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Evans: I grew up supporting Fergie’s teams

Jonny Evans has talked about how it feels to be a Manchester United fan playing for the club.

Having first been spotted by United when he was 9-years-old and having a room covered in United posters, Evans talks about the responsibility he feels every time he wears the shirt.

“When you look back at the players who have represented Manchester United, some great players, that drives you to want to be mentioned in the same bracket,” he told the official site. “Also, being part of good teams helps. I grew up watching the teams that Sir Alex Ferguson built over the years, so to be a part of that was a great feeling. It’s also about winning trophies because it’s winning things that goes down in history. You feel the responsibility of playing for United every time you pull on the shirt. It’s kind of strange because you grow up as a fan but, as soon as you become a player, you kind of feel on the other side of it. You are representing the club on the pitch; you’re still a fan but it’s from a totally different perspective. You’ve got to try to make the fans happy as well as the manager and do your job for the club. As a footballer, though, the day you retire, I think you go back to being a fan like everyone else.”

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  1. Hamisi Manyanya says:

    Keep working hard Johny, you can reach there and inspire some other young players

  2. NBI Red 21 says:

    Is this really worth its own thread?

    We need a thread on the hot topic please, your analysis of potential future managers.

  3. Tai Gin says:

    Now that Rooney’s daddy is gone could we talk about the captaincy and the players who can do the armband justice?

    Can we make “Mata for Captain” to be a thing?

    He seems to have all the right qualities and with time I’m sure he’ll do it justice.

  4. m09538061 says:

    How about something like this..
    Manchester Uniteds new boss Roy Keane.
    Assistants Joe Jordan and Howard Webb.
    Coach Norman Whiteside.
    Reserve coach Paul Ince with king Eric our transfer negotiater and the class of 92 to add skill and technique.
    This pool of people would rule the world don’t you think?

  5. NBI Red 21 says:

    Evra as captain if he stays. Played once a week he can still do a job and is a better winger than any of the others. He also has the respect of the players and is a huge motivator in the dressing room and a natural leader.

    After Evra, agree I do not want mercenary Rooney to get the armband, he should be sold, it needs to be a senior player who has a first XI regular spot, RVP for me. He lead us to 20 and turned down money bags City for us.

    No other players imo remotely qualify for the armband. Evans, Jones, Smalling, too injury prone, too young to command respect, none has nailed a starting spot. Rafael I love and he is best of the youth for leadership and passion, he is a fighter but too young. De Gea, a regular, but seems too quiet. Danny to young. Cleverly should be sold with Young. Valenica and Nani may not hold a spot and too quiet, Fletcher and Carrick to uninspiring and fading forces. Januzaj a baby. Hernandez not a regular. Rooney a cunt.

    If Rio lingers on a year, Evra as Captain with Rio/RVP Vice Captain, it has to be a senior player who has a regular position and commands respect.

  6. NBI Red 21 says:

    Wow, I am really getting pissed at Maureen for throwing the Liverpool game, the fucker wants to help them win the title. Complete bastard of the highest order. This could screw our perch to the sticking point.

  7. NBI Red 21 says:

    And no way Mata or Fellani for Captain please, they have been here 10 minutes and will not command the respect of other players. The Captain needs authority and they don’t have any right now. In fact Fellani should be sold or sent on loan sharpish.

  8. WilliamAR says:

    It’s all very well the players talking about their love for the club and shirt and about pride just because they know that they have shamed themselves and there is a very real possibility of a lot of players being moved on. Shameful arseholes. I recon there are quite a few players worried about being sold to less prestigious teams.

  9. WilliamAR says:

    Also highlighting the fact that Evans grew up supporting Fergie’s teams just highlights the fact that the players cared about Fergie’s philosophy and just spat the dummy out purely because they didn’t respect Moyes. Don’t get me wrong though, Moyes deserved to be sacked as his lack of quality was there for all to see, but that will never excuse the poor attitude shown by our players.

  10. NBI Red 21 says:

    How have the players shamed themselves? Do you expect them to defy the manager and play different tactics? They played the way he told them to and it did not work, it’s amazing how so many people jump on the players backs without looking at factors like Moyes playing an unfit Rooney, playing AMF players on wings therefore giving fullbacks no cover and using a formation that never worked plus never playing the same teams and fielding 51 different teams so no partnership could settle, plus persisting with players who were clearly not performing e.g. Rooney and Cleverly at times and playing 2 in MF when we clearly did not have the players.

    If people are going to blame players, the they need to say which players and why and be clear that the way the players played is their fault. @ WilliamAR calling players who bought us so much joy arseholes if fucking pathetic on your part, call yourself a fan, you can’t even be bothered to properly analyse what went on.

  11. WilliamAR says:


    Tactics are tactics and I did highlight Moyes was poor but that does not take away the fact that the players still put in no effort. Totally disinterested performances by a lot of the players. Lack of spirit and fight on too many occasions irrespective of Moyes poor tactics. And actually the players by in large have avoided a huge amount of stick by the press and public and 90% of this heaped on Moyes. Moyes was shit but the players have been equally shit this season. And don’t even go there with them being played out of position, they’re professional footballers on millions of pounds a year so there is no excuse. NBI you have criticised certain players over the months so stop being a fucking hypocrite. At least I am honest and recognise the errors from both players and manager. These guys are on more money than they will ever deserve and our wage bill if fucking high compared to Everton. That is supposed to reflect the individual ability of the players. Fucking joke. If we went from champions to 4th in this time frame I would agree that our star studied millionaire players put in a good shift regardless of a poor manager, but 7th is a fucking joke. So don’t be a fucking hypocrite, be honest.

