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DEATH FROM ABOVE: Cantona – I Kicked Hooligan For Fans

“It is a dream for some people to kick these kind of people (hooligans) — so I did it for them, so that they are happy,” said Cantona. “It’s a kind of freedom for them — so they speak about that incident because they felt something special physically. Maybe it was a different feeling. It is a great feeling — but different. I have seen so many players scoring goals and they know what that feels like, but this one — a player jumping and kicking a hooligan — it’s not the kind of thing you see every day!”

But Cantona conceded: “It was a mistake but that’s life — that’s me. You either take it or not. I’m strong enough to come back.”

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  1. StatesideAussie says:

    Wayne, we’ll just have to disagree over Training Day. As for Unstoppable, it was United Airline’s movie of the month on the East Coast-West Coast in January, and their West-East movie in February I think … anyway, I have seen it at least four times lol and didn’t enjoy it once. It’s not Denzel acting a part, it’s just Denzel being Denzel. It’s not like Ben Kinsgley in Gandhi, and then Ben Kinsgely in Sexy Beast. It’s not Michael Parks as Earl McGraw, the sheriff with the sunglasses in Kill Bill Vol 1, and Michael Parks as Esteban Vihaio, the old, sadistic Mexican pimp in Kill Bill Vol 2. That’s acting! Nor is it Gordon Liu, head of the Crazy 88′s in Kill Bill Vol 1, and Gordon Liu as the cruel kung fu master Pai Mei in KB Vol 2. That’s also acting.

    Anyway, it’s all subjective, so no worries.

  2. smartalex says:

    The Rock was very good in Be Cool.

  3. wayne says:

    @Stateside i was talking more about entertaining movies rather than great acting and overall i think denzel delivers,yeah i thought training day was a top movie and denzel as a villian gave a great performance so we’ll never agree on that.thats why they make movies my friend i’m still pissed that ed norton didn’t win the oscar for american history x but alot would disagree its all subjective.

  4. wayne says:

    @Stateside sorry mate didn’t see subjective didn’t mean to copy

  5. wayne says:

    @smartalex thats another sequel should never have been made,get shorty was very funny

  6. StatesideAussie says:

    Wayne, no sweat.

  7. King Eric says:

    Heat was a right film albeit pacino and de niro only got about three minutes together. Please do not mention that fucking wooden top farrel in the same sentence as those two. All he can do is a fucking irish accent his yank his horrible. In bruges wasn’t bad but as willie said he ruined fucking miami vice the woodentop. Didn’t want to get into this film shite on a united blog but thought I would as everyone else is. Oh and star wars pisses on lord of rings. I hated those films. Great scenery but god they dragged on. By the third one it was too much.

    Stateside. Hello mate. Fucking pathetic. Oh poor liccle clattenburg nearly walked. Well fuck off then. The fa have clearly got together with the sole intention of fucking fergie over. Cunts.

    Best thing was tonight on talkshite fat cunt kelly was slating fergie then an hour later telling us this heart rending tale how arry crook redknapp was so. Good to this old disabled fan. Of fuck off. Painting fergie as the anti christ while making cockney wideboy tapper upper beetroot face bent cunt redknapp out to be a hero.

    God I hope we beat the scousers and give a big twos up to the abus.

  8. King Eric says:

    Wayne. Yeah mate ed norton is a superb actor. American history x fantastic. Training day was a good film but nowehere near oscar material.

  9. StatesideAussie says:

    king eric … yeah, if he wants to fuck off, why doesn’t he? they bitch about earning 80k a year, but though I don’t live in the UK, my understanding is that’s quite good money for a useless half-wit who fucks things up consistently and big time.

    I see Pepe Reina is still talking about leaving the dippers. He’s not a bad keeper, is he? I did like this quote: “I’m not prepared to swear eternal love to anyone. That’s impossible. Any player who says that is lying.” At least he’s honest about it.

