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Evans: I Closed My Eyes And Saw Glory

Jonny Evans had a great opportunity to score for Manchester United at the weekend but Jussi Jaaskelainen did well to keep it out. This isn’t the first time Evans has come close though, with him rattling the woodwork following a diving header against Villarreal early last season.

The 21-year-old defender regrets his miss and feels he’s doomed to never scoring.

“I don’t think I will ever get a goal,” said Evans. “I saw it on the replay and I should have done better. I should have put it more in the corner but you see the glory and close your eyes.”

Evans insists he’s not the finished product yet though and is planning to express himself a bit more on the pitch.

“I am still learning and improving all the time but I feel like there is a lot more to come,” he added. “Last season was a decent one for me but I was playing within myself a bit. Because it was my first real season in the team I just stuck to the defending side of things. It was a conscious decision to play it safe and make sure I wasn’t at fault for any goals, I just generally wanted to concentrate on defending above all else. This year I need to try and get on the ball and express myself a bit more. I am not saying I will be trying to dribble all the way through the opposition from now on, just that I need to be a bit more outgoing on the pitch and a bit more commanding.”

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    it will happen young man
    this was just done 2 minutes ago which is abit of a coincedence

  2. Ulster Red says:

    cmon jonny once the first goes in it will be easy!! done it for country so you know the score!!

  3. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Jonny Evans was sent from the heavens
    when Vidic went away
    Jonny Evans was sent from the heavens
    when Rio went away
    Jonny Evans was sent from the heavens
    For united he does play
    Jonny Evans was sent from the heavens

  4. denton davey says:

    He really should have done better – good to know that HE KNOWS THAT !

  5. Fze123 says:

    He doesn’t seem 21 to me, it’s actually quite unbelievable considering the way he plays, you’d think he’s some experienced 30 year old. Don’t worry Jonny, you’ll soon score your first of many, even though it’s a little early to start thinking about that. Still, we love you as a defender, but we’ll love you more when you start to chip in with some goals.

    His brother Corry has also travelled to Moscow with the rest of the squad.

  6. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Fze123 Cory is a very very good midfielder

  7. Macheda is GOD says:

    Believe evans BELIEVE

  8. the scottish wonder says:

    Evans is the biggest centre back potential in the world.. Pique is good but Evans simply is better

  9. Doghouse says:

    At 21 he is maybe nine years off his peak as a centre half. He’s going to be immense. He sounds properly squared away mentally too which is never a bad thing. His future looks very bright indeed.

  10. stretfordendole says:

    just suggestion but Jonny next time keep your eyes open!!

    but seriously your job is to keep goals out not score them and you did a fantastic job on Sat and are quickly becoming one of the best young defenders in this country if not the world.

  11. Macheda is GOD says:



    Johnny Evans is a thoroughbred in the making he will unquestionably go on to be the United defensive Rock for probably 12 years or maybe 15 if he follows Sir Ryan as a role model.

  13. Fze123 says:

    GHTT, he is a very very good mifielder and also extremely versatile, can play in defence (where he now plays at centre-back more often) and also can play on the flanks. Seems like talent does run through their family, ehh. It’s unlikely he’ll get a place on the bench in Moscow, though.

  14. The Binocular says:

    The guys 21. No need to be so melodramatic.

    He will definitely score for United.

    Who plays the most for England

  15. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    you are right mate but like jonny scoring
    corys day will come
    same as reece brown
    the young brothers will be in the United first team some day

  16. Xyth says:

    Off the topic, if you have not seen it already, have a look at this. It is hilarious – Hitler finds out about the balloon goal:

  17. Jish Inc. says:

    Jonny is so good. By the time he is 25 even he will be our rock. His displays are mature beyond belief. Is there a centre back who gives away fewer freekicks

  18. Jack says:

    xyth haha
    dont know why it says bolton have equalised? we was already 2 nill up

  19. Ulster Red says:

    that has made my day mate..ther used to be one slagging united aswell to the same video

  20. Sir Ryan Giggs says:

    Top lad. A few years of his peak but has got immense potential. Ideal replacement for Rio. As for the goals they’ll come vida will help ya

  21. Fze123 says:

    Agree GHTT, they’re definitely going to be in the first team in 4 years or so. The future first team looks so promising, we are blessed with the bunch of talented youngsters we have. Long live our scouts and fergie of course. I like the fact that the younger brothers in the same team as their older brothers, and will be the club’s own products if they do make it. Hopefully they’ll follow into their footsteps and commit themselves to the club.

    We’ve had a set of brothers before in the first team, the nevilles of course, but one day I’d like to see the Evans brothers together, the Browns together and the Da silva’s together in a team line-up. Sounds bizarre, because they play in similar positions, so low chance in that happening!

    @ Xyth, lol, Hitler is a legend. Best line “Sir, there was nothing he could do, the balloon was just too clever for him”.

  22. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    manchester united win the league to make it 16 league titles with a starting line up of
    Ritchie De Laet brown evans evra brown
    da silva Evans gibson da silva
    King Brandy

  23. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    why did i put evra in there????

  24. Fze123 says:

    Hmm, could happen, and if it did, the Hansen’s-you’ll-never-win-anything-with-kids bullshit will be forever forgotten, never mentioned again. Perhaps it’ll do him good, saves him the embaressment of being wrong time and time again

  25. Drew Vader says:

    I sometimes wonder that Evans isn’t quick enough… He just looks like a big lad and that a quicker striker, like someone along the lines of Henry in his prime, would be able to get around him easily… But so far I guess I have never seen him get dusted, so what do I know…

  26. King Eric says:

    Gotta hate – 16 league titles?

    Drew – Evans is no slouch mate, got good pace.

  27. Gotta love tiny tears tantrums says:

    king eric
    brain farts everywhere
    that wasment to say 22nd
    Im not well and should sleep more


    I was surprised to see not to see young jonny evans score from about 3 yards tbh. but the lad has immense potential and is one for the future. he should’nt worry about scoring he will soon. sorry off topic fuck that geordie cunt winter really pisses me off he says that fergie is to blame when wiley will get piss take when not doing his job properly and will be refered to as unfit. he then says fergie is knighted so therefore is untouchable, claiming he’s a bully. what a bitter knobhead.

  29. theboogeyman says:

    I guess he means Premier League titles,King Eric.It’s the only possible explanation.

  30. Corea says:

    He speaks now as a true member of the first team and it’s good to see. No way we’ll lose the player!

  31. bigphil2003 says:

    Jack, after he says Bolton have equalised the other guards look at each other nervously as if none of them want to be the ones to say that actually Bolton didn’t equalise and United won.

  32. willierednut says:

    The best young ch in the country.

  33. berbatunday says:

    Evans scored on my fm10 demo, at (guess), merseyside!!! could this be a sign?
    Common buddie u can do it


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