  12. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ WilliamAR – try to maybe argue a point and not get abusive because someone disagrees with you. Firstly, the only players I have been critical of have been Young, Cleverly and Rooney, but that is not because they have not tried, they tried hard for Moyes, but because they imo are just not good enough. So on that basis they are not arseholes, I just don’t think they cut it at this level.

    Let us with cool heads look at the rest of the players you call arseholes, the 90% you say who are lazy arseholes:

    - De Gea – for me not a lazy arsehole, was solid all season
    - Rafael – was his usual self tried hard in every game I saw him play but was injured quite a bit, how is he an asshole?
    - Evra – no worse that last season, some of our best attacking play plus Bayern goal through him, was played every game which at his age is tough, was left exposed to often by having ACMF players ahead of him, tried in evey game I saw him play but he is not the defender he was and his legs can’t handle the same level of work, how is he an asshole?
    - Rio – we all know Rio needs careful management and can be good in some games, poor in others, last season, carefully managed for his back he was good most of the time, this season I did not see a lack of effort, I saw a player who is past his best, his back is stiff, his pace is gone and while he was good in some games, he was beaten too easily in others – where did Rio show a lack of commitment on the pitch?
    - Vida – Vida is coming back from injury and he improved as the season went on, easily oue best defender, a beast in some games, e.g. Bayern at home, but while getting back to his best he is not quite the player he was, I didn’t see any lack of commitment from him on the pitch
    - Smalling – played at RB was never going to be his best position, he was better at CD, but did not get a consistent run, I didn’t see a lack of commitment from him, he just isn’t a fullback
    - Jones – same as Smalling but poorer at CB and injured alot, poor in MF but no lack of effor
    - Evans – was usual Evans, some good games at CD, errors and injuries – how is he an asshole?
    - Valenica – his usual self, crossing balls into box all the time is not his game, our wing get it wide play was too predicatable and he was easily marked out of games as a result – no lack of effort there, played on after getting that horrible eye injury
    - Young – was just the usual shit young, no lack of effort, he’s just crap
    - Januzaj – was a star
    - Nani – his usual inconsistent self and hardly played
    - Zaha – bought on at end of one game we were trying to win, not given a chance
    - Ando – loaned out
    - Carrick – injured and poor this season, don’t think it was a lack of effort, the playing style did not suit him, he was too far back and had no options to pass to in the middle, his MF partner was often to close and easily marked, our play was predictable and there were no intelligent runs ahead of him – how is he an asshole?
    - Fletcher – decent for a comeback season but he was never going to be the player he was, how is he a lack of effort asshole?
    - Cleverly – tried hard but not good enough at this level, too limited
    - Giggs – great in some games, our best attacked through MF
    - Kagawa – played out of position, inconsistent performances but good when played in position, had some good games, always looking to get involved, tended to drift centrally from LW leaving his fullback exposed
    - Mata – crap on RW, has neither the pace, crossing ability or defensive ability to be a winger, but more useful the few times he was actually played in his position, no lack of effort there, he was just ineffective as a winger and should never have been played there
    - Rooney – indisciplined, poor in front of goal, poor in terms of assists, poor positioning after what seemed like a few games where he was a bright start, over indulged by Moyes
    - Welbeck – 4th best goal scoring ratio, but benched and played out of position repeatedly, did not see any lack of effort from him, in fact he was usually busting a gut
    - Hernandez – hardly got any game time, his usual busy self when he did, trying to make runs and some decent link up play – when did he not try?
    - RVP – possibly the only player who looked to me like he was frustrated and did not want to be there. I don’t know if you can say he did not try but his body language was poor in some games though he still delivered for us more than Rooney

    So, @ WilliamAR – lets grant that at times the players played with no confidence and did not seem to want the ball, but to call them assholes and say they did not try is as I said, a fucking joke and an insult to our players. As I said, tell me who you think did not try and in what games?

  13. WilliamAR says:


    Sorry man I just don’t agree with you. Apart from a few players the majority were dire. For us to go from champions to seventh signifies that it was much more than just bad tactics by the manager. United used to fight to the final whistle and often come back. There were too many situations where we were behind or needed a result, where the players had the choice on the pitch to go for broke and try but they didn’t. That is down to effort not tactics. When you are behind with little time to go, tactics go out the window I’m afraid and that’s where pride, will and desire should take over. The majority of our players showed none of that so yes the players were equally as shit as Moyes. There is no individual blame when it comes to teamwork. The collective are to blame simple as.

  14. Tommy says:

    “You feel the responsibility of playing for United every time you pull on the shirt.” Thats why their was a distinct lack of effort this season (Not neccerily yiourself) but some players have been a joke, Tony V gets a lot of stick on these threads but if everyone put worked as hard as him we wouldnt be 7th thats for sure


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