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Emotional Tevez: Maybe It Is Goodbye

Carlos Tevez took his time leaving the pitch after he was substituted today, waving at all the stands. The decision to sub him off was met with boos from all around Old Trafford and as Sir Alex Ferguson gave his speech at the end, the Stretford End sang over the top of him, telling him to sign Tevez up.

Chants of Argentina were heard over and over as Tevez trailed behind the main group of players in the lap of honour around the pitch. After the game, Tevez confessed that maybe it was goodbye.

“Maybe goodbye,” said Tevez. “It’s very difficult. It’s emotional. I like Manchester, and I like the fans.”

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  1. venu says:

    sad but business as usual i guess :(

  2. Rooney says:

    if fergie doesnt sign him up , i wont have a problem fergie got us where we are now not tevez , whatever he decides its for the best and i support him 100%. he won us all those titles not 1 player.

  3. Mic says:

    Hey Scott, is that the come back when you’ve won 18 thing you was talking about?

  4. Xeno says:


    Thank god you found it!

  5. Chris20LEGEND says:

    thats the one…

  6. Xyth says:

    Good luck to him, but if he remains in England, wherever he goes he won’t have days like this anymore.

  7. stretford972 says:

    its not a disaster if he goes, its a disaster if he’s not properly replaced. Really do hope he does stay with us though

  8. John Ferry says:

    Compare what Tevez said today, if it is his last game for Manchester United “It’s very difficult. It’s emotional” to Ronaldo’s never ending never ending lack of respect“It’s amazing but the future you never know.” You just won the EPL title, just shut up !!!

  9. costas says:

    They were chanting for Tevez while the manager was addressing them?This has gone too far.So if Tevez doesn’t stay,will they boo SAF next year as well?

  10. gingerprince says:

    In SAF we trust….whatever decision he takes reagrding Tevez I’ll like always be right behind him….as someone above said its Fergie that has won us all those titles by building 3 great teams over the last 17 years ,

  11. denton davey says:

    Over the last glorious period in the team’s history there have been two constants – SAF and a changing cast of characters. They come and go, HE stays and UTD win.

  12. luke says:

    i REALLY hope Tevez stays cos i jus love his passion and he’s a fantastic player and will def be very sad if he does leave but if he does leave then good luck thanks for the memories but we’ll go on

  13. leg11end says:

    BELIEVE me.. he’ll stay @ OT..

  14. wazza says:

    costas: the fans never booed Fergie.maybe they wanted Tevez to stay on or they were pissed with him shaking his head when he was subbed

  15. ROJO RED ROT ROUGE says:

    He looked gutted.”It is very difficult” I hope we can find a way to keeping him as he has been a credit to the club with his complete application and visible desire to fight for every thing including completely lost causes which he has then won the ball and changed the games momentum back in our favour. Muchas Gracias Carlitos y nos vemos amigo. Cuidate.

  16. 7the king7 says:

    any one got the vid of the stretty singing over the top of fergie?

    ANd did anyone else hear the players singing at the end “that boy giggsy has won it 12 times” lol

    championeeeeeeeeeeeeeyssssssssssssssssss ole ole oleeeeee

  17. costas says:

    Wazza for me it’s like this:When you boo a substitution,you boo the manager making it.I think the boos came befote the head shake.Watching games from my couch,i would never critisize the fans who pay their hard earned money to go to the pitch.I just feel that this was not the day to protest about Carlos.When the game got underway,the first thing we heard was “Fergie sign him up”.When he came off,they were chanting it again and they were asking Carlos to wave.This was happening during a game where United were struggling to hold the ball and control the game.And what annoys me, is that Fergie is not responsible for this.2 parties can make this deal happen:the Glazers and Joorabchian.And another thing.Maradona today has revealed that Carlos complained to him about “the old man who wants to devalue him by not starting him”.SAF time and time again has shown that he is the bigger man in all of this and didn’t deserve the boos even for a split second.If they were directed at him.

  18. wazza says:

    got your point costas.Maradona may be playing games to get Tevez leave United because he has earlier also said Tevez should always be playing games & not on the bench.we all would take Ron staying than Tevez leaving & get a better replacement.

  19. costas says:

    Yes i agree Wazza.While both players are vital to us,i think Ronaldo is more crucial.At the moment though,both of them seem to have issues one way or the other.I just want to get to Rome,enjoy the occasion no matter what and then relax until August.If last season taught us something,is that we can’t allow incidents like the Ronaldo-Real one,ruin our successes.United have had a more succesful season than the last one and i want to enjoy it this time.

  20. smokebreaksteve says:

    stretford972 Said,May 16th, 2009 @18:00 its not a disaster if he goes, its a disaster if he’s not properly replaced. Really do hope he does stay with us though

    Stretford972 well said. Sums up how I feel about it.

  21. Trevor says:

    Business is Business!

    Players come players go!… I am hoping he stays! Would pay another 15 mil for him!

  22. europeanwilderness says:

    I hope he stays, but not so his master gets 20-30 million. Id love him to sign on a free. Or for courts to intervene and give that slave owner very little compensation.

    However, if the price stays where it is, Id want to know beforehand what our other targets are and if Tevez really is going to go to Boca at the age of 28, which defo comes into it…

    To compare what Tevez says to what Ronaldo says is comparing what a work horse with talent says to what the best player on the planet and most marketable player on the planet (sorry about the capitalist lingo, but supporting this team makes me slightly capitalist) who is also the most sought after. Of course their situations are very different. Id love Ronaldo to shut up and stay. But I will take him yapping on as long as he stays and produces his best footie year after year…if not, all Id want is for us to NEVER sell him to Real. Everyone else. Even City for well, 300 million;)

  23. costas says:

    What’s this i have been hearing about fans protesting and hurling bottles due to Tevez’s departure?Are they serious?We just won the league people!I am afraid we are getting a bit spoiled by our successes since 2006.It’s Manchester United,not Tevez United.

  24. Kaza says:

    im not sure if i would prefer tevez or ronaldo to stay. ronaldo is definately the better player, no doubt about it, but how long can we expect him to stay? every year their is more hype and more rumours about going to real so i think its only a matter of time until he goes. on the other hand tevez seems to be 100% committed to united and i could picture him staying on longer. for me its a case of either 1 great player for many years, or one freak of a footballer for only 1 or 2.


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