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England Bigger Than United? I Don’t THINK So Mr Chelsea

There are always going to be players from the opposition teams that you dislike, whilst every now and again there will be a player you begrudgingly think highly of. It’s hard to imagine it now, but John Terry was actually a player I thought highly of. He seemed pretty decent.

However, his nature over the past year or two has soured my feelings towards him. He’s seemingly adopted Jose Mourinho’s arrogance and seems to believe he can do whatever he wishes. Whilst ever grateful for fucking up and allowing us to win the European Cup, there’s this slimy, nasty nature about him which gets under my skin.

He totally belittled Rio Ferdinand in his bid for the captaincy, his team has run riot with their disrespectful behaviour on the pitch, and he was certainly doing something he wasn’t supposed to that night in Moscow. Whilst some reports claimed he was spitting, whatever your take on that, it is obvious there was something going on. Why else was he trying to hide his mouth away from the cameras of the World?

It seems as though I’m not the only one to take a dislike to him though, with many England fans criticising him for missing out on games for his country when he is later deemed fit to play for Chelsea. He was missing from their crucial qualifying game against Croatia last season, which they lost meaning they missed out on the Euros, yet played 90 minutes for Chelsea against Derby three days later. We have seen a similar situation ensue, with Terry insisting on playing for 90 minutes against Middlesbrough, despite winning convincingly 5-0, just days after being too injured for England.

Terry has already been featured on this blog for moronic comments, but now I can add some more to the collection.

“I did everything to get fit but my back just wasn’t right,” said Terry. “I have worked hard my whole career not to miss any games. It has been frustrating the last two years because I’ve picked up a few injuries. But England is the ultimate. You get picked for England by playing well for your club. England is far bigger than Chelsea, far bigger than Manchester United because you’re representing your country and we’re all very proud to do it, no one more than me.”

Before I get in to his arrogance, the most striking point here is that he can talk about Chelsea as much as he likes. If Chelsea aren’t as important to him as England, than that is his look out, but don’t go bringing United in to it.

Terry seems to think he’s bigger and better than everyone else, with an attitude which is quite frankly painfully cringey. In his bid to win the captaincy, he claimed that no one in the team would fight for his country in the way he would, and that if Capello wanted someone who was desperate to win, than Terry was the only choice.

“If they don’t want an England captain fighting for England in every way possible, fighting to win the ball and come out of the tackle, fighting for the cause, then that’s down to them to make that decision,” he said. “If Mr Capello wants someone who is going to go out there, desperate to win and to do everything it takes, then I’ll be his right choice. If not, that’s down to him to make the decision.”

What an arrogant twat. How to take a swipe at your team mates and make yourself look like a total dick in one easy step.

In terms of Terry thinking more of playing for England than he does for Chelsea, his fatal slip in Moscow is starting to make more sense. Can you imagine Gary Neville or Ryan Giggs, our captain and vice-captain, claiming England/Wales was FAR bigger than United? FAR more important than United? Course not! I suppose that’s why the trophies are in our cabinet this season, because United is the be-all-and-end-all for our captains, whereas Chelsea will always come second for Terry.

UNITED > England

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Stephen says:

    He is a big time prick, an overrated thug who is not fit to lace Rio’s boots. The media seem to have an obsession with this “lion heart, brave, player” who actually puts club before country, even though he is the national captain.

  2. Norman says:

    Not a lot of substance to this article Scott, it’s a bit like the dross you see in the press close season. Personally, I don’t feel that England are bigger than Chelsea or Manchester United but I do believe that John Terry does.

  3. james f says:

    Ha ha! How desperate! Terry will forever be the man who “could’ve won the Cup, but he f***** it up” and he knows it!

  4. EuroBlue says:

    This is, however, entirely different from all those ManUre players who seem to be at death’s door on Wednesday morning (and therefore have to pull out of their international commitments) only to arise, like Lazarus, thanks to the healing powers of the ManU shirt. Ryan Giggs is a case in point: it really is uncanny how many Wales games he has missed.
    Then there is the case of Paul Scholes, whose spontaneous decision to retire from the national team was IN NO WAY influence by Fergus.
    Honestly, you’d have to be a particularly dense ManU supporter (is there any other sort?) to write an article that questions ANY OTHER team’s player’s commitment to the national team.

  5. Stephen says:

    He is the England captain, so surely you can question the captains commitment above all others?

  6. Stephen says:

    He does seem to have United on the brain, wonder why?

  7. Scott the Red says:

    Euroblue – The dense one here is you. Where in the article do I sound like a give a shit less whether Terry plays for England or Chelsea or anyone else?

