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Evans Fearful After Wes and O’Shea Exit

After enjoying a great spell at Sunderland in 2008, Jonny Evans came back in to the United squad and put in some really solid performances against some top teams.

However, after a couple of seasons in the first team squad, filling in whenever Rio Ferdinand or Nemanja Vidic were unable to play, Evans endured a stinker of a season last year. Too many times he was at fault for opposition goals and really seemed to struggle in the air against most opponents.

Evans has acknowledged this poor form and claimed that he has worked hard to put it right.

“Of the three seasons since I came back from Sunderland, the last one was my most difficult,” he said. “I didn’t hit the form I wanted. I went away and thought maybe I have another year, if I had another season like that I am sure the manager wouldn’t want me around. I wasn’t playing consistently to a good enough standard for Manchester United so I have gone back to basics and worked hard.”

Whilst Evans was confident the club wouldn’t sell him after one bad season, the departures of Wes Brown and John O’Shea made him realise nobody was safe.

“The manager never said anything to me and I never went to see him,” he continued. “I was pretty confident the manager wouldn’t get rid of me. I have always thought he has a bit of faith in me. Maybe you do have the odd doubt but I thought it would have been unfair if I had left, considering the two seasons I had before. Last year wasn’t a total disaster. There were times when I did feel good and others where I felt I needed that level of consistency every week. I was on holiday when I heard John and Wes were in talks with Sunderland and would be leaving. It did make me think there was room but no matter who the manager gets rid of, or signs, there are so many players who can step into so many different positions it is crazy. If you are not in his plans he will move you on. If you are here you have a great chance of being involved.”

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  1. CedarsDevil says:

    Red Devil

    Or little Erica for that matter!

    King Eric

    All the best my friend and get your butt down to those maternity classes, mind you when the little one arrives, everything you learned would go out the window and will be replaced by natural fatherly instincts

  2. drtanmaykj says:

    give him some time lads. how old is he? 23? it is just that we ve some younger players who at present form look better than him. wat we must not forget that he is the most experienced of the younger CBs at united. he is not a total fuck up. i believe all of us will be singing his praises by the end of this season.
    both smalling and phil jones adventure far too much into midfield. although ilove to see both of them together but we will be punished for this against better teams. this is going to be his season.
    btw if there is a weak link in defence it is evra. not so long ago he was the best LB in the world. it seems he has forgotten wat defending is about. leaving our CBs exposed time and again. his runs look beautiful but he is really wasteful when he gets near the box.
    I am just a fan.
    Fergie knows best.

  3. Costas says:

    One thing about Walcott’s penalty. It’s almost the same situation Agger found himself in with Berbatov at the cup game. And Webb (who officiated both games) gave us the penalty. Imo both were very soft penalties and I might not have given them. But that seems to be Webb’s mindset, regardless of who he gives the penalty for.

    @Red Devil

    Just think how much Lescott cost City, lol. Anyway mate, I hope Wes and JOS are happy with their moves and the amount of games they are playing now. Because there are a lot of things that rubbed me the wrong way about both transfers and probably still will for a long time.

  4. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Wow mate. I must have missed the announcement. So happy to hear about the kid on the way. All the best. I won’t suggest that you make him or her a United fan, because that much is obvious. Just make sure you keep your kid away from Talkshite. ;)

  5. CedarsDevil says:


    All this talk of things rubbing on you and your recent open ‘admiration’ for Smalling would indicate a new style of sex life for you…. Nothing wrong with it of course, now just be as brave as King Eric was and come out of the closet my friend… You have our support…


  6. Red Devil says:


    Of course…little Erica indeed….we need a companion for young Emily Jane on RoM dont we! :)

    I know mate…I wasn’t very happy about O’Shea’s exit too to be honest…Of course if you have other reasons that Cedars seems to be suggesting then you have my full support :D

  7. Gerriered says:

    Hey guys, I like the way you dealt with this Joe guy, I’ ve also had lots of feuds with a lot of guys who think this player or that is shite. I respect every Utd player including Gibbo n Kuscazk. 20 Messis cant make a squad be in the know. I respect Sheasy to date for all he did for us. Rem him saving a one-on-one with Robbie Keane as a stand in GK, N THE GOAL AT THE KOP ET ALL. IF YUO ARE UNITED BE UNITED THROUGH AND THROUGH and sound or act half baked.

  8. cleverinho says:

    @ smartalex,

    The referee is paid to apply the letter of the law to any given game. Remember berbatov fa cup 3rd round last year? It’s a clear penalty, so why you’re saying “have i ever played the game?” is a bit of a stupid comment really, quite ironic, considering you have the word smart in your name

    It’s a soft penalty to concede, but a penalty nevertheless, but take your red tinted glasses off for a second and try to bring neutrality to the view point. If rooney gets a clip like that and gets a pen, would you still have the same viewpoint?

