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Empire of the Kop Defends SoS For Chants

I’m not sure if you’ve had the displeasure of coming across Antoine Zammit, a rabid Liverpool fan behind Empire of the Kop. Local lad Antoine, from Malta, doesn’t like RoM very much.

Some people, like Zammit, don’t like the song “we won it three times” and that is fair enough. Although a distinction should be made between this and those about Munich and Hillsborough, which mock the dead. “We’ve won it three times” is not a song mocking the dead, there’s no reason for United fans to speak badly of Juventus after all, rather confronting Liverpool fans with what happened in 1985. Why would we need to do that, you might ask. Quite simply because Liverpool FC denied any wrong doing at Heysel and in the aftermath, chairman John Smith had the audacity to claim it was Chelsea fans, at the European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus in Belgium, who caused the deaths of those 39 Italians.

Zammit keeps claiming he is against any song about a tragedy, that this isn’t about doing well in a silly blog award and it certainly isn’t just a United vs Liverpool thing. Whilst there’s a clear distinction between Heysel from Munich/Hillsborough, he, like many fans of any club, thinks that it is wrong to reference what the Liverpool fans did at Heysel in our “We won it three times” song.

However, as you will be aware, Liverpool FC’s official supporters union, Spirit of Shankly, had a party at the end of the 2009 season. They hadn’t won anything but wanted a get together and a sing song. During this party, a man got on the stage and started singing a song and chanted “Munich!” in the chorus, whilst the attendees of the party joined in. This union was being quoted in the papers as the voice of Liverpool fans yet at their party, they’re singing Munich.



Weeks after the party, footage of this sing song was released on the internet. The men behind SoS admitted they were at the gathering, obviously, but claimed they “didn’t know what to do” when the chanting started. A simple suggestion would be to go on stage and ask the man to stop singing. They didn’t ask him to stop though. They stood there and watched (we couldn’t presume they joined in with everyone else there). Despite doing nothing to stop the chanting, they claimed on their website that they did not approve of the chants.

Given Zammit’s apparent stance on these chants, you would imagine he would have been the first to condemn SoS for allowing this to go on, right? Wrong. You’ll be very interested to know that Zammit was one of the Liverpool fans who came out in full support of SoS after this footage was released.

Today, after spending the past couple of days bombarded with abusive e-mails and messages on Twitter on the back of his campaign, I e-mailed him and asked him if he had any links from his blog which he had written in response to the Munich songs at SoS.

He was more than happy to oblige. One was entitled “100% Pure Manure” and the other “Empire of the Kop continues to back Spirit of Shankly”.

I responded and asked whether backing SoS following the Munich songs which mock the dead, whilst hating our chant, made him a hypocrite. He claimed he was against Munich songs but supported the union and denied being a hypocrite.

I told Zammit that I was going to write this article, comparing what he had said about me, calling me vile and disgusting, with what he said about SoS in light of the Munich chants at the party.

And would you believe it, he deleted both articles off his site! Now, this would have been incredibly irritating… had I not already copied and pasted what the articles had said, anticipating that he’d clock that he had been rumbled.

Videos were posted on the internet last night of songs about the Munich disaster being sung at the Spirit of Shankly end of season party. Spirit of Shankly have made a statement condemning those singing the songs and apologising for the song starter getting on stage as he was not scheduled to perform.

The supporters Union has done a number of great things over the last year with regards to the ownership of the club and allowing the fans voice to be heard on other matters. The Union has arranged affordable transport to away games and has organised a number of charitable events and given a large amount to charity itself, as shown in the financial report for the year.

It is a shame what was a great end of season party was ruined by a small number of individuals who chose to partake in the chanting, the Union have condemned those contributing to the chants, stating it has no place at any Spirit of Shankly event.

We are members of the Union and will continue to support it despite this error, everyone makes mistakes, especially when organising and running an event as big as an end of season party. Let’s not let this over shadow the great work the Union has done for fans in the past and hope it doesn’t hinder on what the Union will be doing in the future.

If you’d like to join Spirit of Shankly- The Liverpool Supporters Union log onto

If you go to the links he gave me, here, you’ll see it now says “page not found”. Fortunately, to prove I’m not making it all up, the articles still show up on Google.

In the other article, you’ll notice how he says our rant against the Munich songs at SoS was “disgusting”. Feel free to read the rant here and decide whether you think condemning the Munich songs is “disgusting” like Zammit claims it is.

