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Do We Need To Be Concerned About Hargreaves?

When the signing of Owen Hargreaves was announced last summer, I was made up. Sir Alex Ferguson had been a long term admirer of the England international, who looked to finally be the man to step in to Roy Keane’s boots.

Hargreaves made his United debut during derby day at Wastelands. I was massively impressed with his performance. Unlike Michael Carrick, who I do rate very highly, Hargreaves had the presence in the centre of midfield we’d been lacking since Keane left. He took the game by the scruff of the neck and controlled the midfield. If there was anything positive to come from losing to the bitters, it was the anticipation of what a great player Hargreaves could be for us.

Whilst leaving us with nothing to really complain about, Hargreaves’ season hasn’t really matched the expectation that came following his debut. We wanted him to make a massive impact, but for one reason or another, that hasn’t been the case.

The 27-year-old will miss out on the tour of South Africa, following the reoccurrence of his tendonitis problem, meaning Hargreaves will be forced to hit the ground running at the start of next season, in the absence of Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson. Is this something we need to be concerned about?

“Owen has a tendonitis problem in his knee again – the same as he had at beginning of last season,” said Sir Alex Ferguson. “He’s had a series of injections on it with the specialist and he’s training at the moment, it’s just the matches he’s not involved in just yet. Some people are more susceptible [to this kind of injury]. Norman Whiteside used to have trouble with his knees in pre-season. Owen has started training again after a few weeks off, the ground is firm at the moment and that maybe brought it on.”

Louis Saha has left most United fans frustrated beyond belief with his constant injuries making him an entirely unreliable player to have in our squad. Whilst Hargreaves isn’t quite at that stage, he still has struggled with injuries to quite a large extent. In September and October he featured in just two matches after suffering with tendonitis and thigh strain.

However, his fitness improved massively over the second half of the season, with Hargreaves proving to be an effective right back as well as central midfielder, with this epitomised with his full back duties in both legs against Barcelona, where we managed to progress without conceding.

Here is a player I want to see a lot more of in the future, imposing himself on our midfield and providing a positive, strong influence in our game. However, because of his injuries at United, as well as the broken leg he suffered in his last year at Bayern, we are left to wonder whether Hargreaves can ever be the figure at United we’ve expected and wanted him to be.

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  1. Red77 says:

    United fans should be concerned. He seems to have a dodgy knee and given his position in the center of defence and the fact he is a combative player who looks for the tackle — well, lets just hope he can keep himself fit. Another Mr. Glass we can do without.

    A top player when’s he’s fit though…then again, we all said that [and some continue to say] about Saha as well.

    More reason why United should thank their stars to have squad players like Fletcher, O’Shea, and Park who continue to function as support in case one of the more established stars is injured.

  2. Ubibi Godwin Jr says:

    Owen has been a great player for us,if you watch the way he goes for tackle and the way he put his body on the line,you will know he is a great player,I wasnt expecting much from him because he was arguably the best player for england during the world cup,the real hargreaves we will see very soon if he gets fit, to me he didnt give so much last season because of his injury,I believe he can do better than last season,though he was fantastic but I believe there is more to him if he is 100% fit,he is the new roy keane and he can play as a centre or right back as well as from the right wing…He is a good player,I hope to see more of him and scholes or anderson in the midfeild this coming season,I wish him speedy recover and 100% fitness,all he needs is our support.One united…

  3. denton davey says:

    He might never be 100 % fit again; but he has shown that even at 90% he’s a valuable member of the team. And, as Red77 said, he’s part of a rotation with Fletcher, O’Shea, Park, Anderson, Scholes and Carrick so he’s not expected to be playing each and every game. It looks like his fitness will have to be “managed” and his playing time rationed. And, who better than SAF to do that ?

  4. Kunal says:

    We have so many good mid fielders now that I am not too bothered abt Hargreaves injuries… Even if he play halfteh games that shouls be good enough for United… He is a big game player and if he is fit in CL games then that is enough…

  5. Kevin says:

    We should not be concerend at all. I have knee tendinitis issue and I had to deal with them during College when I played. Once I got back in shape its fine, but when your coming of a lengthy break, like he is, it can be difficult to regain your fitness and get limber enough to get the stress of your knee. Knee tendinitis is caused by over compensating in most cases, if you hurt your ankle, you run differently to protect it, this can cause the tendinitis. It also is worsened by tight hamstrings, and not being limber enough. My tendinitis was on my patellar tendon, this connects the shin bone with the knee bone, right below your knee cap. I didn’t have the nice treatment and shots he will receive and I was able to cope with the injury and two weeks in it stopped bothering me completely. The shots he will receive will loosen the tendon, give it more flexibility, and help him with the pain. He will be fine, the injury isn’t as severe as one might think, and it won’t bother him once he gets back in to shape. The issue will only be if he can’t get past the pain to get there, knowing Owen’s strong character, I don’t see it being an issue. I am sure pushing through pain is not a problem with a man as strongly committed as he appears to be.


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