    One can’t blame the attacker for going down considering defenders get away with murder from set pieces. If you don’t want a penalty given against you, don’t dangle the bait!

    I’ve absolutely nothing against Jonny Evans, i do think he’s error prone at times, but a more than capable back up to our 1st choice centre backs. If my comments were one sided, would i have said that he reads the game well? Please try to learn how to read first, then try to read the rules of the game.

  9. Costas says:

    @The 2 devils

    No, my new lifestyle has nothing to do with this. :lol: I admit that I have a huge man crush on Smalling and I won’t let KE to take him away from me, but that’s different. :)

  10. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @smartalex, “What is frustrating, is when one-eyed so-called fans apply dubious logic to attack our players, and our supporters, with idiotic drivel.” – I completely agree with this statement. I was more or less trying to make a decent case for the decision, that is all, but I guess you knew that already. ;)

  11. Kings says:

    Here is a tip from someone who is educated enough to know what supporting Manchester United is all about. If you have beef with any of the players who are honoured to wear the shirt, then kindly fuck off and support another football club. I find it absolutely laughable that people who slate our players have the FUCKING audacity to call themselves United fans.

    Joe – John O’Shite? That’s a good one you fucking bastard. Slagging off a player who gave his all to the club and scored some important goals. Ignorant scum.

  12. berbatunday says:

    @ Balaji

    Top post at 13:11 in response to Smartalex, like Costas said, the penalty decision was not dissimilar to Berbatov’s in Jan nor even Evra’s in the same game. They were all soft. The last part of your comment entirely summarizes what l felt (or would have felt had Arsenal recover) and brought a sly wry.

  13. smartalex says:

    @Balaji – yes, I did. I agree that the ref and linesman shouldn’t be faulted for that decision.

    For a fan to turn it into an attack on Evans is aggravating. Perhaps footballers should wear straitjackets, then they would just fall over every time they tried anything. Arms are used for balance and redirection. Evans was NOT trying to grab Walcott, as cleverlinho would have us believe.

  14. CedarsDevil says:


    Top post my friend

  15. smartalex says:

    @Balaji – that “one-eyed so-called fans apply dubious logic to attack our players, and our supporters, with idiotic drivel.” was aimed at cleverlinho, not you … and I guess you knew that already!

  16. smartalex says:

    The ‘Joe’ that pretends to be a United fan while slating JOS is a total cunt that doesn’t support United at all, and should be thrown to the crocodiles.

    The ‘Joe’ that sometimes posts on threads about liverpool, admits clearly to being a dipper, and is hated, but shouldn’t be treated as reptile food, however repulsive he may be.

  17. King Eric says:

    Thanks lads. He is gonna be called Thomas (Tom in my view). No particular reason but when he is a teenager I can tell him he was named after the superstar Tom Cleverley!!

  18. newton says:

    Joe shite u dipper. Keep you comments to your shit joe hole

  19. King Eric says:

    Thanks Costas . You obviously find my posts boring and skip through them!! I asked you a week or two back how you were and responded to one of your posts. You never got back. As I say you must just skip through my posts!!! Only kidding mate.

  20. King Eric says:

    Kings – Top post lad. Well said. No doubt you will get some shit from some cunt for being aggressive!!

  21. Kings says:

    CedarsDevil – Thanks my friend. No doubt I will get criticised for abusing people who abuse our players. I couldn’t give a shit though, because as far as I am concerned, supporting United means supporting all that is connected with the club. Let’s be honest though mate, are we really surprised by the filth that is thrown at some of our players? After all these are the same people who are shamefully begging for players who have no respect or any desire to play for United, to join the club.

  22. Kings says:

    King Eric – Thanks my friend. Spooky. Just said that about the possible comeback to Cedars and you posted moments before.

  23. King Eric says:

    Kings – Ha. I know. Just noticed that mate.

  24. utdfc says:

    utdfc says:
    Evans has been showing poor form of late. I’m honestly nervous as hell everytime he fills the CB role

    Am I missing something, because his last few performances, including pre-season have been top-drawer, enough to keep a fit Rio Ferdinand out of the side against Arsenal. If anybody’s form has been suffering, its Evra in a defensive sense (he has been great going forward with Young)
    So stop picking on him and past performances cloud your judgment. He may not have been at his best in a few performances last season, but the way he came back towards the end of last year and this year has well bodes well for the character of a young man to learn and come back for his mistakes…

    Good lord you come back to the blog, and there’s still the usual trolling and bitching going on….sheesh!


    Trolling? Pretty sure all I said was that I, personally, am nervous when Evans starts at CB, yes based on his past performances. I didn’t say I hate the guy or wish he be sold because he’s good cover for when we’re down with injuries. There’s no ‘stick’ I’m giving him for anything and even I agree his penalty against arsenal was soft. I hope that he improves his form but if he doesn’t I believe we have players younger than him that are relishing a chance. There’s lots of competition and if he doesn’t up his performances he will fall behind Jones and Smalling at the rate those two are going.

