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Edwin: I didn’t know what great years I’d have with United

Edwin Van der Sar has revealed he won’t be returning to Ajax when he retires, but instead will have a role created for him at Manchester United.

“I’m not going back to Amsterdam, though it would be very comfortable there with Frank de Boer, Danny Blind and Dennis Bergkamp,” said Van der Sar of his former Ajax team-mates. “When I left 12 years ago, I said I would return, but I did not know then what great years I would have with Manchester United. I might occasionally visit training with them, but I will not be going regularly. It may be that I’m going to give Manchester United clinics in Asia, where the club is very popular, or something in commerce. I think this is interesting. I have already held some talks.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    What ever your decision is, Edwin, i would welcome it.

  2. fergie is the boss says:

    King Eric – berbs was always a strange signing for 2 reasons

    1 – our midfield has never been rebuilt like it was in 94 and 99, it was always gd but it was never an outstanding area of our team, like our backline and the attack. no offence to carrick anderson and fletcher, but they are not keane scholes and butt in their prime.

    2 – our system, no matter when ronaldo was devloping, or after he left our system has never been changed much. It was 4321, or 433 and an interchanging 442 formation. Berbs has never fully fit into a formation that suits the team or the player.

    With chico here it has actually given fergie food for thought, with rooney’s age the boss will never sell rooney. But still selling berbs would be a huge mistake, 2009 was the tim3 to sell not 2011. chico has been gd but he is still new to the prem. owen will be moved on, macheda has never improved on loan, welbeck I can see used on the side area so no I do not see berbatov being sold has it would leave united a striker short, and we need the midfield sorted first notm selling strikers.

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @Kings. I saw that a few hours ago and had to laugh. Don’t know too much about that end of London, but what, exactly, is it about Arsenal that they routinely think they deserve some kind of shrine to tap the ball around in. Manicured lawns, opposition standing by to applaud! What next, iced teas and scones for the bench? Please.

  4. Rob Marrs says:

    Was in a pub debate over who was better from Schmeicel or van der Sar? I can’t help but think VDS but it is a tough call – both great keepers.

    Also, may be of some interest to ROM readers:

  5. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    I’m actually still harboring a little hope of him going foor just a teensy bitsy one more year.

    lol, BELIEVE.

  6. Marq says:

    There is no need to think about who was the better between Pete & VDS.
    They are equally great, period

  7. Devil310 says:

    Ah…**The Curious Case of Dimitar Berbatov**

    Some really great comments and arguments here. IMHO, we haven’t been using him to the max of his abilities for mainly one reason: Wayne Rooney

    Since Ronnie left, it is clear that Sir Alex has built our attacking formation around Wayne and, in a way, has not benefited Berbatov and his style of play. I truly believe he is capable of playing the lone striker, but at the same time, we would have to change our way of play a bit. Someone providing crosses isn’t going bring out the best in him. He is a player that works better with short and quick passing, and with his back to goal. He needs a central attacking midfielder that supports him, whether it is with one-two’s or square passing. The whole long ball from Scholes, beating the off-side trap, heading or tapping in from crosses is more Chicharo’s strong points, and that’s why he has been so efficient for us…thats a big part of our game.

    Unfortunately, Berba has always had to play that supporting role, and hasn’t had the benefit to have an attacking formation built around him. He’s still essential, but we won’t get the best out of him.

  8. ethiored says:

    best of luck to VDS, the best ball playing goalie ever (if I am not mistaken, he was the player with the most touches for Holland during Euro 2004).
    On Berbatov, most of you suggest the team needs to be build around him to get the best out of him. There lies my problem with him. He is no Ronaldinho, Zidane, Maradona. A player should have the ability and mental toughness to fit into any system. There is a reason why SAF never trusts him in important games. Did you notice how he was beaten for pace by Gary Cahil? And I read somewehre that most premier league defenders love to face him because he does not put them on pressure. And I don’t understand why most of you value how he talks nicely about united. He has to deliver on the pitch.

  9. CedarsDevil says:

    Best of luck to VDS, what a great he has been for us. For those slightly ‘older’ supporters I am sure you would also remember Gary Bailey, he was not have bad either.

  10. pawaka21 says:

    edd…..united legend…we will always remember you, and anelka of coz!!!!…LOL…poor chavski….

  11. King Eric says:

    ethiored – He does deliver on the pitch. Is 21 goals not delivering? Ludicrous statement.

  12. smartalex says:

    ethiored thinks Ryan Giggs is good looking. That may indicate that ethiored is female, or it may not. They share birthdays. I presume ethiored is male, for this comment.

    ethiored betrays a deep dislike for Berbatov. His underhanded and disingenuous attack on
    Dimitar is disgusting, using the same tactics as marshland salesmen use to defraud the aged.

