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Diouf: Fergie Is A Legend

Former Manchester United striker, Mame Biram Diouf, has sung the praises of Sir Alex Ferguson… despite not always being able to understand him.

“Alex Ferguson is a great manager, a football legend,” Diouf told Bild. “But it was hard for me to understand him. He had such a strong Scottish accent. Sometimes I did not know what he said.”

Diouf has been scoring for fun since joining Hannover, with 18 goals in 29 games, but reckons playing alongside Wayne Rooney helped him.

“Wayne Rooney is an incredible striker,” he said. “How he moves, and blocks the defender, and how he controls the ball. If you are in a team with those players, you can only profit from it. They teach you what to do.”

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  1. The Left Bank says:

    I think many people would have a hard time understanding that rich accent of Fergie’s! Good to see Diouf doing well.

  2. United Till I Die says:

    Fair enough he asked to leave but now it looks like we backed the wrong horse with Kiko.

    Keep scoring mate.

  3. wayne says:

    Thanks for letting me know that. Never realised before SIR Alex is a legend and some foriegn players might have issues with a Scotish accent,?very interesting stuff

  4. United Till I Die says:

    @Wayne – you don’t have to be foreign to be completely baffled by a Glaswegian accent mate. Rab C Nesbitt in full flow is hardly Queens English know what I mean?

  5. wayne says:

    United Till i Die lol yes mate on Canadian TV Trainspotting has English subtitles,just saying not much of a subject for a thread,stating the obvious

  6. matt says:

    I have to say, I’m really happy to see Diouf doing well at Hannover.

  7. invertedquestionmark says:

    He seems like a very nice chap, so it’s great that he’s doing well.


    Just as well he couldnt understand him `cos he would have heard him saying that he isnt getting a chance again because the fat scouser in the wig is playing again even though hes shit.

  9. LoneStarRed says:

    Diouf speaks several languages and Scottish brogue is not one of them. Methinks Sir Alex should be fitted with subtitles like on this Monty Python clip.

  10. Red Devil Canuck says:

    Lol. I’ve got a friend who cannot understand Sir Alex very well at all. He understands about1 word in 5


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