  10. StatesideAussie says:

    Now they’re all coming out of the woodwork in support of Kolo Toure. Wenger, the journo’s, everyone. “He’s such a nice guy, the total professional, a family man, never parties, sends half his money home to to the Ivory Coast, is kind to small animals, he just made an innocent mistake, he was so worried about his weight, he took one of his wife’s diet pills…” I mean, fuck me, they’re out in full force. But bloody hell, Shane Warne was banned for a full year after taking a diet pill, and he was a fucking slow bowler! I can still remember that doping guy DIck Pound pounding his dick silly over what an evil cunt Warne was … wonder what he’ll say about Toure? Not to mention the bloody fuss over Rio, which Scott has already covered. Makes me want to puke.

  11. King Eric says:

    Stateside. I know mate. How the fuck does wenger know what he has taken? Football clubs sports science will tell the players exactly what they can and can’t take. If in doubt he should have asked. Its bollocks. I have a horrible feeling he is gonna get fuck all. A few games ban that’s all. It stinks frankly.

  12. StatesideAussie says:

    It stinks like rotten fish. Wenger says Toure called him after the test result came back. Thing is, the athlete’s responsible: that’s the rule, right? As far as I’m aware, “I forgot to check what’s in the pills” is not and never has been an excuse. The only excuse that works is if you can show something was contaminated without your knowledge. But they are working fucking overtime to crucify us in general and Sir Alex in particular, while working double overtime to protect incompetent referees and drug-cheats!

  13. ancha says:


    sadly that’s the way it is mate, I have come to terms with this blatant shunting of us by the press and the fa
    have learned alot from the frustration shown by some of the regular posters over here ala King Eric, they are what they are and there is no point in wasting our time discussing about these brainfarted lunatics
    it’s like you have to get surprised if some journo wrote something positive about us or the FA starts behaving in an unbiased way otherwise it’s pretty much run of the mill stuff

  14. ancha says:

    and ofcourse you will be dumbstruck when you see some bitter kids of rival teams come over here and post that all the country is controlled by SAF, yet you can only laugh your wits out rather than trying to show them the reality

  15. ancha says:

    A nice read on the king cantona with a tad controversial conclusion

  16. Costas says:

    That Clattenburg article that Stateside posted smells of bullshit. We have 10 (possibly 13 domestic games) to go. I pray to God we don’t get him in any of them. The cunt will screw us over just to prove that he is not on our payroll. It’s not just the Rooney elbow. It’s Nani’s goal against Spurs.

  17. ancha says:


    I don’t think Clattenburg will go to such an extent just to make himself feel better, he is atleast better than atkinson

  18. ancha says:

    SAF vs Kenny D

    played – 23

    SAF – 10

    Kenny D – 4

    drawn – 9

  19. ancha says:

    RE nani

    “Somtimes you don’t know exactly what he’s going to do. That’s something we’ve learned to use to our advantage – if we don’t always know what he’s going to do then sure as anything the opponent doesn’t!”
    - Sir Alex Ferguson

  20. TonyBee says:

    last film i watched… Debbie does Dallas…….. bout 10 mins ago….. am still stiff…hee hee

  21. Costas says:


    I hope not. Because he has a lot of pressure on him at the moment. It’s quite obious that the two referee decisions that went under the microscope the most this season, were the Nani goal against Spurs and Rooney’s elbow. Both times, Clattenburg gave a decision United’s way. Who cares if we saw worst travesties tenfold this season?

  22. ancha says:



  23. ancha says:


    anything else that will let your stiffness last longer than that :P

  24. StatesideAussie says:

    Red Army … I am not familiar with Pastore. I can see he’s played for Argentina, is an attacking midfielder, and does score goals, and is physically imposing (6ft2in). Still only 21 though. If SAF is prepared to pay 40mil for a 21yo, I have to imagine he’s been viewed as a regular first-teamer, so at that age, he must be something very special indeed.

  25. United1990 says:

    God! This legend knows how to make u get goose bumps with his words :D

  26. wayne says:

    eric kicked the hooligan because he is a hooligan

  27. dannysoya says:

    LOLL it was a great feeling to nearly destroy a hooligans face. HAHAHA. LEGEND!!!!


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