    I fully support every United player missing England games in order to be fresher for our match at the weekend. If Terry does the same, then good for him.

    I’m more looking at a) how much of a twat Terry is, b) how wrong he is to claim United are bigger than England, and c) how Chelsea’s captain thinks England is more important than his club.

  8. clj7 says:

    Hey, did anyone realize what the score was last england game when Rio was captain?? Far bigger than the ones when Terry captained :p

  9. stretfordred says:

    fair does to mr terry on this front,
    half of our(united) fans would rather back asia as a continent rather england.
    rio is a far better player than terry but begrudgingly terry is a better captain.he is like keano n captain fantastic robbo.
    i remember when united had most of england team so for us as united fans to slag england statements by england captain is disrespectful.
    i travel with england and most boys are happy to have terry as captain as he plays well alongside rio anyway.passion for one’s country should not be overlooked.
    just keep him off the penalties tho lol

  10. Bob Koh says:

    John Terry is the biggest twat in the BPL. When I get upset with his hypocritical comments, I just review my video of him missing that CL penalty and all is good again!

  11. Stephen says:

    stretfordred, how is Terry a better captain I don’t see Rio crying at his own failures, spitting at players, bullying and taking cards out of referees hands!

  12. Nelson says:

    Terry is right,England is bigger than Man U and Chelsea because u must be fit for ur club before u’re pick to play for ur National side,terry is the right captain for england.

  13. joeb says:

    just a quickie to those who keep blowing steam about how much of a thug JT is, and how rio is superior etc etc.

    does it make you feel stupid when the real people in the know disagree so whole-heartedly with you?

    fortunately for us the top players and managers seem to think quite the opposite to the majority of united fans. speaks volumes that does. rio has done ok as back up as england captain, seeing as he isn’t even uniteds captain very often. unfortunately with his drug test missing/prostitute party arranging lifestyle he hardly has the right profile, probably why fergie overlooks him so often!

  14. Kings says:

    I said it once, I’ve said it twice, and I will continue to say it in relation to John Terry………….he is a cunt. As much as I couldn’t give a shit about England, but the fact that Rio has been overlooked for the captaincy for this S.O.B is laughable. UNITED> England

  15. furrball says:

    all > terry.

  16. Peter says:

    ‘stretfordred, how is Terry a better captain I don’t see Rio crying at his own failures, spitting at players, bullying and taking cards out of referees hands!’

    You clearly weren’t watching Rio in the last three games against Chelsea then. There was the one where he attacked the female steward after losing his rag with the ref, the opposition and Owen Hargreaves, the one where he should have been sent off for kicking Joe Cole in the head and the one where he flounced down the tunnel spitting abuse at the ref before the final whistle because he thought he was about to be sent off.

    Fine player, better than Terry in some respects and certainly better over the past two years, but really not much less of a twat, historically or more recently.

    As for the article, well for me as a fan, Chelsea are bigger than England, but for the England captain, they aren’t. Hardly a controversial point. Who knows what Manchester United players feel about it? Perhaps you should ask them to find out rather than trying to read their minds. Perhaps they already have said something about it – I really wouldn’t know because I couldn’t give a toss what opposition players think about anything (unlike you, Scott, and your creepy, slightly homoerotic, Terry obsession).

    Anyway, good to see you’re still obsessed with all things blue, Scott! Hope the Mancs are all enjoying the season so far – it’s set up to be a cracker.

  17. Malino Ubah says:

    What i saw in the picture is f**king terry bowing to his senior and handing the cup to terry.
    Fuck terry cos he sucks.

  18. Stephen says:

    “attacked the female steward ” I believe he was kicking the wall and brushed agianst her, even she laughed it off.
    Surely any captian can loose it with one of his players, and the ref every once in a while, not every game like Terry.
    Kicking Joe Cole in the head, oh dear me do I have to awnser that one. Ok he was going for the ball Cole put his head in, give me strength!

  19. Peter says:


    the evidence is there that Rio can throw a hissy when things don’t go his way and that he isn’t averse to committing the odd nasty tackle if it helps the team. No shame in that, it’s part of the game – all footballers overstep the boundaries, because all footballers hate losing.

    How some fans manage to celebrate these qualities in their own while denigrating them in the opposition without causing their heads to explode in hypocrisy, I’ll never understand.

  20. timbo says:

    It’s really pathetic reading all the comments dissing the honour of playing for one’s own country.