  25. FletchTHEMAN says:

    On topic. Evans is hopefully our new, younger John O’Shea. Probably not as all around physically gifted, as that is a rarity in big big lads. Need some lads in a squad that are just naturally able to take long stretches on the bench and never complain. Sad as heck when Wes and John moved on, but can understand the desire to start building a younger team. And this is a very very exciting young team at the moment. Long may they shine.

    Off topic
    King Eric Well done to you and the misses! Top name as well. The next one can be King Jr ;)

  26. utdfc says:

    That being said I don’t believe he’ll be sold off.

  27. FletchTHEMAN says:

    BTW, Someone said that O’Shea played every position for us at one point or another. Is that actually true. I have seen him play mid right mid left, holding mid, every spot on the back including keeper so that would put it up to a solid 8 positions. Don’t personally recall any showing up front, but maybe in the reserves.

  28. drtanmaykj says:

    O’ shea was the one of the best no nonsense defenders in the squad. what the fuck are you talking about joe? i would say he wasn’t that good going forward. but criticising him for his defending is blasphemy.
    we might get angry n frustrated with ur players coz we love them. but never talk shit about our players man. which club are we supporting after all?
    JOS legend.

  29. FletchTHEMAN says:

    utdfc. People are only slagging Evans because he gave away a pen at a sensitive time of the match v Arse. Most on here were singing his praises for the games before that, including the Shield where he was immense. The pen was, unfortunately, similar to fouls he has given in the past and he just needs a bit more maturity not to go over the back of a lad. Strikers are only too willing to stop in their tracks and get trundled over. Evans is a top player and believe we will all be singing his praises as he gets to his late 20′s.

  30. CedarsDevil says:


    Hi buddy, there were a couple of times when O’Shea was pushed up to play as a striker. I cannot recall exactly which games but I remember very well that he did play there.

  31. CedarsDevil says:

    Kings – Like you said my friend you couldn’t give a shit and to be honest neither do I, let them hateful cunts do their worse……… The club, the manger, the players and the supporters have put up with crap for years now and if anything it has only made us stronger…

  32. Marq says:

    O’Shea playing upfront? I do remember the one time he bomb up front and did THAT chip

  33. utdfc says:

    Fletch, for his sake I really hope he does. Cus just how Evans gave away that penalty Jones could’ve done the same in that match. But he kept his composure and applied just the right amount of pressure before backing off knowing that he could’ve conceded a penalty. And when a 19-20 year old is doing better than a 23-24 year old evans then Evans needs to step up his game if he wants a starting spot. Cus the way I see it now Jones/Smalling are in contention for Rio’s spot more than Evans. But I trust SAF in whatever choice he makes cus he’s proved time and time again that he knows best.

  34. Costas says:

    O’Shea played as a striker at the last part of the home match against Reading in August 2007. After Rooney did his metatarsal.

  35. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Ha, even you are kidding, I sincerely apologise. Usually I am not one to skip your posts, particulary if it’s directed at me. Nowdays I tend to scroll down the page pretty quick to avoid anything that doesn’t interest me, so I missed your comment.

    It’s really amazing to see the red family grow. First Rai and now you. ROM is in good hands for the next few decades. :)

  36. CedarsDevil says:


    You forgot princess Maya who will be 3 years old soon…..

  37. Costas says:


    Ah of course mate. How could I? What a cutie. :)

  38. CedarsDevil says:

    Cheers Costas

    You know given the age difference Maya will be the perfect guide to both the new comers :-)

  39. markg says:

    prob bit to late to be comentating about this now, just read the blog and my blood is boiling about what was said about John O Shea the man sweated blood , spilled blood,scored goals ,defended goals, played in nets, upfront,midfield waited patiently on bench until called upon and that takes a mental strength to go into any position, and any prem manager would have loved to have him on their bench. Let him now have his time to enjoy the rest of his time playing injury free hopefully and the cunt that called him names has a good weekend. NOT.

  40. Gandalf says:

    Evans has been excellent this season, that penalty given against walcott was no penalty.

    @King Eric – congratulations mate!

  41. drtanmaykj says:

    i miss JOS so much that it hurts. it hurts more when they talk shit about our players.

  42. King Eric says:

    Gandalf – Thanks alot mate. Appreciate that.

  43. Zibbie says:

    So well said.
    SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 AT 15:37
    Kings says:
    Here is a tip from someone who is educated enough to know what supporting Manchester United is all about. If you have beef with any of the players who are honoured to wear the shirt, then kindly fuck off and support another football club. I find it absolutely laughable that people who slate our players have the FUCKING audacity to call themselves United fans.

    Joe – John O’Shite? That’s a good one you fucking bastard. Slagging off a player who gave his all to the club and scored some important goals. Ignorant scum.


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