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Do You Fancy A United vs Arsenal Quarter Final?

United booked their place in the quarter finals of the European Cup, after six wins and two draws in the competition, with further games taking place this evening. Barcelona, Arsenal and Fenerbache have also made it through to the quarters.

It is in our best interests that Arsenal stay in the competition for as long as possible, to make sure they have similar distractions to us when playing in the league. However, after knocking them out of the FA Cup with a 4-0 victory a few weeks ago, would you like to see us drawn against them in the quarter finals of the Champions League? Does the temptation of the possibility of knocking them out of a second competition outweigh the sensible realities of a possible loss and desire for them to be in the competition for as long as possible?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. el tommo says:

    Arsenal v Barcelona
    ManU v Real Madrid

    Henry and RVN return for a slap each

  2. henkee says:

    We’re gonna win the double this year regardless of the next draw!!!
    Gooner till I die

  3. micheal ntalie says:

    Am an arsenal fun yes i accept you gave it to us in the FA cup.However i dont have any doubt in my mind that arsenal or any of the big 3 have the ability to knock united out of any competition so be careful of what you are praying for.
    Mind you any team can have an off day

  4. Jim says:

    Henkee, what double would that be, most fouls committed and most whinging by a manager?

  5. LondonGooner says:

    So you think the 4-0 win in the FA cup is any sort of form guide for a possible CL encounter, if so then you’re a mug. Does last season hiding you recieved from Milan mean that you would lose to them again? Of course not, different time, different circumstances. We were woefulyl short on players, fitness and motivation. Every time we need a result at Old Trafford we usually get it, don;t forget that!

  6. Scott the Red says:

    LondonGooner – sorry, point out the part where I said I thought because we beat them in the FA Cup it means I think we’ll beat them in the CL? We’ve knocked Arsenal out of one competition, so I merely asked the question would United fans like to be drawn against them, fancying we could knock them out of a second?

    I don’t think there’s ANY form guide you could rely on to predict who will beat who in the CL. Do I think we have a better team than Arsenal though? Yes.

  7. gazza-arsenal says:

    we would spank yee this time , the refs wouldnt let yee kick us of the pitch like all the english refs have in previous years in the pl

  8. UPYOURARSEnal says:

    That’s rich coming from you lot. UP THE GUNNERS, although you only foul when a team is better than you. I would rather Liverpool, because I’m sick of hearing about how they are better in Europe. They are the same team with a null the opponent ethos, its not a worthy way to win anything. Its what we have in common football first. (unless we come Trafford playing well then its Bolton in red). ARSENAL FOR THE DOUBLE

  9. Ole Gunner says:

    Grow up mate. You got your 4-0 FA Cup victory but if you think you think your chances of beating Arsenal over two legs is more than 50-50, we might need to enrol you in an accelerated development programme

  10. Vivas says:

    Do you think it would be any good as a game of football?

    Jim, are you talking about the Arsenal that have committed the fewest fouls of any team in the premiership over the last three years? Maybe we can catch up. The last few will be pretty exciting if we do.

    On the whinging, do rants and strops count? If not Wenger could be in with a shout but otherwise the red faced one is still the boss. He can storm out of a press conference, pull the plug on the beeb and ask for special protection for his team without the crutch of a player with a broken leg, let alone two. That’s a real pro.

  11. pdm says:

    as a united fan ..we are better.. honestly..swoping rossi, smith, ole gunnar and john o shea(yes I know he is still there) for nani, teves, hargreves and anderson will mean we have much less chance of exhaustion collapse as occured last year around the first leg of the cl semi final. chelsea had the same and it will be interesting to see what happens at this year. Ps arsenal.. milan consider the second leg semi final performance against manu U last year as one of their finest for many many years. take note the space fabrigas was given for his well executed goal and note how that would not be available from previous teams. also milan now have rubbish full backs. and really the goalie’s effort for the first goal was juvenile…. still look forward to yer continued presence in the competition as ye do have a fine if immature team.

  12. keve says:

    No. I hope we do avoid Arsenal. If they play the way against Milan last night, it is gonna to be difficult for any team.

  13. denton davey says:

    Amusing to see all the gooners on this page !

    They’ve played hot-and-cold this year but, then, so does every team. The big issue is whether their loss in the FACup is a one-off blip or whether their win yesteday at the San Siro is a more accurate gauge of their ability. Will the real arse please stand up.

    I figure – and I’m as biased as the next Red – that UTD have the momentum. The force is with us.

