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Empty stadium for City… again

Whenever we’re given the opportunity to disprove Manchester City’s silly claim that the city is theirs, we gladly take it. For City’s final game of the season today there were empty seats all over the place, despite the club claiming the game was a sell out.

By the time of the final whistle, when City players took part in the customary lap of honour, the ground was half empty, with the fans that did bother to show up passing up the opportunity to applaud their players for finishing 2nd.

The city is yours?

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  1. Champ20ns. says:

    200000000 empty seats, Are you fucking sure?

  2. Gorse Hill Red says:

    And they want to increase the capacity by 6000?

  3. Andromeda says:

    No wonder!

  4. dizbuster says:

    They like space so the morons don’t have to sit next to each other. lol

  5. Costas says:


  6. RedNemz says:

    Space for Breathing….

  7. Unitedforeva says:

    City, trying to be something they’re not. next they’ll allocate alternative seat numbers to give the impression of a full stadium. Expect Patrick Vieira & families plus all non-playing staff & families to turn up next.

  8. The One says:

    They’ll be flying people over from the mid-east free of charge to fill the gaps lol!!

  9. wayne says:

    2nd class citizens always will be lowlife cunts,the Arabs sinking all this money into a club were the fans and players are showing no gratitude.Buying City in the first place was just a weird purchase

  10. Bill says:

    Do you honestly think it’d be any different if the roles were reversed?

  11. kyometaxao says:

    It’s being increased to 72,000 after the interim increase of 6,000 seats. Why? I have no idea – probably to accommodate the new found glory hunters.

    Attendances at the Etihad have no bearing on who has more fans in the City though.

  12. M40RED says:

    Well too be fair it was Sunday wasn’t it

  13. Jesper olsens mullet says:

    A little disingenuous: the 80 mins pic shows a full crowd; the others are just after half time when everyone’s getting back after getting a pint etc and the last photo’s taken with minutes to go when they were 1 down. It’s no different than when they thrashed us 1-6 and we all filed out

    Can’t believe we’re talking about sh##ty when it was the master’s final game

    There’re right we’re becoming obsessed

  14. Scott says:

    Jesper – The 80 mins pic shows a full crowd? Are you blind? There are gaps all over the place.

    Clearly. Because all the pictures are time stamped and none of them were just after half time.

    And since when is taking the piss out of your rivals being “obsessed”? Don’t be so soft. We used to have a banner counting how many years it had been since they won a trophy. Now they win the league and we get pansy fans telling us that laughing at them is being “obsessed” with them. Do me a favour.

  15. Jesper olsens mullet says:

    I thought the 92 mins was 52 mins

  16. TheCANTONA says:

    yeah 52 mins with 3 mins of added time? lol.. u really need to check ur eyes mate.

    the bitters pay for their lies about mancunians and no i wont complain when we mock them back.

  17. Raizzen says:

    Their manager was sacked, the replacement not certain and on top of it they’re losing the game. And all they cared about was the 6-1 scoreline.

    Typical bitters.

  18. Raizzen says:

    Their manager was sacked, their future uncertain and to top it off, they are losing the game. And all they cared to sing about was the 6-1 scoreline of a rival who actually won the league by valid points margin. Not just some lucky goal difference.

    If that is NOT obsession.

  19. LoneStarRed says:

    So many deluded City fans. Your team spends almost a billion dollars and you only manage to win the league on GOAL DIFFERENCE against a team that was DEVASTATED by injuries.Does that put it into perspective for you?

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    The bitters are adding the 6k seats to beat FFP rules. Pure an simple.
    The owners are buying all the unsold seats, so that will continue. Also, the stand will compete for large events like the rugby world cup etc, again helping them beat FFP.


    We all laugh at City.
    If the roles were reverse?

    United had gates larger than City when we were down in 2nd div in 72-73. And most of the 80′s when we were crap. Go on down the road mate. Sure your lies will sound sweeter at the Bradford Inn.

  21. 11kush89 says:


    may as well continue to take advantage of the owner and their businesses and start flying glory hunters over on Etihad Airways.

    (etihad means united in that language hahah. they play home game at “The United Stadium”)

  22. Harty67 says:

    Who can forget the time near the end of the 92-93 Champions season when United played at Palace and had the match relayed on a big screen to OT, and still had a bigger crowd than the bitters who were playing at home that same night.
    It was around that time when their carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign of “Manchester is Blue” started when they realised we were stronger and better in every department.

  23. kyometaxao says:

    Logically, United could have 75,000 supporters at OT and City could have 45,000 in the Etihad but it wouldn’t mean that Manchester is Red. I would estimate that of United’s crowd about 15,000 are from the City Of Manchester

  24. red bull says:

    who cares about city and their f*****g stadium ????

  25. itachi uchiha says:

    Manchester is red , city fans are delusional

  26. red kev says:

    What I did notice at the Derby at wastelands is that they leave the TV’s on in the bars during the game

    I reckon a lot of these citeh fans must have a drink problem !


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