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Does Ronaldo Go Down As A United Legend?

Cristiano Ronaldo has split the opinions of Manchester United fans for some time. For United fans who follow England, they weren’t best pleased following the World Cup 2006 incident with Wayne Rooney. Then there were the dives and the temper tantrums. Then there was his behaviour last summer. Then there was his lack of effort last season.

To balance it out though, he’s won three league titles with us, he scored in the winning finals for United in the European Cup, FA Cup and League Cup. He enjoyed an absolutely fabulous season when he scored 42 goals in 47 games and has developed from a teenage lad in to the best player in the World.

He spent six years with the club but is only 24-years-old as he leaves us for a World breaking fee of £80 million. So, all in all, do you think Ronaldo is a United legend?

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  1. King Eric says:

    cdonyi – I would like to think he will have only good things to say.

    Forget Ribery. Rojo Red makes a good point.

  2. Yo Ma Piema says:


  3. Vim Fuego says:

    Come on guys, Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or with United. What other United players have won that! There’s some good company. Take George Best.. started at United at a similar age, left United at a simlilar age. Compare the two they won the same things.

    The only differance I suppose is Ronaldo is not from the UK and has such has no allegence to the cause. It makes you wonder what Real Madrid would fork out for Best in this day and age. A lot more than £80M that’s for sure.

  4. RedHarry4Life says:

    Why do I feel a bit deflated on hearing Benzema has gone to Real Turd?
    I think we have missed the boat again on a player that would have been great for us. Same kind of feeling as I had when Barca signed Ronaldinho after we chased him for 6 months.

    I think we need a proven forward. We have Berba and Wayne. Great players but are we going to flog them to death with 60+ games this season? Macheda and Wellbeck are going to be great in a few years when Fergie eases them in. But to expect them to take up the slack of Ronnie and Tevez departures? I think that would risk wrecking their careers with the sheer pressure and weight of expectation.

    I look around and wonder who is out there that is worth buying/pursuing? Think Benzema was our best hope to get a great player in at a reasonable price.

    Lets have a look at whos out there.

    Eto’o is a great player but would he be too lightweight in the EPL? He carries a lot of attitude and baggage. At £250k per week no thanks

    Aguero – looks worth a try but at a sensible price somewhere around £20-£25 million, nowhere near the £45million mark that would be too big of a risk and is he another Berba/Wayne type forward? I think he is.

    Villa – he is good but a bit small and he is 28ish getting on a bit for a price tag of £40 million +

    Ibra, Fabiano, Nilmar overhyed – not as good as people think they are. Average to good players at best. Take Macheda, Wellbeck and even Campbell over them anyday

    Dzenko, Gignac – a big risk don’t know much about them, are they any better than what we have already?

    Not much out there now.

    Ribery is a winger, he is a great player love his attitude. Wellbeck is a Centre forward that SAF has played on the wing in much the same way he has played Fletch/Scholes & Wayne out there and I think there isn’t anyone on here that would suggest that winger was their best position!

    I say fuck the Scum and Arsholes fans off big time. Pretend to pursue Torres and Cescpit. Fuck that would really lift my spirits

  5. rc7 says:

    Agree with you,mate. I think Fergie is of the same opinion. When Sir Matt left it was an ageing team. Fergie is faced with making sure the current squad is ok to hand over to the new manager but at the same time remaining competitive.

  6. RedHarry4Life says:

    Asd for him being a legend – no way not after last summer. You are never going to be a legend when you say it is your dream to play for another club. Like your mother saying she would rather have had another son not you.

    I hope that no one gives them big money for any of the players they are trying to offload. Its like a forced sale. Ecv veryone knows they will have to seel to get some money back in and to get some wages off. so play fucking hardball with the cunts like they have done to everyone else for years.

  7. MG says:


    If we now abandon our principles of investing in youth and marrying that principle with the courage and the whole philosophy of Manchester United, then it is we who have let ourselves down. If we cannot breathe that a Macheda is not in the same league or standing as a Ronaldo or a Benzema, then it us us who have abandoned our principles that have stood from Busby to Sir Alex. If we as fans cannot absorb the thrill in youth and accepting them as the guardians of our club then it is us who have become glory hunters. We should never betray our calling, and for one second I couldn’t care less what FM Perez 2009 is doing. I wonder how Pellegrini must be feeling. Has he got the balls to coach the sequel to the galacticos? Good luck to him then. I ask you all, Pellegrini or Sir Alex? Or should I put it Perez or Sir Alex? If he fails by the way how many more managers Ronaldo et al will have to go through to fulfill their dream?
    Fans here should tolerate that the gaffer has led us from the brink of obscurity to three premierships, a champions league and ultimately just missing out on winning it back to back. Do you think he doesn’t haven’t have a clue in what he’s doing? Do you think he must be having a sleepless night missing out on another Real Madrid toy in Benzema? I bet you all is well. Everything is still in place, Ronaldo was gone last year and Tevez showed his true colors. He knew this all along and he also knows who he wants. So let RM do all the donkey work and apparently buy all the players we want to buy. For one moment do you believe that? I don’t. Newspapers and Journalists are hyping this all up to us being knocked out of the market, the truth is that we are not even in it yet. When Sir Alex wants to be in their he will be, and that alone should be enough to convince fans that everything is just fine at OT. We have missed out on nobody because I urge you to follow our transfer pattern over the last few years. We got who we wanted to get on our time. Tosic and Adam Ljajic anyone? They were bought for a reason in January weren’t they? Just like a certain Vidic and Evra. Only time will ever tell what impact the two players make but let’s open ourselves up to give them a chance. And let’s also wait with great expectation for our next signings. I bet you Sir Alex knows who we need. Not what we think we want.