    This club over country demeanor, the ‘couldn’t give a shit’ attitude about the England team, is something peculiarly English. Ask Tevez or Anderson how they feel about playing for their respective countries, and ask the fans of their national teams. The same applies to just about any other foreign players or supporters – they take enormous pride in their national team’s accomplishments.

    The English wonder why the Aussies, with their substantially smaller population base, regularly pummel us in sports such as cricket. It’s because nothing gives them greater pride than representing their country – cut an Aussie and he’d bleed green and gold. The only reason they don’t thrash us at football – thankfully – is that’s it’s such a minor sport in their country. God help us if they ever get serious about it.

    It’s all well and good to support one’s club team, and I’ve been about as passionate a supporter of United overt the last 40 years as one could hope to find. But when Europe and the World Cup calling for the national team to perform nothing takes more priority, and that’s the way it should be – to all except the English, sadly.

    It’s probably one of the saddest aspects behind why we so regularly underachieve on the major football stages. We care less about it than our own selfish club pursuits.

  21. Sam says:

    I urge you all to vote in this competition for United as the sports team of the year, Ferdinand as sports leader of the year, and John Terry’s penalty miss as sports moment of the year.

  22. Stephen says:

    Peter, I am not saying Rio is an Angel, but to say he should have been sent off for that challenge on J Cole is ridiculas.
    You can’t compare Terry style of play to Rio’s, Terry’s game is about intimadation and bully boy tactics, thats why people find his crying at his own mistakes quite amusing.
    Rio’s game is about anticipating and his pace and a few years ago United fans were screaming at him to be more agressive.

  23. Drew Vader says:

    “Attacked” the female steward….hahaha get the hell out of here you moron

  24. Drew Vader says:

    Peter, where is evidence of this “obsession” you speak of. Look at the main page of the blog, I count 15 posts total, and only one, this one here, has anything remotely to do with you lot. You could possibly include the Mourinho comments about Drogba if you wanted to I guess, but I would argue that was more about that twat Jose than chelski, but whatever, for the shit of it I’ll give you that one also. So, 2 out of 15……thats hardly an obsession mate….

  25. Kunal says:

    Terry is racist… ask Ledley King, ask Tevez who got blown/spit in his face by terry… fuckin Chelski loosers and cowards … cant spit properly cant slap properly…


    I wouldnt mind though have you heard Terry’s voice… its a bit like Rodney Trotter, speaking one of Delboy’s ideas…

    Hes a little fuckin wimp… always bottles out of tackles… cant handle pressure…

    How the fuck Rio is not England captain on a permanent basis i will never know… and i think Capello must be thinkin that as well..

    Trust me… We have nowt to fear over Chelski, Terry and co this season… we are the best… we are the champions.. we are the biggest, best fuckin hardest mother fuckin club in the world….

    Ive had my tant… gonna do some more work….

    Take it easy fellow reds

  27. Peter says:

    Stephen – it was Rio’s second bookable offence.

    And forgot the reputation, look at Terry’s record, he’s not a violent player. How many dangerous tackles can you recall him making? I can think of one, on Fabregas last season.

    Carvalho on the other hand…

  28. Stephen says:

    I agree with Carvalho, and he is twice the player Terry is, but you can’t say that Terry’s game isn’t based around intimadation? I didn’t mention dangerous tackles.

  29. Peter says:

    Based around intimidation? I think that’s going too far. Although I have to admit his performance against Torres at Anfield in the CL final last year was a masterpiece in sly Uruguyan-style defending.

    Carvalho is a great player but the notion that Carvalho is the key element in the partnership is as false as the popular notion that Gallas was the key element previously (which, incidentally, seems to have been quietly forgotten now people have seen what Gallas is like at Arsenal).

    Have to go now. Keep on hating lads, but watch your blood pressure!

  30. Stephen says:

    Hate?, Nah mate, pity, we have the trophies in OUR cabinet.

  31. TinManUnited says:

    EuroBlue-Typical new supporter. You yake a look at the England squad over the last few years and tell me you cannot see a majority of the players coming from the United ranks. To say “This is, however, entirely different from all those ManUre players who seem to be at death’s door on Wednesday morning (and therefore have to pull out of their international commitments) only to arise, like Lazarus, thanks to the healing powers of the ManU shirt.” is a load of bollocks. You look at any international week and see 90% of the first team out playing for their countries. Its only the last few season that some of the older players have decided to retire to extend their club careers, which anyone would have done. And also to go after someone like Giggs who represented Wales 62 times, which doesn’t make any major tournament, is nuts really. Get back to your Vodka.

