney was sold.

  24. gaurav12931 says:

    finally someone else supports rooney aswell!!.It’s exactly what i have been telling all along,he’s an integral part of the squad and he’s very very very good and he he just fits into the squad,some people are sayin sell rooney and buy snieder and others,by doing that there is no guarantee that snieder(or any other world class player) will fit into the squad if i remember well veron was supposed to be a sure fit as he was world class and genuine quality but he failed miserably at united.
    Rooney is doing a job for united and he does is very well and if he was only after money he would’ve joined already as im sure if he agrees to go to shitty they’ll double his wages or something like that

  25. redbilly says:

    Off topic- I must say, watching the sunderland goal in the 93rd and then a city fan with his head in his hands was oh so sweet to see. I trust many fellow reds enjoyed the moment . I know o’shea did.

  26. James21 says:

    Hi mate. All I’ll say is Utd need Rooney more than Rooney needs Utd. I’m not saying that will always be the case.
    We can’t afford to be without WR atm, it showed when he was banned last season and the season before when he was out injured. His all round movement is fantastic and he is vital to SAF plans even when he doesn’t have a good game his input at drawing defenders away is fantastic. I certainly would be worried if he left. SAF was totally right to ban him on Saturday weather we won or lost.
    I have always said until it gets boring theres nothing wrong with Rooney he just needs to sort his head out, so we agree on that one.

    I see a Genius a great tallent and a joy to watch thats why I defend him. As a person I don’t know him, he may be a prize cunt for all I know. But he plays for Utd and he’s our prize cunt.

  27. wayne says:

    James21 I’d never agree with that mate Utd are bigger than any player the club doesn’t need Rooney
    Doesn’t matter mate just think Rooney is a cunt won’t matter if he banged in 40 goals doesn’t change who he is.His attitude and selfishness doesn’t deserve to wear the shirt again nothing to do with his football ability

  28. James21 says:

    I agree about no player is bigger than the club. We are fans though who bleed Utd. It became obvious that maybe atm Rooney is needed by the club as the club bent over backwards to keep him. This has Never happend during SAF time in charge except possibly with Robson when he was clearing out the Boozers. Ince and Keane never got the better of SAF, but Rooney got what he wanted.
    I hear what you’re saying about him and I’m inclined to agree on certain points but its the football matters on the field that matter to me. Schmeichel was an ignorant bastard who regulary barged through the fans but he was Utd’s greatest Keeper. Not everyone can be as nice as Scholes. :)

  29. LoneStarRed says:

    Defenders do not respect DeGea because of his lack of physical presence. Evans has the same problem. Until he cleans out a few on his way to punch a header they will think he is soft. And after watching that third Blackburn goal I find it hard to disagree.

  30. LoneStarRed says:

    @redbilly It was a prize moment. And yes O’Shea and Brown will cherish it. The disgraceful loss to Rovers totally muted my enjoyment though.

  31. Hey says:

    Rooney may be the prized asset of this team now, but I highly doubt he will be here after he turns 30. Once the youngsters reach their potential there will be a few, lets say, main man. This frequent silly events and selfishness will not go unpunished for long.

  32. PissedOffRed says:

    The blackburn game was biased.. Referee gave Blackburn more leeway for their kicking and rough-house treatment towards our players.

    I am still seething from the first and 3rd goal. Shirt pulling is normal in any game and it was clear Samba was overpowering Berbatov, he dropped at the slightest tug when Berba attempted to kick the ball away and fell. Samba isn’t a striker, he’d rather drop than swivel around and attempt a shot at goal. He attempted the same trick the next round and had no penalty call.

    When they scored that bloody goal, I knew we were in for a tough time because Blackburn were playing with 10 men in defence. They got a lucky break – Kean isn’t the right manager for them. They were once scary oppositions – big, tough and attack minded. Now, they just sit back and hope for the best.

    As for the 3rd goal, DDG had an arm all over his face. Under any circumstances, the referee would’ve blown for a foul.. BUT after the penalty, I knew it wouldn’t happen. You know you have no luck in a game when 2 shots which manages to sail pass 10 blackburn players and head goal bound somehow hit your own players on the way to goal. Also, Carrick, Jones, Evra, Rafael aren’t the greatest header of the ball.

    As for the criticism of our keepers.. This is the best batch of goalkeepers we’ve had after our top keeper retired. When Schemeichel left… we endured some really terrible goalkeeping.

    I don’t see blunders of taibi proportions. DDG fluffs some crosses, sometimes reacting to slowly to accurate shots… Which keeper do not make such mistakes. Isn’t Cech supposed to be the BEST goalie around? Look at the amount of goals passing him now, likewise Reina. DEFENCE is key.


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