    -ethiored starts on-topic with a sweet statistic on VDS, that he thinks might be true.
    -swiftly ethiored changes tack, to attack Dimitar.
    -the attack starts with a total lie, to create a launch point for his attack. It is not true that “most of you (us) suggest that the team needs to be build around him (Berba) to get the best out of him.” In fact, that point is hardly ever mentioned or considered. To say ‘most of you’ when in fact one person mentioned it a couple of minutes prior is a scurrilous deception, designed to further ethiored’s deceit.
    -This lie is stated to be the reason for ethiored’s problem “There lies my problem with him.”
    -That turns out to be another lie, as ethiored also has other problems that he vaguely mentions which may be true, or not; and may be relevant, or not. He isn’t sure, even though he uses them to attack Dimi.
    * “He is no Ronaldinho, Zidane, Maradona.” – This applies to every other player that ever lived.
    * “A player should have the ability and mental toughness to fit into any system.” – absolute twaddle.
    * “There is a reason why SAF never trusts him in important games.” – Liar. Dimi plays many important games, but more importantly, to state that SAF “never trusts” Dimi is a baseless, hurtful and vicious lie.
    * “Did you notice how he was beaten for pace by Gary Cahil?” – This comment is probably the most disgusting of all. ethiored is trying to paint a lie using a picture we saw. Even Usain Bolt loses.
    * “I read somewhere that most premier league defenders love to face him….” – Another unreferenced report of an opinion on what other peoples (EPL defenders) opinion might be on a vague topic. This is a lie based on lies about an intangible.

    Finally, we gain some understanding of ethiored.
    “And I don’t understand why most of you value how he talks nicely about united.” – ethiored places no value on a players love for United. Love for United is heartfelt, to a lover of United.
    * “He has to deliver on the pitch.” – We are Top of the Premiership, mainly due to the goals of Berbatov, who is the top scorer in the world’s top league.

  13. CedarsDevil says:

    Seems this ethiored person has been well and truly fucked

  14. willierednut says:

    Yeah, defenders love to the Berb, hence, he’s scored 21 goals this season. He never had pace, so that is a moot point mate.

  15. willierednut says:


  16. CedarsDevil says:

    Writing problems Willie?

    Cannot do the tongue out thingy

  17. willierednut says:

    Another thing to say on this, that tackle from Cahill was a brilliant piece of defending. He had to time that to perfection.

  18. King Eric says:

    smartalex – Ha. Genius post mate!

  19. Dave Malaysia says:

    @smartalex: did u take my tuak bottle,its missing! :lol:

    good post dude,no insults for insults sake,just point by point rebuttal,brilliant.

  20. smartalex says:

    Dave Malaysia, the only thing worse than losing your memory is losing your tuak!
    Don’t worry about finding yourself, find that bottle, and we’ll find you!

  21. Rammo says:

    Ethio..forget red!!!! You talk how Berba was beaten for pace by Cahill.. Who got the goal?? Just don’t understand why all the hate..just don’t get it at all. Without Bervatov this season work it out!!

  22. ethiored says:

    Smartalex, I am from Ethiopia , Male. Yes I said Ryan looked good when he was young it does not mean anything. I may not provide a coherent argument as english is my third language. And I am not resourceful as most of you to site references. The statistic on VDS, I heard it on a local FM radio.
    On Berbatov, Yes to some extent Berbatov has improved this year. But I am not still convinced. I was fuming when he was brought into our team as I thought he was not the player we need. That may be hatred towards him but that is my point of view. You don’t have to go into personal attack to invalidate my point. I am not lying when I said Fergie does not trust him. Look at the amount of big games he started. Last season the game against Bayern at OT, a crocked Rooney was much better than him.
    I don’t need a player to confess his love for United, I want them to play with heart on the pitch. If you can find someone like RVN who loves the club as well as scoring goals then that is great.

  23. ethiored says:

    Rammo, yes he scored the rebound. But he could have also scored that one if he had decent pace.

  24. T4M says:

    Ethiored,give credit where its due;berbartov is one of the main reasons why we are challenging on 3 fronts.

  25. smartalex says:

    Ethiopian Red Ethiored, you communicate very well, despite English being your third language. I accept that you feel misunderstood, and hope to continue this discussion when I am able to accept your submissions as being representative of your expressed thoughts.

  26. ethiored says:

    Smartalex, thanks for your understanding.

  27. smartalex says:

    All good ethiored! Living United and spreading the word there in Ethiopia, excellent!

  28. Dave Malaysia says:

    @ethiored : Dude ,whats the local brew over there? Just send a bottle to smartalex! he took my last tuak bottle that smarty guy! :lol:

    Good to see u both make up,smartalex is one of the anchors in here,lovable guy ,who is prone to sing on occasion, join him!

    Red brothers. :lol:

  29. slouchie1472 says:

    If Fergie had just persisted with van der gouw and bosnich for one more season and got VDS insted of Fulham

  30. ethiored says:

    We make very nice wine made of honey (we call it Tej)….I will send him one…:) ….I am also obsessed with United just like all of us here on ROM so I welcome a heated debate.
    Has anybody watched the paulistao game between Sao Paolo and Corinthians? that guy Rogerio Seni scored a cracker of a player.


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