    For all the talk about the “young gunners”, would you rather have Rooney, Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani, and Tevez or Fabregas and his pals ? It seems to me that the quality of the young Reds is superior. And, for that reason, above all, I would welcome this challenge as well as the EPL game at OT.. This is supposed to be entertainment – and beating the gooners is highly entertaining for me.

  14. Tony says:

    I hope all the english clubs are kept apart. It would be fantastic to see 4 english clubs in the semi-finals.

  15. craig mc says:

    If they play the way they did against Milan – mmmmm thats a big IF tho. If they get the chance to play that way, but they will not have that space against ManU. I would like to play them, anytime, anywhere, Hackney marshes if they want, seeing as Whinger Wenger blamed our pitch for his teams cup defeat. These top 4 matches can go either way, BUT WE WILL NEVER BE AFRAID TO PLAY THE GOONERS whatever the outcome.

  16. craig mc says:

    I just looked at the vote result so far, 42% want Arsenal in the next round, 58% don’t. What odds would I get on betting that half of the votes against – the NO’s – are Arsenal voters lol.

  17. micheal ntalie says:

    Craig mc no arsenal fun fears to be drawn against Manu as am sure if the occasion requires us to come at old Trafford and win I assure you that we have the ability to do it, therefore u underestimate arsenal at your own peril.
    Mind you we always rise to the challenge when ever the circumstance requires us to respond.
    Mark my words I have been telling all my Manchester united friends if come at the end of the season and we need to come down your place to get the points to make us champions we shall do it.
    Make no mistake of thinking that arsenal fears united

  18. Jonny F says:

    micheal ntalie – We don’t expect you to fear us mate. However, if you look at both teams from a none biased perspective, then United’s is better, added to that better squad players, and, well stroll on really

  19. Mike (ex-pat, USA) says:

    The two best foorballing sides in the land meeting? What a lip smacker…with United winning 4-2 on aggregate. Can’t wait for the draw!

  20. Tom F says:

    A month or so back, Arsenal got absoluely hammered by Spurs, 5-1.. Arsenal fans pulled out the ‘it wasn’t our first team’ card and then (and I agree with them) claimed the Spurs fans went way over the top, became very giddy and I have never seen so many Spurs shirts in my life. Then United battered Arsenal 4-0, once again ‘Arsenal had a week team, didn’t have any fit players..’ claimed all Arsenal fans. So there we can establish Arsenal fans cannot admit when they have played shite.

    United lost at home to City on the most important day of the season, I can say.. We deserved it.

    Now, I can aknowledge the fact that Arsenal played very well last night and Manchester United didn’t play that great in the second half.. But I wish all you Arsenal fans would stop getting so Giddy!

    You all really believe you’ll win the Champions League and League double? there is a possibility of course but your confidence is a bit too much too soon and If I were you I would not talk it up too much. Arsenal, have just peaked in March. Do you realise that? They have just played the best game they could possibly play, it was amazing yes, but unless Arsenal play like that week in, week out you will be very very lucky to win both. Wigan on Sunday, will be just as tough as Milan.

    I am talking from experience and you Arsenal supporters getting giddy like the Spurs fans you mocked so much will rememer Manchester United battering AS Roma 7-1 last season, in what is one of the European performances in English footballing history. just before and after that night, we lost against Pompey, drew at Boro, narrowly beat Man City and you are telling me because you beat Milan, who has their swan song against us last year, you have won it all already?


  21. Tom F says:

    In answer to Scotts question, I’d rather knock Liverpool out and let one of the other teams like Roma deal with Arsenal. I think Roma will go far this year.

  22. jerry says:

    I’d rather have us against Chelski.

  23. Ole Gunner says:

    Rooney, Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani, and Tevez or Fabregas & Pals?

    Fabregas and pals anyday of the week. They have more experience than your gang to start with. I’d take Adebayor, Van Persie, Fabregas, Clichy and Sagna over your group. I’d take our squad over yours. So much more all-round quality since once you’ve exhausted that list of five, then all we have left is the likes of Evans, Simpson, O’Shite, and others who might not get into the Reading team.

  24. Scott the Red says:

    Ole – that’s why our team with several first teamers missing battered your team with several first teamers missing 4-0? You can argue the toss over which first XI is best, but you’ll be carted off to the loony bin if you go around trying to claim you have as much strength in depth as United.

    Just look at our bench against Lyon!

