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Diouf: United Is A Great Club

Mame Biram Diouf’s time at Manchester United was fairly forgettable, with him making just 9 appearances and scoring 1 goal.

He left United for Hannover half way through last season and has gone on to score 15 goals in 24 appearances for them.

Whilst singing the praises of Manchester United, Diouf recognises he had to leave for the sake of his career.

“Manchester United is a great club and I have enjoyed being a player of the club,” Diouf said. “But when at such a big club like United you need someone that fully believes in your skills. It’s useless just to be one more good player. It is a fact I wanted to move on. I did not want to have another loan spell at another club.”

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  1. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Shame it did not work with Diouf but glad he is doing well at Hannover.

  2. matt says:

    glad to hear he’s getting playing time at hannover

  3. +254750764373 says:

    Diof is a great player

  4. Daniel says:

    Fair comments from the man. United is surely a great place to learn your trade, but when it becomes too obvious you can’t make the first team while getting into your twenties, I think it’s a good choice to look elsewhere. There is such competition at United for places and it’s no shame not to make it all the way, you may still have a good career ahead of you. No doubt will his experience at United have helped him come along as a footballer.

  5. United Till I Die says:

    Im glad to hear he’s scored 15 goals in 24 appearances with Hannover.

  6. bayoRed says:

    At least he recognises and admits the realities that he had to confront. Its tough to be in that squad and it should be an honour to anyone.

  7. DEVILisRED says:

    15 in 24? Impressive….the rvp of hannover i guess. Good luck to his career.

  8. hurr says:

    Glad to see him doing well

  9. United Till I Die says:

    @bayored – imo the only thing he recognised and admitted was that Ferguson didn’t have faith in his skills. I don’t think its an admission he wasn’t good enough for United, more like an admission he was more interested in scoring goals elsewhere than waiting around for his skills to be appreciated at OT one day.

    Im pretty sure Diouf reckons he’s good enough for United, I guess he got tired of being told he wasn’t. Pogba is the same. The manager told us he wasn’t ready, but lo and behold he’s already first team at Juve and performing well in Serie A and the Champions League. He’ll be a veteran by the time Tunnicliffe and co are playing regularly in Europe.

    I’ll congratulate any UTD player who demands a transfer to play football. Berbatov should’ve done the same instead of sitting on our bench year after year wasting his talent. Its hard not to respect a player with the bottle and faith in their own ability to leave our Club for first team football elsewhere – I just hope Nani doesn’t become one of them!

  10. bobtodd says:

    @United Till I die,.. Pogba has played bit parts at Juventus and would have been playing as much this season at United.. You win some and lose some.. United are top of the league and in to the next round of the CL.. Powell will be a star at United as will Kagawa.. You can’t have all the great players.. It’s simply the law of averages..

    Fergie is King until I die…

  11. Karlosmufc says:

    @UnitedtilI die

    Berbatov asked to leave last year, but Fergie told him he was still in his plans. Fergie treated Berba very bad.
    He was our top scorer in 2011 and he dropped him for the UCL final. Nani was our best player and he dropped him for UCL final. Is it any wonder Nani hasnt been fulfilling his potential?
    Berba scored 7 in 9 last year in Prem, Welbeck got 9 in 33. No wonder we lost on goal difference

  12. SimonJ says:

    That photo of Diouf looks so dangerous – glad he managed to land on his feet

  13. Zombe Cucumber says:

    Glad he’s doing well.
    Glad he’s not doing well in our league.

  14. TheProphet says:

    Add 2 more goals in today’s Europa League match against Helsingborg, and you get 17 goals in 25 matches. Even better!

  15. WeAreUnited says:

    somehow never saw anything in this guy, but glad he’ss making it.

    good luck

  16. JC says:

    You’re crocked UTID, no way in hell does Diouf have half the talent to even sit the bench amongst our current lineup of strikers. Did you ever watch him play for us the past couple of years? Im glad for him that he’s scoring for Hannover but whoop d do, with his limited talent that’s where he should be playing.

  17. hurr says:


    He’s scored 17 in 25 now. He’s also the joint top scorer in Europe for Hannover. Most of their goals came through him now. He’s also doing quite well in the assist department. They’ll have a hard time keeping him if he keeps this form.

    He’s at least as good or better than Welbeck. You’re deluding yourself if you think he isn’t. Him being played out of position in the PL does not help especially that mong Steve Kean playing him out wide.

  18. Ante Perkovic says:

    @hurr (He’s at least as good or better than Welbeck. You’re deluding yourself if you think he isn’t.) Thumbs up!

  19. denton davey says:

    bobtodd @ 17:06: “You can’t have all the great players.”

    Exactly; it’s a team game. In some ways, the players rated 12-20 in the squad are every bit as important as those in the first-eleven. John O’Shea was a great example of a squad player who could be counted on to maintain a high level of play when one of the first-teamers was out injured. Where things get dodgy is when you’re counting on players 14, 16, and 20 to play regularly. Sometimes, it’s frustrating to see the team-sheet when SAF tinkers with a winning formula but, really, the proof of his tinkering comes later in the season when players 12, 17 and 19 are called upon to play in key matches – surely, those guys are going to fit in better when they’ve had plenty of game-time with the first-eleven.

  20. LonestarRed says:

    Diouf seems to be on fire at Hannover. I wish him well.

  21. JC says:

    hurr – and he’d have 0 in 0 still on our roster as he wouldn’t have made a bench. Have you actually watch his uncoordinated play? I have, both previously with us and in Europa/Bundesliga and he’s not a top club forward nor could he hold Danny’s boots not to mention RvP/Chico/Rooney, he’s along about the same skill-level as Macheda who I also think would do well at a mid table club in another league but won’t here.


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