For the most part, the SoS disgrace wasn’t picked up in the media. God only know what would have happened if footage was released of hundreds of United fans chanting about Hillsborough at a MUST do. A few months later, an article written by Barry Glendenning appeared in The Guardian which made reference to the chants: Our audience is more tolerant than Liverpool supporters’ union Spirit of Shankly, who showcased the fabled Scouse sense of humour by swooning like Victorian ladies overcome by the vapours when a board member from “their” club responded to a series of emails from a disgruntled fan by inviting him to “Blow me, fuckface”.

The carefully worded email sent by Tom Hicks Jr, Dallas-based businessman and adult son of Liverpool owner Tom Sr, prompted howls of faux outrage and wounded indignation from Spirit of Shankly, who despite all their protestations to the contrary, were almost certainly beside themselves with delight that a fan had managed to prompt such a juvenile response from the Liverpool boardroom.

Having called for, and subsequently secured the resignation of Hicks Jr, who has since apologised for sending the email, SoS posted a statement on their website this afternoon. “Spirit of Shankly welcomes the resignation of Tom Hicks Junior from the board of Liverpool FC and its parent company,” it chirruped. “This club has standards – on the field, off the field, on the terraces and in the boardroom.” As luck would have it, the group made no mention of its own standards, which are so low that last year’s end-of-season party climaxed with this rousing ditty making fun of the Munich air disaster.

While it could be argued that the raucous, mob-handed celebration of a plane crash in which 21 people died is considerably more offensive than some dumb Yank losing his rag and sending a chippy email, it’s interesting that SoS chose not to disband or call for mass resignations from among their own rank-and-file in the wake of the notorious sing-along.

The Fiver is as wholeheartedly in favour of football fans sticking it to The Man as the next beret-wearing promoter of people-power, but we find it bewildering that the high standards expected from all connected with Liverpool FC “on the field, off the field, on the terraces and in the boardroom” evidently don’t apply to those most anxious to see them rigidly enforced.

I wonder if Zammit finds Barry Glendenning’s condemnation of the Munich songs “disgusting” too?

Essentially, he’s feigned outrage over the whole issue. If he genuinely cared about our “we’ve won it three times” chant he would have at least had one critical word for SoS after the Munich songs. Instead, he backed them 100% and wrote on his own blog that RoM was “disgusting” for criticising the behaviour of SoS and their members.

So, not a nice slanging match, but I felt it should be exposed to what depths Zammit would sink for the sake of a bloody blog award. It isn’t a competition and I don’t enjoy this petty shit but after badmouthing me for days and inciting scousers to send me all kinds of nonsense, I thought it was only fair to put the record straight.

EDIT: Zammit has since put the page back up. After telling him that deleting the link was an admission of his guilt as a hypocrite, it returned. To people who asked on Twitter, he claimed the page was never deleted and told me that it was “database maintenance”. This is a lie. After he deleted the articles I did a quick search through his site to see if he defended SoS elsewhere and every single article was still there. The only ones missing were the two he had sent me earlier where he defended SoS in light of the Munich chants.

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  1. King Eric says:

    Meant to say last night , great work Scott.

  2. RedMadDog says:

    In fairness, i think we should stop singing that song. Let them Scousers say Munich all they want.. We’ll just keep adding to the stars. I’m United through and through and have sang the song in the past, the penny dropped when my son asked me what it was all about, i explained and he had a look of horro on his face. We can always hate the scousers, but lets knock the Hysel reference on the head. The scousers are grief-junkies, we should rise above it.

  3. Buliwyf says:

    Scooooooot, Scooooooooot will tear you apart again, Scoooooooooot, Scoooooooot will tear you apart again!

  4. Monkey Man says:

    During Liverpools trip to Istanbul in 2005, the aftermatch celebrations in Bulgaria seen a Liverpool fan attempt to murder a bulgarian waiter. A liverpool fan was arrested, charged and found guilty of this crime. Yet Liverpool fans insisted he was not involved and once again called for justice. A campaign was launched and the person found guilty was several years later given right to leave his Bulgarian prison cell and return to the UK. he has never been pardoned for this crime.
    However you look at this, the guilty person who tried to murder a Bulgarian waiter was infact a Liverpool fan. it might not have been the person found guilty, but it was still a Liverpool fan.
    We have seen no campaign to find the actula Liverpool fan who was guilty of attempted murder. We have seen no apology to the Bulgarina waiter, his family or the people of Bulgaria from liverpool Supporters. So why Liverpool fans celebrate the release and make the person who was found guilty a hero, they basically celebrate the attempted murder of an innocent Bulgarian by their fellow Liverpool fans. Another European Cup that carries blood on the hands of Liverpool FC fans.
    I’m sure in Athens, that while Liverpool fans robbed and attacked their own fans to steal tickets and gain entry to the stadium more blood was shed. Withuth killing anyone, you robbed your own fans.