  25. Ole Gunner says:

    Scott the Red: You had a full squad to pick from and we didn’t. We were playing Milan in midweek, you were going to play Lyon. You were fired up for it we weren’t. But you were much better on the day with the teams that did play. But our second string got to two semi finals of the Carling Cup, but you got knocked out by Coventry at first asking.

    And the stats don’t lie: Our players lead the league in every area. We top the league, more players from our squad have scored goals this season while you depend on Ronaldo. Your midfield have scored 8 goals in the league, about as many as Rosicky.

    We’re stronger than you this season despite the media flattering you telling you otherwise.

  26. Scott the Red says:

    Ole – when we beat you 4-0, we did it without Ronaldo, Scholes, Hargreaves, Giggs, Tevez and Saha. You had a less than full strength team out, so did we. Difference is our understrength team totally raped yours – and then you think you have more strength in depth than United? Hilarious.

  27. gazzap says:

    would be surprised if any gooner thought we had more strength in depth than united. united have spent shed loads of money on having a huge squad of experienced players. they should be better than Arsenal but in reality Arsenal’s first team is the best in Europe. However, when Arsenal have a few injuries we become relatively weak. even with say 7 first teamers and 4 reserves we are not the same team. all our poor performances and results have come when missing key players. If Arsenal can keep players like Rosicky and Van persie fit from now on then we will be formidable. if not, then we could fall away with a whimper.

  28. Ole Gunner says:

    There’s a big difference having a full squad to pick from and having a second string pick itself due to injury. Still you had your 4-0. But 1 game has never shown squad strength. It’s a series of games. For two years, let me repeat, our second string and youth team members got to successive semi-finals and lost a final 2-1 to Chelsea. En route they thumped, Liverpool, Tottenham, Blackburn and Newcastle. That’s a better indicator of squad strength.

  29. One United says:

    F*ck off Arsenal fans, always posting cr*p on this site – f*cking idiots. You beat Milan and all of a sudden you’re gonna clean up both the league and the European Cup. You got ironed by us in the FA Cup, failed to beat the Brummies and Villa in the league, and p*ssed away a five point lead, a lead that many of you idiots thought was insummountable. As for your c*nt of a manager condeming Nanis juggling act, saying how disrespecful it was, how about when Henry and Pires tried that penalty trick against Man.City at Highbury in the 2005/06, wasn’t that an act of disrespect? Nottingham Forest of League 1 – Number of European Cups: 2, Arsenal of the the Premiership – Number of European Cups: 0. Ole Gunner: Great sides are judged on winning trophies not reaching successive semi-finals – f*cking idiot.

  30. craig mc says:

    Ole Gunner, Why do you have the name Ole Gunner?. No self respecting ManU fan would ever have the sign in name of a LEGEND from any other clubs team – but hey – we got the real Ole Gunner so whatever. The trouble with stats, as ALL THE EXODUS OF MIGRANT GOONER FANS TO THIS FORUM WILL TELL YOU – is that STATS NEVER WIN MATCHES. It’s two teams on the day, and the result on any given day that counts – ask you own fans.

  31. Ole Gunner says:

    Ole Gunner means Old Gunner and not O-lay Gunner. The Man U player’s name is Ole Gunnar spelt with an A. In any case I am a big fan of the baby-faced assasin and see no shame in that at all.

    But I have been a Gooner for 30 years and will always be.

    If stats don’t win matches, then you’d agree Arsenal are stronger than United since we’ve lost just once this season despite endless impending implosions, and United have lost 4 times.

    Stats are, let me point out mate, based on results of matches, but in more detail than the final score.

  32. craig mc says:

    Ole Gunner – Ok mate – seeing you are older and a gooner’s fan of some considerable 30 years standing, I won’t disrespect you. I would only agree that you are stronger than ManU by ONE POINT at this moment in time. I am not into all this stats Bollocks, no matter whose fans are quoting them – all that matters to me at the end of the day, is who wins the game. And who at the end of a long season are picking up the trophies. If that’s being shallow, then that’s what I am lol. ManU and gooner fans can argue til the cows come home, BUT CHELSEA ARE UP BOTH OUR ARSES, so this is a big three race. That’s all!.

  33. Ole Gunner says:

    Chelsea can’t make it. You’d need two teams to just slide without you sliding at the same time. It won’t happen. If it did you’d have proven to be the best really.

    Having said it all, I think you have the strongest squad but you don’t have the manager, the club organisation or the real desire. You guys want the Champs League or should I say Red Rom wants it.


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