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Dig Out Your Old Shirts

Or buy one off eBay. Wear one for the Liverpool game.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. rooney the new king says:

    he grey kit takes me back they were the days. I had the blue GK kit to go with the grey kit, anyone else think the grey kit theory is a valid excuse because I could not see the united players for a spl;it second. but fergie and co looked like idiots the following year we would lose 6 3 to southampton LOL

  2. Kings says:

    The curse of the grey kit! Love the shirt in the first pic, reminds me of the 6-2 win at Highbury in the 1991 league cup tie when Sharpy got a hat-trick, great times.

  3. Dilardo says:

    So, are the old shirts coming out for the mickey game or was that an idea that hasn’t really taken off?

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Whats with the Second last Photo

    I Cant See Anyone In It???

  5. Marc says:

    where is the best place to buy old kits?

  6. Jaandsdad says:

    i loved that blue away kit back in the day , i must have been about 10 or 11 years old when it was released.

  7. Clayton Blackmore says:

    Some crackerjacks here. My own favourite retro shirt is the white away kit of 97-99:

  8. McQueen says:

    I saw an old mate in the pub for the hammers game and he asked if i was interested in buying the new shirt for 25 quid as he’s won it in a competition and it didn’t fit him. Good price, clear conscience, nice shirt… result!

  9. doubletrouble says:

    Never liked that grey kit or the blue & white one

  10. Marq says:

    The one Cantona is wearing is my all time favourite

  11. gitan_reel says:

    @Clayton Blackmore

    I have this one but Cantona’s red one is the jersey I always dream of

  12. mattbw7 says:

    Plenty of new shirts on display at OT, does that prove most fans are interested in the team and not the off field affairs, just an observation.

  13. alphasierra says:

    I have all of the shirts above, except that wore by Giggs …

  14. Red phil says:

    Bit late Scott, half these idiots have bought it already.

  15. PasseMouraille says:

    The best jersey of all time is the 1998-99 one with the zip up collar, absolutely stunning! Still have it and really don’t think there will be a better looking anytime soon.

  16. sambo says:

    @Red phil: idiots? The only idiots are those that think it really matters… all this impatience in trying to get the Glazers out is pointless. This summer has shown there will be plenty of interest should United come up for sale in the near future (if the Glazers’ latest financials from the US are anything to go by, it may well be) and at a much higher value than they are likely to get once people know they’re short of a few bob.

    In the meantime, fostering this “them against us” attitude between the fans, quite frankly, is annoying the piss out of me. I find it highly ironic that a club called United is so divided. Get over it and get behind the team. That’s the most important bit of this whole situation. The long-term will sort out the details, in the meantime kick back and enjoy the bloody football.

    And no… I’ve not bought the new shirt, but I hold no grudge against those that do. At least we can see them enjoying supporting the club, rather than resenting HAVING to support them.

  17. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    red phil

    who are you to call me an idiot- is my 4 year old an idiot

  18. devilztheatre says:

    Mate if the shirt has the crest on it, then it is good enough for me. Thats why I have 17 shirts, including training tops. My oldest is the one Cantona is wearing above and it is pristine – treasured forever. I lost the older Sharp top when I burnt my garage (shrine) to the ground. I also dont understand the ‘dont buy merchandise’ idea …. it seems to harm the club more than it will harm the Glazers…….gunna look into some of those old shirts, but not the ‘grey half time’ cos I remember that game too well.

  19. Saad says:

    Just wondering where this shirt boycott is getting at… If we boycott the shirts we only reduce the income that the club rakes in. The glazers will surely draw the money that they have to, out of the club’s coffers and mostly money from sponsorships deals will pay for that. Merchandise and match day ticket funds reduction will only be made an excuse for cutting transfer spending in future and we’l be made to look like idiots

  20. redguy says:

    sorry guys. i dont think it will make much difference.. besides i’ve bought a shirt every year since i was tiny… i have a collection really. i wont put this protest before the club!! oh and just to piss off a little bit more… i got berba on the back this time :P

  21. Red Devil 19 says:

    @marc or is also great for old united shirts. Most of them are in excellent condition so a prisitine shirt from the 90,’s will probably set you back 80 quid

  22. Red phil says:

    Sambo and gotta. Yes, you are idiots.

  23. Costas says:

    @Red Phil

    People don’t just see pounds in the Glazers’ pockets when they are buying the shirt you know. I don’t want the Glazers anywhere near the club, but the fans are not the problem here. So don’t make them out to be.

  24. Dilardo says:

    @ GHTT

    Haha, don’t think anyone got your comment re: second last pic.

  25. willierednut says:

    You know what they say about idoits, takes one to know one.

  26. Gotta hate tiny tears says:


    if i can entertain 1 person my job here is done

  27. Giles Oakley says:

    I would get out my 1959 Umbro Busby Babes-style V-neck United shirt, only my daughter’s had it for about 15 years…

  28. Maverick7919 says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the white away jersey for the 98-99 season? I’ve been looking for it for years, but have never been able to find a place that has one. Cheers.

  29. mattbw7 says:

    to be honest I’ve not bought a shirt for years just my personal choice as I don’t like shirt advertising, not to say I have never bought, the last one was the stadium print one, 93 I think but I could be wrong. To be honest I agree with a previous poster its starting to piss me right off, The Glazers will sell when good and ready and a few people not buying a shirt will not a make enough of a difference, sos but its the truth. I was OT this week and saw a few youngsters with thier parents on what looked like thier 1st visit beaming and wearing the new strip, thats what we need to encorage cos these kids will hopefully come to UTD when they are older and if them wearing the new strip helps then so be it.

    Can we stop this one up manship on what makes you a true fan, My daughter who attends games with me has put off buying a new shirt Im going to tell her if she wants one get one and I might too just to piss a few sanctimonious wankers off.

  30. smithy99 says:

    I’ve bought the new shirt cos i like it. If i don’t like, i don’t buy..easy really! I didn’t like the last one so didn’t bother with it. I don’t buy to line anyones pockets – i buy cos i like!

    I don’t think i’m an idiot cos i’ve bought it…….

    I have 2 original 1983 adidas home Sharp Electronics sponsored shirts with ‘FA Cup Winners 1983′ under the badge and loads of other adidas home shirts from the 80′s and a 1985 white away shirt like we wore in the FA Cup semi when we did the scousers at Maine Road thanks to Robbo and Hughesey…..I love these tops!!

    Not keen on the Nike jobbys though. I like this new one cos its pretty old school with the collar etc.


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