    P.S. I agree with Rojo Red and I would like to thank King Eric.

  8. rc7 says:


    Agree with you, mate. but we need a striker.

  9. Tony Starks says:

    So RedHarry4Life you think our kids are better that Ibra and Fabiano?
    I would definately take either of these two at the moment.

    I think Luis Fabiano is definately an option we should look at – the goalscorer that we have needed for a while (I know he’s a bit old but so what – this seems to be our level right now)

  10. Marq says:

    I am not sure what is the issue with Benzema, that so many of you rate him so highly. Yes he scored a good goal against us, but that was it, Macheda has since scored a better goal! He has an attitude problem, clashed with senior members of the french team, and he wants to play for Real. So what’s the fuss about him going to Real? I’m sure Sir Alex would send him there himself! Nobody ever said we were interested in him, only the newspapers, trying to make news by saying we lost out. Goes to show we sell more newspapers than Real!
    The only time there was any actual quote was last year that Sir Alex praised him as a good player, but never said anything else.

    -Back to topic
    -Ronaldo a legend? Nope. Maybe had he won us the game against Barca he might have been, but nope. He was just a good player for us

  11. jeet says:

    Breaking news – just heard that Benzema is about to announce a move to……………………………..RM, may they roast in hell! Can anyone confirm???

  12. Kevin says:

    Anyone in here who bases their entire evaluation of Benzema on one game and one goal is an idiot. With that said I don’t think anyone is doing that, Marq. He is a highly promising striker who is creative and lethal in his finishing. Not to mention he is so young and therefore has time to grow into a system. I don’t want to come acorss Marq like i disagree with you because I don’t all together. He is a bit of hot tempered guy and I am scared off by his price. I think we have good young players who have loads of promise and simply need to strengthen with a good option for NOW not later. I don’t think we are missing out on something with Benzema, considering what we already have at the club.

    On Ronaldo I think most fans will wait and see. If we go awhile without European success than maybe, otherwise I don’t think so. Personally, he will never be a legend due to last summer. He ruined a summer that should have been spent celebrating a fantastic achievement. A legend loves the club and wants to stay with the club for his career or as long as possible. He did not and made that crystal clear. He is a fantastic player and would have been a legend had he simple moved on without last summers antics but I can not forget the joy he personally stole from me so he could follow “his dream.” (yes I do take if personally)

  13. King Eric says:

    MG – Yeah spot on again mate. It has me thinking. Sir Alex is NOT gonna be thinking………..”Damn, thats Benzema gone…………………who can I go for now?……..David Villa………….Damn he has gone now…..who can I get now?!!!!!

    No he will have his ideas and he WILL get whoever he does actually want!

  14. themarkedman72 says:

    Hate to admit it now he has gone but its still a yes. Heart was no head was yes.

  15. oneunited says:

    Benzema fail, even though we had the cash we didnt outbid real thats a bit frustrating i hope we beat those fuckers at bernebeu in this year’s ucl final

  16. oneunited says:

    Anyone Fabiano? I think he would be a good bet, a proven goalscorer very sharp in front of goal and had a good confederations cup tournament

  17. Corea says:

    Listen to Scott from time to time. What was the fuss about this fucker Benzema ? Fuck him.

  18. porter says:

    Fabiano’s 29… no way

  19. Corea says:

    To go for the Madrid reject ? Are you kidding ?
    Let Huntellar stay where he belongs.

    Hate this morning. It’s so funny. I knew the fucker would never sign for us but when i heard the news on eurosport i felt anger. Stupid.

  20. Marq says:

    agree, I don’t feel like we missed out on anything about Benzema.
    Real did not outbid us, we did not even put in a bid! We were never interested

  21. oneunited says:

    @ Marq

    was going through sky sports earlier and they said madrid offered 6 million more than us, but anyways fuck benzema. SAF must have something in mind.

  22. Corea says:

    Good morning mate GHTT.
    How are you ?

  23. Corea says:

    Agbonlahor ? Martins ? Jo ? Kenwyne Jones ?

    Is this better than the players we already have in Campbell, Wellbeck, Macheda ?
    I’m sick and tired of this transfer window.