  32. bossdem says:

    we dont give a fcuk about england,
    they dont give a fcuk about me,
    all i really care about is my M U F C!

  33. Red-Manc says:


    terry is a sly racist rentboy who bottled it when taking an important penalty, which explains why he captains england

    Im a Manc, I put Manchester before england in general not just in football


  34. JIM says:


    drogba just got away with it

  35. Ste says:

    I hnate the England team, and I cant stand the En-ger-land fans

    Terry is a complete mong, how he got the captaincy is beyond me, hes just a bully on the pitch, and a complete nonce off.

  36. RedMist says:

    EUROBLUE…Scholesy quit International football because A) he was being played out of position, B) he was copping loads of shit from the pricks who call themselves England “fans” and finally C) he wasn’t enjoying it.
    United players always get more joy from playing for United, in front of appreciative, knowledgable support, rather than turning out to play with those arrogant tossers from Chelsea, Liverpool and previously Arsenal.
    If you honestly think “Lion Heart” (…let me just wipe the vomit off my chin…) is anything close to the player his (self) hype suggests, then you are a fool, sir.
    He has already shown what a non entity he is at International level and what a joke of a “Captain” (in name only) he is.
    I’d rather you didn’t try and associate The Ginger Prince with a turd like Terry.
    The two aren’t even close to being comparable. In the same way that King Rio and that racist thug you call Terry can’t be compared.
    I’m looking forward to seeing England led down another blind alley. Guided by a snide, dirty, manipulative (watch him cry to get his own way), ego centric lunatic, who picks and chooses when he fancies playing.

  37. john ferry says:

    To all chelski fans, this is John Ferry-john terry’s alter ego. I said that England was greater than chelski (and even greater than Manchester United) because I want to win fans over. I realize I missed 2 games-and to be honest, I was hoping we would lose; so that the masses would understand just how important I am to the team. Unfortunately for me, the rest of the team played like lions (except for poor ashley, he played like a lamb). For what it’s worth my game is based on throwing my weight around because I lack vision,pace, and I couldn’t kick penalties to save my life. Lastly, thank you to capello for making me captain. Thank you for disliking Sir Alex Ferguson so much that you made me captain. One more thing: How dare you Manchester United Fans cheer for me on international duties, then curse me at club level. It Is So Confusing To Me-kind of like sarcasm.

  38. spencer says:

    I found out something today, even some Chelsea fans are getting tired of their very own Mr Chelsea’s ramblings to the press.
    I have a friend who moved up here from the south ten years ago for work. His response when he saw the quotes from Terry about England being bigger then Chelsea were along the lines of…

    ‘Shut the f*** up Terry. How can you say that? Do Chelsea mean nothing to you’. I then laughed, warning him to not say such at Stamford Bridge. He then said ‘why? other Chelsea fans are starting to get annoyed by Terry’s ramblings’

    Oh dear. Mr Chelsea could have scored a spectacular own goal with these quotes

  39. IndReddevil says:

    Please don’t put terry in the same sentence with robbo, keano, rio, scholesy and giggsy it’s a fuckin insult to them….terry is a big fuckin’ egoistic cunt who thinks too highly of himself and anyone who supports terry is a moron…..God I despise that man…..john ferry thank you, now we know the truth……..

  40. Peter says:

    One quick point lads (the couple of you able to think and type at more or less the same time, anyway): do you really, really dispute the fact that winning the World Cup would mark the pinnacle of Rooney and Rio’s careers? Honestly? We might not like it, but there’s surely no arguing that international football at the very top level still trumps club football and it would be a bigger achievement for Rio to win the World Cup with England than the Champions League with anybody.

    Also, much as I understand – and even admire – United fans trenchant anti-England stance, I do question whether chanting ‘There goes your World Cup’ while Rooney was being stretchered off during the 3-0 spanking at the Bridge a few years was really the best way to show your support for one of your own. Ditto reminding Beckham game after game of the worst moment of his career by singing ‘Argentina’.

    Especially as both wind-ups were pretty lame and entirely unsuccessful.

  41. RedMist says:

    Speak for yourself Peter.
    Rio and Rooney might take some enjoyment out of winning a world cup, however unlikely that is. It’ll be a cold day in hell before that happens.
    As for the chants, do you think Rooney really feels compelled to give his best for England or their fans when those same fans are chanting “you fat bastard” every weekend? At least United fans have the honesty to say they don;t like Lampard, Gerrard, Terry etc, regardless of whether they are playing for their clubs or the national team. Not hypocritical like most other fans around the country. The “Argentina” chant is (was) not for Rooney, BEcks, Rio etc…it’s for Tevez (originally Heinze) and it’s a crystal clear reminder to all the other Ingurland fans that we don;t much care for the contradictions of supporting the national team. DO you think Beckham loved the reaction of most England fans after his red card? I think he is well aware of the reasons and origins of “argentina” chants. He, after all is well aware of what tools England fans are. United players through the ages have copped way too much shit from the charlies of the barmy army. Hanging Beckham effigy’s, booing there own players, calling Rooney a fat bastard. England don;t deserve Rooney and Rio etc.