  5. King Eric says:

    Monkey Man – You aint Ian Brown are you?

  6. scan74 says:

    those fuckers love the moral outrage quicker out the fucking blocks then usain bolt

    yet through the 70′s and 80′s Munich chants were fair game

    only havin a laugh la

    lads of a certain age from any club all knew the scouse were fuckin weasels when you travelled there

    like stan boardman on there own and evil bastards when they got a few numbers

    there greatest invention sums it up a matchstick between 2 razors blades


  7. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Not much to add really, scan 74 said it best. They claim we take the moral high ground whereas they have been and continue to do so in much greater numbers chant Munich. Fucking vermin and always will be.

  8. MG says:

    It is as simple as this

    Anyone that can defend a Munich chant is a gutless piece of trash

    Anyone that can defend a Hillsborough chant is a gutless piece of trash

    Anyone that glorifies both are gutless pieces of trash

    Heysel is between Liverpool and Juventus and remains or should remain a living reminder that something happened that should not have happened – unfortunately for Liverpool and under very upsetting circumstances they were to lose 96 fans – this is no justification for what happened at Heysel

    A tragedy is just that – Manchester United have been built because of it – I find it quite sickening when people assume that United have benefitted financially from the death of the Babes – I as a fan wouldn’t go so low to accuse any other rival fan of such disgust and immoral thinking and perception.

    We are who we are – we love the bite and the snarling between us but that’s where it should remain – when it goes further it’s unacceptable – a point SAF makes all the time – most recently with the Wenger chanting

    If you claim to be better than everyone then you have to live by the very principles of what your club means not only to you but to everyone – and United as a club is the very foundation of this way of thinking.

    Manchester United will never die – and unlike those who would like my club to perish in order for them to achieve what they want and have to – I would say I would rather have you and take you on and beat you to fittingly put you in your place.

    Even after all this time people from not one side but many will not learn – fine examples you are then to your children…

  9. Gee says:

    Dont know what the fuss is about as STR is clearly correct in saying that our chant about the European cup isnt mocking the dead. Hillsborough and Munich songs are mocking the dead of tragic unforseen tragedies, ‘We’ve won it 3 times’ is not mocking Juve’s fans that died it is CLEARLY stating the fact that Scousers caused the death of those Juve fans. Like it or not that is a fact that you can not hide from and yet Scouse fans try to, the reason being that it shows Liverpools following to be scum like. Well when you through human shit on away fans or attack Ambulances because they contain away players I think your hope of not being looked upon as scum go straight out the window!!

    Oh and for the scouse fan who claimed that your relationship with Juve fans was cordial I would very much like to differ, 1. why, if this is so, did the Juve fans stand and turn their backs as one when you last played them and tried to kind of apologise (coz lets be honest you haven’t actually apologised coz you haven’t excepted responsability) and 2. I work often in Italy and know a hell of a lot of Juve supporters and trust me they HATE Scousers pretty much the same as us Utd fans, they hate the club, the players, the City and more so the supporters, so dont come on here spouting off about your relationship being cordial when that is far from the truth. Or better still take of your pity city tinted glasses and look at the facts and not what you believe the facts to be!!

  10. Gee says:


  11. Clint-IamYourPapii says:


    Great Piece Mate

    Football is just a sport
    you play it
    you watch it
    you talk about it
    you support your team
    you defend your team
    you help your team in its hour of need such as those Disasters to Come through it TOGETHER.

    But to take the piss out of people lives and insult their families who mourn their loss is an insult to football and bloody Disgrace.

  12. I AM NOT A MAN says:

    Only two Beatles left now so look on the bright side.

  13. d2 says:

    Sickening they mock the dead – even though “SOS” is named in tribute to their dead hero/footballing icon.

    Unbelievably stupid and childish in so many ways.

  14. SqueakyRed says:

    Nicely said mate.

  15. Joe says:

    Gee, think it through fella.

    Try as you might, you cannot justify a song designed to score points off the back of any tragedy. You just make it worse mate. Stop trying to rationalise it because you can’t. I hope for your sake you know this already.

