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De Gea: I Love ‘This Is The One’

David de Gea has told United Review that he likes ‘This is the one’ by The Stone Roses, the song which is played ahead of kick-off at Old Trafford. The song was introduced at the request of Gary Neville when he was captain.

“I like metal and rock bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica,” he said. “When I put it on in the dressing room, everyone moans! Most of the other players are into hip-hop. I also love This Is The One, the song we come out to at Old Trafford – it gives me a big lift for the game.”

De Gea’s best mates at the club are Javier Hernandez and Antonio Valencia who really helped him settle in when he first joined the club.

“I get on with all the lads but I guess Chicharito and Antonio Valencia most of all,” he added. “They were brilliant when I first arrived, translating for me and answering any questions I had. Javier is a real livewire off the field – he lifts every room he walks into and his enthusiasm is infectious.”

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  1. Zibbie says:

    JC hello. Rooney made 3-4 great passes that could have been assists as well. TC is back and looking better, the one two touch stuff is coming back. Jones and Evans running up field tilting it forward for Man Utd, we saw that last game when TC came on.

  2. Zibbie says:

    The Glazzers have taken a lot of $ from the club to get through the recession for their failing land developments. With that said they have grown the MRK world wide and have increased the yearly intake of cash to over 100 mill a year and growing fast. Who ever owns the club next will benefit from the MRK that is in place. They hired another 100 people this year to make 50 mill more a year in the next 5 years.

  3. Zibbie says:

    I wounder with the old ownership before the Glazzers if they were still in charge what difference in the transfer market would there have been? How much more or less would SAF have spent?

  4. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Zibbie, Agree about Tom Cleverley. There is just something he brings to the team that I am not quite able to place my finger on. I wouldn’t say we looked greatly better but there’s no doubting that we did look better movement and passing wise once he came on yesterday. And no I am not getting carried away, I actually did notice an improvement when he came one. (Or maybe I am just seeing what I want to see, who knows.) Sir Alex has already said he has been a big miss this season and there’s no doubt about it. He wanted Cleverley to be the new Scholes and he got injured. I just hope he isn’t as injury prone as this season has shown. It will be a tremendous waste of talent if that happens.

  5. dela says:

    Morning everyone.

    Good to see that someone in our dressing room listens to metal. I like ‘This is the one’ too, but I never really understood why it was played before kickoff. It’s a song about a girl having her first orgasm, isn’t it? Or did I just miss the point of the song completely?

  6. Ancha says:

    With the MF next year – Carrick, Clevz, Anderson, Pogba, Jones, Tunni, Giggs,
    Scholes & Fletch (Hopefully)

    Where will the new MF signing, many are asking for, fit in without blocking game time for some of the youngsters on that list.

  7. Ancha says:

    ah forgot! Good morning all!

    RE European football, I don’t think one magic MF signing would guarantee anything. I feel we have the players to handle The euro football, only thing is SAF has to alter his tactics and a bit serious about the opposing teams, we are good to go.

  8. Brigadier19 says:

    Good morning fellow stalwarts.

    A little mention goes out to our reserves last night edging past Blackburn by the Solitary goal. Some nice work by the back 5, neat and composed when under pressure. Fryers had a decent game imo, but Tyler Blackett for the Academy will give him good competition. Another lad who had a good one was Davide Petrucci. His link up play with Pogba, Will Keane and Tunni was especially good also. Pogba looked Decent with some nice twists turns and passes and boy does he hit the ball which led to United’s first goal which Will Keane duly dispatched ending his lengthy goalless spell of 4 games without a goal. I say lengthy on this one has he always has an eye for goal seems to be where a good striker should be, that’s in the right place at the right time. Ryan Tunniclife shown why he last year won the Jimmy Murphy Award, god this kid runs through walls for this club. Tenacious is definitely the word to describe this one Box 2 Effing Box. Hard as Nails to boot. Fabio bless this child, how he missed a straightforward header in this game is beyond me but I blame the curly hair. All in all a good performance and 3 points.

  9. Sandeep1878 says:

    Morning Red devils around the world :)

    NBI Red Onion..I m at service sir :P

    lets roll on..

    so it all looks like Pogba will/have eventually sign for us..

    by the way, good win for the kids at Ewood..

  10. Sandeep1878 says:

    It was Also good to see Matty James returning against Rovers last nyt after a lengthy injury.

  11. Sandeep1878 says:

    This is our injury update,

    Nani Knock 15th Mar 12

    Anderson Hamstring Injury no return date

    C Smalling Head Injury no return date

    A Valencia Hamstring Injury 18th Mar 12

    A Lindegaard Ankle/Foot Injury 26th Mar 12

    D Fletcher Bowel Condition no return date

    N Vidic ACL Knee Injury Jun 12

    M Owen Thigh Muscle Strain 26th Mar 12

    T Bebe ACL Knee Injury no return date

  12. Lebomanc says:

    Morning everyone
    Great win for the reserves last night!
    Thanks for the injury update, and to be honest I have a feeling Michael Owen and ando won’t be playing again this season. Just when we think lots of the lads are getting back to fitness we get hit with more injuries! At least cleverley returned though…

  13. utd_fc says:

    kanchelskis, no mate i’m in Canada lol.

    atin, thanks mate, appreciate the link!

    i knew RoM wouldn’t let me down!

