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Evans Accepts Blame… But Insists Confidence Is Fine

Whilst the media often describe Jonny Evans as “young” and “inexperienced”, he is quick to remind people that he’s spent a season in the Premiership already, striving to keep the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal at bay when playing for a much more vulnerable team than Manchester United!

That experience has clearly paid off, with Evans slotting in with ease in to our back four, when covering for the injured Rio Ferdinand or suspended Nemanja Vidic.

However, against Porto, he had his first major slip up, gifting our opponents their first goal early in the match, but he claims our defensive weaknesses at present haven’t arisen from a lack of confidence.

“I don’t think there is a confidence issue in this team,” said Evans. “I just think teams are raising their game against us. It’s coming to the end of the season and teams need to start winning. Fulham were still trying to avoid relegation and Aston Villa are still trying to reach the Champions League so it was going to be that bit tougher. I think it has really been a hectic week, especially with the schedule we’ve had before that. There’s no doubt we haven’t been defending as well as we have been, but you have stages like that in football. It would be very tough to go the whole season having clean sheets the whole way through. Maybe it’s been our own fault. Maybe we’ve become a bit complacent. We haven’t been defending for our lives. We go into the games really confident. For the first goal I should have done better. It was a mistake, a bad clearance and I should have just stuck it out. But the second goal everyone would be disappointed with it.”

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  1. Rob the Red says:

    Fair play to the lad! He will go on to be a top class centre half in not too many years. Off topic seems stevie me has strained a bollock after wanking himself off in front of a mirror and lady boy has changed his/her priorities again, as in now he wants to fuck off to a club that might win something!

  2. Rob the Red says:

    First it’s the premiership, then the Champions league, now it’s away alltogether!! Blimey………….Women eh!

  3. Myq says:

    United is just going through a rough patch. It will end really soon and I don’t see retaining the CL and EPL as impossible, just harder. Besides, United is a team of Firsts with our destiny firmly in our hands.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I would like to see SAF’s face when Utd are dumped out by Porto.
    Any team that can get to the qf must be respected and SAF will pay for his condescending remarks about Porto.

  5. rc7 says:

    No complaints about his performances.(1 bad performance in 27 starts). Only 21 years old, centre backs don’t normally come good till their twenty five plus so he’s 4-5 years ahead of the game.
    Could be our future Baresi. Also looked quite useful at right back in the Carling Cup Final.

  6. Rob the Red says:

    Jeremy: It may not happen! We still have a chance to progress unlike Beyern and erm, oh yes! The dippers!!!!

  7. Cap says:

    Honestly I dont think Evans did THAT bad on the first Porto goal as many blame him for – sure, it was a bad clearance, but defenders get away with those all the time. However, there was absolutely no pressure from neither the midfield nor the left back, which gave the Porto player loads of space to get into the penalty area where Scholes for good reasons didnt want to try a tackle.

    Im not trying to say it wasnt Evans fault, but if the whole team hadnt been a step behind Porto the entire first half he wouldve gotten away with that bad clearance.

    Anyway, nothing to do about it – he’s been class for us in almost all the other games which is all you can ask for from a player of his age.

  8. cherry says:

    oK KID.. It’s time to move on and defend for your lives. We knw it is a mistake but pls dont make it habitual. Mistakes like that are unacceptable at this club. It is for that same reason we are siting on top of the league.

    Now, go to Sunderland and give them a mauling. Next week defy all odds and show Porto it was a mistake at OT and you are forgiven.


  9. rc7 says:


    Don’t be so harsh on the poor lad. He’s just going through a confused “period” in his life. He must wake up every morning in bed asking himself the same question.

    Arse or fanny?
    Fanny or Arse?

    Premier League or Champions League?
    Champions League or Premier League?

    Stevie G, wake up, please give me the answer.

    Poor, poor love!!!

  10. corea says:

    Evans is my source of inspiration. The product of our youth system and the great prospect. I want more of that, but since Wes Brown it is the best we’ve got so far. And i want more of that.
    That’s why VIVA JOHNNY EVANS!

  11. Rob the Red says:

    rc7: At least he/she has had the sense not to waste his/her career with that lot. Credit for that at least!

  12. costas says:

    No complaints from Jonny from me.Hey,has anyone seen this?

    The Boro fixure being moved is irrelevant especially if we get knocked out by Porto.But look at what they did with the Shity and Arsenal games.They have pushed them closer to each other all the while there is a trip to Wigan sandwiched in the middle.3 games in 6 days!Why doens’t someone do something about this for fuck’s sake?If Liverpool win the title,they can cut the trophy in half and give it to Sky.Ludicrous.