    As for the relationship between Liverpool and Juventus, like I said, it’s cordial. Only last year officials from both clubs unveiled a plague together to mark the anniversary. Does that mean every Juve fan has forgiven and forgotten? Of course it doesn’t. And they never will.

    But suppose they did – would that be good enough for you? Would you then stop singing that song? Of course not. Because the hatred between our two clubs is limitless, irrational and without justification.

  16. dannysoya says:

    Look at the way they sang munich with pride. SMH. no liverpool fan has ANY right to come here and try to become holy all of a sudden. We produced a shirt stating the obvious that we won three european cups. although the without killing anyone part might be offensive that is certainly NOT more offensive than that ugly munich video.

  17. Joe says:

    Dannysoya, when did this rivalry become about what rights anybody has? None of us have the right to treat eachother like we do.

    We could spend as long as you like listing all the wrongs we’ve done to each other and rank them in order of how offensive they are. But what would be the point? If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.

  18. scan74 says:

    looked cordial when you played em a few years back and they all turned there backs on your apology

    str get rid will you for gods sake

  19. Joe says:

    Scan74 – this is has all been covered. Rather than repeat myself, I’ll just suggest you read through the thread.

  20. 20legend says:


    Granted they are cunts. But honestly, WHY must heysel be a part of a victory celebration? Heysel had nothing to do with United. Liverpool fans were responsible for the death of innocents and they should have at least taken responsibility for it and been punished. In your eyes and mine, that hasn’t happened. Fair enough. But referencing it in our chant isn’t constructive and lowers our standards. For the sake of not letting any cunts run the name of decent United fans through the mud please refrain from singing about Heysel or Hillsborough or even russian submarines.

    To any and all who read this, this isn’t what you would do anywhere outside a pub or a stadium because you would be ashamed to. So, lets not do it there either.

  21. NobbysTeeth says:

    Zammit? Sounds like a fackin bog cleaner.Wot next the germans asking us to take back maltas george cross coz it upsets their luftwaffe veterans?

  22. david Finnega says:

    While I agree that the Munich chant is repugnent, it seems to me that every couple of months you are writing a blog trying to justify why “their” chant is worse than “ours”.
    A few months back you used the Munich chant again to draw a comparison with the “peadophile” song which is aimed at Arsen Wenger and how the Munich chant was much more upsetting to United fans than any Peadophile chant could be to Arsen Wenger or Arsenal fans.
    At the time I argued that you could not decide that one chant was more upsetting than another based soley on your own sensitivities.
    In response you tried to belittle me and were quite patronizing. You were adamant that “mockin our dead” was much much worse than calling a man, a father of young children a Peadophile.
    I asked you if you ever joined in with singing “we won it 3 times” as this song also make light of the death of 39 innocent people.
    You never responded.
    At the begining of this blog you wrote “It’s hard to imagine fans even consider what it could refer to, rather enjoying the three European Cups we can claim”
    What a complete and utter lie. Everyone knows to what this chant refers and at whom it is aimed And to claim it does not upset anyone is disingenuous to say the least. I am sure the families of the 39 people that died find it upsetting.
    Yes its true this chant does not glorify those killings rather it implies Liverpool fans a murderers, either way it is distasteful to use the death of 39 people to get one over your rivals, dont you think?

    As for SOS, They should just be ignored. You are right to show up hypocrisy, just please don’t become like them.

  23. Chelcfc says:

    Hey, look you are talking about a fan base that are by and large the scum of the earth, who are the biggest hypocrites on the planet and who use a certain tragedy to beat everyone up over everything and especially Heysel where they knew they were guilty and they had gone looking for revenge.
    While i might be in the minority i do not think they were blameless at Hillsborough (total shared responsibility, (if they don’t cause chaos at the gates it never happens)and as someone has said earlier Heysel is washed away as they play the victim at Hillsborough. I know of nobody while pointing the finger at Liverpool fans for both Heysel and/or Hillsborough who has ever mocked the dead, mocked the living no question, mocked the guilty no question, but mocked the dead no chance.
    Look Manchester United fans, you have just beaten Chelsea today, you are the best team in England and you will get the chance to be the best team in Europe in 20 days. If you want to have a real go at Liverpool make sure this week as you are about to win your 19th title you get #ThePerch trending worldwide of Twitter. Come on, you can do it, Fergie promised it 26 years ago and this week he will deliver it. Do it!