  42. Anant says:


  43. Peter says:

    RedMist – the Argentina chant has been sung since 1998. I don’t think Tevez or Heize were playing for United at the time, although obviously I stand to be corrected by an expert such as yourself.

    And I think you miss the bigger point: as you say, for a top player it is much easier to win the CL than it is to win the World Cup, so of course the latter has more significance. Any United fan is kidding himself if they think the World Cup takes second place to a domestic or European trophy. I mean seriously, just think about it for half a second.

  44. furrball says:


    I’ve been a United fan since 97 and i dont think i’ve ever heard the argentina chants in 98, i could be wrong though and if so i’d think the chants were made to wind up not becks, but to disgrace the hypocritical English fans who would hang their players out to dry instead of sticking to them, it’s like saying, we’d sing for argentina and we dont care for England at all, we’re behind becks all the way. The “there goes your world cup” chant was directed at the England fans as well – without Rooney, there goes England’s world cup cos you’d never replace him. Did you really think we’d slate one of our own from the way we behaved, backing both Becks and ronaldo?

    I just re-read redmist’s post and he says it all here

    “it’s a crystal clear reminder to all the other Ingurland fans that we don;t much care for the contradictions of supporting the national team.”

    did you miss that out?

    and I’d say the World Cup is as important as the Champions League, they’re each the highest honour of international and club football respectively, and equally difficult to win. Once you’ve won one, you’d want to win the other and if you havent won any you’d want to win both and i think that says a whole lot about the Champions League just by being on par because unlike the World Cup there isnt national pride involved. And the Champions League might mean more to a lot more other players because quite simply put, their country has no chance of winning the World Cup at all.

    Point of the post is though, Terry’s been a twat in proclaiming that England’s more important than chelsea, saying that he’d fight every inch for his country and all of that rubbish, but he hasnt been backing up his claims at all, he’s done it one too many times that it’s a tad obvious that he chooses which games to play, on several occasions he’s missed England games and shown up for chelsea just a few days later. Not being committed to your country’s one thing, but it’s an absolute disgrace if you go around proclaiming a lot otherwise and in the process undermining your team mates as well – “well they’ve got passion, BUT IVE GOT THE MOST” how’s that ever helpful to the team if you consider it above all else and well prove it then captain, where were you when we needed you most?

    and i think Scott’s last point wasnt too much on the club or country, it’s just that you wouldnt find any United player saying “England is FAR more important than United” Sure, England’s important to the likes of Rooney and Rio, they dont have to say it you just have to watch them play and hey they might not be of the best form in an England shirt, but there’s no denying that they try and they’re there but they put the same shift in a United shirt as well, cos that’s the kind of players that they are, they give their all, both for club and country.

    To say one’s A WHOLE LOT MORE important than another’s utterly moronic, and of course England’s a whole lot more important to you than Manchester United, terry, it’s just stupid and arrogant to tell the whole world how to think.

  45. OTRed says:

    You know everytime he talks, he reminds me of a woman who just got divorced and stops herself from going insane, by repeating to herself: “its not my fault, its not my fault”

  46. Peter says:

    Well, Rio’s performance on Saturday puts this little debate into perspective. Don’t think I’ve seen an English centre back play so badly since Sol Campbell went crackers at Highbury three years ago. And he acted like a complete twat to boot. World class player, Rio, and so mature…

    Never mind, I’m sure it’s all John Terry’s fault.

  47. Scott the Red says:

    God you’re bitter Peter. What are you DOING on here? It’s so pathetic.

    All players have a bad day at the office. The fact that no-one can seem to remember when Rio last had a bad game suggests that he is class.

  48. rednoodles says:

    He is the epitome of what’s wrong with footballers and the sad thing is that the fucking FA is closing both eyes on his wrongdoings.A player should never slag another for his personal resume and he did just that,it’s a disgrace for conduct unbecoming of a supposedly good captain.With regards to comments made by Peter,I tend to agree with Scott.I hope that in the future no UNITED players will be selected for Ingurland and it wont be our fault if they lost.


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