  24. vishnu1729 says:

    lets not buy a super star striker……buy a back up one like hunteelar..
    or try ruud..he can do more than benzema can….
    ….if we want to win UCL we have ti reenforce the midfield…saf must really throw in the money and wages to get midfielders..
    presently i thnk the highest paid is rio and rooney abt 120k…
    …MANU is the top ten brand ..try to merchandise that….for godsake
    ….try to really bring in snieder ..he is comparable to kaka….
    …or even try dagastino….silva…hamsik..nilmar…

  25. vishnu1729 says:

    at present the best team frm which manu can raid players is madrid
    …there are many talented players not guaranteed a first team spot..
    higuan…ruud…hunteelar..robben…snieder..m diarra..guti..
    even the legend raul will willing to change his heroic team…to the great manchester(but we dnt need him).
    the one player we missed is gourcuff….please saf get some supreme midfielder.lets compete with barca and not madrid

  26. vishnu1729 says:

    hows is this line up….?






    sorry carrick!!!!!!111

  27. Duncan says:

    Legends are remembered vividly remembered many years down the line. And to say Ronaldo will be remembered is a huge understatement. Simple as. There is no doubt he is a united lengend.


    • noun 1 a traditional story popularly regarded as historical but which is not authenticated. 2 an extremely famous or notorious person

    — ORIGIN from Latin legenda ‘things to be read’, from legere ‘read’.

  28. Smudger says:

    @ MG
    Marvellous article!!

  29. OZRed says:

    At first I thought shame about Benzema but its completely right that we should not want a player whose heart is elsewhere. Real Madrid has been a bit of a graveyard for decent players over the last few years – I’m thinking Royston Drenthe, Wesley Schneider, Aarjen Robben, Diarra, Ruud… I dont think any of them can profess to have improved their career since joining Real. All these vastly inflated egos in one team cant be good. Why dont we go for the guy who actually managed to score the most goals in France last year and costs half the price for Benzema – Gignac? He’s 6-1″ , pacy, strong and if he can bag 23 goals for Toulouse then what could he achieve in a top class team?

  30. wakey says:

    Ribery has apparently told Bayern that he wants to leave and join Real :(

    Bayern could screw him over I suppose and sell him to us (Like we tried to sell Ruud to Bayern rather than Real) but he might refuse and anyway do we want a player who doesn’t want to be here.

    Its the same with Benzema. We may or may not have bid and been outbidded. And he may have been happy to move to us BUT was that because Real had yet to put a bid in. Lyon have stated he expressed a desire to move to Real and he has spent the last 2 years saying real is his dream. If we had got him would Real have just come in next season and our hand forced to sell him as he wanted to join them?

    We really should have gone for Kaka, he had in the past expressed an intrest in joining us. With that being missed we should be going for Sanchez, Costa and maybe Aquero (although I’m not sure we want another Argie but hey given the options hes the best).

  31. Cavalry says:

    Hell no. United legends are not just great players, but great men as well. He’s only the former.

  32. Perryboy70 says:

    is he fuck, you cant put him in the same sentence as our more resent legends like ERIC, ROBBO, GIGGSY, SCHOLES, OLE and BECKS i think a legend is someone who loves the club, he never loved the club, lets stop fucking about and get Hunttalar? or how ever you spell it

  33. thecat says:

    Great player? Yes – Legend? No

  34. Izzy says:

    42 goals a season, 3 EPL titles, 2 UCL finals, 1 UCL title, World player of the year? Definitely he earns his legendary status. He will have his legacy somehow……. But career wise he has a long way to go. For his country and for Real MAdrid..

  35. Izzy says:

    People here seem to have the same behaviour as what we used to have towards Micheal Jackson. Sorry if this is not a good example but we used to make fun of Jacko’s troubled life and all that, albeit what he has achieved and did for the entertainment world. Not until he died that people started to be sad, thankful and hail him and one of the greats.

    Dont you all remember George Best? he had had his antics too. His boozing and rompings. He opted to live the superstar celebrity life. I dont want to get on any more detail on this. But you know what i mean. At the end he earned his legendary status none the less…..

    With Ronaldo its just a matter of time before you ungreatful fans start to be thankful towards him and hail him as one of the greats.

    Is it because he is not from the British Isles that he dont deserve the legendary status?


    I dont love Ronalso that much anyway. But seriously i do think he earns it.

  36. Izzy says:

    One more thing, you all starts to look at Tevez and condemned him for not being greatful.

    But look at how you are condemning Ronaldo and not being greatful towards him.

    I am a united fan, but i think right now the majority of United fans = Tevez.

  37. Dave Mack says:

    I just finished watching the United Ronaldo tribute video (via Red/Rant / 101 Goals) Stunning!! Anyone who can’t say “thanks CR7 and Viva Ronaldo” after watching that isn’t true blood United for me.

  38. Izzy says:

    Dave, what is the link to that video?

  39. jojoj says:

    He is a legend don’t kid yourselves. So called fans are like a girl who can’t make up her mind one day she says she loves you the other day she says she’s hurt for this and that and she’ll never see you again.. and later she calls again talking about the beatiful memories we share

  40. joshd1973 says:

    In my view The Times sums it perfectly by listing Cristiano Ronaldo at Number 50 in its Top 50 Manchester United players. He did not hang around long enough and had been bleating about Real Madrid far too long in my opinion to go down as a true legend.

    Mark Robins is No.49!


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