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England’s odds at the World Cup

In the last few days, a spate of injuries – two of them involving United stars – have disrupted the preparations of the some of the World Cup’s leading contenders. But how has this affected the Betfair markets?

The news that Rio Ferdinand will miss the tournament has seen England’s odds drift to 8.8 (8/1). Punters clearly understand what a big loss Rio will be and this is a significant change in price, especially when you consider that England once traded at a low of 6.8 (6/1). Fabio Capello’s men have now surrendered their ‘third favourite’ tag to Argentina 8.2 (7/1).

After the sad news that United winger Nani will miss the tournament with a shoulder injury, Portugal are a massive 34.0 (33/1) in Betfair’s World Cup winner market. It’s a great shame that the player will not get the chance to carry his terrific club form on to the international stage and Reds fans will wish him a speedy recovery.

Spain remain rock-solid favourites on 5.3 (9/2), followed by Brazil at 5.9 (5/1) but the really big movers in recent weeks have been the Netherlands who have been backed in from the mid-to-high teens to their current odds of 11.0. At one point the Oranje were amongst a clutch of European nations – such as Patrice Evra’s France, who have drifted alarmingly to 23.0 (22/1), Germany 15.5 (14/1) and Italy 17.5 (16/1) – disputing fifth favouritism, but they own that place now. Some are drawing parallels between the Dutch and Spain, who shed their nearly-men tag at Euro 2008, and punters seem to think they are a good bet to follow up in 2010.

Going the opposite way are the Ivory Coast who have probably lost Didier Drogba to injury and can now be backed at 55.0 (54/1) for World Cup glory.

In the top goalscorer market, Drogba went from lively outsider to no-hoper when news of his arm injury broke. His apparently successful operation has seen that price settle at 60.0 (59/1), some way off market leaders David Villa 9.2 (8/1), Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney (both 12.0 (11/1)… ) and Luis Fabiano 13.5 (12/1).

But, again, the market has fancied a bit of Dutch with the big move coming for Robin van Persie who has been backed consistently from around the 40.0 (39/1) mark to fifth favourite at 15.5 (14/1).

These odds will all fluctuate at the weekend as punters get a first look at the teams. On Friday, Javier Hernandez’s Mexico play hosts South Africa in the tournament opener before Patrice Evra’s France take on Paraguay. Then On Saturday, it’s the big one: we said last week that England’s match odds were too short and Rio’s absence only reinforces that. The draw appeals at 4.5 but we’ll provide a full preview later in the week.



  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    rooney at 11sis top odds

  2. Ulster Red says:

    david villa great price @ 8/1
    ill do a £20 double of spain to win plus villa top scorer

  3. Boam8 says:

    GHTT : Rooney and Messi at 11′s is top odds to of the most in form fowards worth a cheeky bet any day

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    @ulster red
    thou ladbrooks are only given 12/1 for that double, 20/1 fabiano and brazil

  5. Sayyid says:

    England to lose to USA, beat Algeria and draw to Slovenia

    It may be enough to send them through though, where they’ll then lose to Australia, Serbia or Germany, probably on penalties

    Bottlers…pathetic scum Carragher, Gerard and Fat Boy all mised in 2006 and will miss again in 2010

  6. Ulster Red says:

    i can see villa top scorer and brazil to win it lol..wonder what that would be

  7. huzi says:

    guys!im post from S.A. and im really proud and excited for my country! oooh you can just feel the jibes! UP THE BAFANA lol

  8. Ulster Red says:

    i bet that ill watch every game with the sound off due to them stupid horns

  9. Costas says:

    England to qualify only to get knocked out in the last 16 by those typical Germans. :D

  10. Sayyid says:

    @Ulster Red

    those horns are a joke and a disgarce. Should be banned. We arent at a circus or a zoo. This is supposed to be a football match

    whats the odds on the first team to lose to blame the horns!