  14. lordrt says:

    Great post about Giggsy Sandeep, the immortal No.11 of United, when he goes I think management must respect him and retire that No.11 as well, the Welsh Wizard will be needed to create some magic if we want to get past Bilbao
    Also read that Pogba will decide to stay with Utd, need to follow this situation closely as well

  15. Sandeep1878 says:

    Top scorer of the league:

    RVP – 25
    Rooney – 20
    Aguero – 16
    ba – 16
    Yakubu – 13

    Top assists:

    Silva – 12
    Adebayor – 11
    Mata – 10
    Valencia – 9
    Giggsy – 8

    - Nani – 8, Young – 7

    So all together our wingers have created 32 goals out of 68 we have scored in the league.

    That is almost 50% of the goals are assisted from our traditional wing play…

    I hope either Berba or Chicharito will contribute at least 15 goals by the end of the season..

  16. Sandeep1878 says:

    A good read on Jonny Evans..

    I love the guy..

  17. Sandeep1878 says:


    Even i fear that Owen and Ando are gone for the season..

    Anderson – i dont know whatz next for the lad..

    and yeah good that Tom C is back, that was horrendous by that cunt davies who ruined the lad’s season..

    @ LordRT

    Hello buddy,

    Indeed its a great read on Sir Ryan..

    The legend is simply amazing, incredible – we will fall short of words to describe the legend..

    38 years old, playing now and then, still amongst the top 5 assists in the league..

    He is not a man, he is a machine

    Good day pal

  18. . says:

    denton: yeh dogleash is a class act isnt he?

    he also said ‘pool’s shit form was a good sign ahead of the everton match

    him and Sewerez the racist rat (someone do the cartoon please) are doing a great job of entertaining the nation at loserpool’s expense

  19. Lebomanc says:

    I was mad at the tackle too! It was awful!
    Btw how did ando first get injured?

  20. Ancha says:

    Piers Morgan (on Twitter)

    Got a sneaking feeling Manchester United won’t finish in Premier League Top 4.

    LOL!…that made my day!

  21. Ancha says:

    Piers Morgan (on Twitter) on Dec 3

    Got a sneaking feeling Manchester United won’t finish in Premier League Top 4.

    Looks like he didn’t learn a thing or two from the past.

    Mar 13

    Top of the table

    May xx


  22. Ancha says:

    Darron Gibson (Back on Twitter)

    No one celebrates 4th place quite like Arsenal!

  23. Sandeep1878 says:


    I m not sure how ando got injured pal,

    may be he pulled in it in the training or during the last game..


    Hello buddy,

    cunt piers is a dumbfuck :)

  24. Ancha says:

    The sad part of this weekend was Anderson getting injured again (Hamstring). Looks like he is out for the season.

  25. Ancha says:

    Hello sandeep

    where do you stay?

  26. Dillan says:

    Petrucci is well on his way to fulfilling his potential.I think next season he should get a look in.

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Does danny welbeck really need to get any bigger for a continuation in improvement? personally i don’t think so.

    Technically, i think he’s superb. All he needs to add to his game is composure and he’ll get even more goals. He can bulk up a little more but incredible-hulk he certainly won’t be.

  28. mara says:

    King Eric…Costas…
    You didnt understand what i said…
    King Eric are you takeing some drugs? Chill out man

  29. Sandeep1878 says:


    Bangalore about you?


    Yeah our king of UNITED drug :)

    Costas on same drug but coupled with Cuban cigars :P

  30. Sandeep1878 says:

    A bit trivia on german league and Gomez..

    Mario Gomez has completed his 11th Bundesliga hat-trick .

    The all time list is,

    Gerd Müller – 32
    Klaus Fischer – 12
    Gomez – 11

    for club and country, in the last 35 games, Gomez has scored 31 goals..

  31. Ancha says:


    How about a meet, me too in the same city
    there must be a way to exchange mails

  32. Sandeep1878 says:


    Sure pal,

    you can stay connected with me on,

    you on FB?

  33. Ancha says:


    Sent a mail. check it.

    I’m on FB. see my full name in the mail and the profile of FB is also on the same name

  34. Sandeep1878 says:


    Replied to your mail buddy,

    couldnt find you in FB,

    do check my profile in FB at,


    my display pic is Giggsy and Scholesy..

  35. King Eric says:

    Mara. Yes. Heroin and crack cocaine pal. Chill out? What you on about? All I said to you was how on earth can we buy “11 Messi’s”.

  36. mara says:

    I didnt say that we are going to buy 11 messis. I said if we could spent 500 mils on players like Barca and Real, we could destroy Barca even if they got 11 Messis in the squad. And even we didint spent near that much we still played the most of finals last five years. My line was against Glazers…they spent 500 mils a club instead a players

  37. mara says:

    King Eric…i m reffering on comment 23:43
    if i didnt understand something than my bad….

  38. Amar says:

    I am sure he would love Maiden,
    \m/ \m/ \m/..


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