  13. Rob the Red says:

    Costas: Disgusting!

  14. doncobaino says:

    that is a disgrace, who is to say this sky boss who makes the decision doesnt support the scousers?

  15. wazza says:

    as Fergie had said that when the record of the clean sheets was broken, United’s defence has collapsed.may be there was complacency among some of the players.another run of clean sheets till the end of the season would do fine

  16. In4muslegand says:

    John’s good for comming out and saying this because i was starting to wonder whetehr any of the players actually knew what the hell is going on with the performances as of late. John has shown real maturity this season and in all respect has looked much more consistent than Ferdinand and O’Shea (to whom is an completely useless full back). Jonny will be a good player for us, but he is not who i worry about within this team, its the likes of Neville (to whom is not quick enough anymore to be playing at full back) Scholes, Carrick, Anderson, Nani (when the later two have played) who offer united absolutely nothing at the moment. Being at the Porto game Tuesday was just a joke, We conceded an away goal before i’d even taken my seat! it was laughable! and ending up conceading 2 away goals by the end of the night was a complete nonsense. We’ve completely fucked up the Champions League, because at the moment we havent got enough ideas to beat Porto in Portugal. especially if we are going with one upfront like it looked liked we were doing on Tuesday.

    It hurts to say this but I dont think we are going to witness a good performance from Man Utd until pre-saeson.

    For the rest of this season, if we are going to win games they are all going to be won ugly and I dont know if we can go out every week and grind results out like we did against Villa. alot of our drive and determination to compete has gone out the window and sometimes it does not look as if the team are trying to be serious about the matches. The last time I can say Man Utd played well in a Match would be the 4-0 demolition of Fulham at Craven Cottage in the FA Cup, this was a whole month ago since that game we have been shocking to say the least! The most worrying issue for me is that we look incapable of getting thru this rough patch. As a united fan looking at the games ahead we can still lose the league if the team continues in this awful fashion. However its on to yet another MUST WIN game against Sunderland on Saturday; A game im sorry to think we will get a draw at the most from.

    These are tough times for our team, but we’ve got to be realistic we aint got no more room for errors anymore this season.

    4eva United.

  17. john ferry says:

    3 games in 6 days is crazy !!! WTF !!! Sure they are professional athletes, but this is lunacy. I would love to see those fat bastards at Sky running up and down the pitch.

  18. costas says:

    John Ferry they just did the same to Arsenal:Wednesday 15/4,Villarreal at home.Saturday 18/4,Chelsea at Wembley.Tuesday 21/4,Liverpool at Anfield.And of course,only one team is constantly getting favoured.The rant in January wasn’t for nothing.

  19. King Eric says:

    Costas – It is a fuckin disgrace the way the FA are cowtowing to the fat one. They are doing everything in their power to ensure the title is not won by United this year. Lets just show the cunts starting with a good performance up at Sunderland. I have a good feeling about this game for some reason. As I said earlier I think it may be the game we exercise our demons and get a decent win. Fuck the dippers results, as long as we keep on winning there is fuck all they can do. Actually fancied them to do well in Europe but not a chance they will get 3 at the Bridge. It could be yet another trophyless season for the vermin.

  20. King Eric says:

    In4muslegend – Don’t be too down bout United mate, how many times have we been in the shit, odds stacked against us only for us to prove everyone wrong. We will do it again I am sure of it.

  21. costas says:

    It could be King Eric.Especially now that your favourite player Stevie Me might have suffered a recurrance of his groin problem.Apparnetly that’s why Essien(we share a mutual admiration for this lad) overshadowed him.I think that we have the easier schedule in April and they have the easier one in May.So when the game against Tottenham is over,it will be a blessing if we are 3 or 4 points clear with a game in hand.That would mean that 2 wins in May would be enough for the title.

  22. Rob the Red says:

    King Eric: That’s the spirit!!

  23. Rob the Red says:

    That is when we are at our best for some strange reason! (Ask Fergie.) P.S. Where are all the gobby scousers?

  24. King Eric says:

    Talking of spirit watched the United game on MUTV last night where we were 3 nil down at half time to the Spuds and won 5-3. Unbelievable.

    Costas – Would not surprise me though at all if fuck all wrong with the cunt. He has probably just said it may be strained to cover up and use as an excuse how he was owned by Essien last night.

  25. costas says:

    I wish that when Hargo comes back he will have the same effect on the team that Essien has on Chelsea.It will be tougher though since he will have been out for a full year.


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