  24. Chelcfc says:

    Profiting from the dead…lets see would that be like Liverpool, the club selling in the club shop at Anfield Liverpool team jerseys with the number 96 on them and the name above the number “Justice” is that not making money from the dead and that is coming specifically and directly from the club. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. And if the Daily Mail are the ones complaining about it then you must be doing something right.

    Dont forget lets get #ThePerch trending worldwide on Twitter in anticipation of the #19.

  25. Paul says:

    Oh look, Liverpool fans getting irate about a T-shirt that’s been on sale for years, the day after United take a giant stride towards eclipsing their title haul. What a shock, eh!

    What disgusts many people about Liverpool fans’ attitude towards Heysel is the way they present it as something that ‘happened to them’. It didn’t – it was something they caused. Look at the Juve fans in 2005 turning their backs on Anfield’s disgraceful ‘Friendship’ claptrap. Liverpool have never apologised for Heysel because they’re unable to accept blame for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault, they are always the victims. The ‘without killing anyone’ song is an effort to force them to accept the truth that Heysel was THEIR fault. It has nothing to do with Hillsborough, which was the fault of the police and the FA. It’s typical of scousers that they try to combine the two together and paint themselves as the poor, put-upon victims in Heysel. 39 Italian families would disagree, and it remains a disgrace to football that Liverpool have never apologised.

  26. Jig3000 says:

    Defending the Utd chant is absolute nonsense, and you’re nothing but a hypocrite for doing-so. If you were genuinely moved by the injustices of Heysel and were hoping to raise the profile of campaigners looking for justice, you would be selling a T-Shirt along the lines of ‘Justice for the Heysel 39′.

    The ‘winning without killing anyone’ is nothing but a spiteful, inflammatory dig at Liverpool club and supporters.

    As a Utd fan you certainly don’t represent me and in my eyes you’re bringing the name of our club into the gutters by supporting this kind of crap, I can’t see how a fan of our club could condone behavior that lowers opinion of our great club.

  27. Joe says:

    Paul, a few points:

    - this situation with the t-shirt has been bubbling for a few days now. It’s got nothing to do with your likely title win.
    - how do Liverpool fans present Heysel ‘as if it happened to them’? What does that even mean?
    - Liverpool HAVE apologised for Heysel. Admittedly, it took a lot longer than it should have.
    - 14 Liverpool supporters were convicted of involuntary manslaughter. If Liverpool supporters don’t accept responsibility for Heysel, why does nobody protest their innocence? Where are the “Justice for the 14″ banners?

    It begs the question: why are you so consumed by hatred? It’s right that you should hate Liverpool but aren’t there enough REAL reasons to hate them? Is there really any need to invent more?

  28. Chelcfc says:

    I am just wondering if anyone thinks it is in any way strange that a clubs fans who allowed and supported a banner being brought and waved and flown for the entire 90 mins at Anfield for a Merseyside debry (as i think this blog has brought up before) that said “Steau Bucarest” is not Liverpool fans mocking the 39 dead from Heysel in order to have a go at Everton fans.
    By the way we all know the “shut the world down” issues happen with Liverpool every April 15th but will interesting if anyone even acknowledges May 29th obviously the anniversary of Heysel which will be with us soon.
    They have for a long time used Hillsborough to wash away their sins and guilt and the shame they brought on English football and the global game with Heysel.
    The fake and faux outrage that Liverpool fans pretend to feel so aggrieved by is so laughable as to be pathetic.
    That said i do think these shirts are in bad taste and should not be sold but i think this is a joke coming from Liverpool fans. It is 3 European Cups, could be four in 3 weeks, 19th title this week…this is about United, not comparing yourselves to Liverpool which from a class point of view is a mismatch.

  29. Chelcfc says:

    I am just wondering if anyone thinks it is in any way strange that a clubs fans who allowed and supported a banner being brought and waved and flown for the entire 90 mins at Anfield for a Merseyside debry (as i think this blog has brought up before) that said “Steau Bucarest” is not Liverpool fans mocking the 39 dead from Heysel in order to have a go at Everton fans.
    By the way we all know the “shut the world down” issues happen with Liverpool every April 15th but will interesting if anyone even acknowledges May 29th obviously the anniversary of Heysel which will be with us soon.
    They have for a long time used Hillsborough to wash away their sins and guilt and the shame they brought on English football and the global game with Heysel.
    The fake and faux outrage that Liverpool fans pretend to feel so aggrieved by is so laughable as to be pathetic.
    That said i do think these shirts are in bad taste and should not be sold but i think this is a joke coming from Liverpool fans. It is 3 European Cups, could be four in 3 weeks, 19th title this week…this is about United, not comparing yourselves to Liverpool which from a class point of view is a mismatch.

