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Do we need to worry about Chicharito?

Last week, Javier Hernandez retweeting an article on Twitter which referred to his Mexican team-mate’s comments about our striker’s future at the club.

“Javier is my good friend – and I hope he gets lots of chances this season at Manchester United,” said Carlos Vela. “He is one of the best finishers in England and deserves chances under the new coach. If he plays regularly he will score, so I don’t totally understand why a player of his quality has not played more games. If he doesn’t play regularly he will need to think about leaving. You always want to succeed at the biggest clubs – but if he is not given the chance there will be big teams in England and Europe wanting him.”

It is understandable that Chicharito would start to feel frustrated about his lack of playing time, particularly when you consider how regularly he scores when he is played.

Ahead of tonight’s game against Real Sociedad, David Moyes has insisted that the Mexican is a part of his plans.

“He’s scored a lot of goals over the last few years – and he continues to do so, so we’ll continue to use him,” Moyes said. “We need Javier, he’s very good for us. He scored a couple of very good goals the other night. Hopefully that continues.”

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  1. santafereno says:

    Painful a it would be, I can understand Chicharito’s plight. It’s got to be frustrating as hell to play as well as he has been only to be relegated to a secondary role in the team. Unfortunately, I think that there still is a lack of familiarity between Moyes and the team that instead of getting better performances from the players makes them insecure about their standings. From there top the thought of “what the hell, there are other places” is just a short distance away. I hope this solves itself with time.

  2. zibbie says:


  3. zibbie says:

    if our VP and Rooney both re sign he’ll be gone

  4. Andromeda says:

    Nothing but a mind game from his Mexican amigo Methinks, although it will be scary if things get real and he leave, anyway it seems that he will get much more chance this season under David Moyes and once he start his regular scoring, things will go straight, but fro me he definitely deserves it, but also he shouldn’t get too emotional about these sort of pumping up from outside, he should also be mature enough and understand that the likes of RVP and Rooney with his mega form this season should come as priority, no complain am sure he will accept the situation.

  5. United till I die says:

    Put it this way i wouldn’t let him run his contract down. Hard to why either Hernandez would agree to new deals when both of the could be playing every week at other clubs. I’d hate to see Hernandez leave but if we got a good price and could bring in a player who can be a starter I’d make the sacrifice

  6. spidey says:

    The kind of scoring form rvp and Rooney are in causes this.. But it has been seen that he is not that great when played from the start tends to go missing and too.many offsides.. But he works really hard and if given a long run would become really one of the best in Europe

  7. United till I die says:

    I mean Hernandez and kagawa

  8. TeeElPee says:

    Moyes may not start Chicharito over RVP and Rooney very often, but he should at least do a better job of bringing him in later in games to be able to make an impact as a sub.

    Chicharito looked like he was a happy Red after he scored as a sub vs Stoke, all he wants is a chance to help the team win.

  9. invertedquestionmark says:

    While RvP is still in good fitness, he is in his 30s and it would make sense to see him play less and Hernandez more and more. But, baring serious injury, this would be a gradual process that would take years. Only time will tell if this would suit Hernandez.

    Unfortunately Rooney does not appear to be interested to play more in midfield, which would help solve two of our problems.

    But then again it would also mean even less time for Kagawa. If we have all of Carrick, Kagawa, Januzaj, Fellaini, and Cleverley in decent form, there’d suddenly be an abundance of midfielders and playing Rooney there would become a problem on its own.. Kagawa and Januzaj can play on the wings but are nowhere near as good as they are in more central positions.

  10. mav says:

    Yes we need to worry. I would say less worry now than at the start of the season because moyes is finally starting to rotate the players but yes worry.

  11. John says:

    Chicarito is a player we must keep at all cost..just consider van persie age, Rooney staying uncertainity and welbeck as a striker is behind him..we are in all competitions and giving him playing time, some in starting line up and some as sub should not be a problem..this is a player which gives us variation upfront..chicarito ahead of welbeck anyday!!..He has a very good attitude and is humble lad too…get some quality central midfielders and sell white pele(rooney) and welbeck..keep kagawa as well!!

  12. Big Vex says:

    He will leave, no doubt about it. What can we do though with Rooney and RVP in great form.

  13. DreadedRed says:

    No Big Vex, he ain’t going nowhere! This is the place for him to succeed.

    Old Trafford is the Big Stage.

  14. behmermanc says:

    I like Welbeck more anyways. I would love to see a swap deal with Dortmund for Gundogan….or Bender for that matter. Give them Hernandez to replace Lewa and we can improve our midfield.

  15. LexxytheRed says:

    Yes! We should be worried.

  16. Doron says:

    kick ronney out

  17. AlphaRS says:

    As long as Moyes keeps everyone happy by rotating the squad giving everyone decent playing time as per SAF then we should not be worried. Nobody at United is guaranteed a place in the starting line up. The trade off is being about to play for United.

  18. The Truth says:

    Missed a great chance today, which is most unlike him. As I noted against West Brom, he looked totally gutted when he was subbed off. Never used to see him with a face like that when Sir Alex would sub him.

  19. unitedforeva says:

    Moyes decides who plays which games, who starts & who sits on the bench. United fans might clamor for a particular player to play but ultimately it is Moyes’ decision. Opinions there are aplenty, but if they’re coming from players of other teams, you suspect they have ulterior motive ie ‘to stir the pot’. Last night’s game ended unfortunately 0-0 for United with Chico missing a sitter. You would wonder if Carlos Velo’s comments has got into Chico’s head. United players have to be careful not to encourage this kind of comments from their ‘best friends’ or they should at least make it clear they do not like such comments prior to an important game. Sometimes the media twist the words or forced out such a piece of ‘news’ before a game. There is no simple solution but for the players to work hard and be focused not to be affected by such expected opinions.

  20. need to feel the love says:

    can understand why he would want to leave in the summer when the uncertainty over Rooney rolled in the summer I was quite happy to see Rooney leave and keep hernandez but things change I could understand if he wanted to leave and secure first team foot ball

  21. Evans_KickingSkills says:

    Hernandez is a very good player and it would be a shame to see him leave.

    If he chooses to leave we can live without him though.
    Can we live with the crappy replacement bought from Everton?


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