  11. huzi says:

    @ulster and sayyid
    noway! that is the pride and culture of this country. how about banning singing from the english league? if teams cant deal with it, they should just say so and call it quits. ive got my own vuvuzela and im sure as hell gonna be blowing it come matchday (i aint a black but i respect their culture)

  12. Ulster Red says:

    They are wild arnt they? totaly ruins watchn the game, who is doing coverage this year bbc or itv? i suppose it doesnt matter as their commentry team sound like a bunch of fucking horns lol

  13. Ulster Red says:

    huzi – ” i aint a black but i repect their culture”

    sorry mate i think you just did

  14. Sayyid says:

    @Ulster Red

    I had to watch last years Confed Cup with no sound bcoz of the stupid crowd

    Why cant they watch the match and support their team instead of blowing that horrible noise for 90minutes without stop

    When a team scores, or misses the level of noise just remains the same

    WHat a joke. Its going to ruin the world cup

    Its nice hearing it once, but not constantly every second

  15. huzi says:

    @ulster red
    all i did was try to get my point across. you guys may think that coz im a black, im defending the vuvuzela. sorry to anyone who was offended. . .either way you guys can argue and fight all you like,but ill be happy and safe with the knowledge that it WILL NOT be banned!

  16. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    anybody want a good bet

    mexico to reach the semis 10-1

  17. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    the one reason i think rooney will get top gaol scorer is down to one game
    Friday, 18 June 2010 England v Algeria, 19:30
    Ireland raped Algeria …..Ireland. Rooneys gonna get some there

  18. Ulster Red says:

    agree totaly its like when your at pompey or they come to old trafford with that twat with the bells…annoyin as denyin he’s a great fan but the bells and horns are just bad noise

  19. Ulster Red says:

    banned from what lol i dont get your point
    whatever dude enjoy blowing a big long thing lol

  20. Phoenix Red says:

    hows it goin Lads? s anyone playing fantasy football on ROM?

  21. huzi says:

    that ban that i was referring to was to sayyid who called for it to be banned. unfortunately its never going to happen. oh and yeah sure. ill defo enjoy it especially knowing that its gonna be making guys like you angrier!

  22. Aig alex is god says:


  23. Doghouse says:

    Top scorer usually depends on who you play as much as who you are. Rooney might be in with a shout because there’s a lot of shit in England’s group.

  24. Rai says:

    Anyone know the odds on lampard to miss a penalty?

  25. Rai says:

    I mean missing a penalty in the whole tournament, I reckon England will
    get one at some stage and he’ll bottle it

  26. RedScot says:

    England better hope and pray they win that group C thats the first stage, because as sure as fuck if they dont I imagine they will be going out at the 16 stage, Step up Namanja and Serbia to send England crashing out!
    If the Usa beat them Saturday night, I think you can almost kiss going further than the 16 good nite Vienna.

  27. Oooodz says:

    For a site that has no interest in England it doesn’t take 2 minutes for it to lap up advertising opportunities

  28. willierednut says:

    I got Rooney for top scorer at 10/1 and the Argies at 7/1 to win it.

  29. King Eric says:

    Ooodz – Come again.

    I have a feeling that they ain’t even gonna get past the group stage.

  30. RedScot says:

    @ King Eric Hi mate, you honestly think England will be 3rd or 4th in the group.

  31. willierednut says:

    KE – Thats wishfull thinking.

  32. RedScot says:

    @ Willie not that Scots dont know there football and work things through. lol
    And it aint fucking based on football manager its reading and taking onboard facts and ignoring fiction. lol
    I am off to post on more important things than Ingurland.
    Cmon Honduras.

  33. willierednut says:

    redscot – Is that you mate, because i thought it was a different person lol.

  34. RedScot says:

    @ Willie get me with a few doon ma neck you get a Chamleon, jaysus am almost turning into Boy George, ka ka ka, ffs.
    Niters away to the pub, I think there might be that very animal/ lizard in here later, moderator allowed. jokin.

  35. aig alex is god says:

    Wont back against England at least making the last 4. Capello does get the luck he needs at times and that is what england have lacked at times in the past.

  36. King Eric says:

    RedScot – Hmmm not sure to be honest. With all the hype though it would not surprise if they get beat my the States and draw against Slovenia. VERY lucky to be in such a poor group. Heard some twat from the Times on talkshite last night saying Milner should start over Cole. What the fuck? Milner is poor at this level and hasn’t trained for most of the week. They will be ok though they have their saviour in Gareth fucking Barry. How I laughed.

  37. King Eric says:

    Are RedScot and redscot the same person?

  38. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    I think it’s the same person. He just figured out what the Caps Lock button on his keyboard does. :D

  39. King Eric says:

    Hello Costas are you ok mate?

    Are you sure. A couple of “RedScot” posts last night weren’t in his usual style.

  40. willierednut says:

    King Eric – I was thinking the same thing lol.

  41. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    I am well thanks. How are you?

    Well some “redscot” posts have also been a bit different from usual. I think it might have to do with the amount of alcohol in his system, lol. I certainly hope we don’t have another impostor.


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