  30. K_Stand_Red says:


    “While i might be in the minority i do not think they were blameless at Hillsborough (total shared responsibility, (if they don’t cause chaos at the gates it never happens)”

    If you’re a match going fan (and you sound as if you are) then you’ll know that fans over turn up late; so I don’t think you can blame the scousers for their lack of punctuality. We’ve all been there… favouring one last beer ahead of getting to the ground.

    Hillsborough was a disaster waiting to happen. I think United had a similar thing happen to them a season or two before what happened on that fateful day in 1989. Fortunately we came away unscathed, but NO-ONE should go the match and not come home.

    That said, I do like your style.


    Ps: How they can come on here and try to claim the moral high ground, when their own club shop SELLS shirts with “JUSTICE” and #96 on the back… well it beggars disbelief. How any right minded Liverpool fan can buy one of those is beyond me… if you feel sympathy for what happened… then make a donation to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign… not jump on the bandwagon!!

    That is all.

  31. Chelcfc says:


    Thanks mate. My point would be and trust me i have been on the wrong end of this and have seen what their savagery is all about online but in 10 separate places in the Taylor Report it states about things like drunken fans, TICKETLESS fans trying to get in over and over and over again did not help matters, urinating in peoples gardens on the way to the ground and general drunkness and unruliness While i am not saying that the police were not pathetic and the Emergency services were horrible you cannot have a discussion about what happened after 3.15pm unless you are prepared to discuss what happened prior to 3.15PM. Just my opinion and not to wind them up but i think there was a shared responsibility to Hillsborough.

    Additionally i am sorry but if i am a lawyer arguing in court about a suspect and i present to the jury that in two different countries, in two different cities, and two different stadiums 135 people lost their lives and the only common thread between both events is Liverpool Football Club and their fans. That is not bad luck, or coincidence…that is a pattern of behaviour which they were only too pleased to attempt to replicate in their 2007 CL run through Eidehoven, Chelsea and in Athens. They do not care who they hurt or who they have to steal from in order to get to a game and do so on time, just take a look at some of the footage outside the Athens Stadium in 2007. An utter disgrace and a total reminder that they have learnt nothing from either Heysel or Hillsborough…the issue is that they have such huge numbers that they can come down on you when you bring it up. This is a club who’s fans still think bunking in is a badge of honor rather than what it is which is straight up theft.

    Hillsborough in a way works for them, sorry it just does…it lets them play the victim, asks the world to shut down every April 15th and washes away the sins of Heysel, which most of them will not take responsibility for either. Their was a bloke on Twitter called Messyredhead who was babbling away about grieving for the day on April 15th 2011…he used the word grieving multiple times 22 years later. The bloke wasn’t born until 1992 three years after the event…that is how indoctrinated they all are about these issues because to confront the reality would require them to take a look at themselves not as football fans but as human beings.

    They are distasteful people complaining about a t shirt (which i don’t think should be sold publicly) when they allow banners in their home ground honoring Steau Bucharest. It beggars belief and this is the same event that they are complaining about.

    Win the 19th, get #ThePerch trending on Twitter and go get your 4th European Cup and stick two fingers up to them…that is the only worthwhile response. Pathetic faux anger.

  32. K_Stand_Red says:


    Oh I completely agree with every word. When things go against them they are the first to bleat and have the world just shut down on April 15th. For the record, they should be allowed to show their respects because regardless of fan behaviour, the police seriously f*cked up that day; and that COULD have been anybody’s fans in that ground that day if results had panned out differently. But they have short memories when they are the ones causing the mither… robbing their own fans at a CL final… throwing sh*t at away fans… attacking ambulances carrying seriously injured footballers… Heysel…

    Will it stop any malicious chanting on either side? No it won’t. Should they have the hump over a t-shirt that has been on sale for some time now? A t-shirt that if anything mocks their refusal to take full responsibility… Well maybe they should, but it doesn’t help their cause when they throw stones in glass houses!

  33. Chelcfc says:

    @K_Stand_Red it will interesting to see and hear the vitriol and the direction its coming from down the M62 on Saturday when United get #19. It should be priceless!!


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